Best Font Styles for Logos: Pick Your’s Favorite

Best Font Styles for Logos

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Your choice of logo fonts may make or break your logo design. When you choose the right font, you can increase the impact of your logo whenever and wherever people see it.

This helps to express your brand identity. But using the wrong typeface could be problematic. Many logo fonts are available, so we’ve compiled this list of the most notable, ground-breaking logo fonts ever.

 best fonts for logos

Many of these logo fonts are gorgeous in their current forms, but remember that they can also be a terrific source of inspiration for your logo design.

They can be changed and improved in several ways to offer your brand a distinctive vibe. So spend some time choosing the right font for your brand logo because choosing the perfect logo font is crucial.

How to Select the Perfect Logo Fonts

Finding your brand identity (how your brand sounds and feels to your audience) will help you choose your logo fonts. After that, think about fonts that convey the same thoughts and emotions you want.

Various font types or font families are available, each conveying a different brand story. Choose a font style and type that complements the logo design you have in mind. Looking for a logo with a modern, clean look?

The finest font for your logo is sans serifs. Want a more traditional and classic look for your logo? Use a serif font instead.

 fonts for logos

Due to their simple reading, serif and sans serif typefaces are recommended for body paragraphs and headings, including titles, logos, etc.

Serif logo fonts have a refined, vintage feeling because of the ornate “feet” at the extremities of each letterform.

 modern fonts for logos

Slab serif logo fonts have louder, bolder serifs with huge letterforms intended to be visible from a distance. Check out some vintage logo design ideas.

 cool fonts for logos

Script logo fonts include the loops and flourishes of script handwriting and come in professional and informal styles.

 cursive fonts for logos

Sans-serif logo fonts are considered more contemporary than their serif counterparts because they don’t have “feet” at the extremities of each letterform.

 fonts for business logos

How Many Fonts Should You Use in a Logo?

It would be best if you didn’t employ font pairings of more than two or three different logo fonts in your logo design. Any more than that and your logo will appear chaotic and uncoordinated.

The quantity of fonts you use also depends on how much text your logo contains. The primary brand name should be in one font, and any supporting text—such as your tagline or brand description—should be in a different font.

How to Combine Logo Fonts

When applying different logo font combinations in a logo design, you must ensure these fonts complement each other.

Choose the primary font for your brand name that best captures your company’s look. Out of the fonts you choose, it ought to be the most striking. Any additional fonts should be less noticeable.

  • Combining a statement font with a more subdued sans-serif font is a fantastic concept.
  • Italic version, bold, and all-caps versions of your chosen font can be combined as an additional option.
  • A script font should not be combined with other script fonts, nor should serif and slab serif.

The perfect font combinations typically seek the ideal middle ground. You want fonts that blend well together without being overly similar or dissimilar.

For example, Rockwell Bold and Bembo are great font combinations. Also, Montserrat and Courier New font combinations will give your logo design a classy touch.

Tips for Choosing the Best Logo Fonts

It can be challenging to choose the best fonts for your logo designs. These suggestions will significantly simplify the decision-making process for you.

Serif or Sans-Serif?

Whether to pick a serif or sans-serif typeface is one of the first choices you’ll need to make when selecting a font for a logo.

Although many different fonts are used in logo design, sans-serif and serif typefaces are the most common since they are crucial in distinguishing the brand and the company that a logo represents.

Your logo’s font choice will influence whether it represents a formal or casual brand. You’ll note that virtually every premium clothing company and large firm uses serif fonts to create its logo. However, Sans-serif fonts are used by more casual and personal brands.

To keep the design in line with your company branding and to make it more appealing to your target audience, it’s critical that you also adhere to this trend while selecting a font for your logo.

Choose a Font Based on Logo Usage

Consider how and where your logo will be used. Create a logo for a mobile application, perhaps? Then, choose a typeface with a crisp design that looks fantastic on displays of all sizes for mobile devices.

Are you creating a logo for use on posters and office supplies? The next step is to locate a typeface whose clarity can be adjusted in size.

