20 Best Instagram Ad Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Instagram has become quite a sensation in the world of social media. It’s a favorite among users and has shown remarkable growth in terms of followers and user engagement in recent times. As one of the top five social networks globally with over 2 billion people using it daily, it’s no surprise why many marketers are really keen on using Instagram for their campaigns. In fact, a whopping 89 percent of marketing experts have incorporated this photo and video-sharing app into their digital marketing strategies

Nevertheless, Instagram has evolved into a fast-paced platform loaded with a constant stream of content posted every second, which makes it harder for marketers to reach their target audience. Hence, it’s crucial that you use the correct strategies when you’re crafting your Instagram ad campaigns to get the right number of visibility and engagement. To make this easier for you, we have curated a list of 20 best Instagram Ad examples to inspire your next Instagram campaigns.

What is an Instagram Ad?

An Instagram ad is a paid promotional post or content that appears on the Instagram app or website. These ads are created by businesses or individuals who want to reach a larger audience beyond their regular followers.

Instagram ads can take various forms, including photo ads, video ads, carousel ads (multiple images or videos in one post), and story ads (short-lived vertical ads in Instagram Stories). They are a way for advertisers to showcase their products, services, or messages to a specific target audience on Instagram, and they can be customized to suit different marketing objectives, such as driving website traffic, increasing brand awareness, or boosting sales.

When you scroll through your Instagram feed or watch Instagram Stories, you may come across these ads, which are often labeled as “Sponsored” or contain a call-to-action button that encourages you to learn more or take a specific action.

What are the Different Types of Instagram Ads

Instagram offers a variety of ad formats to cater to the diverse needs of advertisers. These different types of Instagram ads allow businesses and individuals to create engaging and visually appealing content to connect with their target audience. Here are the various Instagram ad formats that you can use for your next campaign:

1. Instagram Photo Ads

Instagram Photo Ads

Photo ads are the simplest form of Instagram advertising. They consist of a single image, accompanied by a caption and a call-to-action button. Photo ads are great for showcasing a product, highlighting a service, or telling a visual story.

2. Instagram Video Ads

Instagram Video Ads

Video ads on Instagram can range from a few seconds to a minute in length. A video ad provides a dynamic way to engage viewers with motion, sound, and storytelling. Video ads can be used to demonstrate products, share behind-the-scenes content, or deliver a compelling message.

3. Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads allow advertisers to feature multiple images or videos within a single post that users can swipe through horizontally. Each card in the carousel ad can have its own caption and link, making it an excellent choice for showcasing a range of products or sharing a step-by-step tutorial.

4. Story Ads

Story Ads

Instagram Stories are short, vertical videos or images that disappear after 24 hours. Story ads are full-screen and immersive, making them perfect for capturing viewers’ attention. Advertisers can use them to tell a quick narrative, promote limited-time offers, or provide a sneak peek.

5. IGTV Ads


IGTV (Instagram TV) is a platform for longer-form videos. IGTV ads can appear when users are watching IGTV content from creators they follow. These ads are typically 15 seconds long and can be a great way to engage with viewers interested in more extended content.

6. Explore Ads

Explore is the section of Instagram where users discover new content based on their interests. Explore ads appear within the Explore feed, and they are tailored to the user’s interests and behaviors. These ads help businesses reach a broader audience.

7. Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads, also known as Shoppable Posts, allow businesses to tag their products directly in their posts. When users tap on a tagged product, they can see product details and purchase without leaving the Instagram app.

8. Collection Ads

Collection Ads

Collection ads are a blend of video and product imagery. They feature a primary video or image above a grid of related product images. When users tap on the collection ad, they can browse through the featured products and visit the website for more information.

9. Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads automatically show the most relevant products from an advertiser’s catalog to users who have expressed interest in those products on the advertiser’s website or app. These ads are highly personalized and effective for e-commerce businesses.

