Best 20 Animated Ads Examples of All Time

Animated Ads

We live in a digital age of short attention spans, where the average human attention span is 8 seconds. Many digital channels and initiatives have contributed significantly to the information overload issue. As a result of this, people have become accustomed to scrolling fast on social media platforms or other digital platforms to find content that appeals more to them and targets their needs.

This has resulted in fierce competition among marketers and businesses to capture their target audience’s attention and win them for their company. To win this battle many marketers have made video marketing an integral weapon to win the battle for attention. Amidst this, animated marketing videos have found a place in the marketing space to create concepts and products that are easy to understand while giving the product or service a unique personality.

Animated video ads combine characters, illustrations, text, and audio with engagingly telling brand stories while conveying relevant information to grasp the target audience’s attention. Animation has the power to take viewers to a new immersive world and enhance their imagination in a way no other medium can, which is why many brands love using animated ads to connect and engage a wider audience.

In this blog, we will take you through the basics of animated ads and share 20 best-animated ads examples of all time. Let’s get started!

What is an Animated Ad?

An animated ad is a type of advertisement that uses animation techniques to convey a marketing message or promote a product or service. It involves the use of moving images, graphics, and text to create a visually appealing and engaging experience for the viewers. Animated ads can be in various formats, including GIFs, videos, or interactive multimedia content.

The purpose of an animated ad is to capture the target audience’s attention, deliver a critical message effectively, and evoke an emotional response or encourage a specific action, such as making a purchase or visiting a website. Animation allows for creative storytelling, visual effects, and dynamic transitions, making the ad more memorable and impactful.

Animated ads are a powerful tool in digital marketing that offer brands several advantages over traditional static ads, including increased visual appeal, better storytelling capabilities, and the ability to showcase complex concepts or products in an easily understandable manner. They are also more likely to capture and retain viewers’ attention, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Why Use Animated Videos As Ads?

There are several reasons why using animated advertising videos can be highly beneficial for businesses:

1. Captivating and Engaging

Animated videos can capture attention and engage viewers through visually appealing graphics, vibrant colors, and dynamic storytelling. They can bring concepts to life in a way that static images or text cannot.

2. Increased Retention and Recall

Animated videos are more memorable and have a higher chance of being retained in viewers’ minds. The combination of visuals, motion, and audio can leave a lasting impression, making it easier for customers to recall the brand or message later.

3. Versatility and Creativity

Animation allows limitless creativity, enabling brands to showcase their products, services, or ideas uniquely and imaginatively. It provides the flexibility to depict complex concepts, present data visually, and create characters or scenarios that resonate with the target audience.

4. Simplifying Complex Information

Animated videos simplify complex information into easily understandable visuals and narratives. This makes it easier for viewers to grasp a product or service’s key points and benefits, increasing comprehension and interest.

5. Sharable and Viral Potential

Animated videos often have a higher potential for sharing and going viral on social media platforms. Their visually appealing and entertaining nature encourages viewers to share them with others, expanding the ad’s reach organically.

6. Cost-Effective Production

Compared to live-action videos, animated videos can be more cost-effective to produce. They eliminate the need for physical sets, actors, or location shoots, allowing businesses to achieve high-quality results within a limited budget.

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What Are The Six Different Types of Animated Commercial Videos?

Animated commercial videos come in various formats and styles, each with its own unique characteristics and advantages. Here are six different types of animated commercial videos for brands looking to create high-quality, industry-standard video content:

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are concise, informative videos that aim to explain a product, service, or concept to the audience. They often use animated characters, visuals, and narration to simplify complex ideas and highlight key features or benefits.

Explainer videos are commonly used to introduce a brand or product, showcase how it works, or address common customer questions.

2. Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos showcase a specific product or service’s features, functionality, and value. They provide a detailed walkthrough of the product’s usage, demonstrating its benefits and illustrating how it can solve customers’ problems.

These videos can include animated visuals, screen captures, and voiceover narration to present the product’s unique selling points effectively.

3. Motion Graphics Videos

Motion graphics videos utilize animated graphics, typography, and visual effects to convey information, tell stories, or promote a brand.

Dynamic movement, vibrant colors, and engaging visuals characterize them. Motion graphics videos can be used to communicate data, statistics, or complex concepts in an engaging and visually appealing way.

4. Character Animation Videos

Character animation videos bring animated characters to life and use them to tell stories, engage viewers, and promote products or services.

These videos often feature relatable characters representing the target audience or embodying the brand’s persona. Character animation adds a human touch and emotional connection, making the message more memorable and relatable.

5. Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation videos simulate the process of drawing on a whiteboard, with illustrations and text being created in real-time.

