A Complete Guide To Designing App Logo [+Examples]

With the massive use of smartphones and other mobile devices today, it’s no surprise how much mobile app usage has exploded over the past few years. As a result of this, more and more businesses are building mobile apps to support their business endeavors. But like developing a website, building a mobile app requires that you prioritize your branding to enhance your brand recognizability and make it distinct from your competitors.

One of such important brand elements that you must consider when developing your mobile app is the logo. As the first interaction that your customers have with your brand, designing your app logo not only aids in the representation of your mobile app and your brand, it also plays a crucial role in the optimization of your mobile application in the App Store.

What is a Mobile App Logo?

Mobile App Logo

A Mobile App Logo is a small, distinctive image or icon that represents a mobile application on a user’s device. It serves as a visual identifier, making it easy for users to locate and recognize the app among others on their home screens.

A well-designed logo typically incorporates elements that reflect the app’s brand or function, helping to establish a memorable and visually appealing presence on a user’s smartphone or tablet.

Why is a Mobile App Design Logo Important?

A Mobile App Design Logo holds significant importance for various reasons:

1. Instant Recognition

A logo is the face of your app. It provides immediate visual recognition, making it easier for users to locate your app on their devices quickly. In a sea of app icons, a well-designed logo stands out and ensures your app isn’t lost or forgotten.

2. Brand Identity

Your logo is a key element of your app’s brand identity. It should embody your brand’s values, personality, and purpose. Consistency in logo design across your app and other marketing materials reinforces your brand image and fosters trust.

3. First Impression

Just like with your app’s user interface, the logo creates a crucial first impression. A professionally designed logo signals to users that your app is well-crafted and trustworthy. It sets the tone for the user experience, influencing users’ expectations and perceptions.

4. Marketing and Promotion

A logo is a versatile tool for marketing and promotion. It can be used in app store listings, advertisements, social media, and other promotional materials. A memorable logo can make your app more recognizable and compelling to potential users.

5. User Engagement

A well-designed logo can evoke emotions and intrigue, sparking user interest and engagement. It can convey the app’s purpose and functionality at a glance, drawing users in and encouraging them to explore further. This initial engagement can lead to higher download rates and user retention.

In summary, a Mobile App Design Logo is crucial for instant recognition, establishing brand identity, creating positive first impressions, aiding in marketing efforts, and sparking user engagement. It’s a visual anchor for your app’s identity and a powerful tool in your quest for user acquisition and retention.

Mobile App Logo Size and Formats

Mobile App Logo Size

Here are the common Mobile App Logo sizes and formats that you should consider when creating your app logo:


1. App Icons: These are usually square and come in different sizes, such as 1024×1024 pixels for the App Store, 512×512 pixels for Google Play, and smaller sizes for device home screens (e.g., 180×180 pixels for iOS devices).

2. Splash Screens: These are introductory screens and should be sized to fit the various screen resolutions supported by your app.


1. PNG (Portable Network Graphics): This format works well for logos and icons. Its feature that allows for a transparent background lets you place your logo on different backgrounds while maintaining a polished appearance.

2. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics): Use this for responsive design. It’s perfect for logos that need to look sharp on various screen sizes without losing quality.

3. JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group): While less common for app icons, you can use JPEGs for other graphics in your app. They’re suitable for images with photographs or complex gradients but don’t support transparency.

Remember to maintain consistency in your logo’s design and branding across different platforms, and always refer to the guidelines provided by app stores and platforms to meet their specific requirements. Testing your logo on various devices is also crucial to ensure it looks good everywhere.

Who Creates a Mobile App Logo Design?

Creating a Mobile App Logo Design is a crucial task, and it typically involves collaboration between various professionals to ensure a well-rounded and impactful result. Here’s a deeper look at who plays a role in this creative process:

1. Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are the primary creators of mobile app logos. They are skilled in visual communication and use software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to craft logos that are visually appealing, reflect the app’s identity, and adhere to design principles.

A graphic designer expertise lies in selecting fonts, colors, shapes, and imagery that convey the desired message and brand image.

2. UI/UX Designers

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) designers work closely with graphic designers to ensure that the logo seamlessly integrates into the overall app design. They consider how the logo will appear on different screens and devices, optimizing its size and placement to enhance user navigation and experience.

3. Marketing and Branding Experts

Professionals in marketing and branding provide valuable insights into how the logo aligns with the overall brand strategy. They ensure that the logo encapsulates the brand’s values, messaging, and target audience. Their input ensures that the logo contributes to brand recognition and recall.

