Best 20 Animated Logos To Inspire You


Every brand has a logo that is distinct and unique to its overall identity, however, animated logos come into the picture as fun, eye-catching, and memorable alternatives to static logos. These logos incorporate subtle movements with iconic 3D animation effects to make ordinary logos look spectacular.

Beyond just the visual appeal, animated logos also fit perfectly into the digital space, making them excellent for websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, and many more. If you are new to the world of animated logos or looking for some exciting inspirations for your brands, continue reading to discover the 20 best animated logos to ignite your creativity.

What are Animated Logos?

Animated logos, also known as motion logos or logo animations, are dynamic versions of a company or brand’s logo that include movement, changes, or visual effects. Unlike static logos, animated logos incorporate motion elements like transitions, rotations, scaling, or other animated effects to bring the logo to life. These animations can range from subtle movements such as fading, morphing, or simple transitions to more complex and dynamic sequences involving 3D animation, particle effects, or kinetic typography.

The purpose of animated logos is to enhance brand identity, capture attention, and create a memorable visual impact. They are often used in various digital media platforms such as websites, social media, video intros/outros, presentations, and commercials to make the brand more engaging and appealing to the audience. Animated logos can convey a brand’s personality, innovation, and creativity while leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

What Makes Animated Logos Unique?

Animated logos stand out due to several unique characteristics that set them apart from static logos:

1. Dynamic Engagement

Animated logos leverage motion, transitions, effects, and animated icons to engage viewers actively. Unlike static logos, the dynamic elements in animations attract attention, keeping audiences captivated through movement. This dynamic engagement enhances the visual appeal, making the logo more interactive and compelling.

2. Expressive Brand Identity

Through animation, brands can express their personality more vividly. By incorporating motion and effects that align with the brand’s attributes, animated logos become an extension of the brand’s identity and complement a brand story. For instance, playful animations might suit a youth-centric brand, while sophisticated motion may resonate with a luxury brand’s image.

3. Memorable Impact

The kinetic nature of animations enhances memorability. The movement and visual dynamics of animated logos leave a deeper imprint in viewers’ minds compared to static logos. This increased memorability heightens brand recognition, as viewers are more likely to recall and identify the brand based on its animated logo.

4. Versatile Adaptability

Unlike flat logo images, animated logos offer versatility in adapting to various digital platforms. Whether displayed on websites, social media, promo videos, or presentations, they maintain consistency while delivering an engaging visual experience. Their adaptability ensures a seamless brand presence across diverse digital channels.

5. Storytelling Potential

Animation provides a medium for storytelling. Through motion and visual effects, animated logos can convey narratives, evoke emotions, or deliver messages. This storytelling potential allows brands to create deeper connections with their audience, resonating on an emotional level beyond what static imagery can achieve.

6. Modern Appeal

Animated logos align with contemporary design trends, reflecting a brand’s innovation and tech-savvy nature. The dynamic nature of these logos signals a brand’s forward-thinking approach, capturing the modern audience’s attention and reinforcing the brand’s relevance in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

7. Attention-Grabbing Nature

The movement and visual interest in animated logos make them inherently attention-grabbing. In a world flooded with static visuals, animated logos stand out by leveraging dynamic elements, enticing viewers, and ensuring a higher likelihood of capturing and retaining attention.

Overall, these deeper insights into animated logos highlight their multifaceted nature, demonstrating how their dynamic engagement, expressive potential, memorability, versatility, storytelling capability, modern appeal, and attention-grabbing nature collectively contribute to their unique and impactful role in brand representation and engagement strategies.

Best 20 Animated Logos To Inspire You

In the ever-evolving landscape of visual branding, animated logos stand as dynamic, captivating expressions of a brand’s identity. These motion-infused representations transcend static logo imagery, weaving narratives and captivating audiences with their kinetic allure. Here are 20 iconic animated logos that inspire and captivate, offering insights into the artistry, versatility, and storytelling potential of animated branding.

1. Google


Google’s animated logo evolution is a vibrant journey reflecting playful innovation. Starting as a static display, it transformed into a lively, morphing entity. Each iteration introduces dynamic motion, embracing the brand’s spirit with colorful, bouncing letters or interactive doodles that celebrate occasions. Google Doodles, a creative highlight, infuses history and artistry into the logo, captivating audiences worldwide.

The evolving animations, whether commemorating holidays or spotlighting influential figures, engage viewers with whimsicality and educational charm. Google’s animated logo epitomizes creativity, adapting to diverse themes and events, delighting users globally while reinforcing the brand’s dynamic and inclusive ethos through ever-evolving animated storytelling.