These videos are characterized by a hand-drawn style, typically in black and white, and are often used for educational or instructional purposes. They can effectively explain complex topics, present step-by-step processes, or engage viewers in storytelling.

6. 2D & 3D Animation Videos

2D animation videos utilize two-dimensional graphics and artwork to create movement and tell a story. Flat, colorful visuals characterize them and can range from simple and cartoony to more intricate and detailed styles. While 3D animation videos, on the other hand, use three-dimensional computer-generated graphics to create lifelike characters, objects, and environments.

They offer a more realistic and immersive visual experience with depth, textures, and lighting effects. Both 2D and 3D animation videos are powerful tools for storytelling, branding, and engaging audiences in different ways.

By leveraging the power of animation, businesses can create engaging, memorable, and impactful commercial videos that effectively communicate their brand and offerings.

20 Best Animated Ads Of All Time

Below are 20 animated commercials that have stood the test of time and are recognized for their creativity, storytelling, and impact on audiences. They showcase the power of animation in capturing attention, conveying messages, and creating memorable experiences:

1. Coca-Cola – “Happiness Factory” (2006)

Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Factory” is a renowned animated ad that transports viewers into a hidden world inside a Coke vending machine. It follows the adventure of miniature creatures working diligently to produce a bottle of Coca-Cola.

The ad creates a sense of wonder and joy with its imaginative storytelling and captivating animation. It effectively communicates that Coca-Cola is more than just a beverage; it is a source of happiness and a catalyst for bringing people together. The ad’s visual appeal and charming narrative have made it a memorable and beloved piece of advertising.

2. Apple – “1984” (1984)

Apple’s “1984” is an iconic animated ad that made waves during Super Bowl XVIII. Set in a dystopian future, the ad portrays a group of people under the control of a Big Brother figure. A rebellious woman runs into the scene and shatters conformity by throwing a sledgehammer at a giant screen, representing the dominance of IBM.

The ad’s powerful imagery and message of individuality and freedom positioned Apple as a revolutionary force in the technology industry. It is regarded as one of the most excellent ads ever and has left a lasting impact on advertising history.

3. Nike – “The Last Game” (2014)

Nike’s “The Last Game” is a captivating animated ad that brings football (soccer) to life in a unique way. The ad showcases animated versions of renowned football players, each with distinct superpowers, as they battle against an army of perfect clones created by a villainous scientist.

The storyline highlights the game’s creativity, passion, and teamwork importance. With its stunning animation and engaging narrative, the ad effectively captures the spirit of football and delivers a powerful message about the value of individuality and self-expression on the field.

4. John Lewis – “The Bear and the Hare” (2013)

John Lewis’ “The Bear and the Hare” is a heartwarming animated ad that tells the story of a bear who has never experienced Christmas because he hibernates throughout the season. The ad follows the hare as it tries to find a way to include the bear in the festive celebrations.

With its beautiful hand-drawn animation and a touching message about the joy of giving, the ad captures the essence of the holiday spirit and reminds viewers of the importance of friendship, inclusion, and making memories together.

5. Chipotle – “Back to the Start” (2011)

Chipotle’s “Back to the Start” is a thought-provoking animated commercial ad highlighting the importance of sustainable farming and ethical food practices. The ad depicts a farmer who realizes the negative impact of industrialized farming and decides to return to traditional, sustainable methods.

With its haunting rendition of “The Scientist” by Coldplay and powerful imagery, the ad delivers a powerful message about the need for change in the food industry. It resonates with viewers by emphasizing the value of supporting local farmers and choosing responsibly sourced food.

6. Guinness – “Surfer” (1999)

Guinness’s “Surfer” is a visually stunning animated ad that showcases the perseverance and dedication of a group of surfers in their pursuit of the perfect wave. Set against a backdrop of dark and stormy waters, the ad captures the essence of the brand’s “Made of More” slogan.

Through its powerful imagery and captivating storytelling, the ad conveys a sense of determination, courage, and the pursuit of excellence. It leaves viewers with a lasting impression and reinforces the idea that Guinness is a drink for those who dare to be different.

7. Honda – “The Cog” (2003)

Honda’s “The Cog” is a remarkable animated ad showcasing its car parts’ intricate and precise engineering. The ad unfolds in a continuous sequence of Rube Goldberg-style chain reactions, where each component seamlessly triggers the next.

With no CGI or computer-generated effects, the ad impressively highlights Honda’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. “Cog” captures the viewer’s attention with its mesmerizing visuals and communicates the brand’s dedication to creating quality vehicles. It demonstrates Honda’s attention to detail and precision, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

8. Google – “Parisian Love” (2010)

Google’s “Parisian Love” is a heartwarming animated ad that tells a love story through a series of Google searches. The ad follows the journey of a young man studying abroad in Paris as he navigates various search queries to learn the language, find local attractions, and ultimately fall in love.