4. App Developers

Developers play a role in implementing the logo within the app. They ensure that the logo’s technical specifications, such as size and format, meet the requirements of various platforms (iOS, Android) and screen resolutions. They also ensure the logo appears correctly during app launch and within different app sections.

5. User Feedback

While not directly involved in the creation process, user feedback is instrumental in refining and optimizing a logo. User testing and feedback help designers identify any issues or improvements needed in the logo’s design or placement within the app.

6. Creative Agencies or Freelancers

Companies may choose to work with creative agencies or freelance designers who specialize in logo design. These professionals bring a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives to the process.

7. App Owners or Stakeholders

Ultimately, the app’s owner or stakeholders provide input and direction on the logo design. Their vision, goals, and preferences shape the design process. Open and effective communication with stakeholders is essential to align the logo with the app’s objectives.

In conclusion, creating a Mobile App Logo Design is a collaborative effort that involves professional designers, UI/UX designers, marketing and branding experts, app developers, user feedback, and often external creative agencies or freelancers. It’s a multidisciplinary process that aims to produce a logo that not only looks appealing but also effectively represents the app’s brand and enhances the user experience.

Best Tips For Designing App Logo Increases App Success

Designing an app logo that boosts your app’s success is a vital aspect of mobile app development. Here are some best tips for creating a compelling app logo:

1. Simplicity is Key

Keep your logo design clean and straightforward. It should be easily recognizable and memorable at a glance. Complex logos can be confusing and less effective in conveying your app’s identity.

2. Reflect Your App’s Purpose

Your custom logo should provide a visual cue about what your app does or represents. It could be a subtle illustration or an abstract symbol that connects with your app’s functionality.

3. Be Unique

Your app Logo should stand out from the competition. Avoid clichés or overly common design elements. A unique logo can make your app more memorable and distinguishable.

4. Consider Scalability

Ensure your logo looks good in various sizes, from the small app icon on a mobile device screen to larger promotional materials. A versatile logo maintains its clarity and impact across different contexts.

5. Choose Colors Wisely

Colors evoke emotions and convey meanings. Select colors that align with your app’s message and appeal to your target audience. Keep in mind that color psychology can influence how users perceive your app.

6. Typography Matters

If your app logo includes text, choose fonts that are easy to read, even at smaller sizes. Typography should complement the overall design and convey the right tone for your app.

7. Test Across Devices

To create a perfect app logo, ensure that you check how your logo appears on different devices, screen sizes, and resolutions. Ensure it’s legible and visually appealing on various platforms.

8. Versatility

A great logo should work well in both color and black and white. It should also be adaptable for use in different contexts, from app icons to promotional materials.

9. Stay Consistent

Your app logo should align with your overall brand identity. Consistency in design elements, such as colors and fonts, helps users recognize your app and builds trust.

10. Seek Feedback

Don’t hesitate to gather feedback from colleagues, designers, and potential users. Constructive input can help you refine your logo and make it even more effective.

11. Test for Recognition

Show your logo to people who are unfamiliar with your app, and see if they can quickly identify its purpose or connection to your brand. A logo that communicates effectively is more likely to resonate with users.

12. Stay Timeless

Avoid design trends that might become outdated quickly. A timeless logo can serve your app well for years without needing frequent updates. To stay ahead of the trends and get timely app logo inspiration, consider checking out professionally designed logo templates.

What is an App Logo Maker?

App Logo Maker

An App Logo Maker is a software tool or application that allows users to create custom logos for their mobile apps or other purposes. It typically provides a user-friendly interface with design templates, icons, fonts, and color options. Users can select and customize these elements to design a logo that suits their brand or app identity.

App Logo Makers are convenient for individuals or small businesses looking to create a logo without the need for advanced design skills or hiring a professional logo designer. They offer a cost-effective and accessible way to generate logos quickly.

5 Best Logo Design Apps

Creating a stunning logo is a crucial part of establishing your brand’s identity, and there are several logo design apps that can help you achieve just that. Here are five of the best logo design apps:

1. Canva


Canva is a popular and user-friendly graphic design platform that offers a dedicated logo maker. It provides a vast library of templates, icons, fonts, and colors, making it easy for users to create a logo that matches their brand in just a few clicks. Canva’s drag-and-drop interface simplifies the design process.

2. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw

For those who prefer professional-grade design tools, Adobe Illustrator Draw is a powerful choice. It’s a mobile version of Adobe Illustrator and offers advanced vector drawing capabilities. What makes this the best logo design app is its ability to create intricate and highly customizable logos directly on your mobile device.

