35 Best Landing Page Design Inspiration

Best Landing Page Design

Great landing pages can be straight-up hard to create. They require some serious thought to make sure they’ll generate high conversions. If you’re looking for inspiration to make the best lending page design, we’ve got you,

We’ve compiled a list of some incredible landing page examples and why they work so, you can know what to include in your own landing page.

Before we get to the list, let’s go through some basics.

What is a landing page?

Any web page someone lands on is a landing page. However, in this context, these pages are created specifically for advertising and marketing campaigns. Visitors “land” on these pages when they click through display ads, email marketing, social media ads, or any digital location.

In the digital marketing world, landing pages are usually standalone pages distinct from other pages on your website. They usually don’t have the main menu bar because they are designed for a single purpose. As such, they use a single CTA (call-to-action) usually placed at the top half of the page for lead generation.

What makes a landing page effective?

Effective landing page designs capture visitors’ attention through copy and visuals. Your landing page must be persuasive, poignant, and informative enough to generate leads. To do this, you have to communicate your values and the why, what, and who your brand is made for to increase customer engagement and conversion rates.

Here are some essential things to keep in mind if you want to create something to call the best landing page design.

Less is more

This is a major element that every designer and copywriter knows. Your landing page must be easy to skim through and properly optimized so that visitors can get the main message. As a recommendation, make your visuals do the most talking alongside your punchy headline. In addition, add a brief description of your services. Also, use white space and simple words to make your landing page more engaging.

Appealing aesthetics

It is a proven fact that compelling visuals increase the impact of your design. Therefore, your landing page must have a clean user interface with appealing colors and shapes. Also, make sure the images are crisp. You’ll get to find appealing visuals in the landing page examples we’ll show you.


Your landing page should show why your visitors should trust you. This will include the words you use as well as the social proof and testimonials that will ease lead generation friction and hesitancy from the customer. Also, it would be best if you showcased the people who have worked with you using stats, videos, or written words from them. In addition, make sure there are no distracting backlinks that can put off the visitors.

Clear value proposition

Start your landing page using a clear and concise value statement in the page headline. This will ensure that visitors immediately know why they landed on your page and what they stand to gain.

A/B test

It is important you ascertain that your landing page works, but this can be a little tricky because of consumer psychology. Humans are quite dynamic. So, you need to experiment with different versions of your landing page to know which has the highest conversion rate.


The CTA is the tipping point where visitors become contacts or customers. Depending on your goal, your CTA will generate the sign-ups, downloads, subscriptions, and many more. Without the CTA, your landing page is as good as non-existent. To make the CTA more noticeable, most landing pages include its button at the upper top of the page.

Social sharing

Including a social media sharing button on your landing page allows visitors to help you amplify your content to their social followings. Again, this is simply a way to increase the reach of your ads and, ultimately, your conversion rates.

Check out some of the best landing page examples to inspire your own landing pages.

Landing Page Inspiration

1. Shopify

 best design landing page

Shopify’s landing page is an inspiration for simple landing pages. The trial page isn’t text-heavy, yet it manages to be persuasive, highlighting a few key points about its first-rate product. Prospects leave the page knowing how easy and affordable it is to build their businesses on the all-in-one platform.

Why it works

Clean Interface: The page relies on short paragraphs and simple graphics to communicate its trail’s details and benefits. It also uses a benefit-oriented headline with few words to send a compelling message.

Concise CTA: You don’t have to go through many form fields before you start, making it easier to use the tool. The free trial offer on the landing page is also unmissable.

Clear, simple explanation: the landing page explains in clear, simple terms the essence of the platform and addresses vital questions that visitors might have about operations, safety, and cost. Although it doesn’t explain its security in-depth, it tries to use customer testimonials to draw visitors in.

2. Roomeze

 landing page design best

If you’ve had a frustrating roommate experience in the past, you will get to like Roomeze’s landing page. The brand promises to link you with properly vetted roommates around New York City and set up in a decent apartment for less than $1000 a month.

