20 Top Modern Graphic Designers to Follow on Dribbble

Top Modern Graphic Designers

We all know how long and tedious the process is to make a movie. All the hard work that’s put in should be brought to the big screen for gaining applause and recognition. Also, to make profits. Similarly, graphic designers spend a lot of time and energy coming up with unique designs that should need a platform to be recognized. This platform will be life-changing for them as it would even get them the dream project they have been waiting for all their life. In the digital age, there are many online design building portfolios to showcase your work. Many designers have their own websites, which is also online portfolio. But these portfolio building platforms are much easier to create than a website and don’t require any investment. One such platform is Dribbble.

How Dribbble and Why Dribbble?

Dribbble remains one of the most reputed and discussed online platforms for designers and illustrators right now! It has managed to capture some of the most abstract and compelling portions of the creative process: finding new sources for inspiration, hearing feedback from fellow designers, and taking a sneaky peek at your peers’ future designs. This concept is not new. DeviantART was founded in 2000 and now boasts itself as the largest social platform for artists. There is also Behance, established in 2006 for creative professionals to upload and promote their design works. But Dribbble appears quite more in its ambitions. Though its growth seems to have erupted from nowhere, the reality is it features some carefully well-planned elements that make it a knockout success today.

For an outsider, basketball and graphic design literally have nothing in common. Basketball is usually played on an outdoor/indoor court, involves enormous physical exercise, and is broadcasted to the world through television. In contrast, Graphic design requires sitting at a desk and spending hours in front of a PC/laptop with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. It is neither a spectator sport nor does it require a specific section dedicated to it in the New York Times every day.

But Dribbble is all about basketball. Here new images are called shots. The Group of images is termed as buckets, and recent uploads are called ‘debuts.’ Dribbble is an all-new world where the terms reblog or retweets don’t exist. Instead, they are called ‘rebounds,’ which the user should manage until they hit the ‘playoffs’—a trending section, especially for the most popular projects. Dribbble’s co-founder had said that its name was derived from the metaphors of “bouncing ideas and leaking your work.” And they have added an extra ‘B’ to it as that was the only domain name available. Initially, they never had an idea to ingrain sports metaphor to the page, but gradually while they were creating the experience, it fell in place. Also, the terms from basketball just worked perfectly.

The Dribbble community has many users, but few artists whose designs work have made them stand out from the crowd of endless ingenuity.

Here is the list of top 20 graphic designers to follow on Dribble

Zhenya Rynzhuk

Zhenya Rynzhuk, a prominent Ukrainian designer, has got a whopping 140k plus followers on Dribbble. Her creatives are mostly product and visual designing, but she covers a broad range of artistic disciplines like branding and animation. She is also an Art Director and a co-founder of Sochnik Design Thinking School. Recently she had created five free Adobe UI kits for Adobe XD. It is named a Designer Marketplace UI kit and lets users create design apps, websites, marketplaces, and much more. Her works are classified by edgy layouts and smooth and innovative animation styles. All her designs are created in a sophisticated and contemporary manner. Also, they represent a mix and match of skills, which clearly shows that she is a pro.

Filip Justic

Filip Justic: When you are in the quest for finding a clean interface inspiration or a designer who has aced the clean design concept, then take a look at Filip Justic. He is the co-founder and head of design at the Balkan Brothers, a web design studio specializing in designing and creating websites and apps. He is a self-taught UI/UX designer who has been in fame since 2012. Over the years, he has gained a large number of followers, which count to 35k plus. He is a master of creating clean layouts, which he tastefully does with a pop of colors and soft shadows.

Slava Kornilov

Slava Kornilov thrives as a real design force to be reckoned with. He has almost 30k followers. Kornilov is the creative director of Geex Art, a studio that deals with web and mobile app development. If you take a look at his profile, you would be stunned by the impressive sliders, large images, and great images with a well-planned typography choice.

Juraj Masar

Juraj Masar is a creative web cum mobile designer from Bratislava. He is also a self-taught product design aficionado who has uploaded 85 shots so far. He has also garnered more than 2.5k followers in Dribbble. At this young age, his works are truly magnificent. His works, especially the clean layouts, paired with neat fonts and great usage of negative spacing, will dazzle you.

Hrvoje Grubisic

Hrvoje Grubisic: Grubisic is a Croatian designer and a faculty of architecture in the school of Design. He also works as a design director at Bornfight, a lead designer at Media toolkit, and has been the part of Awwwards jury since 2015. He has done big projects for Lufthansa, Heineken, and Dell. He has acquired over 33k followers and has shared 362 shots. He is well known for his bold-edge designs, and he is clearly street smart to experiment with various grids.

