Best Sticker Size: The Complete Guide

best sticker size

Stickers are a tried-and-true and eye-catching method to boost any creative project. Stickers can be eye-catching and substantial aesthetic enhancements for brand labeling, scrapbooking, blinging out your car bumper, or even personalizing business laptops. Stickers may take personal and brand endeavors to new heights when utilized as labels for an idea, a business, or diverse motifs.

When it comes to printable stickers, a wide variety of sizes and shapes are available based on the preferences and needs of the designer.

sticker size

You might wonder why sticker sizes are significant.

Well, sticker size can make or break the aesthetic appeal of a personal brand or business. So one of the finest methods to draw attention to your brand’s logo, distinctive pattern, or business label is picking the right sticker size.

The most common sticker sizes, including the length of the extended part and the width of the smallest area, are expressed in inches.

Based on how and where they attract the most attention, each of these seven most popular sticker sizes can be applied in a variety of but particular areas. Each choice, whether digitally or on actual items, caters to a particular medium, whether in the workplace or public. Check out some finest ideas to increase your brand awareness.

Common Types of Stickers

Whether custom stickers will be die-cut or kiss-cut is a common query when ordering them.

What do these expressions mean, and how do they differ?

The two most popular sticker varieties are these, and they differ in how the design and blank backing are cut.

bumper sticker size

Kiss-Cut Sticker

Even though the graphic on a kiss cut sticker is not that shape, it is printed in that shape, like square or round sizes.

The kiss cut and the sticker’s detachable backing have the same shape. Stickers frequently have a particularly shaped backside, so it is simple to peel off and attach.

Die-Cut Stickers

When buying stickers cut to the exact dimensions of your design, it is helpful to have decals printed in a specific shape and cut to size. Rather than having a rectangle, round, or oval shape, the back peeling has the same shape as the sticker. Instead of having a white or clear backing like a kiss-cut, the sticker will be colored, helping it stand out more against backdrops. However, you must likely be more cautious while removing the sticker’s backing before sticking it to a surface. Check out the color palette guide.

Printable Sticker Size Guidelines

First, it’s vital to know that most stickers are measured in inches.

We have much to share with all brand and business owners who find solace in high-end designs and motion graphics.

Let’s determine the ideal sticker sizes for your business!

Small Circle Sticker Sizes (1×1″ & 2×2″)

Smaller stickers, about 1-2 inches wide, work well for tablet and laptop cases, phone cases, and sticker packs. They look best in brighter colors to make them stand out and can be glossy or matte.

Because of the relatively small size, this allows sticker printing in large quantities and the creation of themed sticker sheets with various die-cut stickers that go with popular themes like summer, VSCO, or adorable animals. Roll stickers are a different inexpensive sticker printing concept that can be used to add a festive touch to your product packaging or greeting cards.

standard bumper sticker size

One-inch circle sticker is about the same size as a quarter, while a two-inch sticker is about the size of an Oreo cookie.

Remember that 1×1 stickers won’t have enough space for visuals, and 2×2 stickers can include both the logo and the brand tagline due to their larger size.

 standard size bumper sticker

Business Card Rectangular Sticker Sizes (3.5×2″)

One of the most common custom sticker sizes is 3.5×2 inches (8.9×5 cm), which is about the same size as an average business card.

You may use these rectangle stickers to create wordmark logo stickers that you can use as personalized labels on shopping bags or greeting cards for your clients. Its dimension of 3.5 by 2 inches makes it a relatively versatile form that may be used to create sticky business cards, name tags, jars, beer and wine labels, and much more.

bumper sticker standard size

Additionally, food and beverage businesses use the rectangle sticker sizes to create and place labels that disclose ingredients, corporate slogans, and other similar promotional messaging.

Packaging companies also apply rectangular stickers throughout the boxing stages of their production. In addition, the greater half of computers, laptops, other electronics, and even envelopes are well-known places for these 3.5×2 inch rectangular stickers to fall.

These stickers can be customized and bought as sticker sheets, collections of kiss-cut stickers printed on a single sheet and adhered to a backing paper. Check out some sticker ideas to draw.

 sticker size chart

Oval Sticker Sizes (1.5×2 & 2×3″)

Oval-shaped stickers provide a reasonable middle ground between larger and smaller sticker sizes in sizes 1.5 x 2 and 2 x 3 inches. The purpose of these disproportionally shaped stickers is the same as that of a circle or square sticker, but marketers are free to use them in various ways.