Consider printing your logo on a letterhead using a large, bold font. If printed on paper, it won’t be as attractive or noticeable. Therefore, consider how and where the logo will be utilized before selecting the font. Explore guide for logo fonts.

Use a Font That Match Your Brand’s Identity

The identity of a brand includes its logo. It makes the brand instantly recognized wherever you see it and contributes to the company’s definition. The typeface you choose for the logo should reflect the brand’s personality.

Consider logos from brands like Burger King, Baskin-Robbins, and Walt Disney. These companies’ positive and approachable sides are immediately apparent in their typeface designs.

When selecting a typeface for your company logo, be sure to consider the personality of your brand.

Find Inspiration in Other Designs

For your brand to stand out from the competition, your logo must be distinctive and original. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it sounds to obtain inspiration for a distinctive design. Some logo designers, such as Paul Rand, dedicate months or even years to creating a single logo.

I assure you that you cannot afford to create a single logo each year. Therefore, to create your logo, learn from the creators of previous logos.

And keep in mind that it’s acceptable to borrow some concepts from existing brand logos and even to use templates as the basis for original logo creation.

Best Fonts for Logos – Classics, Modern, Minimalist & More

Any font you use for your company’s logo should be original, licensed, and best represent your business.

The best logo fonts for branding and designing are listed here.

Once more, there are various categories to place these logo fonts.

We have categorized these different logo fonts to assist you in seeing what might be suitable for you based on your needs.

Stylish Fonts for Logos

Finding good logo fonts should be at the top of your priority list if you want a design that perfectly expresses the style, beauty, and sophistication your business has to offer.

A logo’s ability to stand out depends on its typography. If you go overboard, you could come across as tacky. However, you also don’t want to be uninteresting and monotonous. Check out some minimalist logo design ideas.

Professional Logo Fonts

Any business that wants to project a sense of legitimacy and trustworthiness must find a professional-looking logo font.

Businesses and brands may occasionally use incorrect font combinations when creating their logos.

The outcome could be unprofessional and off-brand.

Bold Fonts for Logos

The purpose of bold fonts on logos is to draw attention. Therefore, selecting the appropriate font for your logo design will determine what type of statement you want to make if you want your logo to be distinctive and bold.

Bold fonts can convey confidence and strength when used correctly. If used poorly, you risk producing an off-brand, imbalanced logo.

Modern Fonts for Logos

Using modern logo fonts can make the difference between a logo that connects with your audience and one that doesn’t. These cool logo fonts are perfect for contemporary and fashionable businesses, record labels, and eateries.

Best Fonts for Gaming Logos

Gaming logos ought to be entertaining, animated, and pertinent to the content you produce and the games you play.

Your choice of typeface for your logo will mainly be influenced by the kinds of games you like to play. You will connect with your target audience and gaming buddies far more effectively if your logo idea corresponds to the substance of your game.

Therefore, having personalized gaming logos is a terrific approach to stand out from the competition and your buddies.

Creating a gaming logo that matches the games you play, and your online image can be challenging. Your gaming logo can benefit from having the appropriate and best fonts.

8 Fun Fonts for Logos

Presenting your business in a lighthearted and enjoyable manner can be challenging without appearing foolish or unprofessional.

However, you may visualize your brand identity with some preparation and logo inspiration.

We offer many logo font ideas to choose from if you want a playful, quirky, or relaxed logo.

The best professional logo fonts and the best free logo fonts are shown here.

Your designs may be significantly impacted by the fonts used in logos. But on the other hand, you might use the perfect font to enhance your brand’s messaging and assist you in telling a tale.

Although countless logo fonts are available, choosing the best one for your logo design project might be challenging.

You need a beautiful typeface to make a beautiful logo. To help you create great logo designs that demonstrate to your clients how well you understand their brands, we’re offering you a compilation of hundreds of the best fonts for logos today.

Many options range from elegant tall and narrow serifs to bold flowery script fonts.