10. Branded Content Ads

Brands can collaborate with influencers or content creators to create sponsored posts. Branded content ads promote these influencer-generated posts to a broader audience, extending the reach of the influencer’s content.

These various Instagram ad formats provide advertisers with flexibility and creativity in reaching their marketing objectives. By selecting the right ad type and tailoring their content to their target audience, businesses can effectively engage Instagram users and achieve their marketing goals.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Instagram AD Type

Choosing the right type of Instagram ad is a crucial decision for any business or individual looking to run an effective advertising campaign on the platform. Several factors should be considered before making this choice:

1. Campaign Objectives

Start by defining your campaign’s objectives. Are you looking to drive website traffic, increase brand awareness, boost sales, or promote a specific product or service? Different ad types are better suited to different goals. For example, if your aim is to showcase your product’s visual appeal, photo ads may be suitable, while video ads could be better for storytelling.

2. Target Audience

Understand your target audience’s preferences and behaviors. What type of content resonates with them? Consider the age, gender, location, interests, and behavior of your ideal customers. Your ad type should align with what your audience is most likely to engage with.

3. Content Resources

Assess the availability of resources for creating content. Video ads, for instance, require video production capabilities, while carousel ads need multiple high-quality images. Ensure that you have the content and creative assets needed for the chosen ad format.

4. Ad Budget

Your budget plays a significant role in the type of ad you can run. Some ad formats, like video ads, can be more costly to produce than photo ads. Consider both your production budget and the cost of running the ads on Instagram.

5. Ad Duration

Determine how long your ads will run. Instagram Stories and Explore ads have a shorter lifespan as they disappear after 24 hours. If you want a longer-lasting impact, carousel or regular feed ads may be a better choice.

6. Content Storytelling

Think about how you want to tell your brand or product story. Different ad types offer varying storytelling capabilities. Video ads, for example, are excellent for conveying a narrative, while photo ads are better for showcasing a single moment or image.

7. Product or Service Type

Consider the nature of your product or service. Some products may benefit from visual demonstrations provided by video or carousel ads, while others may be best represented by a striking photo ad.

8. User Behavior

Analyze how Instagram users engage with different types of content. Research what’s currently trending on the platform and what type of content receives high levels of engagement. Ad types that align with user behavior tend to perform better.

9. Competitor Analysis

Investigate what your competitors are doing on Instagram. Are they using a particular ad format successfully? While you should aim to stand out, understanding your industry’s trends and benchmarks can provide valuable insights.

10. Testing and Optimization

Be prepared to experiment with different ad formats. Instagram’s Ad Manager allows you to run A/B tests to determine which ad type performs best for your campaign. Continuously monitor and optimize your ads based on real-time data.

11. Ad Placement

Consider where you want your ads to appear. Some ad types are specific to certain placements, such as Stories or Explore. Ensure your choice aligns with your campaign’s goals and audience.

12. Regulatory Compliance

Be aware of any industry-specific regulations or advertising guidelines that may influence your choice of ad type. Ensure your ads comply with Instagram’s policies to avoid potential issues.

Selecting the right Instagram ad type requires a thoughtful analysis of your campaign objectives, target audience, available resources, and creative storytelling needs. By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision that maximizes the impact of your Instagram advertising efforts.

20 Best Instagram Ad Examples To Inspire Your Next Ads

Instagram is a treasure trove of creativity when it comes to advertising. Examining successful Instagram ad examples can provide valuable inspiration for your own campaigns. Here are 20 of the best Instagram ads examples grouped into 4 common categories to spark your creativity:

5 Best Instagram Image Ads Examples

Instagram image ads are a powerful way to capture the attention of your audience with compelling visuals. Here are five of the best Instagram image ad examples, each showcasing different strategies and creative approaches:

1. Udemy – “Learn Cryptocurrency”


Udemy’s Instagram ad for “Learn Cryptocurrency” is a brief yet enticing video that promotes its online course on cryptocurrency. The ad makes use of key phrases like “bestselling course” and “make profits daily” to convince potential learners that the course is worth their time and money.