Oval stickers can be made into more subdued car bumper stickers to further advertise your brand or business on the road because of their opposing wide and narrow dimensions. They are also ideal for food packaging because they can reasonably quickly adapt to the shape of the dish.

 sticker label size

Above all, oval-shaped stickers also beautifully complement oval retail facades! Oval stickers on their items are a great fit for many businesses with an elliptical retail front at the entrance. Additionally, short and comprehensive products, like teapots and coffee cups, can be found with stickers on them that are the proper size ovals.

For purely communicative or strictly marketing goals, unique designs on the oval stickers must be prepared to artistically contain attractive aspects because the oval shape isn’t as proportional as the circle or square-shaped stickers.

The oval sticker also has a “bleed area,” much like a circle sticker.

 2x2 sticker size

Bumper Sticker Size (11.5×3″)

Bumper stickers are primarily used on car windshields, bumpers, and trucks, as their name suggests.

Although a car decal can be used for various purposes, political slogans, quotes, and humorous one-liners are undoubtedly the most common sticker design. This makes choosing the correct custom-size stickers even more crucial: if it’s too huge, the sticker might not fit on the car; if it’s too small, people won’t be able to see your message.

For this kind of sticker, it’s crucial to pick the right size and font; while creativity is welcome, it shouldn’t come at the expense of readability.

Size 11.5×3 inches is the most typical bumper sticker dimension. There are a few more common sizes, but remember that a rectangle sticker will probably fit most car makes and models the best in forms.

 4x4 sticker size

In a nutshell, these enormous stickers let you alter the appearance of bumpers in fun ways with amusing phrases and sayings. Such sticker design concepts help you play the memory hook card and turn the sticker into an ongoing advertisement for your company.

 size sticker labels

Square Stickers (3×3″ & 5×5″)

Because the details will be apparent, this kind of sticker is ideal for photo stickers or artwork.

Printing stickers separately or in bulk might work well in this situation to produce attractive freebies for your clients.

Smaller square stickers (such as those measuring 3 inches) are ideal for reusable water bottles or hydro flasks, while larger stickers are fantastic for laptops.

 sticker size labels
 rectangular sticker size

Big Circle Sticker Size (3×3″ & 5×5″)

Larger round stickers have an even more comprehensive range of applications due to their dynamic design, making them as catchy as square stickers of the same size.

This bold decal will look great on a motorcycle helmet or as car stickers, but will also make very cute giveaways (think something universal like an emoji sticker)

Big circle stickers must be made so that users will immediately comprehend their function. In addition, they provide enough design depth that you may combine various hashtags, image hooks, and even social media handles. Remember that picking the right spot for the vast sticker can significantly improve a brand’s or a company’s publicity. Additionally, the most popular stickers sizes for large circle stickers are 3×3 and 5×5.

average bumper sticker size

Overall, the sticker’s size and design expertise may determine how well old and potential customers remember your company or its goods.

However, there seem to be a few hiccups due to issues with border alignment and instances of a colorful backdrop that is not adequately filled in. An alternative is to use label templates, which feature a grid of squares instead of merely circles, and each one has a circular sticker that touches the corners of the square-shaped cell.

While this procedure cannot guarantee accuracy, you can verify its viability by making a few test prints.

 average size of bumper sticker

Custom labels/Sticker Size (3×2″ & 4×3″)

Depending on the product, label sizes might vary significantly, but a few bespoke decal sizes work well for most product labels.

For the vast majority of product packaging, including jars, bottles, bags, and boxes, the 3×2 and 4×3 inch label size works nicely.

They can also be used as wine labels, in which case you need to print two sticker sheet sizes: one for the front and one for the back, where you can write down details about the product or your company’s history. Explore some finest sticker design ideas.

 standard sticker size

Ordering custom stickers and shapes from your preferred design company, such as All Time Design, is a great idea. They are somewhat hassle-free because you won’t have to worry about their size, color, or even the number of stickers. After all, they come in a sheet or roll.

Make sure to measure the exact size needed if they will be applied to a particular location so that you can order the proper proportions.

Unless you’re looking at shipping labels, there aren’t any conventional label sizes. The standard size for shipping labels is 4″x5″, 4″x6″, or 4″x8″.

NOTE Unlike kiss-cut stickers, ordering die-cut will help you achieve precise proportions.

17 what size is a bumper sticker


You must design and print the right sticker sizes for your business marketing.

Choose the best sticker size based on the surfaces on which customers are most likely to attach them. To start, you must decide on a design. If the design will look fine in the size you chose, check with our designers at All Time Design.

All Time Design will create designs of the perfect size and custom shape for your business card, water bottles, office mug, stationaries, or personal use.

Given that you must fit a design into a limited space, this approach may be challenging. Working with qualified graphic designers like All Time Design will simplify this process. To create your first and best sticker design, sign up here.

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