3. LogoMakr


LogoMakr is a web-based logo design app that’s incredibly straightforward. It provides access to a vast library of icons and fonts, and you can customize them to create a unique logo. It’s a budget-friendly option for those who want a simple yet effective logo.

4. Hatchful by Shopify


Hatchful is designed specifically for creating logos. It’s user-friendly and offers a step-by-step process to generate logos tailored to your industry and style preferences. This high-quality logo creator can customize colors, fonts, and layouts to make the logo your own.

5. Logo Maker Shop

Logo Maker Shop

Looka uses AI-powered algorithms to generate logos based on your design preferences. It provides a wide range of logo options and allows for extensive customization. Looka’s approach is ideal for those who want a quick and data-driven logo design process.

When using logo design apps, it’s essential to consider factors like ease of use, customization options, and your specific design needs. Each of these apps has its unique features and capabilities, so you can choose the one that aligns best with your brand vision and design expertise. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced designer, these apps can help you create a memorable logo for your brand or mobile app.

15 Examples of the Best App Logos To Inspire You

App logos play a pivotal role in a mobile app’s identity and recognition. Here are 15 examples of some of the best app logos to inspire your own design:

1. Apple (App Store)


The half-bitten Apple logo is synonymous with innovation and user-friendly design, echoing Apple’s brand ethos. It represents a bite of knowledge, hinting at the wealth of information and applications available in the App Store.

2. Facebook


Facebook‘s lowercase ‘f’ in a blue square embodies simplicity and accessibility. The square shape represents stability and balance, reflecting the platform’s mission to connect people across the globe.

3. Twitter


The stylized blue bird logo not only symbolizes the brand but also suggests freedom, expression, and quick communication—like a bird’s song carried on the wind.

4. Instagram


Instagram‘s camera icon speaks to its visual nature. The vintage camera design within a square conveys the idea of capturing and sharing moments with a touch of nostalgia.

5. Snapchat


The friendly ghost icon is inviting and represents the ephemeral nature of Snapchat’s messages. It disappears like a ghost once it’s seen, promoting privacy.

6. WhatsApp


WhatsApp’s speech bubble merged with a phone symbolizes instant messaging and voice calls. The green color signifies connectivity and communication.

7. Uber


Uber‘s stylized ‘U’ logo is both sleek and memorable. Its circular design suggests motion and service availability 24/7, appealing to users in need of quick transportation.

8. Spotify


The sound waves emanating from a circle depict the audio experience that Spotify offers. The green color is associated with music, creating a harmonious connection.

9. Netflix


Netflix‘s red ‘N’ on a black background is bold and eye-catching. The red color is often associated with passion and entertainment, making it a perfect choice.

10. Tinder


The flame icon is a playful yet clear representation of dating and matchmaking. It conveys the excitement and spark of romantic connections.

11. Amazon


Amazon‘s arrow-like smile is both a hint at the wide variety of products available (from A to Z) and a satisfied customer’s smile. The yellow-to-orange gradient suggests growth and satisfaction.

12. Gmail


The simple ‘M’ within a red square is instantly recognizable as Google’s email service. The color red signifies urgency and communication.

13. YouTube


The play button inside a red rectangle is straightforward and indicates video content. The red color draws attention, while the white background keeps the design clean.

14. Pinterest


Pinterest’s stylized ‘P’ resembles a pin, emphasizing the idea of pinning and discovering ideas. The design is creative and symbolic of collecting inspiration.

15. LinkedIn


The blue ‘in’ on a white background is professional and corporate, aligning perfectly with LinkedIn’s mission of connecting professionals worldwide. The color blue suggests trust and reliability.

These logos excel in simplicity, memorability, and symbolism. They effectively convey the core essence of their respective apps, making them easily recognizable and associated with their brands. Drawing inspiration from these examples can help you create a logo that leaves a lasting impression on your app’s users.

How Can All Time Design Help You Create Professional Logo Designs

Although we have identified the five best logo app makers that you can use to create your mobile app logo design, you could struggle to give it a professional touch, especially if you lack basic graphic design skills. This is where All Time Design comes in.

All Time Design can empower you to craft professional logo designs with ease. Our extensive experience and expertise in graphic design ensure your logo aligns with your brand identity and vision. By collaborating with our skilled designers, you gain access to a diverse range of creative ideas and concepts.

We offer personalized attention, tailoring logos to your specific needs. Our professional designers understand the importance of simplicity, memorability, and versatility in logo design. With our guidance, you can create a logo that resonates with your target audience, leaves a lasting impression, and helps establish a strong brand presence in today’s competitive market.

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