17 Most Popular Types Of YouTube Videos To Grow Your Subscribers in 2024

Video content has proven to be incredibly effective in engaging audiences, and YouTube is the leading platform for sharing such content. By 2024, YouTube is expected to have around 2.85 billion monthly active users worldwide, and its user base is projected to grow by 390 million users from 2023 to 2025, indicating an impressive 13.68% growth rate.

With a remarkable 8.4 billion global visits and an impressive 3.7 million daily video uploads in 2023, YouTube offers an unparalleled opportunity to grow a substantial following and boost business visibility compared to other social media platforms. Nonetheless, the intense competition on the platform can pose challenges in attaining your desired growth and visibility. So, how can you harness the potential of YouTube for your success?

Unlocking success on YouTube involves creating and sharing precisely tailored content. While establishing a niche is significant, crafting videos that resonate with your target audience and pique their interest is equally essential. To accelerate your subscriber growth, we’ve assembled a compilation of the 17 most in-demand YouTube video types to help you achieve your desired visibility and increase your YouTube channel subscriber base in 2024.

Why Should You Create Trendy YouTube Videos?

Creating trendy YouTube videos is crucial for several reasons, as it can significantly impact your channel’s growth, engagement, and overall success. Here are the key benefits of incorporating trendy content into your YouTube strategy:

1. Increased Visibility and Reach: Trendy videos tend to attract a larger audience due to their relevance and popularity. As a result, your videos are more likely to be recommended by YouTube’s algorithm and appear in users’ feeds, increasing your channel’s visibility and reach.

2. Higher Engagement: Trendy topics made into compilation videos generate more interest and excitement among viewers, leading to higher engagement metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and watch time. Engaged viewers are more likely to subscribe and return for future content.

3. Opportunity for Virality: Trending videos have a higher chance of going viral, reaching a massive audience within a short period. A viral video can catapult your channel to new heights, attracting an influx of subscribers and increasing your brand recognition.

4. Competitive Advantage: Creating trendy videos showcases your ability to stay current and relevant in your niche. It sets you apart from competitors who may not adapt to the latest trends, positioning you as a go-to source for fresh and exciting content.

5. Monetization Potential: Trendy videos often attract more advertisers and sponsors, leading to better monetization opportunities. As your channel gains popularity, you can explore partnerships and brand deals to generate revenue.

6. Inspires Creativity: Following trends challenges you to think creatively and develop innovative ways to present popular topics. It pushes you to experiment with different video formats, styles, and storytelling techniques.

7. Feedback and Analytics: Trendy videos provide valuable insights into your audience’s interests and preferences. Analyzing the performance of these videos can help you understand your viewers better and refine your content strategy accordingly.

8. Building a Loyal Community: Like many reaction videos, trendy content often resonates with a specific audience interested in the latest happenings and popular culture. By consistently delivering trendy videos, you can build a loyal community of like-minded viewers and YouTube subscribers who share similar interests.

9. Long-Term Growth Potential: Riding the wave of trends can attract new viewers to your channel, many of whom might continue to watch your other non-trendy content. This long-term growth potential can lead to sustained audience growth and channel success.

10. Adapting to Audience Preferences: Creating trendy videos shows that you are attentive to your audience’s preferences and willing to cater to their interests. This responsiveness fosters a positive relationship with your viewers and encourages them to support your channel.

By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and producing compelling content around them, you can position yourself as a top creator in your niche and grow your YouTube Channel to the highest rank.

17 Most Popular Types Of YouTube Videos To Grow Your Subscribers in 2024

As YouTube continues to be a powerful platform for content creators to grow their subscribers and reach a massive audience in 2024, creators must focus on producing content that resonates with viewers and taps into popular trends. Hence, here are 17 of the most popular types of YouTube videos that can help you maximize your subscriber growth in 2024:

1. Vlogs and Day-in-the-Life Videos

Vlogs and Day-in-the-Life Videos

Vlogs and day-in-the-life videos are a popular and engaging genre on YouTube that provides a personal and authentic look into the lives of content creators. In vlogs, YouTubers take their audience along on their daily adventures, sharing everything from their routines, travel experiences, hobbies, and even intimate moments. These videos create a strong connection between the creator and their viewers, as the audience gets to know the person behind the camera on a deeper level.

Day-in-the-life videos are similar to vlogs but typically focus on a specific day or event, providing a condensed and curated version of a vlog. These videos offer a more intimate glimpse into a particular day, showcasing the ups and downs, emotions, and unique experiences.

