20 Birthday Card Ideas With Designs

birthday card ideas

What is the purpose of sending birthday cards? What purpose do they serve? We humans love celebration. Numerous studies have proven that we become happy when we are surrounded by other people.

It is even better if the celebration is on our or a loved one’s birthday. After all, we get to meet our loved ones, which is rare given our daily busy lives.

Birthday’s also mean that you are entitled to receive a birthday gift and birthday cards.

Birthday Cards also serve as an excellent means of communication. A Birthday card can thoroughly convey your message to your loved one with or without your presence. 

However, in this ever-evolving world, we are slowly moving away from the traditional methods of birthday greetings to the more convenient digital greetings. This is thanks to the widespread use of mobile phones, the internet, and social media. With online birthday cards, it has become easy to send happy birthday wishes digitally. Even to those people with whom we are not able to communicate during their birthdays.

Even then, the appeal for greeting cards still exists for many people. It has also been scientifically proven that sending someone a card can create a sense of well-being for the receiver. A card also showcases that you remember the birthday person and consider them close to make an effort to send a personal message and make their day special. 

Therefore, even after the immense popularity of online greetings, Birthday cards are still a staple in today’s world. 

History of Birthday Cards

The custom of sending greeting cards has been traced back to the ancient Chinese, who exchanged goodwill messages to celebrate festivals, and to the early Egyptians. And by the early 15th century, handmade paper greeting cards were being exchanged in Europe. 

“Although sending written expressions of affection on special occasions is an old custom, it was not until England adopted the Uniform Postage Act in 1840 that mail service was made available to everyone, and greeting cards became a custom for people of all socioeconomic classes” – Excerpt from Greeting Cards as Data on Social Processes

By the 1850s, greeting cards transformed from being expensive and handmade gifts to a popular and affordable means of communication. 

This was slowly followed by new trends like Christmas Cards, Valentine’s Day Cards, and Birthday Cards. 

Today, there are many well-known companies like HallmarkAmerican Greetings, and Quilling Card that sell ready-made cards for every momentous occasion. 

Birthday cards as a means of Social Connection

Given our busy lifestyle, it has become extremely difficult for us to meet and communicate with not just our family and friends but also close acquaintances and peers. If there is no special occasion, we do not connect with our peers or acquaintances.

Average Americans, in their lifetime, keep contact with their fellows by sending greeting cards. And birthdays are one of the best times to connect and re-kindle communication.

“Americans will buy nearly seven and a half billion greeting cards of all brands this year at the rate of eight million cards a day” (Hirshey, 1995) – Excerpt from THE BIRTHDAY CARD MINEFIELD

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Effect of a Personalized Birthday Card

Though many companies sell ready-made birthday cards, a personalized happy birthday card has its own charm. After all, it shows that you have not just remembered one’s birthday but also put in an effort to create a beautiful card for their special day.

You do not have to create a birthday card for everyone. But, for those few family members and friends who are close to you. It is a sign that you consider them close and are willing to spare the time and effort for them.

Different Types of Birthday cards

There are a variety of birthday cards that you can choose from to gift to your friends. And depending on the strength of your relationship and closeness, you may choose a design that works best for them. In the end, when giving a birthday gift, you need to consider the recipient’s preferences. Here are a few different types of birthday cards that you can choose from,

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General Birthday Card Ideas

Sticker Birthday Card

A Sticker Birthday Card design is the most simple and easy to create, whether you are making a card online or in person. You can download a variety of stickers for your online card design, and if you are creating a personalized card design, you can always make or buy the stickers that you want to use.

Simple Graphic Birthday Card

This type of birthday card is the best gift for your social connections, co-workers, and peers. It is also easy to make these online. All you need is a free printable background, an interactive font, and a cute image to go with it.

Flowery Birthday card

This is one of the most used birthday card designs. All you need for this type of Birthday Card is a floral background and a good font to complement it. Finally, choose an online birthday card-making platform, and place your background and message. Then, your printable template is ready.

Birthday Cake Card

Walk into any store, and you’ll find many birthday cards with a birthday cake on them. This type of birthday card is easy to make and takes the least effort. If you are running late and don’t have time, a Birthday Cake Card is the perfect Birthday Card option. All you need is a white card background, a colorful cake image, and some space to write your message.

