Top T-Shirt Design Software To Try In 2024

T-Shirt Design Software

T-shirt designing is no more a herculean task. Earlier, there were few old fashioned software which gave just substandard results. But that is no longer the case now. Technology has given a plethora of t-shirt designing software options. This is not only for design experts but also for beginners who are looking forward to learning. The options range from powerful local applications to online design tools.

These t-shirt designing software options make the process easy. Moreover, they also guarantee great results. There are some software which also comes with in-built t-shirt printing options, whereas there are others that focus only on rendering a perfect design. If you are looking for the perfect software for designing your t-shirts, here is a perfectly compiled list of high-end design tools focused on experts and some design software aimed at beginners.

Printful-idea for free Mock-ups

This t-shirt design software from Printful lets you create high-resolution mock-ups. The best part is it doesn’t charge you for downloading the designs. You can use it to design all kinds of clothing like hoodies, accessories, and much more. After picking the style of the t-shirt you want, you can even upload your artwork or create from scratch using the software’s basic font and clipart options. The software somewhat limits you to the front and back design of the long sleeve, ¾ th sleeve, or regular t-shirts only. It gives you the liberty to add texts to both the sleeves with an outside label. Once you get the exact design you want, you can send it for printing.

Adobe Illustrator for professionals

This is not recommended for beginners as it requires some prior knowledge. But if you are already a professional illustrator, this is an excellent tool for coming up with high-quality t-shirts. As the software’s focus is predominantly on vector images, you can easily scale up the sizing without compromising on the quality. Your designs will look stunning on t-shirts as they look on your business card or brochure or any other material. If you are taking the option of screen printing, Illustrator simplifies creating layered, spot colored files that your printing shop wants. As other softwares, Illustrator offers a steep learning curve. It also publishes tutorials with sample files for new users to get started. There are plenty of sites that offer templates that you can import directly into the software.


If you feel you are unable to afford expensive t-shirt designing softwares, here is Inkscape for you. It is a vector-based designing tool with the same features as Illustrator but at free of cost. This t-shirt design software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems. It even lets you turn an existing bitmap image into a vector format with the help of a tracing function. The scale-up and down function lets you size the elements as required and export it in a suitable format for screen printing. Besides, it also provides raster image formats like .jpg and .png.

GraffixPro Studio

When compared to other t-shirt design softwares, GraffixPro has little more to offer. It’s a paid version, and you can contact their team for a demo. This has a lot of advantages for people who are in the t-shirt printing business. This is also best suited for those who would love to make t-shirt printing their primary source of income. There are more than 45 fonts and 350 images and, most importantly, numerous t-shirt templates that can excite you. The software is also easy to use. Even if you are a beginner, you can try your hands on them. Its amazing features include creating a distressed look, playing with artworks, and adding shadows. You can either use your artwork or select from its library of ready-made designs. Meanwhile, it also has other features such as quote generator, barcoding, and inventory management.


Placeit is perfect for newbies as well as professionals to create some realistic mockups for custom t-shirts. It is one of the best online tools for designing t-shirts. Working with this application is also easy as it has got hundreds of templates to get you started. It doesn’t have a library of clip-arts for you, but just a curated selection focused on each template segment. Though some of you might get uncomfortable with this, in reality, it speeds up your work process leading you to better results. You can also customize your backgrounds, colors, and fonts.


GIMP is the professional substitute for Adobe Photoshop. It is an open-source graphics editing software that has been in use for years. The professional designers who are looking for budget-friendly alternatives for excellent design work can try this software. You are just required to put some extra effort into getting familiar with GIMP. It has got free YouTube tutorial videos to get you started. Some paid courses help you create great designs that you can export in a suitable format. This t-shirt design software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems and offers various layout and editing options.

Rush Order Tee

By using this software, you can design your customized t-shirts in a breeze. It is very quick and provides a variety of customization options for you to explore. The software provides a range of colors, styles as well as manufacturers to choose from. It guides you through a series of steps to get the design you desire. It has also got a huge library of 50,000 clip-art images to ensure you get the best graphics for your t-shirts. In case if you have anything in your mind, you can also upload them. Rush Order Tee has also got its in-house team who review all designs for quality. They even correct the mistakes and send you the final print.


The popular software solution is ideal for t-shirt designing. It comes with a 15-day free trial, after which you can buy it outright or go for the annual subscription. One of the best things about CoralDraw is that though it is a vector graphic software, it allows you to work in other formats. Hence giving you the flexibility quotient. This is not only restricted to t-shirt design as it can help you with other design projects as well. Its library has more than 7,000 clip-art images, 1000 high-resolution images, 150 ready-made templates, and more than 1000 typefaces. This is a full image editing software that lets you add texts, graphics, and join other images.

Fatpaint — Free To Use

This is a free to use software, and its biggest advantage is that you don’t need to download or install it. You just need to login and start creating your stunning t-shirt designs. All you need is Adobe Flash, and that’s it. Even though it’s free, it has got some extra features like more than 900 typefaces, 3D templates, and a library of vector clip arts. Also, you can use your own artworks or create a fresh one. It is also very simple to modify your design with other elements and tools. The only drawback is that it contains advertisements which might annoy you a bit. If you want to get rid of it, you need to become a Pro subscriber.

Designhill T-shirt maker

Designhill T-shirt maker is an excellent option for beginners if you are looking to create custom t-shirts. It is a one-stop solution for all your t-shirt designing needs. It’s easy to use, and you can see the design being created while you add the texts and other elements. You can change the color, font, and placements. Also, add custom logos, images, and drag or drop elements to see how it works in real-time. If you are a beginner who is keen to learn t-shirt designing, it is the best way to start.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start your own custom t-shirt designing business or would want to do it for your clients, these softwares would be of great help. Make sure to keep your creative juices flowing, get your imagination wild, and these softwares will bring those to life. Don’t worry if you are an amateur, as there are plenty of videos online to help you step by step. Start with the basics, and you are sure to climb the expert ladder soon.

January 25, 2021
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