Best Packaging Design Ideas to Inspire

Best Packaging Design

“Design is intelligence made visible,” — Author and branding expert Alina Wheeler

What makes you choose one brand over another when shopping? What sea of merchandise on store shelves is eye-catching or grabs your attention the most?

Package designs are essential for everything from shampoo bottles to chocolate bars. But, unbelievably, they have the power to make or damage your brand.

Ever notice how wine tends to taste better when it is served from a pretty bottle?

But indeed, the taste is unaffected by labels and packaging.

Here’s the deal, though:

Scientists claim that they do!

Expectations tend to shape experiences.

People like things more when the packaging designs are appealing to them. And it can provide companies with a significant competitive advantage. Before customers touch, taste, or use the goods, they pique their interest or make them happy.

Each brand strategy should have a vital component of attractive package designs.

Let’s examine what makes custom packaging designs successful or unsuccessful.

What is Packaging Design?

The art of developing distinctive and valuable product packages is known as a packaging design. It involves the chosen materials, font, color scheme, and artwork. The branding strategy should be consistent with the design. Functional considerations, such as how to store products in a certain way, must be included in package designs.

Customers can evaluate visual appeal in as little as 50 milliseconds. Making a strong impression at first glance is crucial for this reason.

Experiments using functional magnetic resonance imaging demonstrate how visual cues affect human perception. For example, only one part of the brain is physiologically activated when tea is tasted. But as soon as you recognize the brand, your entire brain becomes alert. Because of this, Coca-Cola tastes better when sipped from a cup bearing the company’s logo design.

The technique of packaging design is distinct from that of conventional 2D graphic design. Like everyone else, package designers utilize Adobe Creative Suite, but dieline designs must fold, labels must conform to the shape of the bottle, and so on.

The most typical forms of packing include boxes, bags, bottles, cans, packets, pouches, tubes, and wrappers.

The most typical form of product packaging is custom boxes with branding. For the vast majority of dry products, they are employed.

The kind of goods usually dictates the kind of packaging. Nevertheless, you have a variety of packing choices. Tradition or even regional preferences may play a role in this.

Do you purchase mayonnaise in a jar or a tube, for example? Do you find a pouch or a bottle of your favorite juice more convenient? Does moonshine being marketed in mason jars affect how it tastes?

Unique packaging options

It’s not necessary for packaging solutions to be dull or obvious. Instead, numerous factors and other packaging-related ideas should be taken into account. For example, an elegant jar with a personalized label would be a better option for your handcrafted confections than a typical chocolate box.

Consider using two “layers” of packing if you manufacture your goods and operate your online store. The first is the design of your shipping box, and the second is the product’s actual packaging.

You have yet another chance to interact with customers by designing your delivery boxes. They are large, so you may use more room and let your creative imagination go wild.

Creative Packaging Design Ideas

The power of distinctive design has never been greater in human history. You never know when a social media unboxing video highlighting your product may go viral. Unless, of course, you do.

These packaging suggestions will help create a memorable unpacking experience, whether the goal is to win over new fans or keep existing ones.

Presently, creating an eye-catching packaging design by art directors and brand strategists is at an all-time high. In addition, Ipsos found that 72% of American consumers admit that packaging impacts their purchasing decisions. Check out some custom packaging design ideas.

Let’s look at a few practical package design tips.

Minimalist Design

Sometimes all we need is a reprieve in this crazy new world where we deal with a lot daily. Therefore, it is no surprise that companies choose gentler, muted colors and simple shapes for their packaging designs because these elements provide consumers with relaxing, uplifting feelings.

Some creative packaging designs choose pastel colors rather than neon or more vibrant alternatives. Some packaging designers limit themselves to utilizing no more than two colors to avoid overstimulating the eyes. Some artists use flowing, clean lines rather than sharp edges to depict gentleness and peace.


Flip the script and introduce your product in unexpected, outrageous ways!

These uncommon packaging ideas grab the customers’ attention, enhance the customer experience, and keep your brand at the forefront of their minds, whether through the design of unusual container forms or some playful touches like test tubes for teas. Moreover, these creative packaging ideas are sure to excite.

Custom Boxes with Logos

Take advantage of whatever opportunity you have to present your brand identity. The most versatile packaging, mailer boxes with logos, serve both functional and promotional functions.

Producing firms like Packhelp offer personalized shipment boxes with your logo on them.

You can use an online editor to select the type of mailer box and create it. Again, this can be accomplished without Photoshop. You can even see your box project in 3D while designing it.

Tip: Does purchasing customized packaging seem out of your price range? Instead, think about utilizing stickers. Branded boxes are not required to be prepared. Put stickers with your logo on standard shipment boxes by simply printing them.

Personalized Shipping Boxes

A box doesn’t even need to be made by a qualified designer. Building ties with customers and providing a personal touch are increasingly important.

Small company entrepreneurs can find many creative DIY packaging ideas from video tutorials.

Customers will value your dedication. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the unique packaging if it is obvious that it was specially created for them.

Including a personalized “thank you for your purchase” note is one of the best methods to increase customers’ loyalty.

Customers that interact with brands on social media spend 40% more money.