Find the ideal typeface for your upcoming project, make that logo stand out, or provide your clients with more options when developing their brand identity. Explore the guide typography in logo design.

Avenir Next Pro – The best classic face sans logo font

 business fonts for logos

Avenir Next Pro has a traditional face for logos. The regular sans family includes the font used for this logo. One of the best sans family logo fonts, it has a high level of standard feel.

This font offers 32 readable, scalable fonts in addition to the conventional styles.

Any contemporary serif body can look well with this font. This font is ideal for projects requiring simple, strong, and blocky logos.

Blandit – A stamp style sans serif logo font 

 script fonts for logos

Modern sans serif font family member, Blandit, is used for logos. They are created in a way that serves branding objectives.

Creating titles, taglines, headlines, large banners, and bold typography is also best suited.

Brolink – The best vinyl logo font

 bold fonts for logos

A bold sans-based font with distinctive and wild features, Brolink will give your design a modern look.

This typeface can be used for various tasks, but logo creation is where it shines. This typeface has an outline design and is very readable.

Bronela – A fashionable modern font

 good fonts for logos

The trendy typeface Bronela is available in both regular and bold font styles. Due to the stark contrast, it appears robust and opulent.

This is a versatile font suitable for a variety of tasks. Its design draws inspiration from both traditional text styles and contemporary typography.

Caterina — A feminine font 

 different fonts for logos

Caterina is a hippy-inspired, feminine, modern logo font. This contemporary, attractive font was developed for branding, drawings, and web design.

This psychedelic display also has a sophisticated appearance that improves the project’s attractiveness.

Cemen Logo Font – The best futuristic font

 professional fonts for logos

This cement is a basic, modern, and futuristic font. This font is suitable for various tasks, including quotes, headings, titles, logos, and children’s books.

This modern typeface seems to have a polished, consistent appearance.

Cera Pro – Best consolidated logo font

 luxury fonts for logos

The Cera Pro font is derived from basic shapes that add warmth, simplicity, and elegance. In addition, this Cera Pro logo font includes all the geometric features required in a logo.

The pan-European Cera Collection, which supports around 150 languages and 980 glyphs per style, has been expanded by this Cera Pro.

It has every attribute and is the open type to accommodate any letterforms. It also has all the dingbats and arrows required for a logo font. Check out some modern logo designs.

Dileto – A luxurious Modern Sans Serif

 creative fonts for logos

Dileto is an elegant and modern serif font. This has a lovely appearance and works well for business cards, branding, posters, and banners.

It has ligatures and fashionable alternative OpenType capabilities.

Gilroy – A legible and clean sans serif font 

 unique fonts for logos

This is among the popular sans serif fonts used for modern graphics. Gilroy is readable and tidy. It has italics, ten uprights, and 20 weights.

This font family is ideal for usage in display applications and graphic design.

Intro – A stylish and bold logo font

 elegant fonts for logos

The Intro font family has been updated, polished, and given a fun display font touch.

In addition, eight weights corresponding to the italics have been added to this font’s redesigned edition, creating 72 font families. Twenty-two other typefaces are also included in addition to this.

This updated logo font’s Opentype feature enables contextual alternatives, case-sensitive forms, and a wide range of fashionable alternatives.

Jackwell — An intelligent, futuristic, and modern sans serif font

 great fonts for logos

Jackwell is an elegant and futuristic font that looks modern and readable. This font is also stylish and catchy for the audience to create an impression.

It is the best choice for professional designs, modern, futuristic and social media.

Katrine — A stylish and bold modern logo font

 best fonts for business logos

A stylish and robust handwritten logo font is called Katrine. Additionally, your designs gain an excellent touch from this.

It is lovely and distinctive for some projects, such as logo designs, headlines, headers, invitations, and projects with a feminine theme.

Limpkin — A modern display logo font for social media

 best free fonts for logos

This organic, stylish, and creative Limpkin typeface is beautifully designed to look contemporary. It lends any design a contemporary vibe.

This sans serif font family is clean, sophisticated, and full of style.