An interesting feature of this ad is its use of social proof, highlighting that over 26,000 students have already paid and enrolled in the course. The ad copy also clearly defines what the course is about and what students can learn from the course. Finally, the special offer and promise of a 30-day satisfaction guarantee further solidify the brand’s confidence in its services.

2. Tecno – “Spark 7”


Tecno Spark 9’s Instagram ad is a vibrant and captivating showcase of their smartphone. The video highlights the phone’s sleek design, stunning display, and advanced camera features, demonstrating its suitability for both photography enthusiasts and tech-savvy users.

3. National Geographic – Wildlife Photography

National Geographic

National Geographic’s Instagram image ads feature captivating wildlife photography. These ads not only showcase the beauty of the natural world but also promote the brand’s commitment to conservation and exploration. The image tells a story and evokes a sense of wonder, encouraging viewers to appreciate and protect the planet.

4. Wix


The Wix Instagram ad uses an abstract-style infographic to effectively convey the topic of the ad in a clean and creative manner. The use of bold navy blue and tangerine orange makes the ad visually appealing and dynamic.

5. Walmart


This Walmart ad invites viewers to visit one of their stores to try out their BBQ chicken in new flavors. By clearly including the time, date, and address, it encourages potential customers to take advantage of this offer.

The ad also effectively incorporates a sweet blend of basil, garlic, and cumin flavors in the ad visuals. Additionally, it also combines black backgrounds with yellow and red highlights.

These Instagram image ad examples demonstrate the versatility and impact of visual storytelling on the platform. Whether it’s conveying a powerful message, inspiring wanderlust, celebrating nature, promoting personalization, or highlighting natural ingredients, these brands leverage the visual appeal of Instagram to connect with their audiences and achieve their marketing goals.

5 Best Instagram Video Ads Examples

Instagram video ads provide an opportunity for brands to tell engaging stories, showcase products, and captivate audiences with motion and sound. Here are five of the best Instagram video ad examples, each highlighting different creative approaches and strategies:

6. Apple – Shot on iPhone


Apple’s Instagram ad for their “Close Your Rings” campaign is an inspiring and engaging video that showcases the fitness features of the Apple Watch. The ad features individuals of various ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels engaging in physical activities and closing their activity rings on their Apple Watches. It effectively communicates the idea that the Apple Watch can help you lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

The use of real people instead of models adds authenticity to the message, and the upbeat music and energetic visuals create a motivational atmosphere. Overall, the ad encourages viewers to embrace an active lifestyle with the help of Apple’s technology.

7. Yoga International

Yoga International

Yoga International’s Instagram video ad is a tranquil journey into the world of yoga. It features serene natural settings, experienced yogis demonstrating poses, and soothing music. The ad conveys a sense of peace and balance, inviting viewers to embrace the practice of yoga for physical and mental wellness.

With its visually appealing scenes and calming ambiance, it encourages the audience to explore Yoga International’s offerings and join their yoga community for a healthier lifestyle.

8. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM’s Instagram video ad is a brief yet impactful glimpse into its customer relationship management software. It highlights the platform’s user-friendly interface, efficient lead management, and seamless communication tools.

The ad conveys how HubSpot CRM simplifies business processes, making it an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. With its clear messaging and visuals, the ad encourages viewers to explore the benefits of HubSpot CRM for their own enterprises.

9. Netflix – “Bridgerton”


Netflix’s “Bridgerton” Instagram video ad is a captivating teaser for the hit period drama. In just 60 seconds, it offers a glimpse of the show’s lavish costumes, passionate romances, and scandalous secrets.

The ad immerses viewers in the Regency-era world of high society and sets the stage for the intrigue and drama that awaits. It’s a tantalizing invitation to step into the world of “Bridgerton” and get swept away by its romance and suspense.

10. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop’s Instagram video ad is a quick yet powerful showcase of its creative capabilities. In just 60 seconds, it highlights the software’s transformative magic, taking ordinary photos and turning them into stunning works of art.

The ad demonstrates how users can enhance, manipulate, and bring their creative visions to life with Photoshop. It’s an inspiring glimpse into the endless possibilities of digital artistry.

These Instagram video ad examples illustrate the diverse ways brands leverage the platform’s video capabilities to engage and connect with their audiences. Whether through stunning visuals, humor, nostalgia, anticipation, or inspirational storytelling, these ads showcase the power of Instagram as a versatile and impactful advertising platform.

5 Best Instagram Carousel Ad Examples

Instagram carousel ads allow brands to tell a multi-image or multi-video story within a single post, engaging viewers and conveying a more comprehensive message. Here are five of the best Instagram carousel ad examples, each demonstrating creative storytelling and effective marketing strategies:

11. Cider


The Cider Instagram carousel ad is a delightful journey through their product range. In 60 seconds, it displays a series of images showcasing their newly launched summer clothing line. Each slide shows a closeup of each garment’s fabric, as well as fill product picture to help people know what to expect when they buy a dress.

Additionally, the ad also uses warm and contrasting colors to not only create a visually pleasing effect but also make it stand out.

12. Oppo


Oppo’s Instagram carousel ad is a visual treat that takes users on a 60-second exploration of the London Digital Festival 2022. By offering viewers the opportunity to get to know the talents and get advice from art and tech experts.

It tactically segments the information about the festival from customer expectations to experts who would be attending the event, to let them know exactly what to expect and gain by attending the festival.

13. Blue Apron

Blue Apron

Blue Apron’s Instagram carousel ad is a culinary journey in 60 seconds. It presents a series of images of freshly made balanced meals that they can make and deliver to their customers.

Beyond showcasing the convenience and quality of Blue Apron’s offerings, it also entices viewers to consider the ease and joy of cooking with their meal kits with an exciting $110 off for 5 boxes of chef-prepared meals.

14. The New Yorkers

The New Yorkers

The New Yorker’s Instagram carousel ad is aimed at getting people to book tickets for a British Airway Flight by highlighting some remarkable locations that travelers can visit using the airway. An interesting part of this ad is its use of high-quality photos of the London Bridge to further attract their attention to the subject.

15. Clearbit


Clearbit’s Instagram carousel ad is a 60-second journey through their data-driven solutions. Each slide highlights different aspects of their services, from lead enrichment to customer insights.

The ad effectively communicates Clearbit’s value in simplifying and enhancing business processes. It invites viewers to explore the possibilities of data-driven decision-making and how Clearbit can be a valuable ally in achieving success. The green arrow in the ad guides users to swipe through the ads and engage with the content.

These Instagram carousel ad examples showcase the versatility of this ad format in engaging and informing audiences. Whether it’s promoting travel experiences, providing educational content, sharing recipes, teasing upcoming series, or showcasing product collections, carousel ads offer a dynamic and interactive way for brands to connect with their target audiences on Instagram.

5 Best Instagram Story Ad Examples

Instagram Stories are a popular format for sharing engaging and ephemeral content. Here are five of the best Instagram Story ad examples that leverage the format’s creativity and interactivity to connect with viewers:

16. Zurella


Zurella‘s Instagram Story ad is a 60-second fashion delight. It showcases a collection of their latest clothing and accessories through vibrant and stylish visuals.

The ad offers a glimpse of the brand’s trendy and diverse offerings, encouraging viewers to embrace fashion-forward choices. It’s a quick but enticing fashion journey, sparking an interest in Zurella’s chic and versatile wardrobe options.

17. Kaplan Pathways

Kaplan Pathways

Kaplan Pathways‘ Instagram Story ad is a 60-second educational opportunity. It features a series of engaging visuals that highlight the benefits of their academic programs.

