Custom T-Shirt: 10 Objectives You Can Use For Printing

custom t shirt printing

Making customized T-shirt designs for brands is not only a trend but also serves as great promotional material. It is a smart way to expose and promote your brand with custom t-shirt printing. In other forms of advertisement, there is always a time limit, which the consumers can use as long as their own custom t-shirt looks good. Most companies giveaway custom mugs and other stationeries but they aren’t as effective as Custom T-shirts. For simple reasons like size, legibility, durability, and usability, t-shirts top the other custom freebies.

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Customers love free stuff. It is an indication that you care about your customers. You can gain their trust through this. You can also give custom t-shirts as a prize for a contest or as a gesture for someone’s good work with a custom t-shirt design. Consumers will feel more proud to be wearing those customized t-shirts which give them a chance to say that they have won or earned something. Learn the right guide for your t-shirt color combination.

Objectives for custom t-shirt printing

  • Walking advertisements
  • Include a message
  • Low budget
  • Looks uniform
  • Professional look
  • Be Humorous
  • Reduce differences
  • Long-lasting
  • Enhance sales
  • Brand evangelism

Walking advertisements

Who wouldn’t be happy with an interactive promotion of their brand? It is the same when a customer wears your tees and engages with other people. If your customer travels a lot then you are in for a bonus. At times, this also acts as a conversation starter.

walking advertisements custom t shirt printing

Include a message

You can reach more people when you support a cause or stand for something good. You can also print your logo or brand name along with the message. You give people a reason to wear them. It increases your brand value.

Low budget

Custom tees are one of the inexpensive marketing tools you can leverage. You don’t have to spend a lot on big publicity. You can always approach alltimedesign to design a custom t-shirt along with other designs for a flat monthly rate.

low budget custom t shirt printing

Looks uniform

You can also ask your employees to wear t-shirts with your logo printed on them. If not daily, once a week, and during company meetings, events, etc. It would make you look uniform and represent all of you as one.

Professional look

Adorning your brand on employees’ t-shirts daily saves them time to choose professional wear daily. You can ask them to pair it up with trousers for a more professional look. If there is no dress code then a pair of shorts can also be worn.

Be Humorous

There is nothing that a satirical comment wouldn’t do. Use it to get the message across. In fact, a humorous approach to depicting your brand will make a staunch impression on people. Make phrases or verses that they could connect with.

Reduce differences

If you start to wear your brand tees along with everyone to the office, the disparity between you and your employees will reduce to a greater extent. They will treat you as one among them and not as their boss. Organizations with a good employee and owner bond have a higher employee retention rate and productivity. Use some other styles like long sleeve t-shirts, custom shirts, your own design with your own logo, and custom gear in shirt printing.

custom t shirt Reduce differences

Long lasting

Make sure you focus on the durability of the shirt while making them. Since no one likes to wear a faded t-shirt. Long lasting tees means long-lasting promotions. So, concentrate on producing a good quality tee.

Enhance sales

A customer always goes back to a brand or product that gave away free stuff. Imagine a family with two children. Going home with one shirt would start a riot so they purchase two products to get two shirts. So, it increases sales along with the advertisement.

Brand evangelism

People start endorsing your brand organically. When a conversation strikes about the logo/message/phrase/brand name printed on the t-shirt they both start talking about your brand which is very healthy for brand recall value.

Final Thoughts

Customizable t-shirts can engage more audiences in different ways. Printing the right messages and designs in custom shirt can attract the right people. To order custom t-shirts and designs reach All Time Design. And check out the right guide for your t-shirt design.

July 13, 2020
10 min read
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