Milky Love Cute Logo Font – A cute love sans serif font

 free fonts for logos

A lovely, cartoonish, and enjoyable display font is milky love. It is distinctive and welcoming. It gives the project or design a sweet, tender, and humorous appearance.

This font family works best for projects involving children, happy occasions, cards, and greetings.

Mick Kelly — A unique modern beauty serif font

 popular fonts for logos

Mick Kelly is an attractive choice regarding unusual and good logo fonts. It has features that make designs attractive when coupled with letters and shapes.

Magazines, postcards, logo designs, and many other things may all be made using this logo font.

Monreal — A luxury futuristic sans serif logo font

 famous fonts for logos

Letters, digits, and punctuation are all included in this Monreal luxury futuristic font to add value to your projects. This is for tasks like badges, site designs, and graphics.

Mont – Best geometric Sans serif logo font

 best fonts for logos 2022

A sans serif typeface with 744 glyphs and 20 styles, Mont. Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek languages are supported in addition to their multilingualism. The suit is ideal for logos and headlines.

It offers features like ligatures, case-sensitive forms, superscripts, and tabular figures that facilitate complex typography.

Nexa – The best contemporary sans serif typeface 

 best fonts for logos free

One of the most well-known typefaces of the modern era, Nexa has a unique appearance that, combined with its variation, raises it above conventional geometric types for all scales and purposes, as well as designs that speak for themselves.

You can choose nine weights and 36 typefaces with this font family.

This covers the standard numerals, including fractions, tabular figures, symbols, superiors and inferiors, numerators, and denominators.

Proxima Nova – The best sans-serif typeface

 clean fonts for logos

One of the best fonts for branding reasons is Proxima Nova. It has distinctive characteristics without appearing intrusive.

This typeface can be used for projects like packaging, headers, labels, banners, and projects with attention-grabbing logos.


 fonts for company logos

Roku is a stylish and contemporary sans serif typeface created from the ground up with a clear structure.

This font family is appropriate for blogs, branding, naming, titles, and greeting cards. This works well for projects with a vintage theme in art, crafts, weddings, and other settings.

This font has a stylish, modern appearance.

Serbie – A best sports Logo Font

 dope fonts for logos

Serbie, a sans-based font with a distinctive sports style, will give your design a bold, contemporary appearance.

This font style is explicitly made for logos but can also be used for other things. This supports all applications and is multilingual.

TT Norms Pro

 letter fonts for logos

The third iteration of the TT Norms Pro logo typefaces features new, unheard-of capability. It is technically ideal for tasks and offers the highest visual quality.

This typeface is a beautiful choice for virtually any type of logo because it has a wide range of fashionable variations. Also, check out some creative logo design ideas.

Wanderson – A Classic Vintage logo Font

 best adobe fonts for logos

A gorgeous calligraphy style is included with the classic vintage logo font Wanderson. It is appropriate for branding, business cards, banners, and posters.

Only software like Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Microsoft Word can access this vintage font.

Arthead – A elegant logo font

 best google fonts for logos

This font family is a great choice to add style and personality to your designs. This contemporary typeface contains curves, structures, and strokes with a lot of contrast despite its simplicity.

The proportions, descenders, terminals, and huge counters vary. The Arthead font is ideal for titles, posters, creating logos, and identifying special occasions.

Blacker pro – A contemporary serif logo font

 nice fonts for logos

The updated and expanded version of the original serif family wedge typeface is called Blacker Pro. Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli created it in 2017.

To achieve better outcomes, it was created by splitting into subfamilies. This has sharper corners, more contrast, and tighter tracking on the display font version.

This font family’s text variant provides uniform spacing, a lower contrast, and readability.

Bookmania – A retro-style serif logo font 

 top fonts for logos

Bookmania is a serif logo font family-derived retro typeface.

This logo is an excellent inspiration for other designs. It offers sophisticated characteristics with ten styles, 658 swashes, and a contemporary appearance.

Classical Authentic – A vintage classic logo font

 feminine fonts for logos

A “classic authentic typeface” has a straightforward, traditional, vintage, and fashionable appearance.

