Top 10 Inspiring Media Kits That Will Work

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Whether it’s a store or product launch, is it possible to do so without beating your drum? As a start-up or a soaring brand, you desire to be on the spotlight. You can have such an attention with a PR strategy that includes media kits.

Now, let’s unbox the media kit step-by-step.

What Are Media Kits?

Have you seen ads covering a large part of the newspaper or the full-fledged interview? How valuable is it for a brand to get featured in a national or local media? It’s one of the ways to build trust and credibility. You can reach a broad audience in one go too. Wherever the media travels, your brand gets visibility.

Why shouldn’t you downplay media kits?

First and foremost, It’s feasible to get featured in the media. Get over the old school thought that says “showing off is a foolish act.” You can’t stick to that when brands are racing against each other to stand out.

What matters to customers is crucial for you

Just like everyone, customers are interested in you. But, how would they know you without a buzz? Customers are all ears to know you more. Unless you show up, no one will know you exist. Use media kits to connect with the press. Target a wider audience by using TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, or digital portal.

A media kit is a document that has your business information. They are primarily useful for events and launches. Before the event/launch, the PR manager sends it across to the media outlets. The reason behind giving in advance is to help journalists write their story. An eye-catchy kit propels them to take an interview or write an article.

Media Kit: Then and now

media kit inspiration

In the past, a media kit was in a cardboard folder. The best example of it is from 1993. It had information, news releases, and even slides. Nothing has changed since then. The function of the media kit is still the same. It’s a one-stop destination for the journalists to find everything they need for the story.

When media kit moved online

When media kit moved online

The 20th century saw the rise pitching via e-mail. Press conferences became an old fashioned practice. Fast-forward to present times; meetings are for events like politics, entertainment, or sports. Have you seen journalists talking with the movie casts Or brand executives in a row addressing an event? In situations like these, it’s easy to pitch to individual journalists.

Luckily, you also have PDFs today because of digitalization. The journalists can download the media kit from your website or an e-mail. Digital copy is handy and serves the same purpose.

Brands began including CDs, flash drives and giveaways emblazoned with the firm’s logo. Now, media kits are on the corporate website. Everything needed for a story is just one click away. Reporters get the overview of your brand by visiting your corporate newsrooms. Any development on the business front is likely to become an intriguing article.

Brands place the updates in different labels – “For the Press,” “Media Resources,” “Press Room,” “Press Resources” or “Newsroom.” Anyone interested in your business can view your media kit. It’s can also be a potential customer or client.

What’s inside your media kit?

Here’s what you should include in your kit to earn media attention:

Company overview

media kits then and now
  1. Notify them about your company – work, offers, USP, history, and mission.
  2. Avoid unnecessary descriptions and technical jargon. The simplicity of your contents will help the media to understand.
  3. While sharing financial updates, keep the record of the latest report.

Simple things find it’s way into the stories.

Fact sheet

Fact sheet

It’s a bulleted list of the most important company details. The fact sheet includes statistics, achievements, and events to remember. Give your company a personality by writing about its key members. All points and no paragraph makes it dull. Strike a balance between both to make it visually appealing.


FAQs for media kit

What sets you apart from your competitors? When designing FAQs, talk to the firm’s sales team and POC to uncover common prospect questions. Don’t forget to include newsworthy releases. If the announcement is recent and intriguing, it’s worth the publish.

When you’re sharing a release in the event, sync it with the event theme. Keep past media coverage to give context and credibility to the journalists. If you’re specific about the headline, date, byline or summary, list it down. For online kits, provide a short description and link to read more.

Be minimal with your product information. If possible, keep your product sample.

Multimedia elements

Multimedia elements for media kits

Photos, videos, or a map helps in visualizing your recent event or product. Media outlet should be allowed to share the multimedia elements without credits. Also, provide a hi-resolution logo in PNG or a PSD format. 360 dpi is the recommended size and is easy to print.

Contact information

best media kits

Include phone numbers, official e-mail addresses, and social media platforms. Contact information is a crucial press kit element that you shouldn’t miss. Social media profiles can also include the contact information.

In the case of the prospect, it legitimizes your brand. From customers feedback to the product review, there’s no better deal breaker. It speaks for your brand like nothing else. Note, get approval from the clients before mentioning their name.

Bonus tip: Measure your media presence to understand your relationships with the media and public. Meet new bloggers, marketers, and influencers to pitch yourself. Especially in the age of social media, getting mentioned by famous faces is a big thing. Send timely e-mail alerts to keep them in the loop. By measuring media, you also know what people think you as a brand.

Is your media kit worth going-to?

media kit worth

Keep your USP in the forefront. A little show off goes a long way. Whether it’s about an upcoming event or a product launch, a stunning kit is all you need to make a headline.

Take a look at ten brands that will get you on the right foot when you are creating media kit:

  • Metropolitan Organizing, Geralin Thomas
  • Ren Behan Food
  • Fynes Designs, Virginia Fynes
  • I Choose Joy, Gena Mayo
  • Gypsy Forest, Stephanie Miner
  • Musings by Mix Hart
  • My Personal Accent, Angela Swanson
  • Stacy Makes Cents, Stacy Myers
  • Homegrown & Healthy, Aubrey Griffin
  • QuilterChic, Cheryl Brown

Gist of media kit – They are an essential public relations tool. From collecting comprehensive information to organizing them in one place for publicity is for your benefit. Once you’ve reached the threshold of potential customers and media folks, nothing can stop you from soaring high.
Check out the top media kits that will help to make your product launch successful!

Takeaway tip: Finally, never keep your journalists/reporters hanging. Please keep all the elements organized to help them take your interview swimmingly!

May 21, 2021
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