2. Nike


Nike’s animated logo embodies movement and dynamism, mirroring the brand’s ethos of athleticism and progress. Initially a static swoosh, it transformed into kinetic designs, showcasing the essence of motion. The animated emblem pulses with energy, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to activity and innovation. Nike’s logo animations often feature sleek transitions, highlighting the logo’s iconic swoosh through various engaging movements.

These dynamic sequences not only symbolize motion but also evoke a sense of empowerment and determination. Nike’s animated logo encapsulates the spirit of sportsmanship and advancement, resonating with audiences by illustrating the brand’s dedication to movement, strength, and continual evolution.

3. Apple


Apple’s animated logo signifies evolution and sophistication in motion design. From its initial static appearance, the logo transformed into sleek, elegant animations that echo the brand’s innovation. The animated emblem exhibits subtlety and grace, often featuring gentle rotations or subtle transitions that convey a sense of refinement and technological prowess.

Apple’s logo animations mirror the brand’s commitment to simplicity and innovation, captivating audiences with their elegant yet understated movements. These animations reflect Apple’s seamless blend of design and technology, portraying a brand narrative synonymous with innovation, sophistication, and a forward-thinking ethos that defines the company’s iconic status in the tech industry.

4. AT&T


AT&T’s animated logo epitomizes a global telecommunications brand in motion. Evolving from a static globe, it transitioned into dynamic animations, showcasing the company’s commitment to connectivity and progress. The animated emblem often features smooth, transformative movements, symbolizing the interconnected world. These animations underscore AT&T’s innovative edge, presenting the globe with vibrant transitions that highlight the brand’s global reach and technological advancements.

With each iteration, AT&T’s animated logo echoes its dedication to connectivity, seamlessly blending technology and communication to reflect the brand’s forward-thinking approach and its integral role in the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications.

5. Netflix


Netflix’s animated logo symbolizes entertainment in motion. Initially a static emblem, it transitioned into captivating animations, embodying the brand’s evolution and focus on dynamic content. The animated logo often features smooth and fluid transitions, representing the seamless streaming experience offered by the platform. These animations encapsulate the essence of storytelling, with the iconic red “N” seamlessly transforming to convey the diverse narratives available.

Netflix’s animated logo showcases innovation and flexibility, reflecting the brand’s adaptability to changing trends in entertainment while captivating audiences with its fluid and engaging visual representation of an ever-evolving content landscape.

6. DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation’s animated logo is a testament to storytelling and creativity in motion. Transforming from a static emblem into an animated sequence brings the magic of cinema to life. The iconic animated logo showcases a boy sitting on the moon fishing, instantly evoking a sense of wonder and imagination.

This enchanting sequence not only signifies the brand’s whimsical charm but also serves as an introduction to the storytelling prowess ingrained in DreamWorks’ animated films. Through its animated logo, DreamWorks Animation captures the essence of imagination, promising audiences an immersive and fantastical journey into the world of animated storytelling.

7. Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures’ animated logo is an iconic symbol of cinematic grandeur brought to life. Evolving from a static emblem into a dynamic animation, it signifies the essence of storytelling and entertainment. The animated logo features a majestic mountain peak set against a starry background, capturing the timeless essence of the studio. This sequence is accompanied by fanfare, creating a sense of anticipation and setting the stage for cinematic experiences.

Paramount’s animated logo embodies a legacy of film history and epic storytelling, serving as a prelude to the captivating narratives that unfold within its films, while retaining its timeless and grandiose appeal across generations of moviegoers.

8. Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar Animation Studios’ animated logo is an endearing portrayal of imagination and creativity in motion. Starting as a simple static image, it transformed into a delightful and iconic animated sequence. The animated logo features a charming lamp named Luxo Jr. that playfully bounces and eventually squashes the letter “I,” showcasing Pixar’s animated storytelling prowess and innovation.

This playful and heartwarming animation has become synonymous with Pixar’s films, symbolizing the studio’s dedication to storytelling, creativity, and its ability to bring inanimate objects to life through animation. Pixar’s animated logo embodies the spirit of whimsy, setting the stage for enchanting and emotionally resonant storytelling that defines the studio’s acclaimed animated features.

9. HBO


HBO’s animated logo is an emblem of anticipation and immersion in the world of entertainment. Transitioning from a static display to an animated sequence sets the stage for captivating storytelling. The animated logo showcases a dynamic transformation, where letters emerge within a metallic environment, accompanied by an orchestral tune. This sequence creates a sense of anticipation, inviting audiences into the immersive world of HBO’s diverse content.

HBO’s animated logo symbolizes the brand’s commitment to quality programming and sets the tone for engaging narratives, offering viewers a glimpse of the compelling and diverse stories that await within the network’s acclaimed shows and productions.

10. Meta


In October 2021, the parent company of Facebook decided to rebrand itself as “Meta Platforms” to concentrate on building the metaverse. Alongside this change, they introduced a fresh logo, sparking diverse opinions among logo designers.