Cute Box Package Design

Heartwarming product and package designs can appeal to a broad audience of customers. However, specific populations can’t resist cute animals, pastel colors, and simple cartoon figures.

Beautiful design initiatives leave a lasting impression. Although the shape of your packaging itself can imaginatively conjure an animal or a flower, you can also utilize a cute character in the label design.

Make sure the cute design elements you plan to use fit the persona of your target audience. For example, what works well for kids’ food packaging may not always work for cannabis or dietary supplements.

Modern Packaging Design

The best method to present yourself as current is through minimalism. Use straightforward shapes, clear typography, and a unified color palette. Of course, keeping things in black and white is also acceptable.

You need to ask yourself: Does your project have an epic or elegant look? Or is it absurd?

Modern designs are austere and neutral. They are, therefore, ideal in all circumstances and don’t draw undue attention to themselves. similar to a formal business card

Cool Package Design

Designers occasionally use the “cool” factor in their works. This often involves using unusual combinations, bright colors, and comical graphics. These superior print designs are typically intended for children and men. Labels for craft beer or toys are two well-known examples of packaging that uses this design.

In the illustration above, dried fruit and nuts are stylized to resemble several historical eras’ soldiers. It’s amusing and creative to juxtapose human headgear with fundamental oval shapes. The military component makes the entire appearance more vibrant and vivid.

Premium Package Design

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes a premium product from others?

There is no one magic formula, but there are various tried-and-true techniques we may use to create a “luxury” effect instantly. This coffee packaging occurs to employ every gimmick possible.

What exactly gives it that upscale, premium look? It all comes down to the following design components:

  • The color black is considered to be elegant and stylish.
  • A sense of richness is evoked by golden typography.
  • It is unusual and rare because of its shape.
  • Exotic ornaments evoke a sense of awe and mystery.

Use the design tips mentioned above if your products appear sophisticated.

Funny Packaging Design

Laughter is a potent tool. It entails seeking odd pairings or similarities between the shape or colors of various objects, just like with clever designs. Keep in mind that context is the most critical factor.

Fashion Product Packaging Design

Consider what your product represents, and make sure your packaging reflects that. For example, this cosmetics line promotes using straightforward, all-natural, and pure ingredients. In their package, they make this statement. It appears natural and is uncomplicated and tidy. The earth-toned box gives the natural aspect a fantastic twist. Check out some cosmetic packaging designs.

Weird Packaging Design

If that’s your style, make them uncomfortable. This juice box is quite odd-looking to look at. It’s incredible how similar the fruit looks to the actual fruit, and it’s startling to see it in the form of a juice box. It appears healthier because you’re drinking straight from the fruit.

Insanely Stunning and Creative Packaging Designs

Most consumers don’t pay much attention to packaging design, or at least they don’t think they do. However, at least subliminally, it can significantly impact the buying experience and overall sales. Therefore, having the ability to create exquisite and eye-catching packaging is a crucial talent for every designer.

Listed below are collated best packaging designs to help you in creating a top-notch, fun, and creative packaging design.

Seed and Bean

These Seed and Bean chocolate bars are straightforward, supple, and fun, perfectly capturing the handcrafted, organic attributes of the chocolate.

Depending on the flavor, the matte paper wrapping for these vegan chocolates comes in various colors. For example, their chile and lime are wrapped in lime green, their dark chocolate with lavender is covered in lavender, and so on.

It is all-natural, silky, and attractive.

The logo, which spells out the brand name in a curly, amusing cursive script, is one of the first things that catches your eye. In addition, several multicolored circles below this wordmark blend well with the background of the packaging by taking on complementary colors in various tones.

For instance, the lavender dark chocolate stands out by using circles that are a variety of purple shades.

More details, such as the flavor, the percentage of cocoa, and the style of chocolate, are provided beneath the logo. These sentences and words are layered on top of one another and have different hues.

This chocolate bar’s creative packaging is striking, well-balanced, and fun.

Western Gold of the Incas

Simply put, packaging costs you money. Don’t use extra packaging if you don’t need it. These music cords are presented in a very straightforward but efficient manner.

The paper wrap is exquisitely crafted, including vivid bursts of gold on black, and the colors correlate with the contents.

Zebra Dream Ice Cream by The Company You Keep

Zebra Dream is a coconut ice cream with fair-trade, organic, and soy-free ingredients. Unfortunately, the former package was dark and featured a plain zebra stripe pattern that didn’t reveal much about the contents.

To remodel it, The Company You Keep used contrasting block colors, playful swirling patterns, and a holographic block foil print finish. The result is a design that is light, airy, and modern.

Chobani (in-house)

Greek yogurt was initially introduced to the American market by Chobani, and to commemorate this accomplishment’s 10th anniversary, the company revamped the packaging for all of its more than 120 products.

Four concepts were applied to all designs to promote brand unity, even though each product line was required to maintain its distinct sense of identity. Among them were hand-crafted, personable, and exuded naivete and nostalgia.

Sans Skin by Madi Talbot

Shillington student Madi Talbot designed this one-of-a-kind packaging for the beauty care line Sans Skin, drawing inspiration from the symbiotic relationship between a parasite and its host.

