A Style Guide To Creating A Fun Flyer

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From malls, schools to the workplace, and common places, flyers are everywhere. They’re the papers stuck on the walls of your area promising solutions to your life problems by just dialing a phone number.

What are flyers?

Flyers are more than just some random papers stuck on the wall or distributed during certain events.

They are the go-to marketing tools easily accessible because they are easy to distribute and cheap to produce. They are popularly known as leaflets, inserts, circulars, or handbills used to quickly and effectively put out little bursts of information.

3 Types of flyers

A fashionable flyer is all about presenting the message in a practical and eye-catching way. And knowing which type of flyer suits you the best, you need to ensure that you are aware of the purpose of creating the flyer.

Listed below are 3 major types of flyers that are in a style that will help you get the desired results:

1. Flyer ads

Flyer Ads focus more on the information rather than on the design. They are majorly used for spreading awareness regarding sale advertisements and or limited period offers.

Tip: Concise your information and use easy-to-read, legible fonts for effective communication.

2. Corporate flyers

Corporate flyers are a type of flyers that are majorly used for promotional purposes. These flyers are packed up with content while making sure to maintain a clean and organized appeal.

Tip: Include your brand’s logo and call-to-action in the flyer that gives a direction to the audience and makes your brand recognizable.

3. Photo-centric flyers

Photo-centric flyers are the ideal medium for developing and promoting network-building. Use a bright, bold color palette and easy-to-read fonts to catch the audiences’ attention.

Tip: Use images that can make your audience imagine what your event would be like.

When choosing the right kind of type of flyer, go with the one that not only fulfills your purpose but also meets all your graphic and content requirements. A well-designed flyer will not only make your content look appealing, but it will also help in promoting your brand.

3 Checkboxes that a glammed up flyer needs to tick off

More often than not, flyers are not thoroughly searched upon, and so most brands have never unlocked their full potential as a promotional tool. But brands and marketers worldwide that have done their research right know precisely the potential of a stylish flyer.

To unlock the full potential of your flyer, there are 3 checkboxes that your flyer need to tick:

1. Informative

The flyer must answer whats, whys, hows, and whereas of the product or service you’re advertising. Ensure that there is a call-to-action that encourages them to take the desired action.

2. Targeted

The flyer should be designed, written, and distributed in a way that speaks directly to the target audience. Knowing your target audience beforehand will help you plan out your design.

3. Convincing

A flyer should be able to catch the audiences’ attention and convince them about the product/service you’re advertising. It should make them excited or curious about the brand.

Now that your flyer has ticked off these boxes, you’re all set to go! Designing your flyer is like designing a dress. It should be unique and in vogue and also fulfill the basic requirements of the audiences.

5 Tips to design a trendy flyer

Flyers are majorly used by brands and marketers for promoting events, products, services, and or even launching a new brand. And for flyers to work and achieve the set marketing goals, you need to make sure that your flyer design is spot on.

To help you out, we have come up with 5 tips that will help you design a chic flyer:

1. Play around with colors

One thing that attracts any crowd is a gripping color palette. Don’t shy away from using lively, vibrant colors mixed with creative designs. Use bold contrasting colors to your benefit or dark base with a neon accent, or if you’re feeling brave enough, then give red a shot.

2. Embrace simplicity

Too many elements on your design will make it look messy and chaotic, use elements that are needed on the design and remove the rest. In fact, designs with a lot of space and minimalistic elements can drive the attention to what actually matters.

3. Have fun with sizes

Have fun with sizes

Think beyond your design and the content. Think about the flyer itself. Evaluate your flyer’s various sizes and ponder what you can do with your flyer that makes it look different from the rest.

4. Don’t make them guess

Similar to the message, don’t make your customer guess what you do. Tell them what you do. Give your primary product the center stage, and use other flyer design elements to highlight or emphasize the product.

5. Be seasonal

Make your designs timely and relevant by tapping into current events and seasonality. Plan your flyer design layout around the holiday season by using colors, elements, and or typefaces that resonate and evokes the holiday spirit in your audience.

Now that you know these creative flyer design tips to create engaging flyers, there is no excuse not to use them. You can mix and merge these tips in a way that suits your brand and or your product well. You can also check out another guide to creating a flyer.

10 Contemporary flyer designs that are in vogue

Every fashion clothing designer gets their inspiration from their contemporaries and the world outside. Similarly, to help you get inspired for designing a fashionable flyer, we came up with a list of 10 contemporary flyer designs that are currently in vogue and have achieved the desired results:

1. The Good Ramen

2. Arraia da Fabrica

3. 823

4. Muselina

5. Cooking Lessons

6. Women’s Surf

7. Green Fair

8. Strawberry Music Festival

9. Brooklyn NYC Dribble Meet Up

10. Meraki

March 16, 2021
10 min read
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