The newly animated logo marks a departure from Facebook’s traditional logo appearance. It features a vibrant blue gradient and a 3D design resembling a twisting ribbon with curled ends. Meta’s design team explained that this logo symbolizes the “unlimited potential within the metaverse,” representing a world of endless opportunities in the digital realm. Some designers praised its dynamic look, while others expressed mixed feelings, but overall, it aims to reflect Meta’s focus on shaping a boundaryless virtual space.

11. Mastercard


In 2019, Mastercard introduced an animated logo epitomizing dynamic branding and innovative design. Departing from its static predecessor, the updated logo transformed into a lively animated sequence, signifying the brand’s adaptability and contemporary approach. This animation prominently features the iconic interlocking circles, skillfully integrating fluid movements and vibrant hues.

Reflecting Mastercard’s commitment to seamless and progressive financial solutions, the dynamic transformation underscores its agile stance in a swiftly evolving digital landscape. As a captivating visual representation, this animated logo solidifies Mastercard’s position as a global leader in the payments industry, resonating with audiences and emphasizing the brand’s dedication to evolving and user-friendly payment experiences.

12. Warner Bros

Warner Bros

Warner Bros.’ animated logo is an emblem of cinematic legacy and timeless storytelling in motion. Evolving from a static emblem to a dynamic animation, it signifies the studio’s rich history and commitment to captivating narratives. The iconic shield logo transforms through various iterations, retaining its classic essence while embracing modern animation techniques.

Accompanied by a distinctive musical theme, this animated sequence captures the grandeur and anticipation associated with Warner Bros.’s extensive filmography. Warner Bros.’ animated logo serves as a herald, heralding audiences into a world of captivating stories and cinematic adventures that have defined the studio’s enduring presence in the entertainment industry for generations.

13. MGM Studios

MGM Studios

MGM Studios’ animated logo is an iconic symbol of cinematic tradition and grandeur in motion. Transitioning from a static emblem to a dynamic animated sequence, it embodies the legacy and glamour associated with Hollywood’s golden era. The iconic roaring lion, Leo, is the centerpiece of this emblematic animation, symbolizing strength and majesty.

Accompanied by a powerful musical score, this animated sequence creates a sense of anticipation, immersing audiences in the timeless allure of MGM’s cinematic legacy. MGM Studios’ animated logo stands as a herald, inviting viewers into a world of classic films and legendary stories, evoking nostalgia while embodying the studio’s enduring contribution to the art of filmmaking.

14. 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox’s animated logo is an emblem of cinematic tradition and timeless storytelling brought to life. Transitioning from a static emblem to a dynamic animation signifies the studio’s enduring legacy and commitment to captivating narratives. The iconic emblem features a majestic and evolving sequence, often accompanied by a distinct musical fanfare. This dynamic animation creates a sense of anticipation, setting the stage for the cinematic experiences that follow.

20th Century Fox’s animated logo serves as an entrée, ushering audiences into a world of iconic films and gripping stories, encapsulating the studio’s indelible mark on the history of filmmaking and its continued legacy in entertainment.

15. Audi


Audi’s animated logo represents innovation and sophistication in motion design. Transforming from a static emblem to sleek and dynamic animations, it embodies the brand’s commitment to automotive excellence. The animated logo often features smooth transitions and transformations, showcasing the iconic four interlinked rings with elegance and precision. These animations convey Audi’s forward-thinking approach, symbolizing technological advancement and design prowess.

Audi’s animated logo mirrors the brand’s ethos of innovation and modernity, offering a glimpse into the brand’s legacy of engineering excellence and captivating automotive experiences that continue to redefine luxury and performance in the automotive industry.

16. McDonald’s


McDonald’s animated logo is a vibrant portrayal of iconic branding in motion. Evolving from a static emblem to lively animations, it encapsulates the brand’s enduring legacy and widespread recognition. The animated logo often features playful and dynamic movements, showcasing the golden arches with an energetic and cheerful demeanor.

These dynamic logo animations symbolize McDonald’s commitment to joy, happiness, and a welcoming atmosphere, echoing the brand’s timeless appeal to customers of all ages. McDonald’s animated logo embodies the spirit of vibrancy and warmth, inviting customers to experience the familiar and delightful moments associated with the brand’s renowned fast-food experience.

17. BBC


The BBC’s animated logo represents a seamless fusion of tradition and modernity in motion. Transitioning from a static emblem to captivating animations reflects the brand’s evolution and commitment to broadcasting excellence. The animated logo often features dynamic sequences, where the letters come together in a visually engaging manner, embodying the BBC’s adaptability and innovative storytelling.

These animations symbolize the BBC’s authority and credibility in delivering news and entertainment, resonating with its diverse audience globally. The BBC’s animated logo serves as an introduction, inviting viewers into a world of informative and engaging content, blending a legacy of trusted broadcasting with contemporary visual appeal.

18. Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures’ animated logo is an emblem of cinematic grandeur and timeless storytelling brought to life. Evolving from a static emblem to a dynamic animation, it signifies the studio’s legacy and dedication to captivating narratives. The iconic spinning globe, often accompanied by a melodic theme, undergoes various animated iterations, retaining its classic essence while embracing modern animation techniques.

This dynamic sequence creates anticipation, setting the stage for the immersive cinematic experiences that follow. Universal Pictures’ animated logo stands as an introduction, welcoming audiences into a world of iconic films and captivating stories, encapsulating the studio’s enduring impact on the history of filmmaking and its continuous contributions to entertainment.

19. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network’s animated logo is a colorful and playful representation of animated entertainment in motion. Transforming from a static emblem to lively animations, it embodies the essence of fun, imagination, and creativity. The animated logo often features dynamic and vibrant sequences, showcasing beloved cartoon characters or playful transitions that capture the network’s youthful and energetic spirit.

These animations symbolize Cartoon Network’s commitment to delivering imaginative and entertaining content, that resonates with audiences of all ages. Cartoon Network’s animated logo serves as a doorway to a world of animated adventures, inviting viewers to explore a realm of whimsical storytelling and beloved characters that have shaped childhood memories and continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

20. Adobe


Adobe’s animated logo is a testament to innovation and creativity in motion design. Transitioning from a static emblem to sleek and dynamic animations, it embodies the brand’s commitment to digital excellence and creative tools. The animated logo often features smooth and transformative movements, showcasing Adobe’s iconic “A” or creative elements with precision and elegance.

These animations symbolize Adobe’s dedication to empowering creativity and technological advancement, reflecting its position as a leader in digital solutions. Adobe’s animated logo mirrors the brand’s ethos of innovation and artistic expression, offering a glimpse into the brand’s legacy of empowering creatives and shaping the future of digital experiences and design.

These logo animation examples span across different industries and styles, showcasing the diverse approaches and creativity in animated logo design. You can explore these logos further to gather inspiration for your own logo animation projects.

Factors To Consider Before You Animate Your Logo

Before animating your logo, several crucial factors merit consideration to ensure a successful and impactful animation:

1. Brand Identity: Ensure that the animation aligns with your brand’s identity, values, and personality. The animation should reinforce your brand’s message and be consistent with your overall branding strategy.

2. Audience Relevance: Understand your target audience and create an animation that resonates with them. Consider their preferences, interests, and how they interact with animated content.

3. Simplicity and Clarity: Keep the animation simple and easy to understand. Clarity is essential, ensuring that the animation communicates your brand’s message effectively without causing confusion. Consider using an animated logo maker to transform your static images into professional and stunning animated logos.

4. Versatility and Adaptability: Consider where and how the animated logo will be used. Ensure it’s adaptable to various platforms, sizes, and formats, maintaining its visual appeal and impact across different mediums.

5. Animation Style: Choose an animation style that complements your brand. Whether it’s subtle motion, playful transitions, or sophisticated movements, the style should match your brand’s tone and message. If you are just starting out, you can use animated logo templates in most logo makers to create a good animated logo for you.

6. Duration and Timing: Determine the optimal duration for the animation. It should be concise enough to hold attention but not too short to miss the message or too long to lose the audience’s interest.

7. Consistency: Consistency with your brand’s visual elements, colors, fonts, and logo design. The animation should enhance the logo without altering its core identity.

8. Brand Storytelling: Consider if the animation can tell a story or convey a message effectively. A compelling narrative within the animation can create a deeper connection with the audience.

9. Technical Considerations: Ensure compatibility with different devices, browsers, and platforms. Pay attention to technical details such as file formats, resolution, and file size for optimal performance.

10. Testing and Feedback: Before finalizing, test the animated logo across various platforms and seek feedback from a sample audience. This step helps in refining and improving the animation based on user responses.

By considering these factors, you can create an animated logo that not only reflects your brand identity but also engages and resonates with your target audience effectively.

Elevate Your Brand Appeal With Stunning Animated Logos

Animated logos stand as dynamic symbols of brand identity, weaving narratives through motion. They transcend static imagery, engaging audiences with captivating storytelling. These animated emblems evoke emotions, convey messages, and imprint brand recognition. As technological advancements surge, they adapt seamlessly to diverse platforms, ensuring a consistent brand presence.

Each animated logo encapsulates a brand’s essence, resonating with its audience while reflecting innovation and creativity. In the evolving landscape of visual communication, animated logos emerge as powerful tools, leaving lasting impressions and cementing brands in the hearts and minds of viewers worldwide. Their kinetic allure and storytelling prowess redefine the language of modern branding.

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