Why it works

Compelling CTA: “What can $1,000/mo get you?” Aren’t you curious to find out? You can bet anyone would be. If you’re in any way familiar with New York City real estate, you’ll know that people charge exorbitant prices for ridiculous sizes of apartments. This call to action appeals to FOMO by promising a lovely apartment for a relatively low price.

Eye-catching style: Housing is both stressful and fun. The colorful illustration captures that, making you feel intrigued by the idea of moving in with a new roommate.

Visual simplicity: Look at the bottom of the page; you’ll see from the fill that simplicity is important to the designers of the landing page. It is a visual form with immersive UX that allows you to check the boxes to get started.

3. Class Creator

 landing page design best practices

Australia-based Class Creator uses its landing page to appeal to a US audience and captures US partners when schools in their country are in session. The page does well to showcase the features and benefits of the products. The page provides depth to convince high-level decision-makers.

Why this works

Unconventional: The flexibility in this homepage (yes, homepage) makes it a part of this list. Although it includes all the elements that a landing page shouldn’t include, it does well to be both explanatory and conversion-related. Due to its dynamism, you can call this homepage a landing page or sales page.

Floating navigation bar: A landing page includes a CTA, and this does too. The primary call to action (“Demo School”) is placed on a navigation bar that remains in view so visitors don’t have to scroll to find it.

Easy access to product demo: In a typical Saas landing page, it is rife to find companies asking for an arm or leg before accessing a product demo. However, Class Creator allows visitors to create demos of their online courses without barriers. This ensures that visitors can turn to qualified leads.

Informative: The landing page is highly informative, providing in-depth details on how the products work and the benefits. Additional pieces of information are added to lightboxes to make the page less overwhelming.

Social Proof: Numbers don’t lie and using them in your social proof can be very compelling. Class Creator uses by over 10,000 educators in 13 countries as a powerful, persuasive proof to draw in visitors. Explore the detailed guide about web banner size.

4. Muzzle

 best landing page design 2022

A simple mac app, Muzzle silences all embarrassing notifications while sharing your screen. The minimal landing page employs the show don’t tell mentality, using a rather hush design to communicate its value proposition. The landing page, in its hushed appeal, loudly communicates to visitors why they should dedicate their time and energy to the brand.

Why this works

On-brand design: The landing page captures visitors’ attention with compelling animations that show visitors the frustration you get from a wildfire-esque array of notifications on the upper left of the screen. With this hilarious animation, the brand didn’t need to employ lengthy descriptions before it called its visitors to download.

Also, the text on the page is a light gray color that mimics the product function. Although this color might strain the eyes, it remains on-brand.

5. Blow LTD

 best landing page design service

Blow LTD is a genius brand that creatively provides affordable, professional beauty solutions to you at home. You get to book an appointment with pro beauty technicians (hairdressers, makeup artists, and masseuses among others) straight from their app. Their landing pages are critical parts of their campaign strategy. Their booking landing page highlights their different services and provides explanations of how their services work.

Why it works

Crystal Clear Copy: ‘Look Good & Feel Good AT HOME’ is a clear promise. The landing page doesn’t beat around the bush. It clearly states its offer and emphasizes its value proposition precisely in this headline. When you scroll to the rest of the page, you find easy-to-follow steps on how the service works. The final step in that section ends with “sit back and relax,” which is a comforting statement.

Social Proof: Choosing the person who handles your hair, makeup and massage can be sensitive, so you need proof to decide. Blow LTD understands this and reflects it on its landing page by providing testimonials that hammer on the personalized experience. This approach helps to ease concerns, humanize the service and strengthen relationships.

Subtle Promotions: The first thing that greets you on the landing page is a promotion pop-up with a discount offer. This pop-up gives the website visitors extra motivation to use the services. Also, the landing page ends with a subtle reminder that visitors can download the app on iPhone or Android.

