How To Become A Pro Designer: 19 Graphic Design Hacks

graphic design hacks

Have you ever thought “I wish I had the skills to turn my ideas into reality or become a pro designer overnight?”

Even if you call yourself a tech-savvy individual, graphic designing is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is not to make you feel intimidated. The point here is, you can’t do designing in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Graphic design requires particular skill and practice to hone it.

Whether you’re a fresher or someone from a non-creative field, yes, you can get started as a designer. The moment you hear the word ‘graphic design,’ know that it’s all about the tiniest details. A cluttered design can’t pique curiosity. Your audience will end up getting lost in translation.

19 design hacks of becoming a pro designer

Get inspired

There’s a lot to stir you up. Look for inspiration but don’t imitate. Win customers’ confidence with your unique style.

graphic design hacks be open to positive criticism

Be open to positive criticism

After putting so much effort into design, a little bit of change can cause discomfort. But, here’s the truth; change isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s for your good. The same goes for your designs when you send it for review. Here’s how you can deal with criticism:

  • Attitude is your keynote.
  • There’s no thumb rule. Design is subjective.
  • Look at the context.
  • Avoid immediate reaction
  • Sort things like wheat from the chaff
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Don’t beat yourself up.
  • Come up with better ideas.
  1. Keep your ears to the ground: A good listener will never mess around. Keep your ears open to take in what others say. Suppose you’re working for clients, your goal is to design that meets the client’s expectations. Not every day will be yours. Some days you have to take ideas with a pinch of salt. When your boss/client isn’t on the same page, all you do is listen. Ways you can listen well to deal with such a situation:
  • Seek help and feedback from peers
  • Calm yourself and let the design do the talking
  • Be active while listening
  • No one is asking for your advice
  • Don’t impose your idea

Listen to your client’s words and try to visualize them. You can process a lot in quietness.

graphic design hacks stay with a creative

Back up your design decision

Every brand logo has a hidden message. Give a reason for your design decision. Be ready to explain why you chose a specific color, font, or style. Design decision gives clarity of purpose to your viewers.

graphic design hacks get inspired

Don’t get lost while chasing perfection

Unfriend the hustling culture. Instead, take a design journey one step at a time. While chasing perfection in designing, don’t lose sight of your purpose . For a pro designer, the process is more important than the end product. Everything you’re running after is in the making. Think about the little things!

graphic design hacks build a portfolio

Communication matters

The point of designing is to deliver a message. Your design has to be clear, concise, and convincing. As a designer, you have to take care of all the elements (color, logo, font, icons, images, text, etc.) to keep the brand message afloat.

Stay with a creative bunch of people

There’s an old saying, “birds of a feather flock together.” Like you plug into social groups, you need people in the design realm too. Remember, people you socialize with can influence you. Hang out with those pro designers and growing talent, who bring out the creative best in you.

graphic design hacks quality over quantity

Build a portfolio that stands out

After putting in all the efforts, do you still think it’s worth hiding? One of the biggest mistakes budding designers make is not creating a profile. Don’t let your work go unnoticed or get stale. There are so many platforms for fresh or pro designers like Behance to showcase and discover things. Flaunt yourself!

Choose projects that reflect your personality

Whether there’s a project in hand or not, see if you’re passionate about it. If you ever get stuck, ask yourself-“Why do I do what I do?”

Self-evaluation helps to reignite the passion. Pick projects that don’t make you burnout. Sometimes, even monotony sucks out creative juice. Be wise while going about project selection.

It’s always quality over quantity

Debunk this design myth – if you produce more, you’ll get more attraction. Times have changed, and you have to evolve with time. It’s no longer about how much you do but what you do that paves the way to becoming a pro designer.

Be specific about your design queries

You may have many design-related thoughts crossing your mind if you’re a fresher or a pro designer. The Internet, being a pool of information, it’s easy to get distracted. Be sure of what you want to search on Google. Not all you see is for you.

Embrace emptiness

Blank / negative space is the empty area in the design. Design is not about stuffing everything in one place. In modern designing, there’s nothing terrible about negative space. This space allows the breathing room to each element and viewers.

Say ‘Yes’ for free projects

Learn to say ‘Yes’ if you’re a newbie. Free projects help you gain experience. Do the best of your ability, and recognition is guaranteed. Hard work pays off. Don’t step back to work for free in the beginning.

Take deadlines seriously

Beat procrastination by setting reasonable deadlines. Time waits for none, including your clients. Prioritize your projects accordingly. If you fail to deliver on time, it will put your reputation at stake. Impression once gone can’t be returned.

Value your work

Pat yourself! Whether the task is big or small, you did a great job. Also, never underestimate your work. Don’t sell your idea for less price if it’s unique. Set a standard rate for your work.

Upgrade your copywriting skill

Design runs on content. It’s the backbone of your work. Never restrict yourself to just designing. Knowledge of how to write and edit your work saves time.

Don’t go for spec work

Spec work creates a design for a client without any assurance of getting it chosen or paid. For example, you may have attended countless job interviews. You send your best work sample hoping to get selected. But, instead, you find no assurance.


Tired of feeling all over the place? Prioritize your tasks to increase your productivity. The composition is everything.

Go back to the start

Principles of design include contrast, balance, emphasis, movement, white space, proportion, hierarchy, repetition, rhythm, pattern, unity, and variety. Use these principles to create visually beautiful designs.

Finally, keep these hacks in the back of your hand. It doesn’t matter where you start from; these hacks are for you to become a pro designer. Leave a mark on your boss/ clients with your graphic designs. Meet All Time Design for unlimited graphic designs

June 2, 2021
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