The typeface for the Classical Authentic logo would work best for your creative endeavors.

This typeface is highly useful for projects like logos, publications, posters, banners, or more creative fields.

Classic Blody Font –  A classic monoline font

 simple fonts for logos

A brand-new monoline typeface with style and elegance is called Classic Blody. Without a doubt, you may use this font for projects like branding, invitations, blog designs, art quotes, house decor, etc.

This typeface’s exquisite quality contains punctuation, numerous glyphs, lowercase, uppercase, and ligatures.

Favorite Notification – A beautiful and classic logo font 

 photoshop fonts for logos

The sleek, beautiful, and classic Favorite Notification typeface was just released. This typeface is a lovely combination of regular and italic styles with a friendly tone.

Matchstic Handmade Logotype Font

best sans serif fonts for logos

Matchstic is just what the designer ordered if you want to give your logo a strong and unique touch!

This unique logo font is ideal for accentuating specific elements of your logo to make it stand out from the competition. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and alternative stylistic forms. Check out the guidelines for how to make a cool logo.

Augor Monogram Typeface for Logos

 royalty free fonts for logos

Augor is among the best logo fonts, especially if you want to design a memorable monogram logo, because it is modern and straightforward. Augor functions flawlessly as the main font for your logo, thanks to its distinctive all-caps variations.


 3d fonts for logos

René Bieder, a German type designer, created Choplin, a geometric slab serif based on the unusual Campton font family.

Drawing inspiration from Gill Sans and Johnston Sans while retaining distinctive contemporary features, it is sleek, contemporary, and robust.

Choplin is a beautiful typeface to consider for more strong branding because it works well for photography layouts, editorials, and bold headlines.

Fcurrentern and storytelling periodicals and journals, use this logo font.

Neo Sans

 best serif fonts for logos

For sans-serif typefaces with rounded edges, Neo Sans has developed into something of a benchmark.

It was among the first types to employ the technology refined and subduedly. As a result, it produces friendlier energy and lessens the font’s intensity.

Intel is known for using this font, as can be seen in the example on the right above.

Consider this logo font if you want to convey an approachable, pleasant vibe that is cool, clear, and ordered.


 best san serif fonts for logos

Quicksand is a sans serif display font with rounded terminals, which are the ends of all strokes without serifs, straight or curved.

Initiated by Andrew Paglinawan in 2008, the design was heavily influenced by the geometric-style sans serif faces that were widely used in the 1920s and 1930s. The designer employed geometric shapes as the foundation of the typeface.

For much easier reading, the characters have undergone optical correction. In general, rounded letterforms have a friendly and welcoming aspect. For font pairings, Quicksand and Prensa go well together.

Choose this base font for a logo if you want something simple, airy, and modern.

Passion 1

 classic fonts for logos

As part of a potent font combination with a brief but powerful appearance, Passion 1 is included in our list of the best logo fonts.

Passion 1’s aggressive and condensed style contrasts nicely with quicksand’s softer style and wider spacing as a logo font.

The different typefaces of each logo font creates an excellent harmony between all the aspects of the logo.

ARTIS – Unique Display Logo Font

 fonts to use for logos

A distinctive and substantial font with a variety of unusual characters is called Artis. Because of this, this font is a fantastic option for creating titles and logos for creative companies and enterprises. The font is also available in a web font version.

Odibee Sans

 sharp fonts for logos

The goal of London-based designer James Barnard’s one-day build (ODB, or phonetically oh-dee-bee) was to finish the entire character set, numerals, and basic glyphs in just one day.

Odibee Sans, as a result,t (get it? This big and audacious concept speaks for itself and blends well with monospace and handwritten fonts.

Choose this typeface to create an educated, aspirational, and whimsical logo design.

Acknesia – A food handwritten Font

 fonts for logos 2021

A handwritten script font with a distinct aesthetic and dramatic sense is called Acknesia.

This typeface has the fantastic movement for your artistic projects like food packaging, logos, posters, menu cards, and printed quotes.