The brand’s essentials-only approach to formulation is mirrored in the minimalist design and creative direction, positioning it as a fuss-free yet sophisticated choice for single mothers. Find some interesting retail packaging designs.

Origami Tea Bags

Here, the product has a great design than the package. These tea bags resemble birds, which is guaranteed to impress your guests. Russian designer Nathalia Ponomareva made it.

Brill Instant Coffee by DSR Branding

The premium freeze-dried specialty coffee company Brill Coffee was established by Joel Brilliant and Dan Rowell, the CEO of DSR Branding. It costs more than competing instant coffee brands because it is made in small quantities with specialty beans of the highest caliber.

DSR created this creative packaging design, inspired by the stark colors and clean geometry, to give it a premium appearance. The goal was to recreate the flags of the regions where the coffee was grown, and the outcomes are both striking and seductive.

Socilink Canned Fish by Rui Veríssimo Design

Socilink, a business specializing in marketing particular food products, commissioned Rui Verssimo Design to create a presentation for their new line of canned fish that would make it appear to be both a sophisticated, gourmet experience and wholesome food.

By drawing on the tile history while maintaining a modern and fresh aesthetic, the images in this creative packaging design represent the long-standing culture of the Portuguese people. These designs have a lot of character and vitality; they feel both contemporary and risk-taking while also being grounded and real.

L’olio di Bepi by Helen Tong

The idea for the story-based olive oil company L’olio di Bepi came from Shillington student Helen Tong. The company was founded as a small family business on the Venetian island of Burano and is geared toward young families and kids.

The colorful buildings and terrazzo pavements in the neighborhood inspired the creative packaging design, making the product stand out on the shelves. While still premium quality, it is made approachable using a softly rounded serif.

Made Coffee

In this Made Coffee package design, stunning typography takes center stage. It quickly draws the consumer in and entices them to read more since it is attractive, sophisticated, and fun.

The word “Nitro Brew” is written in a straightforward cursive font that gives a softness to the whole design and effortlessly contrasts with the word “Made,” which is written in all capital letters and demands authority.

Along with this exciting font, there is a delightful balance of illustration. With this design, you get a glance at the actual manufacturing of coffee, and any observer will find the soft, delicate color scheme quite appealing.

A bold “M” with a coffee droplet descending beneath it makes up the eccentric emblem at the top center of the can, perfectly encapsulating the brand’s character.

The Made Coffee package design features a commanding font, detailed drawings, and fun flare. Check out some coffee pacakging design ideas.

Helvetica Beer

To make your packaging design more modern, capitalize on current trends. This beer not only uses the wildly popular font for the brand but also as its namesake. It has the latest, minimalistic, and slightly “hipster” appearance. Take inspiration from the trends today and add your spin to them.

Granville Island Pet Treatery

It’s crucial to be able to see what you’re purchasing when it comes to food products. Who knows what might be hiding there when you can’t see inside of bags and boxes? So it’s best to give a sneak peak. 

Because of the glass cut out of these dog treats, you can see precisely what you’re giving Fido. Once you bring the goods home, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises, and you can know it’s high-quality simply by looking at it.

Diptiya Tea by Danielle Griffith

Danielle Griffith, a Shillington student, created the branding and packaging design for Diptiya Tea. Once a closely-kept secret among knitting club members around the world, this line of teas was developed in the Sri Lankan rainforests.

Each box features a hand-drawn pattern that honors the ingredients and draws design cues from Sri Lankan traditional dress, tropical vegetation, and animal life.

Runak Brewery by Oriane Rigard-Ceriso

Craft beer connoisseurs who are gluten intolerant will appreciate the fun product packaging design for the Runak beer brand, which also honors the Runak family’s Celtic ancestry. Oriane Rigard-Cerison, a Shillington student, created this packaging design.

The Thirtea Nine by Fred Trevor

For the Japanese loose-leaf tea company The Thirtea Nine, whose concept centers on transparency and honesty, Shillington student Fred Trevor created this creative packaging. The experience of 39 Japanese university professors who left their jobs in the 1930s to protest the government’s decision to ban some books served as its model.

An all-natural, semi-transparent outer layer material gives the product package design a sense of transparency while exposing a striking, block-screen-printed color. The goal is to convey a sense of “truthful packaging, mindful of its content” through the ideas.

Other Designs Packaging Designers Can Draw Inspiration From

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Moustache Paintbrushes

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Create Quality Packaging Design Today

Customers might have a great experience thanks to great packaging design. The act of opening the package has been included in the product experience. Therefore, it should be no surprise that customers are more likely to remember your brands if the package designs are memorable.

A good packaging design may steal the show and elevate your brand from average to extraordinary. However, small businesses need customized packaging to help them stay competitive.

Of course, you also need a product that impresses you, but packaging design can ease the consumer’s purchasing process by encouraging them to buy quickly.

A broad list of components makes up excellent design, from unity, balance, and orientation to color, shape, and texture.

All Time Design is a pro with product packaging design. With their product design works with top brands such as Red Bull, you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

All Time Design can get your brand’s products designed in 24 hours for $1999 and in two days for $699 monthly.

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