6. DoorDash

 best practice landing page design

Designed to secure high conversion rate optimization, DoorDash’s sign-up landing page is a testament to the notion. You’d be familiar with this brand if you’re a takeout enthusiast. This landing page, however, appeals more to dashers who make the deliveries. The landing page gives detailed information to visitors on how to register and get started as a Dasher.

Why it works

User-centric persuasion: This landing is expertly designed standard page design for service providers. It tells visitors how independent they can become as a Dasher. It also has a FAQ and guide section, “How to dash,” persuading and answering the questions they may have.

The page also highlights potential earnings excitingly but fails to highlight the advantage it had over its competitors.

7. Wise

 best landing page design inspiration

Wise’s landing page is an interactive and immersive design with functionality that speaks volumes about the brand’s values, audience, and purpose. The landing page design caters to two sets of audiences. Those who are interested in using TransferWise for personal use and those who want it for business so that you’re not distracted. It also has an explanatory video on how the services work, allowing visitors to understand the modus operandi of the tool before they try it.

Why it works

Emphasize values: When you scroll through the landing page, you’ll see how dense it is with information that clearly communicates the brand’s functionality and essence. In both text and video, the landing page communicates to visitors how much more affordable it is to use the toll

Highlights safety: A find out more CTA. with a hero image that allows visitors to picture themselves using the platform. This immersive design helps mitigate any potential customers’ hesitancy, assuring them that Wise prioritizes safety when it comes to their money.

8. Campaign Monitor

 best practice landing page design

Built by ConversionLab, this SaaS landing page for the email marketing platform, Campaign Monitor, brings together many of the best practices for landing pages which makes it a high-converting landing page. It has a clear, compelling copy, authentic social proof, and a crystal clear call to action- “Design Your First HTML Email Now.”

Why it works

Focus on the people first: Usually, on a typical landing page for SaaS, you can choose to use a screenshot of the software as your hero image. It’s a common practice. For a difference, this landing page uses photos of real people in its headline, allowing it to evoke a compassionate, human vibe in its visitors.

Strong, specific CTA: No “Learn More,” “Opt-In,” or “Get Started” here (not that these options don’t work, they do). Instead, a specific, resounding message – “Design Your First HTML Email Now.” This CTA gives you an idea of what to expect on the next page. The objection-handling sub-copy makes the CTA stronger.

Singular Message: Focusing on one keyword makes this page appear optimized for high conversion.

9. Wistia

 the best landing page design

Right at first glance, you notice the blue background laced with pink pops in the form of a “Try for free” button. The landing page hits the ground running with an illustrative video that takes you through all the content you can create using the tool.

Why it works

Testimonials: When you scroll through the landing page in doubt, you’re greeted with several testimonials from some of Wistia’s 375,000 customers. However, the page doesn’t include an FAQ section to answer other concerns of users. This makes the users want to leave the page seeking answers.

Simple UX: The sign-up form in this landing page example is simple for users to fill quickly by linking their Google accounts. This allows an autofill feature to ease friction.

Compelling Visuals: How is it best to show your users what you do? Capitalize on visuals. Wista’s landing page demonstrates its values and functions as a video host using colorful graphics and videos. It also provides a link to cartoons focused on marketing.

10. Woolx

 best landing page design awards

Product image does wonders to your marketing and advertising in different ways. It helps convince your audience that your products and worth the price you put on them. Woolx understands this and, therefore, uses high-resolution images and videos to immerse the visitors in a personal feel of their apparel.

Why it works

Eye-catching photography: The photos on this landing page are enchanting. They spread across the entire page width, allowing visitors to capture the details of the apparel and imagine themselves wearing it.

Compelling claim: The copy is a review from Backpacker Magazine describing the raw material as “the softest wool we tested,” which is a bold claim. Interestingly, the images on the landing page show stylish and ultra-comfy pieces of clothing.

Feature Videos: If you’re creating a landing page for your appeal, this is something inspiring. You want to create a lifestyle for your prospects to tap into or connect with. The page has a video of a woman prepping for an early-morning bike ride, lacing her shoes, and zipping up her sweater.

