Aesthetic App Icons: How to Get on Your iPhone

aesthetic app icons

In a world of pretty iPhones and thoughtful technology, we think it’s safe to say that everyone loves decorating their phones to make them stand out from the rest. Quite honestly, don’t we all love it when a friend asks us “Oh, that’s such a nice phone wallpaper you have. Where is it from?”. We sure do. This can also happen through various other tweaks we can add to our phones such as custom app icons, shortcuts, icon packs, creative homescreen wallpapers and so on.

However, aesthetic app icons are a feature that is not extremely prominent yet it’s a feature that every iOS user must have! You can set custom app icons on your home screen using the shortcuts app that’s an inbuilt application in iOS. You have a myriad of options, themes and colours to choose from when it comes to custom iOS app icons. Every icon set is unique and offers you icons for all the apps on your iPhone such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Messenger WhatsApp and more. Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to customize your home screen and make it colourful and cute through app icons.

Download the shortcut app from the AppStore

The shortcuts app is an inbuilt app in every iOS device and iPhone. However, due to lack of storage, the shortcuts app might be uninstalled on your phone. In order to get custom app icons on your phone, you need to install the shortcuts app. The app looks like this. Check out some cool cash app card designs.

Find and save images for your aesthetic app icons

The first step in customizing your home screen is compiling icon packs and photos that fit into your home screen’s theme. Download icon pack and images from various sources like Pinterest and Google. You can go for a pastel themed app icon set, a neon app icon set or choose from the myriad of more options available on the internet. Explore the coolest profile pictures for you!

app icons aesthetic
brown app icons aesthetic

Open app and get started

Open the shortcuts app and get customizing your app icons! Here are a few simple steps to make your apps and home screen stand out with new icons.

Open the Shortcuts App.

Click on the “+” button on the top right corner of the screen.

blue app icons aesthetic

Click on “Add Action”.

green app icons aesthetic

In the “Search for apps and actions” text field, type in “Open App”.

fall app icons aesthetic

Click on Open App and choose the App you want to customize the app icon for.

yellow app icons aesthetic
yellow app icons aesthetic 7

Proceed to tap the three dots on the top right corner and select “Add to Home Screen”.

After doing these steps, click on the image icon. Explore Halloween aesthetic ideas and get inspired.

aesthetic pink app icons

From the drop down menu that appears, click on “Choose image” and select the image you want to set as the app icon for this particular application.

Finally, click on “Add”. Now you have successfully set the custom app icon on your home screen!

Remember to hide the existing app and add it to the App Library. To do this, long press on the app and click “Move to App Library”. Do not delete the original app.

5 theme ideas for your home screen App icons!

Now that you’ve figured out how to add a custom app icon to your home screen, let’s dive into some fun icon themes available on the internet. We have added our favourite icon sets along with HD images so you can use them as well! Happy customizing.

Neon App Icons

Neon colours are a thing of the future and they are immensely loved by everyone. Vibrant and cool, neon colours look great everywhere and make you stand out from the lot. Here are neon app icons for your iPhone and iOS devices.

sage green app icons aesthetic
white app icons aesthetic
blue aesthetic app icons

Pastel App Icons

All things pleasant, pretty and pastel! Pastels are in at any point in time. Customize your home screen into a pastel heaven with these icons and suitable wallpapers. Check out some coolest wallpapers for you!

brown aesthetic app icons
pink aesthetic app icons
free app icons aesthetic

Cartoon App Icons

For the kid in us! Who doesn’t dream a little Disney dream? Cartoon are an integral part of everyone’s childhood and some even follow us into adulthood.

Check out these adorable cartoon App icons.

grey app icons aesthetic
free aesthetic app icons
white aesthetic app icons

Solid Colour App Icons

Some of us love blue, some love pink and some adore green! This is where solid coloured app icons come into play. Set your apps, iOS devices and iPhone to a particular colour theme by adding solid colour app icons. Download your free banner templates at All Time Design.

Here are some of our favourites

green aesthetic app icons
aesthetic app icons free
orange app icons aesthetic
beige aesthetic app icons

Minimalistic App Icons

Minimalistic themes are a classic and you can almost never go wrong with a minimalistic stance. Here are some of our favourite minimalistic app icons for iPhone.

red app icons aesthetic
aesthetic app icons black and white

A Guide On How To Customize Your Homescreen

As an additional perk for you, our dear reader, for making it this far into our blog! Here are a few steps, hacks and tricks to entirely customize your iPhone homescreens by adding widgets, an aesthetic icon set of your choice, custom wallpapers (check out our blog on aesthetic phone wallpapers here – ) and more!

Adding Widgets

Widgets are a fairly new feature on iPhones that simply enhance the iPhone experience and makes it more user-friendly and accessible than usual. These widgets allow you to access information from apps in a faster way. You can also add widgets to your desktop. Here are some steps to follow in order to add a widget to your iPhone. Check out some cute backgrounds that can make your device more fun!

Long press on your home screen.

halloween aesthetic app icons

Click the “+” button on the top right corner of your iPhone screen.

aesthetic iphone app icons

Scroll and search for the widget you want to add.

Choose the size of the widget from the given options.

aesthetic app icons iphone

Adding custom wallpapers

Did you know that you can add custom live wallpapers to your iPhone by downloading them from TikTok? All you need to do is follow these simple steps :

Open the TikTok app.

Go to the video you want to set as your wallpaper.

Click on the “Share” icon in the bottom left corner.

Then, click on “Live Photo”.

The photo will then be converted into a live photo and you can proceed to add it as your wallpaper. Check out the article for aesthetic phone wallpaper.

Dear iPhone users, this blog has come to an end! Or has it?

Thank you, dear reader, for coming to the almost end of this blog! We hope you get to customizing your iPhone as soon as possible. But, before that, here are a few more aesthetic app icons, wallpapers and cute iPhone material we have compiled especially for you! From decorating our room with posters to decorating our iPhones with wallpapers and icons, we’ve come a long way! Remember to never let go of your creativity and keep it churning no matter what. Skim through some of our carefully compiled icon sets and wallpapers. We hope you enjoy! Bye bye.

light brown app icons aesthetic
black aesthetic app icons
aesthetic blue app icons
red aesthetic app icons
aesthetic plaid christmas app icons
beige brown app icons aesthetic
app aesthetic icons
cute app icons aesthetic
app icons aesthetic grey
sage green aesthetic app icons
app icons aesthetic free
iphone app icons aesthetic
black and white aesthetic app icons
how to make aesthetic app icons
christmas app icons aesthetic
app icons aesthetic black
fall aesthetic app icons
cute aesthetic app icons
apple app icons aesthetic
aesthetic app icons blue
single aesthetic black app icons
app icons aesthetic neon
aesthetic app icons black
aesthetic app icons free download
christmas aesthetic app icons
aesthetic app icons white
pink app icons aesthetic
aesthetic green app icons
dark blue app icons aesthetic
iphone aesthetic app icons
halloween app icons aesthetic
boho fall app icons aesthetic
app store icons aesthetic
neon blue aesthetic app icons
black and white app icons aesthetic

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