Raph Lanok Typeface

 fun fonts for logos

The perfect font for creating a high-end product or luxury brand logo.

You may use Raph Lanok’s distinctive style and opulent appearance to create various design works. Three distinct font styles are also offered for the font.

Mobilla Serif Elegant – A dynamic and classical serif font

 best script fonts for logos

Mobilla Serif Elegant is a lively and elegant font. This font has lovely curves and is soft to the touch.

This is made explicitly for projects with elegant concepts and a seamless flow. Additionally, this typeface is incredibly user-friendly and compatible with all programs.

Katherine – Script font

 fonts used for logos

Katherine is a casually stylish script typeface that offers nine ready-made logo options. It supports multiple languages and provides uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, and punctuation.

Hacim – Free Sans-Serif Logo Font

 fonts for logos designing

Hacim is a no-frills font that can be utilized in almost any business or industry because of its simplicity and sophistication among its sans-serif typeface families.

It includes uppercase and lowercase letters and numeric characters in both weights. It’s yours to keep!


 google fonts for logos

It has been modified to have four weights: light, regular, bold, and extra bold, and it is used for both display and body copy.

The font pairs well with the Leon sans-serif and is ideal for multilingual design.

Havania – Script Font

 the best fonts for logos

This typeface is perfect for designing titles and logos for brands and products with a feminine theme.

The script typeface Havania is appropriate for a variety of brand design projects. A web font version is also included.

Gamour – Free Elegant Logo Font

 types of fonts for logos

The lettering for Gamour is incredibly sophisticated and uncluttered. Creating fashion and lifestyle brand logos, it’s a terrific option.

Downloading and using the font for non-commercial purposes is free.

Fresh Guava – Creative Logo Font

 classy fonts for logos

Fresh Guava is a lovely and imaginative font that you can use to design logos for firms and companies that are innovative and fresh, as its name implies.

It seems particularly more appropriate for logo designs for restaurants and bars.


To stand out, many companies choose to create their font. Display or decorative fonts are distinctive and exist in various styles.

A distinctive logo typeface can help your brand stand out and connect with your target market.

Walt Disney’s signature is depicted in the Disney font down below. The whimsical and recognizable custom font “Waltograph” is inspired by the magical concept of their novels.


 best fonts to use for logos

Say cheers because this is the font for you if you’re seeking a handwritten, feminine, bold font with a straightforward, elegant tone.

Projects requiring a strong yet feminine touch, such as invitation cards, quotes, business cards, culinary brands, and travel packages, will benefit from using Heartbear calligraphy.


 artistic fonts for logos

Gotham has been referenced numerous times since its release in 2000. You might be familiar with it from GQ to Spotify and with Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008. (who originally commissioned the design).

Gotham, a sans-serif typeface, was inspired by New York City, notably the writing employed in early 20th-century signage, as opposed to other sans-serif fonts whose influences frequently lay in Swiss or German design.

Gotham is offered in eight weights with four additional width options for each. It’s one of the best fonts for logos because of its adaptability, allowing you to display your company name in the best possible light.

Another option is Gotham ScreenSmart, a slightly modified version of the web-optimized original design.

Optima Roman

 corporate fonts for logos

Since 2003, Aston Martin has used the elegant Optima Roman typeface as part of its logo.

Optima Roman is one of the best fonts for conveying distinction, originality, and elegance.

It pairs beautifully with the delicate white wings that extend outward from the Aston Martin emblem since it is slim and subtle.

Foundry – font pack

 most popular fonts for logos

Monospace and regular font versions are available in the distinctive handcrafted script typeface Foundry. It’s ideal for making typefaces for contemporary brands, enterprises in the fashion industry, coffee shops, and even product labels.

You may keep looking for the best fonts with our top poster and monospaced font collections.

Hemingwar Font

 best bold fonts for logos

The hand-lettering font family Hemindwar is available in three variations: stencil, regular, and roughened.