Leo Leung has a whopping 15k plus followers on Dribbble. When you look at his profile, you will know why he makes this list. He has a keen eye for web and app designing and is a pro in motion graphics. Also, it emerges top-notch in front end development. He showcases his love for motion design with smooth animated GIFs that quickly grab your attention.


Nick Slater, a native of California, has 66k plus followers and is a Dribble superstar. He has a strong understanding of design, and his works are simple yet impactful. He specializes in logos, icons, and product illustrations. He has the honor of working for organizations like Twitter, Slack, Washington Post, and many more.


Cosmin Capitanu is a Romanian freelance web/graphic designer and an architect. He also has a massive 62k plus followers. He has his style and elegance on each design, something worth marveling over again and again. He plays with colors and keeps trying new techniques to elevate his creativity.


Emir Ayouni, who has 21k plus followers, is a brand strategist and a graphic designer. He owns Growcase, an independent design studio. Also, he specializes in graphic design, typography, art direction, and brand identity. His creations include bold lines to silhouette, black and white logos to colorful brands made in retro style.


Shawana X is a visual designer and an illustrator. She stands out among the crowd because of her eye candy designs and flat visuals. She creates vibrant illustrations that are a sight to behold. Shawana works with a plethora of colors in every design, making it flow in your memory. Her recent illustration for The New Yorker regarding abortion services through mobile- was lauded.

Mike is a popular designer from Prague, who also owns Creative Mints, a design agency. His portfolio consists of not only graphics designs but also some fantastic photographs. His hand-drawn illustrations, texture, details, tactile quality, and unique way of presentation are also exceptional. He has almost 200k followers on Dribble.


Nguyen Le If you are a person who loves minimal design, then there is no one to beat Nguyen Le. He has worked with Nintendo, Adidas, Target, and is a total champ when it comes to web designing. He also has a blog where he shares his design tips. So far, he has posted 177 shots and has 15 followers. His projects are known for its simplicity with ingenious use of typography and negative spacing through which he adds a lot of character to his artworks.


Meghan Robichaud is an illustrator cum designer who worked at Shopify in the past and is currently at Lyft. After uploading a whopping 591 shots, Megan garnered around 40k followers and regularly uploaded her design works. Her illustrations are simple without too many colors yet engaging and fun. She has perfectly captured the idea of the brand and delivers it wittily to her users.


Gil: He is a web and UI/UX from Belgium. He is a real pro in design and is big on branding. He is also an Awwwards jury member and takes online classes in skillshare. He has nearly 52k followers on Dribbble at the moment and has uploaded 364 shots. Gill is minimalist in his design works and is widely known for his bold designs and stunning typography. He combines lettering and imagery in a way that captivates the pages making his work stand out.


Giga Tamarashvili: With almost 53k people having an eye on his shots, this designer has gained them with his distinct style. He is also into branding and interaction design. It’s his phenomenal color combinations that make his designs unique. If you are looking for color inspirations, take a loot at Giga’s profile without a doubt.

Divan Raj

Divan Raj is a connoisseur of design. He has 66k followers on Dribble. He excels at product design and has prominence when it comes to dashboards and mobile app design. His works are vibrant and multicolored yet, at the same time, simple and clean.

Nikola Uzinov

Nikola Uzinov: He is a freelance designer and a digital artist who specializes in UI and UX. He is also equally skilled in product design and creating UI animations. Currently, he has 4,300 and odd people following him on Dribble. He focuses on creating simple design solutions. By taking a look at his portfolio, you will know that he excels in crafting extraordinary layouts. He has once got features in Forbes, which is a real reward for his expertise.

Mary Lou:

Mary Lou: She is a freelance web designer and developer and a boss when it comes to animation and interaction design. The shots that she has shared with her 5k followers demonstrate how brilliant she is at what she does. She is the co-founder at Codrops, a blog where she uploads fantastic articles and tutorials to boost their work.

Vera Voishvilo

Vera Voishvilo: She is an illustrator and graphic designer with more than 12k followers on the platform. She is a real Dribble gem with shots that show off endless creativity. Her illustrations are terrific and could take any website to the next level.

Alex Spenser: He is another graphic designer who specializes in creating logos, icons, packaging design, brand identity, and illustrations. All his works are fresh and innovative, which is the reason he has bagged 30k followers. He is known for his clean lines and vivid color that add flavors to his projects. His portfolio speaks tons on his creativity and expertise. Also, you can explore what is graphic design for beginners and how designers can use artificial intelligence to maximize their creative potential.

January 25, 2021
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