Sticky bar promotion: Limited-time offers are great, creating a sense of urgency that, in turn, increases your click-through rate. Check out the sticky bar at the top of the page offering a limited-time 10% discount to visitors. That can make them switch from just brown to buying immediately.

11. Webflow

 best landing page design company

Just like Muzzle, Webflow’s landing page is a great landing page that deftly uses the show, not tell principle. Being a design tool for web developers, Webflow creates a single GIF on its landing page that is dense with information. This GIF demonstrates the functionalities of the tool while they explain other things in just a few words.

Why it works

Great storytelling: From the headline to the subhead and the GIF, there’s an excellent story of how the tool can help visitors. The GIF provides a clear idea of what the texts say, giving visitors a comprehensive impression of what their experience will be.

Inviting copy: The body copy reinforces what is already at the top of the landing page by reminding visitors at critical points that the service is free. No trial, and you can decide after building a website whether you want to sign up for a plan or not when you’re ready to launch. You can reach out to the Webflow designer for a quick process.

12. Talkspace

 landing page design best practice

When you run a business that has to do with other people’s information, especially one that deals with confidential information, you have to communicate security and trustworthiness in your branding and marketing materials. That way, they’re willing to approach you. Talkspace understands this and therefore emphasizes the values of confidentiality, trustworthiness, and security on its landing page. Using words that point to professionalism (licensed) and the image of a smiling woman is inviting, easing the hesitancy prospective participants may have.

Why it works

Trustworthy, simple layout: The use of a clean, informative layout filled with comforting words and inviting images is efficient in communicating security. The fact that they are also HIPPA compliant, as noted, makes them more trustworthy.

Valuable content: Aside from explaining how Talkspace operates, the landing page is a goldmine for mental health resources and articles, making it a great starting point for people searching.

13. Airbnb

 best ppc landing page design

Airbnb’s landing page design is all about personalization. The use of videos and slides makes it enticing as visitors see pictures of real-life hosts. The page also highlights the perks that visitors can enjoy when they become hosts. To make it more intriguing, there are estimated earnings based on the location of your home and size. If you’re visiting the page already aware of the service, the clear CTA makes it easy for quick conversion.

Why it works

Sense of community: Displaying images of different hosts in different locations makes visitors feel a part of a larger community. When you scroll to the rest of the page searching for answers, there’s an option to contact a Superhost to answer all your questions.

Also, the use of an earning protector is helpful to new hosts who want to ascertain how much to change and what profits to expect.

14. Bills

 best landing page design for lead generation

Some of the best landing pages are not limited to static designs. They are interactive and personalized. This landing page example from Bill.com asks questions to draw the user’s into a personalized service. These questions are there to ascertain if the visitor will benefit from their services. You can consider it to be a thread of landing pages that doesn’t bore you out.

Why it works

Interactive design: The use of a simple form with a sliding bar question allows the brand to increase its conversion rates as users interact with the page.

Exclusive offering: We have different volumes of bills/debts, and it’s only sane that any solution provider will treat each customer accordingly. So, when you get to this page, you’re made to feel special, especially when you qualify for the offer on the final landing page.

15. CD Baby

 best resource for landing page design

CD Baby is an incredible platform for independent musicians to distribute their music to a wide audience and be sure they’ll get the royalties they deserve. The page features a video that quickly addresses the visitor’s main pain point and how they can solve it. They also explain the top streaming platforms that they help music artists with.

Why it works

Benefit-oriented layout: The landing page is simple and sticks to selling its service by pointing out the top three benefits prospective customers stand to gain. They don’t just promise you that you’ll get your music to the ears of as many people as possible. They also want to help you make the maximum profit. Since these services come with a price, you have all the reasons to decide to sign-up with them. Interestingly, they have a CTA that offers a free trial, making it easy to convert visitors.