It has a unique mix of contemporary and artistic design elements. This typeface can create logos, cards, headers for websites, titles, and more.

Azteker – Ancient Logo Font

 best fonts for company logos

Azteker is a stylish typeface inspired by the old Aztec symbols and letters.

It will give you many alternatives for creating a distinctive logo design. Several extra materials, such as line art components and a unique framework, are also included with the font.

Aurora – Brush Font Trio

 different types of fonts for logos

This typeface is ideal for all of your feminine brand logo designs, product labels, and badge designs. The brush calligraphy font Aurora is available in three weights: regular, light, and an alternative.

Postmark Typewriter

 sans serif fonts for logos

A modern vintage font with style reminiscent of classic typewriter letters is called Postmark.

There are two different types: regular and rough. Additionally, each font has over 110 glyphs. It’s perfect for creating logos, posters, flyers, and other graphics.

Airy Font

 best cursive fonts for logos

Another creative typeface with a look that resembles the Advio font is called Airy. But this font has a vibrant, flowing appearance. It’s excellent for creating a startup or design firm logo.

Freeline Font

 san serif fonts for logos

A futuristic-looking monogram font. Movie titles, posters, headers, and more may all be created with the help of the Freeline typeface.

A web font version of the typeface is also included for your online projects.

Atlantis – Vintage Style Font

 using fonts for logos

Atlantis is a distinctive font discovered on the lost continent and is ideal for making logos, movie posters, website headers, and much more.

There are six different styles of display typeface.

Atlantis Heart Font

 strong fonts for logos

When you first see the Atlantis Heart font, a Disney movie’s opening title scene will come to mind. But this typeface can also create logos, signs, posters, and more.

Fibre – Vintage Font

 fonts for logos 2022

Despite being referred to as a vintage font, Fibre has a retro-modern appearance. The font’s rough and bumpy appearance makes it the ideal option for designing a logo for unique brand or product label designs.

Acids Font

 contemporary fonts for logos

Another fun typeface is available for your branding and product work with children. You may create logos, T-shirts, signs, badges, and more using the expertly produced typeface Acids.

Wild Zova – Brush Font

 fonts for logos free

Wild Zova is a brush typeface with five distinct families that you can use to create a wide range of logo designs for various brands and companies.

This font’s creator claims it was inspired by a “hybrid of zombies and vampires.”


serif fonts for logos

With this classy logo font, you may transport your company’s emblem back to the Victorian age.

This distinctive font has a pattern inspired by the 1837–1901 reign of Queen Victoria. It’s ideal for creating logos with a traditional and vintage appearance.

Emerald Script Font

 type of fonts for logos

Another lovely script font that works well for logo and signage design connected to fashion and clothes is Emerald.

It comes with two fonts, Emerald and Splatter, which you may combine to make your memorable logos.

Thousand Lake – Handmade Font

 premium fonts for logos

Thousand Lake is a stunning typeface with a handcrafted design that can be used to create logos, headers, wedding invites, and much more. It is available in both regular and monospaced design styles.

Break Stones Pro

 fonts for real estate logos

Break Stones is a distinctive brush script typeface. It has a retro-style design that works well for designing greeting cards, titles, and logos. Additionally, the typeface has about 1200 glyphs.

Casses Font

 adobe fonts for logos

For producing a logo or product label for a brand that deals with apparel and fashion, Casses is the ideal typeface. The delicately handcrafted appearance of the typeface will undoubtedly draw more attention to your design.

Adrift Font

 beautiful fonts for logos

The adrift typeface will be helpful if you’re creating a logo for a minimalist company or a product label.

Four distinct styles are available: regular, medium, bold, and roughened. Your designs will undoubtedly be more valuable with the handcrafted typeface.

RADON Monogram Logo Font

 best photoshop fonts for logos

The modern monogram font Radon has a distinctive appearance that makes it perfect for creating titles and logos for print designs, greeting cards, and websites.

Additionally, the font is available in standard, bold, and ornamental variants.