From diverse courses to international study options, the ad conveys Kaplan’s commitment to empowering students with a path to success. It encourages viewers to explore their educational journey and discover the possibilities of studying with Kaplan Pathways.

18. Headway App

Headway App

The Headway App‘s Instagram Story ads for the “Modern Woman Self-Growth Challenge” are all about empowering and uplifting women. They highlight the app’s ability to compress books from the world’s greatest minds into smaller lessons to motivate users to read 25 books in 25 days to foster self-growth.

While these tasks can be challenging for most individuals, they have compressed the key highlights of the books to enable users to complete them in about 20 minutes.

19. Oh So Little

Oh So Little

Oh So Little is an online baby store and this story ad promotes their baby meal bowls. It uses bold colors and complementary colors, especially soothing neutrals to catch people’s attention. The ad copy also describes the products succinctly by talking about the purpose of the bowls, their textures, specifications, and selling points.

20. UP Express

UP Express

This ad uses animation to add some form of relaxation to a serious topic of COVID-19 safety precautionary methods. Using a simple to-do list style makes the content more digestible. Additionally, the ads also use animated text and arrows to ensure users get the right information at the right time and ultimately guide them to the final CTA.

These Instagram Story ad examples demonstrate the format’s ability to create engaging and immersive experiences. Whether it’s through interactive elements, inspirational storytelling, personalized content, or product showcases, Instagram Stories ads are a valuable tool for brands to connect with their audience in a captivating and ephemeral way.

How Can All Time Design Help You Create High-Converting Instagram Ads

At All Time Design, we specialize in crafting Instagram ad visuals that not only capture attention but also convert viewers into engaged customers. Here’s how we can assist you in creating high-converting Instagram ad visuals:

  1. Strategic Design: We begin by understanding your brand identity, target audience, and campaign objectives. Our design team collaborates with you to develop a visual strategy that aligns with your goals, ensuring that every element of the ad serves a specific purpose.
  2. Creative Expertise: Our skilled designers are experts in visual storytelling. Whether it’s crafting eye-catching graphics, selecting compelling imagery, or designing interactive elements, we know how to create visuals that resonate with your audience and convey your message effectively.
  3. Ad Format Optimization: We are well-versed in Instagram’s various ad formats, including image ads, video ads, carousel ads, and Stories ads. We can advise you on the best format for your campaign objectives and help you make the most of each format’s unique strengths.
  4. Visual Consistency: Maintaining visual consistency across all your Instagram ads is crucial for reinforcing brand recognition. We ensure that your ad visuals align with your brand’s aesthetics and messaging guidelines, creating a cohesive and memorable brand experience.
  5. Engaging Content: We understand the importance of creating content that resonates with your audience emotionally and intellectually. Our visuals are designed to evoke a response, whether it’s curiosity, excitement, trust, or a desire to take action.
  6. Testing and Optimization: All Time Design conducts A/B testing to evaluate the performance of different visual elements within your ads. This data-driven approach allows us to refine and optimize your ad visuals to achieve the highest conversion rates possible.
  7. Responsive Design: With the increasing use of mobile devices, we prioritize responsive design to ensure that your ad visuals look stunning and load quickly on all screen sizes, enhancing the user experience.
  8. Timely Delivery: We understand the importance of deadlines. Our team is committed to delivering your Instagram ad visuals promptly, so you can launch your campaigns on schedule and maximize their impact.
  9. Collaborative Process: We believe in a collaborative design process. Your feedback and input are valuable to us, and we work closely with you to ensure that the final visuals meet your expectations and campaign goals.

Essentially, All Time Design combines strategic thinking, creative expertise, and data-driven optimization to create high-converting Instagram ad visuals. Whether you’re looking to enhance your brand’s presence, drive website traffic, boost sales, or achieve any other campaign objective, our design team is ready to partner with you to deliver visuals that make an impact and drive results. Ready to explore our creative opportunities? Click here to get started.

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