What are the Best Hashtags for TikTok?

Best hashtags for tiktok

With over 500 million followers, TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms among younger people.

Though major TikTok users are teenagers and young adults, many in their mid 40’s and 50s join the platform, sharing relevant content and gaining many followers.

Thanks to its quick, concise, yet informative content, the short video sharing platform gained much attention. And given its astounding growth rate, it is one of the best platforms to promote your business and brand.

best hashtags for tiktok to go viral

But it is not easy to gain followers and grow on the platform that easily.

Given the cut-throat competition and the millions of users who upload video content every minute, and the millions of subscribers who consume those content, it is very difficult for one to gain a foothold, create relevance and build credibility.

Thus once you join the platform and have started posting, you need to make sure that you constantly keep consistently posting relevant content.

best onlyfans hashtags for tiktok

Then how is it that we stay relevant and show up in the feed of our targeted users?

The TikTok algorithm works in a way where you get to see content videos based on the type of videos you have liked, shared, or commented on. The algorithm also considers hashtags relevant to videos you have liked, shared, and commented on.

what are the best hashtags for tiktok

On all social media platforms, hashtags play a major role in promoting the posts uploaded. In addition, hashtags also increase your chances of being relevant to your audience.

Thus, if you want your content to appear at the top for your viewers, it is best advised to use relevant hashtags to boost them.

best hashtags for tiktok 2022

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a symbol #, followed by a word, number, or phrase. In the online community, every social platform uses hashtags and has its own version of analytics and an algorithm.

For any social media platform to run smoothly, its algorithms have created their specific version of ordinances to help run the platform without any glitches.

the best hashtags for tiktok

The hashtag symbol connects content related to similar topics, thus making it easier to segregate the posts and associate them with viewers with similar interests.

The right usage of hashtags on social media can bring volume and followers to your social profile.

what is the best hashtags for tiktok

Since hashtags play a major role in promoting a post on social platforms, every business now has a social media strategy built around it.

Why do you need hashtags?

A hashtag will help your content appear in search results and reach a larger audience. 

On social media, a hashtag is considered the most popular, trending, or niche hashtag based on its use and reach.

Also, hashtags are used to discuss and trend a specific topic or issue.

best tiktok hashtags for music

How to Choose the Right Hashtags?

Choosing the right hashtags is a challenge. Given the number of hashtags on each social platform, one needs to search and find specific hashtags to gain traction and more followers for their profile.

best tiktok hashtags for views

Since hashtags are a powerful engagement tool, you need to find hashtags relevant to your niche, are a part of the top trending hashtags list, and, most importantly, reach your target audience.

best hashtags for tiktok views

When choosing hashtags, it’s important to understand what your audience wants since they are the ones who will follow you. It’s also crucial to consider the types of creatives your viewers prefer since related hashtags will promote your creativity to those who may be interested.

best fitness hashtags for tiktok

In order to market their brands and creatives effectively, businesses can analyze what hashtags their competitors are using. This is a proven technique for increasing your user impressions on social media.

What are trending hashtags?

Trending hashtags are hashtags that users most use. Each platform has its own set of trending hashtags.

For example, on Twitter, the trending hashtags differ from country to country, and they also change every few hours as per their usage.

best hashtags to use for tiktok

Some of the popular hashtags across social platforms are,

Most Popular hashtags on Instagram

  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #fashion

Most Popular hashtags on Facebook

  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #fashion

Most Popular hashtags on LinkedIn 

  • #india
  • #innovation
  • #management

Most Popular Hashtags on Tiktok

  • #fyp
  • #tiktok
  • #foryoupage

Role of Hashtags on TikTok

As we said at the beginning of the blog, TikTok is a platform that takes hashtags more seriously than other social platforms. On TikTok, hashtags play a major role as it is the only platform that shows your organic content to your followers than other social media platforms.

best hashtags for tiktok gaming

Yes, you read it right.

The percentage of followers watching your content is way higher on TikTok than on Instagram or Facebook. But, of course, all of this is thanks to hashtags.