Gama Hend – Free Logo Signature Font

 sophisticated fonts for logos

Gama Hend is a gorgeous and elegant typeface that is ideal for a variety of branding projects. Gama Hend may be the right choice if you want a distinctive logo font.

Lineat III – Creative Font

 best fonts for logos free download

The Lineat font has a blend of contemporary and futuristic design cues. The typeface is perfect for making logos for contemporary businesses, startups, fashion labels, and even bloggers, thanks to its artistically flowing and line-based style.

Duffish – Logo Font

 cool free fonts for logos

The bold script typeface Duffish has a distinctive look for logos.

To assist you in creating eye-catching logos, website headers, letterheads, and other designs, the typeface has several different characters with distinctive styles.


 best canva fonts for logos

A font with a unique design is called Metropolia. It works well for creating website headers, business cards, and logos for tech startups and web design firms.

CAOS – The Logo Typeface

 sick fonts for logos

The Caos logo font has an eye-catching monogram design that stands out and elevates your designs to works of art.

The font is ideal for creating an agency or creative brand logo.

Magehand – Logo Font

 friendly fonts for logos

Magehand is a contemporary logotype font with a unique look. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters along with numerous variant characters, ligatures, and multilingual characters.

Zefani – Free Luxury Logo Font

 different fonts for business logos

Zefani is a lovely font explicitly made for creating logos for high-end and premium firms. You can use the font for free in your projects.

Elianto – Free Creative Logo Font

 interesting fonts for logos

Another fantastic free typeface that you may use for both personal and professional projects is Elianto. Numerous glyphs and alternative characters are also included.

Oxigen – Minimal Logo Typeface

 lowercase fonts for logos

A distinctive and simple logo font called Oxigen is best suited for creating logos for luxury and fashion firms.

It has a fashionable design that will also assist you in creating a distinctive business identity.

Bowlist – Logo Type Font

 best looking fonts for logos

Bowlist is a robust and imaginative font that you may use to create contemporary, amusing logotypes.

Posters, website headers, and T-shirt designs may all be created using this font. There are 376 glyphs, and 161 alternate characters included.


 best fonts for food logos

Nixmat is a font with an entirely original design that is ideal for developing your overall company identity. Among many other things, the typeface can be used to produce logos, resumes, and business cards.

Estylle Madison Calligraphy Font

 best fonts for modern logos

This artistic calligraphy font has a distinctive style that will help give your logo designs their personality. The typeface can be used to create cutting-edge logos for blogs, clothing companies, cosmetics companies, and many other things.

Azonix – Free Modern Logo Font

 beauty fonts for logos

Use this free font to create logos for emerging technology firms and startups. In addition, you can use it for your personal and business tasks at no cost.

Milkshake – Free Modern Logo Typeface

 best text fonts for logos

The typeface for milkshake has a stylish, modern-vintage appearance. It works well for creating labels and logos. Eight alternatives and glyphs are also included in the font.

Barcelony Signature Logo Font

 coolest fonts for logos

You can create contemporary logos for business cards, luxury firms, fashion, and textile brands with the distinctive font Barcelony. The typeface comes with a web font variant as well as a large number of glyphs and ligatures.

Aable – Modern Serif Logo Font

 best fonts for fitness logos

Aable is a contemporary serif typeface with a classy appearance. Creating logo designs for luxury and fashion firms works well. Each character in the font is available in both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Logo Fonts Make the Logo

No matter the customer All Time Design is dealing with, they are confident that this collection contains the ideal typeface.

You can choose the right fonts for your logo now that you understand the various typography styles better. Then, with a sharp eye, you can locate the ideal typographic complement for your business.

With ATD’s professionals, you can get expert advice and brainstorm together to decipher the right from wrong fonts for your business logo.

Make sure to bookmark it so you won’t have to start from scratch or experience the symptoms of a creativity block the next time you need to brainstorm.

Instead, you must peruse this selection, choose the ideal font, and then provide your client with the outstanding work you’ve completed. You’ve heard it said: first impressions count. So make sure your logo sparkles now!

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October 25, 2022
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