Vlogs and day-in-the-life videos are beloved for their authenticity and relatability, making viewers feel like they are part of the creator’s life. This emotional connection can lead to higher engagement, increased subscriber loyalty, and a sense of community around the creator’s channel. Incorporating vlogs and day-in-the-life videos into their content strategy can help aspiring YouTubers connect with their audience on a deeper level and grow their subscriber base.

2. Tutorials and How-To Videos

Tutorials and How-To Videos

Tutorials and How-To Guides are widely popular educational videos that YouTube content creators use to educate their viewers on specific topics or skills. In these videos, creators provide step-by-step instructions, explanations, and demonstrations to help viewers learn something new or improve their existing skills. Tutorial videos mainly cover a vast array of subjects, including technology, cooking, crafts, beauty, photography, and much more.

The appeal of tutorials and how-to guides lies in their practicality and usefulness. Viewers are drawn to these educational videos because they offer valuable information and actionable tips to solve problems or enhance their knowledge. Creators who excel at delivering clear and informative tutorials can build a loyal audience and establish themselves as experts in their respective fields.

Additionally, tutorials and how-to guides are evergreen content, meaning they remain relevant and valuable over time. As a result, they tend to attract consistent views and engagement, contributing to steady growth in subscribers and overall channel success. For aspiring content creators, producing high-quality tutorials and how-to guides can be an effective strategy to attract a dedicated and engaged audience.

3. Challenges and Collaborations

Challenges and Collaborations

Although slightly similar, these two video content differ in some distinct ways. Challenges are videos where creators take on specific tasks or activities and document their attempts on camera. These challenges can range from physical challenges like “24-Hour Challenges” or “Food Challenges” to creative challenges like “Drawing Challenges” or “DIY Challenges.” The appeal of challenge videos lies in their entertainment value and the opportunity for creators to showcase their personalities and humor while trying something new or unusual. Viewers enjoy watching creators push their limits and react to unexpected situations, often leading to humorous and engaging content.

On the other hand, collaboration involves two or more YouTube creators coming together to create a video or series of videos. These collaborations can take various forms, such as joint challenges, Q&A sessions, skits, or discussions on a particular topic. Collaborations are a great way for creators to expand their audience and reach new viewers from each other’s fan base. It also allows creators to showcase their chemistry and interaction with different personalities, leading to unique and engaging content.

Both challenges and collaborations allow creators to connect with their audience in new and exciting ways. They provide a fresh perspective and can breathe new life into a channel, helping creators maintain viewer interest and grow their subscriber base. For viewers, these types of videos offer diverse and entertaining content, keeping them engaged and coming back for more.

4. Product Reviews and Unboxing

Product Reviews and Unboxing

 Product Reviews and Unboxings are popular types of YouTube videos that provide valuable insights and information to viewers about various products. In Product Review videos, creators share their honest opinions and experiences with a particular product, highlighting its pros and cons, performance, and overall value. These videos help viewers make informed decisions before purchasing a product.

Unboxing videos, on the other hand, showcase the process of opening and revealing the contents of a newly purchased product. Creators give their initial reactions and impressions, making the unboxing experience exciting for viewers. Both types of videos have gained popularity due to their authenticity and usefulness. Viewers trust the opinions of creators they follow, making Product Reviews and Unboxings a valuable resource for brands and consumers alike.

Video reviews also allow content creators to partner with brands for sponsored content, creating a win-win situation for both parties. As a result, Product Reviews and Unboxings contribute to a thriving community of informed consumers and engaged content creators on YouTube.

5. Travel and Adventure Videos

Travel and Adventure Videos

Travel and Adventure Videos are captivating YouTube content that transports viewers to new and exciting destinations. These videos showcase various travel experiences, such as exploring exotic locations, engaging in thrilling activities, and immersing in different cultures. Creators often document their journeys, sharing breathtaking scenery, local cuisines, and unique encounters. Through visually stunning footage and compelling storytelling, Travel and Adventure Videos inspire viewers to discover the world, igniting a sense of wanderlust.

These videos serve as a source of entertainment and provide valuable insights and tips for fellow travelers. Content creators share their travel hacks, recommended places to visit, and precautions to take during adventures. Viewers can virtually experience far-off lands, motivating them to plan their own trips and create unforgettable memories.

Travel and Adventure Videos are a gateway to a world of exploration, connecting people from diverse backgrounds and fostering a global community united by their love for travel and adventure.