Through simple yet powerful visuals and minimalistic text, the ad showcases how Google’s search engine can help people connect, explore, and find meaningful experiences. “Parisian Love” effectively captures the emotional impact of technology in our lives, emphasizing Google’s role in facilitating connections and enriching experiences.

9. M&M’s – “Faint” (1999)

M&M’s “Faint” is a humorous and memorable animated ad featuring iconic M&M characters. The ad starts with the yellow M&M pretending to faint in a hospital to get attention from a nurse. As the nurse rushes to help, the other M&M characters quickly jump in and begin “harvesting” the candy-coated shell, revealing the colorful chocolate inside.

The ad playfully highlights the irresistibility of M&M’s candies and their ability to bring joy and amusement to any situation. With its clever humor and animated charm, “Faint” captures the playful essence of M&M’s brand and leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

10. Volkswagen – “The Force” (2011)

Volkswagen’s “The Force” is a heartwarming, humorous, animated ad that captures viewers’ imagination. The ad features a young boy dressed as Darth Vader who attempts to use “force” on various objects around his house.

To his surprise and delight, his final attempt successfully starts his father’s Volkswagen Passat using the remote keyless system. The animated video ad cleverly conveys the sense of wonder and excitement associated with the Volkswagen brand while incorporating elements of humor and nostalgia. “The Force” showcases the brand’s innovation and appeals to children and adults, leaving a lasting impression.

11. Lyft – “June, Life is Better When You Share The Ride” (2017)

The Lyft: June, Life is Better When You Share The Ride animated ad is visually captivating and emotionally resonant, highlighting the benefits of sharing rides with Lyft. The ad showcases a vibrant and dynamic animation style, incorporating colorful characters and playful animations.

It effectively communicates the message of community, convenience, and sustainability by emphasizing the positive experiences and connections that can be made through ride-sharing. The ad’s engaging visuals and catchy soundtrack create a memorable and enjoyable viewing experience.

12. Cadbury – “Gorilla” (2007)

Cadbury’s “Gorilla” ad from 2007 is a memorable and unconventional animated commercial. It features a gorilla sitting in a room, seemingly preparing for a drum performance. As the iconic drumbeat of Phil Collins’ song “In the Air Tonight” starts playing, the gorilla passionately plays the drums, creating a powerful and unexpected connection with the audience.

The ad is playful, creative, and engaging, conveying Cadbury’s joy and indulgence message. The combination of the unexpected gorilla protagonist and the catchy music made this ad a viral sensation, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

13. GEICO – “Hump Day” (2013)

GEICO’s “Hump Day” ad from 2013 is a humorous animated commercial video that takes a lighthearted approach to promote its insurance services. As one of the best animated commercial videos, the ad features a talking camel walking through an office, excitedly reminding everyone that it’s “hump day” (Wednesday).

The camel’s infectious enthusiasm contrasts with the office workers’ slightly annoyed reactions, creating a funny and memorable scenario. The ad effectively communicates GEICO’s message by associating its brand with humor and creating a relatable and entertaining experience for viewers.

The catchy catchphrase “Guess what day it is? Hump day!” became a cultural phenomenon, showcasing the ad campaign’s effectiveness.

14. Old Spice – “The Man, Your Man, Could Smell Like” (2010)

Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” ad from 2010 is a memorable and humorous animated advertisement featuring a confident and charismatic spokesperson delivering rapid-fire monologues in various luxurious settings. The ad humorously exaggerates the benefits of using Old Spice products, portraying the idealized version of a man that every woman desires.

With its clever writing, quick pacing, and unexpected visual transitions, the ad became a viral sensation and effectively repositioned Old Spice as an excellent modern brand, targeting a younger audience. The combination of humor, creativity, and memorable catchphrases made this ad stand out in the advertising landscape.

15. Sony Bravia – “Balls” (2005)

Sony Bravia’s “Balls” ad from 2005 is a visually stunning animated commercial that showcases an explosion of colorful balls bouncing through the streets of San Francisco. The ad captures the attention with its vibrant colors and dynamic visuals, highlighting the vivid picture quality of Sony Bravia televisions.

Combining real-life footage and computer-generated imagery creates a mesmerizing and joyful experience. The ad’s simplicity and the use of a catchy song further enhance its impact. With its innovative and captivating approach, “Balls” became an iconic ad that successfully showcased the immersive viewing experience of Sony Bravia TVs.