Homemade Birthday Card Ideas

Woven Wishes Birthday Card

This homemade birthday card design is quite easy to make. Pick up your paper crafts, cut two different color papers into small strips, and weave them to create a cute and simple design. You can also add a cute flower on top to make the design pop up to make this DIY cute card pop out.

Watercolor Birthday Card

These homemade cards are the best birthday card design for kids. You can get together with your kids to make a colorful birthday card; that is a fun craft session that also teaches them the importance of being close to their family.

Pop-Up Birthday Card

This handmade birthday cupcake card design is super cute and easy to make. All you need is a white card, colorful washi tape cut into different shapes, a bright pretty paper cut to look like a cupcake, and some glue. Stick all of them together and get your own personalized pop-up birthday card design ready.

Washi Tape Birthday Card

Kids love playing with washi tape. Thus they are a great idea for homemade birthday cards with minimal supplies. You can have your kids make multiple handmade birthday cards with washi tape that they can use as birthday cards in their friend group. This is also a great handmade birthday card idea for the DIY novice.

Fun Birthday Card Idea

Meme Birthday Card

In this internet era, we all are hooked to memes. While most cards are traditional and have a birthday message written. For your close friend and family member, you can design a fun birthday card with their favorite meme. All you need is a plain background, the meme, and your message.

Funny Quote’s Birthday card

This is the best funny birthday card gift for your friends who are dog lovers. It is a simple process: download a cute dog image online, add your text, and your birthday gift card is set.

Dinosaurs Birthday card

Most kids love dinosaurs. Thus, this is the best birthday gift card if you want to win over the kids at a birthday party. Adding a fun element to a birthday party is easy with this card.

Cute Birthday Card Ideas

Fun Balloons Birthday Card

A cute card, this type of card is easy to design and print. If you are creating online – choose a colorful background, an image of your choice, and a hand full of balloons. And if it is a DIY birthday cards – choose either white paper or black paper, some paper balloons, and finally write a hand-written message.

Rainbow Cake Birthday Card

Rainbow cakes have been in trend for a long time. Thus, this type of birthday card is an excellent gift for someone who has a sweet tooth. Also, if you have any friends from the Queer community, it is the best way to show your respect for them. To make this easy birthday card, all you need is a plain background, an image of a rainbow cake, and your special message for your friend.

Unicorn Birthday Card

Kids will love this type of birthday card. Especially girls. This cute unicorn birthday card can be easily created online with the right image and font.

Ice Cream Cone Birthday Card

This free printable birthday card is the best gift for when you want to wish your loved one a sweet sentiment. You can even create an easy DIY birthday card with leftover paper crafts at home and cut them into ice cream cone shapes.

Professional Birthday Card Ideas

Classic Birthday card

This is one of the most used professional birthday greeting images. It is simple and also professional. When sending a birthday greeting to your co-worker, boss, or client, it is always best to choose a design that is not too outgoing or tacky.

Birthday Candles Card

A professional birthday candle card doesn’t mean that it cannot have some color. For close colleagues, you can choose to give such cute and colorful Birthday Cards that signify your friendship.

Black & Gold Birthday card

These stylish and classy birthday cards are great to send to someone in a position of authority. Though a simple design, the birthday cards work best as both – physical and e-birthday cards. Download your free banner template and start your creative designs.

Birthday Banner Card

Many corporates choose to have an online banner for their employee’s birthdays. It only proves that they care for the employees and are willing to go the extra mile to make them feel special on their big day. Check out the funny happy birthday mems and make your conversation more fun.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, we have used birthdays and special occasions to communicate our thoughts with our loved ones and peers. But due to our busy schedules, it is always that we forget to get a quality birthday card for them. And picking up a card from the store is not an option. 

Therefore, visit us at All Time Design and escape the clutches of last-minute birthday card design. With the help of our professional graphic designers, we bring to you a wide array of birthday card designs you can use for your family and friends and also use to impress colleagues. 

Want more ideas and examples of birthday card designs? Sign up or book a demo today to know how a professionally designed birthday card can make a difference for you. Find some birthday flyer designs!

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