10 Inspirational Ad Design From Top Brands

Ads Design

Advertising is all about the process of creating messages to encourage audiences to take the desired action. From pop-up ads to the printing press, ads have certainly evolved over time. They help businesses in a lot of different ways, depending on their goals.

Whether it be radio commercials, social media endorsement ads, newspaper ads, google ads, billboards, or even branded t-shirts – ads have proven to be useful modes of communication irrespective of the medium or the platform.

Advertising focuses explicitly on the process of generating and publishing persuasive messages for desired results. They help in:

  • Creating brand awareness.
  • Promoting sales of your product(s) and or service(s).
  • Introducing a new product(s) and or service(s).
  • Generating traffic.
  • Making your product/service stand out from your competitors.

A well-designed advertisement has the potential to break through the clutter and demand the attention of the audience.

Methods of advertising

From the types of ads to the advertising method, advertising has changed, and to keep up with it, knowledge of what methods already exist and what is currently in trend is crucial.

Here are some of the various methods/channels of advertising that are currently used by businesses worldwide to achieve their marketing goals:

Billboards and Transit ads

Billboards and transit advertisements have a few to no words so that they can be easily interpreted by the audience while traveling. These ads are majorly focused on brand awareness.

Television ads

Television advertisements have a wider reach and provide audiences with a multi-sensory advertising experience. They are one of the most effective advertising methods since they make it easy to target audiences worldwide.

Radio ads

Radio Ads are vocal advertisements that are aired on radio stations, between music and other shows. This particular method of advertising is powerful when targeting local and or regional audiences.

Print ads

Print advertisements are the oldest advertising method that encompasses everything from flyers, posters, mailers, postcards, and many other physically-printed ads. Two of the most popular and effective forms of printed advertising are newspaper and magazine ads.

Banner and display ads

Banner ads can be typically seen on the horizontal boxes placed on top of web pages, whereas display ads are comparatively smaller than banner ads and can be seen placed on the screen’s side. And they tend to be more visual-based rather than being content-based.

Social media ads

Social media advertisements put your content right in front of your chosen target audience and encourage them to click-through. This encourages the audience to buy, engage with businesses, and help businesses generate traffic to their website.

Paid search ads

Paid search ads refer to pay-per-click (PPC) ads that focus extensively on keywords to place the ads on top or sides of search results. Various search engines have their own paid advertising and algorithms to choose which ads will be placed on top/seen on the side.

Sponsored ads

Sponsored advertisements have evolved from businesses sponsoring radio shows to native ads, articles, and blogs that businesses support financially. They are an ideal way to promote a brand, product, and or service that your audience is already interested in and familiar with.

Choosing the method of advertising is a crucial decision that the marketing department of businesses have to take. While choosing your method, make sure that the advertising method fulfills all your marketing goals and effectively reaches and conveys your message to the target audience.

Pro tip: by using a combination of the various methods, you’ll be able to attract wider audiences, establish your brand, and generate revenue.

10 Inspirational ad designs from top brands

Creating an ad design is not as simple as it sounds. After choosing the method(s) that fit your brand’s marketing requirements, you need to focus on the ads’ design aspect.

Aesthetically please and eye-catching ads are the need of the hour, especially when you’re trying to capture the slightest of attention during today’s digital age. And so to help you out, we have curated a list (yep, yet again) of 10 creative, inspirational ad design from top brands across the globe:

1. FedEx

2. New York Film Academy

3. BMW

4. Lego

5. World Wildlife Federation

6. Mini Cooper


8. Band-aid

9. Volkswagen

10. Zoo Safari

Whether you recruit actual superheroes, use bold colors to make a statement, use minimalistic elements, or just go with in-your-face concepts, it’s time to use your creativity to design ads that set themselves apart from the crowd and grab the attention of the masses.

And now that you’ve checked out some of the best, creative ads, its time to create your own!

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