6. Entertaining Skits and Comedy

Entertaining Skits and Comedy

Entertaining Skits and Comedy videos on YouTube are designed to evoke laughter and joy among viewers. Creators use their wit, humor, and acting skills to craft short comedic scenarios or sketches that often revolve around relatable situations, parodies, or absurd humor. These videos serve as a delightful escape from everyday life, providing moments of amusement and entertainment.

Whether it’s impersonations, humorous storytelling, or slapstick comedy, Entertaining Skits, and Comedy videos aim to elicit a sense of joy and camaraderie among the audience. They are a popular genre on YouTube, attracting millions of viewers who seek lighthearted content that brings smiles to their faces.

7. Music Videos

Music Videos

Music videos on YouTube are visual representations of songs musicians and artists create. They complement the audio track with captivating visuals, storytelling, and artistic elements. Music videos are powerful promotional tools for musicians, helping them reach a broader audience and create a memorable impression of their music. They come in various styles, including narrative-driven stories, performance-based videos, and abstract artistic expressions.

Music videos have become essential to the music industry, shaping how people consume and appreciate music. On YouTube, music videos garner billions of views, making it a popular and effective platform for artists to showcase their talent and connect with their fans.

8. Top Lists and Countdowns

Top lists and countdowns are popular video formats on YouTube that compile and rank various items, topics, or events based on specific criteria. These videos often present information engagingly and entertainingly, capturing viewers’ attention and encouraging them to watch until the end to see the top-ranked item.

They cover diverse topics such as “Top 10 Best Movies of the Year,” “Top 5 Travel Destinations,” or “Top 20 Funniest Moments in a TV Show.” Many YouTube users are drawn to these videos for their informative and enjoyable content; creators often use them to spark discussions and debates among their audience.

9. Behind-the-Scenes and Bloopers

Behind-the-scenes and bloopers videos offer viewers a sneak peek into the making of a film, TV show, or other creative projects. These videos take audiences on a journey behind the camera, showing the efforts, challenges, and fun moments in creating the final product.

Bloopers, on the other hand, showcase the humorous mistakes and outtakes that occur during filming, providing a lighthearted and entertaining look at the more relaxed side of the production. These videos allow fans to connect with their favorite creators and gain a deeper appreciation for the hard work and creativity that goes into bringing their favorite content to life.

10. ASMR and Relaxation Videos

ASMR and Relaxation Videos

ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a phenomenon characterized by a tingling and relaxing sensation that some people experience in response to certain audio or visual triggers. ASMR videos aim to evoke this sensation in viewers through gentle sounds, whispers, tapping, and other soothing stimuli. These videos often feature close-up shots and soft-spoken narration to create a sense of intimacy and relaxation.

On the other hand, relaxation videos are designed to provide a calming and tranquil experience for viewers. They may include nature scenes, meditation music, or guided relaxation exercises to help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm and well-being.

Both ASMR and relaxation videos have gained popularity as tools for stress relief, anxiety reduction, and aiding in sleep. They offer a unique and immersive sensory experience, helping viewers unwind and find moments of tranquility in their busy lives.

11. Cooking and Food Reviews

Cooking and Food Reviews

Cooking and food reviews are popular types of YouTube videos that cater to food enthusiasts and those seeking culinary inspiration. Cooking videos feature step-by-step demonstrations of recipes, showcasing cooking techniques, and presenting delicious dishes. Viewers can follow along and recreate the recipes in their own kitchens. Unlike general knowledge-sharing videos, cooking videos are unconventional educational video content that can significantly drive traffic to your YouTube Channel.

On the other hand, food reviews offer insights and critiques of various food products, restaurant dishes, or fast-food items. These videos help viewers make informed choices about what to try or avoid. Both cooking and food review videos allow creators to showcase their passion for food, share their knowledge, and connect with a diverse audience of food lovers worldwide.

12. Fitness and Workout Routines

Fitness and workout routines are popular types of YouTube videos catering to health-conscious and fitness enthusiasts. In these videos, fitness experts or influencers guide viewers through various exercises and workout routines designed to improve strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. The videos often include demonstrations, proper form instructions, and motivational tips to keep viewers engaged and motivated.

Fitness and workout videos offer a convenient way for people to access guided exercise sessions from the comfort of their homes, making it easier for them to stay active and achieve their fitness goals. Additionally, these videos serve as a valuable resource for individuals looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

13. Gaming and Let’s Plays

Gaming and Let’s Plays are popular YouTube video formats where creators showcase their gameplay experiences while providing real-time commentary and reactions. Gamers record their sessions while playing video games and engage their audience through entertaining commentary, tips, and reactions to in-game events.