TikTok hashtags help you connect and post relevant content and showcase your content to the right set of audiences.

popular tiktok hashtags

So if you are looking to get popular on TikTok, you need to have a solid hashtag strategy.

How to Find Trending TikTok Hashtags?

You need to know that trending TikTok hashtags increase visibility and reach, help you identify competitors and potential collaborators, and bring you TikTok video ideas that will give you great TikTok content ideas.

To search for trending TikTok hashtags on TikTok, go to the explore page, type the hashtag symbol (#) and enter the phrase or word relevant to the content you’re looking for.

trending hashtags on tiktok

Or you can also go to the “discover” section at the bottom of the screen. This page will show you all the videos tagged with the most popular TikTok hashtags.

So you can start by,

Creating Videos

Videos are the main appeal of TikTok. The short videos on TikTok help you promote your content to your audience through your TikTok account. 

tiktok trending hashtags

Let us tell you the most popular TikTok posts are behind the scenes content where the users get to see how they are as an entity behind the scenes, TikTok challenges, popular events, and user experience posts.

Follow these, and you will gain more followers on TikTok.


For businesses to grow in TikTok, they need to collaborate with relevant TikTok influencers to promote their business and brand.

There are many influencers who post collaboration content. Majorly these collaborations are promoted using either a hashtag challenge or creating a custom hashtag that allows the TikTok hashtags to be viewed faster by their followers.

popular tiktok hashtags today

Creating content

Though hashtags are important to have less competition and gain a good number of video views, you need to have top-notch content that will explain your video to your audience.

most popular tiktok hashtags

Give Hashtags

The final stage is to put hashtags on the TikTok video. The TikTok hashtags can be custom hashtags, brand-specific hashtags, content hashtags, or hashtags picked up from the top TikTok hashtags. Some business or people would have their own branded hashtag that will be exclusive to them.

tiktok hashtag trends today

But don’t just blindly put the same hashtags for your posts. Instead, do a bit of research, if needed, mix popular hashtags, create a specific branded hashtag for our brand, and have a collection of your own hashtags.

Once you have collected the necessities, you can start posting your TikTok masterpiece.

Popular Tiktok Hashtags

In TikTok, just like other platforms, there are many TikTok hashtag options that one can choose from. You type a custom hashtag related to a certain type of content, and there will be many similar TikTok hashtags with reference to TikTok videos. The hashtag sections on TikTok are segregated by users as popular TikTok hashtags, best TikTok hashtags, niche hashtags, etc.

what hashtags are trending on tiktok right now

The top TikTok hashtags on TikTok keep changing as per the hashtag challenge or the TikTok users’ search. Change your age with this guide on how to change your age on TikTok.

Here we have brought to you the top 50 popular TikTok hashtags on TikTok that most TikTok users have been using for their content. Find the best time to post on TikTok.

General TikTok Hashtags

These hashtags are common for all TikTok videos and can be used for all types of content sharing.












Most Popular TikTok Hashtags

These are some of the





















Hashtags for Educational Content










Hashtags for Funny Content










Hashtags for Health-Related Content













Hashtags for Business-Related Content













Hashtags for Marketing-Related Content














Hashtags for Design-Related Content










Hashtags for Friendship-Related Content








Hashtags for Dance-Related Content














Hashtags for Motivational Content















Hashtags for Beauty-Related Content



















We are not sure about other users, but we can tell you that using a TikTok hashtag is the best way to stay ahead of your competition. It is also one of the best strategies many businesses use to promote themselves on TikTok. Check out the guide to get free TikTok followers.

So for your next post on TikTok, use hashtags on TikTok only after a thorough search. You can also search and follow specific hashtags, keep an eye on the type of content posted on TikTok and understand the current trends that your users follow.

Most of the younger audience today have already learned this strategy.

So it’s time to make sure you also learn and grow your TikTok analytics with the help of these top hashtags. You can also check out some free guides related to TikTok.

April 11, 2022
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