16. Conversion Lab

 best platform for landing page design
Conversion Lab

This landing page is an unusual and creative one. It is a homepage that serves as the entire website. The navigation links only jump to the information below. The interesting part of this page is that when you click the CTA button, the form pops up while you remain on the same page. This page is a single page housing several landing pages.

 best landing page design minimalist

Why it works

Seamless UX: The fact that you don’t have to leave the page to view any of the features before filling out the form gives a seamless user experience. This function makes the landing page unique.

Uncluttered Layout: One might think it’s overwhelming to include such density on a single page, but Conversion Lab makes one believe the contrary with its organized layout. It’s such an excellent job.

17. Drive with Uber

best landing page design minimalist

Drive with Uber’s landing page is one to pay attention to. The car-sharing service uses a simple, uncluttered onboarding form field as its central feature. The landing page displays only relevant pieces of information, making sure visitors aren’t distracted.

Why it works

Simple Layout: This landing page can serve as an inspiration if you’re looking to create your own landing page to onboard new subscribers. The content is optimized by sticking to the basics and removing everything that might be overwhelming.

Also, the use of simple white fonts and dark backgrounds, and black fonts on a white background makes the landing page easy to navigate.

18. Figma

 best design for affiliate landing page

Figma is one of the most preferred UI design platforms, and you’ll expect that they understand the importance of an effective landing page and how to execute one. They do, and that’s why they’re on this list of some of the best landing page examples.

When you look at this landing page, you find impressive elements that point to simplicity and credibility.

Why it works

Simple CTA: All through the landing page, Figma uses a simple layout that is compelling right from the first fold, which includes a clear call-to-action button.

Credibility: Credibility is a crucial element for capturing your target market. Throughout the landing page, Figma explains its values, process, and functions. They also end with a list of popular brands that use the platform.

19. IMPACT Branding & Design

 best coupon design landing page

Impact’s landing page is a great example of design inspiration. It’s a simple page with striking elements, including the bold, large headline, detailed featured image, the surrounding outline of the form, its font, and colors. This particular landing page offers a free guide for download. However, its CTA is more inviting than a bland ‘Download Now,’ emphasizing what you would gain from reading the guide.

Why it works

Inviting CTA: “Generate more conversions” is a compelling and creative call to action that tells you you’re not just downloading a random ebook. There’s an enticing benefit that awaits you when you download.

Simple layout: The use of simple colors and fonts makes it look cohesive and easy on the eyes since there’s a lot of text on the page.

20. Industrial Strength Marketing

 best resource for landing page design

Right from the first glance, this landing page captures visitors’ attention with a compelling, punchy header: “Don’t Make Me Zoom.” This header addresses the common experience most visitors have when browsing on phones or tablets. The use of simple colors also makes this landing page intriguing.

Why it works

On-brand design and Mobile Friendliness: The landing page captures the voice of the brand by using legible fonts and a big form that doesn’t require zooming. Visitors will quickly identify the values of the brand even when you check from your mobile device.

Minimalist Design: The strategical placement of colors on this landing page draws you close to the CTA. The black fonts, red pop-up color, and white space make the sign-up form stand out on any device you access this landing page from.

21. Jet Pet

 landing page design
Jet Pet

Catering to Vancouver’s dog lovers, Jet Pet is an excellent inspiration for people targeting a specific geographic area. Jet Pet understands the preferences of its target audience and uses clear value statements to appeal to visitors. Once you get on the website, you immediately identify that you’ve hit a goldmine.

Why it works

Two-stage form: Multistep forms are optimized to drive higher conversion rates than single, long forms. That’s because multistep forms reduce hesitancy in two ways, first, by minimizing the perceived effort required in signing up for the service. Even when the form proves tedious, someone who’s already filled the first one is more likely to proceed and finish the second form.

Trust and friendliness: The copy in this landing page example conveys trust and security. Leaving your dog with someone else requires a significant amount of trust. With Jet Pet, visitors are assured that they’re entrusting their dogs with “loving experts.” They also use emotionally appealing keywords across the landing page to concretize the message.