Viewers enjoy watching their favorite creators play and interact with various gaming titles, providing both entertainment and informative insights into the gaming world. Video game videos often build strong communities of gamers and fans who share a common interest in specific games or gaming genres. Gaming videos have become a significant part of the YouTube platform, attracting millions of viewers worldwide.

14. Fashion Lookbooks and Style Tips

Fashion Lookbooks and Style Tips are YouTube video formats that showcase different outfits and fashion styles. Creators curate and model various clothing combinations, demonstrating how to style them for different occasions and seasons.

Viewers are drawn to these videos to seek inspiration for their own wardrobe choices, learn about the latest fashion trends, and gain insights into creating stylish ensembles. Fashion influencers and bloggers often use this format to share their personal styles, fashion hauls, and recommendations on where to find the featured clothing items. These videos cater to fashion enthusiasts and individuals looking to enhance their fashion sense and stay updated with the latest styles.

15. Book Reviews and Recommendations

Book Reviews and Recommendations are popular YouTube video formats where creators share their thoughts and opinions on books they have read. In these videos, creators discuss the plot, characters, writing style, and overall impression of the book. They often give a rating or recommend the book to their viewers based on their personal preferences and reading experience.

Book lovers and avid readers tune in to these videos to discover new titles, get insights into the content of a book before purchasing, and find recommendations that align with their interests. Booktubers, as they are known, play a significant role in influencing the reading choices of their audiences and fostering a community of book enthusiasts.

16. Personal Growth and Motivational Talks

Personal Growth and Motivational Talks are inspiring YouTube videos that aim to empower and uplift viewers by offering valuable insights, tips, and advice on self-improvement and achieving success. In these videos, creators share their personal experiences, strategies for overcoming challenges, and ways to develop a positive mindset.

They often draw from motivational speeches, life lessons, and practical steps for personal development. Viewers turn to these videos for guidance, encouragement, and a renewed sense of motivation to pursue their goals and dreams. These videos play a vital role in fostering a sense of empowerment and building a supportive community of individuals striving for personal growth and fulfillment.

Bonus: Product Demo Videos

Product Demo Videos are concise and engaging presentations that showcase a product’s features, functionality, and benefits. This video category demonstrates how the product works, highlights its key attributes and explains how it addresses customers’ needs or pain points. A product demo Video is designed to give potential customers a clear understanding of the product’s value proposition and how it can enhance their lives or businesses.

By providing a visual and interactive experience, these videos help build trust, increase product knowledge, and ultimately drive conversions. They are essential for businesses to communicate effectively with their target audience and drive interest in their offerings.

5 Popular YouTube Channels With The Best Content in 2024

Here are some of the most popular YouTube channels with engaging and high-quality content that you can check out before you create videos on Youtube:

1. T-Series


With 246 million subscribers, T-Series is the largest music channel on YouTube and has the highest amount of subscribers. It features a wide range of music videos, film trailers, and other entertainment content from the Indian film industry.

2. MrBeast


Coming up as the second most popular YouTube channel is MrBeast by American YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, with 172 million subscribers. The Channel features stunts, tricks, community projects, and massive giveaways.

3. Cocomelon


Cocomelon is the third most popular YouTube channel, with 163 million subscribers. The Channel featuring animated nursery rhymes and children’s songs is a favorite among young children and parents worldwide.

4. SET India

SET India

With 160 million subscribers, SET India is the official YouTube channel of Sony Entertainment Television India. It features a variety of Indian entertainment content, including TV shows, dramas, and reality shows.

5. Kids Diana Show

Kids Diana Show

This popular YouTube channel with 113 million subscribers features Kid-oriented vlogs, reviews, and role-playing content by 8-year-old Ukrainian-American YouTuber Eva Diana Kidisyuk.

These channels have gained immense popularity due to their diverse and appealing content, which caters to a wide range of audiences and interests.

Start Creating Better YouTube Videos

Creating better YouTube videos is not just about having high-quality equipment and editing skills. It’s about understanding your audience, identifying popular content types, and consistently delivering valuable and engaging videos. You can capture your viewers’ attention and build a loyal subscriber base by exploring various content categories, staying up-to-date with YouTube trends, and continuously improving your storytelling and presentation skills.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, be authentic, and stay true to your unique style. With dedication, creativity, and a genuine passion for your niche, you can elevate your YouTube channel and connect with a broader audience. So, go ahead and start creating better YouTube videos to leave a lasting impact and build a successful presence on this dynamic platform.

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