16. Budweiser – “Whassup?” (1999)

Budweiser’s “Whassup?” ad from 1999 is a humorous and memorable commercial that depicts a group of friends greeting each other with the catchphrase “Whassup?” The ad gained widespread popularity and became a cultural phenomenon, with people worldwide adopting the phrase in their daily conversations.

The simplicity of the ad, along with its relatable and humorous content, resonated with audiences and helped establish Budweiser as a brand that promotes fun and camaraderie. The ad’s success lies in its ability to create a shared experience and generate buzz through its comedic approach, making it one of the most iconic and influential ads of its time.

17. IKEA – “Lamp” (2002)

IKEA’s “Lamp” ad from 2002 is a poignant and heartwarming commercial that tells the story of a discarded lamp. The ad begins with the abandoned and unwanted lamp sitting by the roadside. As people pass by, they throw it away until a young boy picks it up and takes it home. The ad highlights our emotional connection with ordinary objects and the value of giving them a second chance.

It showcases IKEA’s philosophy of providing affordable and functional products that can transform our living spaces. The simplicity and relatability of the ad struck a chord with viewers, making it a memorable and effective piece of advertising.

18. Doritos – “Crash the Super Bowl” series

The Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” series was a highly successful and innovative marketing campaign that invited consumers to create their own Doritos commercials for a chance to have them aired during the Super Bowl.

The campaign tapped into the creativity and passion of the Doritos fan base, resulting in a collection of funny, clever, and sometimes outrageous commercials. By involving their customers in the creative process, Doritos generated buzz and excitement and created a unique connection with their audience.

The “Crash the Super Bowl” series became a cultural phenomenon, demonstrating the power of user-generated content and the ability to engage consumers meaningfully.

19. Android – “Be Together, Not The Same” (2014)

The Android – “Be Together, Not The Same” (2014) ad is a visually captivating and heartwarming animated advertisement that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. The ad showcases a variety of colorful animal characters representing different species, each with unique characteristics and qualities.

Through a delightful animation style and an uplifting soundtrack, the ad conveys the message that while everyone is different, they can come together and create something beautiful. The ad effectively communicates Android’s brand ethos of embracing individuality and unity, appealing to viewers’ emotions, and promoting a sense of belonging.

It highlights the power of diversity and encourages viewers to embrace their differences while finding common ground.

20. Dove – “Evolution” (2006)

The Dove “Evolution” ad is a powerful and thought-provoking commercial that challenges beauty standards and promotes body positivity. The ad features a time-lapse transformation of a woman through makeup, hair styling, and digital retouching, revealing the unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by the media.

The ad sends a strong message about the impact of Photoshop and artificial enhancements on society’s perception of beauty. By showcasing the behind-the-scenes process, Dove encourages viewers to embrace their natural beauty and promotes a more inclusive definition of attractiveness. The “Evolution” ad became widely shared and sparked meaningful conversations about body image and self-acceptance.

What To Consider Before Choosing Animated Ads for Your Brand?

When selecting animated ads for your brand, it’s crucial to consider the following factors:

1. Brand Identity

Ensure the animation style, color palette, and overall design align with your brand’s identity and values. Consistency in visuals and messaging help reinforce brand recognition and recall.

2. Target Audience

Understand your target audience’s preferences, interests, and demographics. Tailor the animation style, tone, and content to resonate with your specific audience and effectively convey your message.

3. Campaign Objective

Define the Objective of your ad campaign. Whether it’s raising brand awareness, promoting a product, or driving conversions, align the animation style and storytelling with the campaign goals.

4. Message Clarity

The ad should deliver a clear, concise message that viewers can easily understand. Use visual storytelling techniques to convey complex ideas in a simplified and engaging way.

5. Emotional Appeal

Determine the desired emotional response from your audience. Whether it’s humor, nostalgia, or empathy, choose an animation style and narrative that can evoke the intended emotions and establish a connection with viewers.

6. Budget and Resources

Consider your budget and available resources for producing high-quality animation. Evaluate whether in-house talent or outsourcing to animation studios is the best approach based on your budget and the level of expertise required.

7. Distribution Channels

Determine where and how the animated ad will be distributed. Consider platforms like social media, websites, or TV and adapt the format and duration accordingly.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select animated ads that align with your brand, effectively communicate your message, resonate with your target audience, and achieve your marketing objectives.

Start Creating Better Animated Ads

Animated ads have become a powerful tool for brands to captivate audiences and convey their messages in a visually engaging and memorable way. By leveraging the different types of animation, brands can cater to various target audiences and campaign objectives. With the right approach, animated ads have the potential to make a lasting impression and contribute to the success of a brand’s marketing efforts.

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