Warming user experience: The first and only question you’re required to fill in the first form is heartwarming and inviting. It looks like an on-site welcome where the first thing the attending vet asks you is your dog’s name. The landing page includes several friendly gestures that make you feel at home.

Video testimonials: Jet Pet takes credibility seriously by showing videos of actual dog owners giving testimonials on the service. This approach helps to increase credibility in the minds of the prospects.

22. Landbot

 website design landing page

Landbot specializes in creating chatbot-based landing pages. On their chat-fueled landing page, Landbot has its product across the pages. Visitors are welcomed to the landing page by a friendly bot with emojis and GIFs. The bot encourages visitors to provide information in a conversational method rather than a traditional form.

Why this works

Fun and on-brand: The conversational use of emojis and GIFs on this landing page keep visitors excited. Even if you’re hesitant when you land on the page, having a friendly conversation would ease you into signing up for the brand. It’s even for free, so it’s all enjoyment.

Show, not tell: When you go through this landing page,you have a feel of what it’s like when you use Landbot’s product.

23. Native Poppy

 web design landing page
Native Poppy

This one is on this list because of its beauty and persuasive nature. It is so on-brand that you can’t but stops and admire it.

Native Poppy’s landing page uses high-resolution photography and lots of white space to create an immersive experience for visitors. Aside from the undeniable beauty, there are some great, unmissable elements in the landing page design – an exciting pink CTA, an explanatory “How It Works” section, and an FAQ at the bottom.

Why it works

Clever CTA: The most delightful part of the landing page is the CTA. It uses “become a wildflower” instead of “become a subscriber” playing cleverly with language. With this, there is a high probability that you’ll click through.

Captures Brand Voice: a whimsical layout to match a playful brand is a way to tell your story in fewer words. The photos, bright colors, font, and messaging all work in harmony to emblazon the brand’s values in visitor’s minds

Persuasive: The page does persuasion so well by highlighting all available perks and discounts of subscribing to the program.

24. Nauto

 design website landing page

Nauto is an AI software that he’s to ensure safe driving for autonomous drivers. Nauto recognizes that the target audience will require enough information to convince them of the device. So, they’ve packaged an informative, easy-to-understand ebook that’s accessible in this landing page example.

The landing page has some sneak-peak stats to show why this resource is so important. The background of the upper half is a car’s exterior, and on it is the lead-capture form. One may think the use of colors isn’t only fit for the brand but it also symbolizes movement, as with traffic lights.

Why this works

Simplicity: It will be antithetical if a brand preaches safe self-driving and fills its landing page with clutters and distractions. So, Nauto makes its landing page simple so visitors can focus on the main points.

Great Use of Comparison: To tell a story, Nauto shows a side by side footage of two drivers at the lower half of the page. The footage proves that a self-driving vehicle is safer than a distracted driver.

25. SEM Rush

 creative landing page design

SEM Rush is famous in the digital marketing world. They offer an all-in-one toolkit for content marketing, market research, PPC, SEO, and social media.

However, they do not try to overwhelm visitors with all their products. They have different landing pages that cater to each tool. This landing page example focuses on how visitors can use the platform to spy on competitors.

Why this works

Audience-oriented copy: If you want to create a remarkable landing page, be aware of your audience and address their pain points. The copy on this page focuses on machine learning algorithms and big data because they’re targeting data-driven marketers.

Compelling CTA: “Get Insights” – This CTA leverages every marketer’s desire to stave above the competition by spying on them. Looking at the fact that you only have to fill a single field in the form makes it more compelling. More interesting is the hero section (top of the page) used to drive the rush. They know you want to “see where your competitors’ traffic comes from and how engaged their users are”

Social proof: There are several points of credibility on this page. There’s a logo bar with popular brands, credentials and awards, and testimonials from existing marketers.

 landing page website design

To take it a step further, when you scroll down to the rest of the page, you’ll see there’s a carousel of Tweets showing recent online chatter.

26. Gravity Payments

 web landing page design

Here’s another homepage that serves the purpose of a landing page.

Gravity Payments targets small, brick & mortar business owners who deal with a high volume of low-margin transactions and are frustrated by credit card companies. They have a bold headline that captures visitors’ attention and a subtext that builds trust with the target audience. They don’t just claim to be “Credit Card Processing Trusted Most by Community Businesses.” they tell you why they are.

Why this work

Exclusivity: This landing page speaks directly to its unique target audience, small business owners, and uses its body copy to build a meaningful sense of trust that helps to increase conversions.

Animated walk-thru: In addition to the relevant images on the landing page, Gravity Payments include a five-step animated walk-through that drives home the essence of the brand. This helps to reduce concerns that visitors might have.

 landing page design website

Social proof: To further reduce hesitance, the landing page includes a ton of convincing social proof that tells visitors that this is the best payment platform for them.

27. Groove

 anding page design services

Simplicity is the bedrock of Groove’s landing page. Right from the deader, the all-in-one platform for small businesses explains the toolkit’s what, why, who, when, where, and how. Visitors immediately notice the benefit of the platform at first glance: easy-to-use software that helps them make their customers happy. They also include a full-width screenshot of the tool to get a feel of what you’ll get.

Why this works

Social proof: Logos of popular brands that trust Groove? Check. Statistics of success rate? Check. This proof helps to convince customers that Groove is right for their business.

Benefit-oriented copy: The body copy communicates the benefit of Groove to potential customers. Also, it uses emotionally-packed words that gear business owners to try out the platform.

28. GrassRoots Farmers’ Cooperative

This landing page address the growing demand for grass-fed meat. When you look through the page, you’re taking on an exciting customer journey. They tell you why grass-fed meat is better and why you should choose Grassroots for your protein. Then, they appeal to the human bias that enjoys discounts as CTA (Claim Offer).

Why it works

Feature video: The top of the landing page houses a 1-minute video featuring Dave Asprey, the founder and CEO of Bulletproof. The video hammers on how challenging it is to source high-quality grass-fed meat and why Dave chooses Grass Roots as the source for meats that he can’t find in the store. This captures the visitor’s attention, putting them in a mindset ready for purchase.

Storytelling approach: The entire page is laced with captivating storytelling techniques that drive you to choose grass-fed meat. All through, you keep seeing how much you’re missing out when you’re not choosing this lifestyle.

Solid social proof: A whopping 500+ 5-star reviews and 7,000 happy customers is compelling enough to make you decide to choose this healthier version of chicken, beef, and bacon. They also tell you they’re the only Bullterproof-approved meat delivery company. Smart.

29. Unbounce

 landing page design examples

Unbounce already wrote a book on creating high-converting landing pages, so it’s not surprising to find them here (even though it’s late). The page is incredible because it gives you multiple ways to access the course and additional industry-specific offerings.

Why it works

Sometimes, more is more: We know we’ve said “less is more,” But Unbounce pushes the envelope this time and provides more than the courses you landed on the page for. By providing additional industry-specific useful information, Unbounce establishes itself as a trustworthy authority.

Multiple options: Unlike other landing pages with single CTA options, Unbounce’s landing page offers the visitors the option of choosing the main CTA button above the upper half of the page or clicking on the course from the left sidebar if they’ve been scrolling. This works like the option of a floating navigation bar, eliminating the need to scroll back all the way to the top.

30. Coco Village

example landing page design
Coco Village

A treehouse bunkbed would sound exciting to most people (if you’re not a party pooper, you should like it too). The designers of this landing page did an excellent job by making this landing page showcase a collection of different products while still maintaining a single click-through goal.

Why it works

Eagle-eye focus: First, the main headline is designed to make the offering on this page clear to everyone. The “50% Off Beds and Bedding Sets” is also repeated throughout the page on every CTA. This helps the visitors recognize that they’re here to be sold. To help ease the tension and drive desire, Coco Village includes a strikethrough of the original prices for visitors to know how much they’ll be saving.

Interesting showcase: This is an e-commerce landing page inspiration that shows that you can effectively showcase more than one product giving visitors multiple options while maintaining a single goal of sales.

31. VanMoof S3

 mobile landing page design

Vanmoof S3 is a top-notch landing page design with captivating visuals and intriguing UI. You can almost feel yourself on the bike from its crisp image. The immaculate web design and copy convince you all the way why you should want no other bike except VanMoof’s S3.

Why this works

Double CTA: The CTA gives two options to visitors to make sure they don’t leave without having a feel of the product. You can either buy if you’re convinced and have the money or book a test ride to get a feel of what you’re investing in.

32. Squarespace

 good landing page design

Squarespace is a web design agency with a tool that helps create standout websites seamlessly. They speak to people that aren’t designers but want to create outstanding designs. So, they provide templates that help non-designers bring other ideas to life. Their landing page captures this sales pitch, promising visitors that they can create their own websites with beautiful designs.

Why it works

Show don’t tell: One common feature we’ve seen with the landing pages of helpful tools is their ability to show their values and use few words. Squarespace’s landing page includes a demo website featuring how you can use sliders on your website.

They also employ benefit-oriented copy that helps convince visitors.

Clean layout: This page is impressive because of its simplicity, and that helps to reinforce its promise of an easy-to-design website.

Portfolio Showcase: Many sites that promise you templates often hide their portfolios on a chaotic interface that either forces you away or stresses you to pay for them. Squarespace differentiates itself from the competition by displaying demo templates proudly so that you can appreciate them.

33. Webprofits

 design landing page

Like Squarespace, Webprofits also uses a clean layout with simple colors (black and white) and standout pops of colors to draw attention to things that are crucial. This is a testament that the organization is an authority in the digital marketing and UX design world.

 product landing page design

This landing page uses a rollover description feature to make it easy for visitors to understand what Webprofits does. This feature allows the sections to change colors and roll down to reveal more functions. That style guides viewer’s attention to what matters.

Why it works

Informative but not overwhelming: The well-placed graphics and videos make it easy for viewers to go through the depth information available on the page. Visitors aren’t confused as they are carefully guided through every step of the way.

CTA: Placing the same CTA at different parts of the page makes it easy for visitors to decide at any point to “Get in Touch” when they scroll through the page.

34. Zillow

 landing page design ideas

remember how Bills.com sets its landing page? Zillow does something similar with multi-page forms. The first form asks you for your home address. It might sound creepy, but how will you get to find out what your home is worth if they don’t know its location? Right. They’ll guess by appraising the neighborhood.

 landing page design samples

To get visitors to learn more about their property, Zillow prompts visitors to sign-up to continue. Once you input your email, you’re granted access to more data like comparable homes in the neighborhood, mortgage tools, and the estimated net profits if you decide to sell.

Why it works

Authority: Zillow is thumping competitors because of its volume of data, and it clearly shows visitors what they can get when they hand over their home and email addresses.

35. Zola

 sample landing page design

Zola is a new kid on the block, breaking the mold of wedding planning. It is an all-in-one shop for prospective couples. They sell the promise of making it easy for couples to plan their big day, from invitations through to honeymoon.

Why it works

Professional photos: The wedding shots on the landing page convince readers that they’re getting the best when they use Zola.

Power words: The first word you notice on this landing page is “free.” This has a powerful effect in grabbing the attention of soon-to-be brides and grooms who are looking to cut wedding costs and still get top-notch exquisite products.

Over to you

There you have it. Landing pages are important for increasing conversions and growing your customer base. We’ve shown you some of the best landing pages out there. While these pages don’t follow all the best practices, you can find inspiring elements in them to add to your own landing page.

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of design inspirations you’ve found, let a professional handle your design project for you. Explore some more web page design ideas.

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September 22, 2022
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