16 Best Book Cover Design Services for Book Publishing

book cover design services

One of the most crucial components of selling your book is its cover. A professional book cover design created cover effectively communicates the main themes of your book right away.

The cover of your book will catch readers’ attention before anything else; therefore, it must be appealing. Therefore, the book cover is one of the most important aspects of your book’s marketing. However, no amount of marketing will help you sell your book if the cover is unappealing or doesn’t fit your genre.

We wholeheartedly advise hiring a professional to create your book cover design so it will be the most effective possible. Investing in this area is worthwhile because you lack some of the talents required to create a great book.

That is why seeking professional assistance is valuable, especially for self-publishing authors. Years of experience in a wide range of print design genres are available from All Time Design’s knowledgeable team. The finest book cover design services listed below can create stunning artwork for digital and physical publications.

16 Best Book Cover Design Services

professional book cover design services

Writing a book is difficult. By the time you finish the final draft, you will have devoted many hours to it, whether fiction, sci-fi, non-fiction books, poetry, or the ramblings of an insane mind. Nevertheless, it deserves to be covered and appropriately formatted because it is a piece of art.

You could always construct your own cover using simple graphic design apps. But if you’re going to spend money, spend it all at once. First, invest in quality art, then let your book sell itself.

Below are 16 best examples of designers that can design your next book cover:

1. All Time Design

All Time Design

People judge books by their covers regardless of what anyone may have told them. All Time Design is in a beautiful position to make the best first impression of your book that it can be because of the years spent collecting an all-star team of award-winning book cover designers and formatting experts.

They are considered the best book cover design service in the publishing industry. Clients are allocated an exceptional graphic designer to produce a unique book cover. This is suitable for any indie author.

Many independent authors have benefited from ATD’s knowledge and experience in realizing their publication goals. In addition, their artists have more years of combined experience in design and advertising and have a natural talent for translating abstract ideas into striking and appealing visuals.

Your eBook cover design drafts will be available to you with a quick turnaround time of 24 hours of placing your order. Once any changes have been made, the design will be given in a print-ready format or a high-res JPEG ready for upload. Should you require it, we can also give you a rendered 3D version of the cover that you can use for marketing purposes.

ATD specializes in layout/interior formatting, various marketing services, and book cover design at affordable prices without compromising quality. Whether your book is an ebook, paperback, or hardback, they ensure the interior is up to par. Our book format experts create the interior layout following global best standards.

All ebook files are rigorously tested for use on all ebook readers to ensure the best quality. Final print files are also appropriate for any printing service. They will walk you through each stage, from the initial draft to the finished product.

Your book cover design must express the spirit of your book engagingly and captivatingly because it gives potential readers their first impression of your book. Its team of designers expertly blends simplicity, significance, and beauty into a cover that will do credit to any image and text it surrounds. Moreover, they have the knowledge and experience to know what works and what doesn’t to produce that perfect cover.

Content scarcity is frequently a problem with social media channels enabling any first-time author to become their advertising agency. But you’re insured by All Time Design, so don’t worry. ATD can create a movie-quality book trailer for your book that will make you stand out from the other authors. They are the ideal marketing for your new novel because they are beautiful and powerful.

All Time Design services come in various prices ranging from monthly to yearly. With its unlimited design and request offerings, you can create your cover design and more. You can create tons of book cover designs from $699 to $1,999 a month.

2. eBook Launch

eBook Launch

Although creating a book cover might be challenging, the result should always be an eye-catching arrangement that seamlessly mixes text and images, whether stock images or artwork.

eBook Launch constantly meets that quality, making it a top book cover design service. Its portfolio is chock-full of beautifully designed and distinctive book covers in genre varieties, including sci-fi, horror, fiction, non-fiction, and modern illustration.

Whether it’s a custom ebook cover design plan or an ebook with a print cover design option, there’s a two weeks turnaround time with unlimited changes.

The staff at eBook Launch makes every effort to realize each author’s vision unless a pre-made cover priced at $99 is suitable. However, a custom ebook cover design costs $449. Therefore, you can get your custom book cover design at eBook Launch at this cost.

Ebook Launch is a proud member of The Alliance of Independent Authors.

3. The Book Designers

The Book Designers

Learn more about The Book Designers if you enjoy the thought of a committed team concentrating their skills on your book. Of course, the price will depend on the specifications of your project, but the budget is a few hundred dollars.

Looking through its portfolio, you may observe how meticulous and varied its book cover designs are.

Although they don’t accept unlimited changes, requesting modifications up to 3 times is acceptable. Professional businesses like this will consider your suggestions and adjust the cover until it matches your standards. Just make sure your goals are manageable.

4. Damonza


Damonza is another excellent option to take into account for your book cover design. Despite starting at $645 for an ebook, indie authors frequently choose it. In addition, its money-back guarantee policy is reassuring when you’re spending that much money.

The Damonza crew is renowned for having a keen sense of each project’s commercial. Both their artistic abilities and their thoughts are worthy of your trust.

5. 99Designs


You’ll come across platforms where self-publishing authors can find qualified freelancers in addition to ready-made book cover design services.

You can organize a contest or approach a designer you like. Presenting a concise, thorough, and realistic brief is crucial, especially for competition.

Prices vary because there are so many options and pros on the platform. You should anticipate paying the least amount, about $300, but spending more can result in superior custom covers.

6. Reedsy


Following the same model as 99Designs, Reedsy has grown into a broad and well-respected network of publishing experts willing to assist indie authors with any needs they may have.

Each book covers artists’ profiles and describes their experience, prior work, accolades, and other traits. As a result, you can get quotations from up to five people for a specific project.

7. Bailey Design Books

Bailey Design Books

Some independent experts provide professional book cover design services. In contrast, numerous options are available on the market, and some demand special consideration.

Bailey Designs Books is one of them, with her distinctive style and affordable costs. You can purchase a preset design for as little as $99, while a custom book cover design is $399. It costs $499 if you also want the version, you can print it.

In exchange, you receive an attractive illustrated design that gives your book new life. Check out what this service offers if you prefer more creative, fun, or minimalist ebook covers to a stock image.

8. Jessica Bell Design

Jessica Bell Design

This one is another name that is doing well on the book cover design. Beautiful works are produced by Jessica Bell Design for various literary genres, including branding and marketing collateral.

Bundled pricing is available. A starting bundle, for instance, costs about $500. This includes three revisions, two licensed picture downloads, a 3D website mock-up, an ebook, and a print-ready paperback or hardcover. For projects with illustrations, costs may vary.

9. Baki Boquecosa

Baki Boquecosa

Depending on your budget, you have various dependable possibilities for the ideal book cover. Baki Boquecosa is a great graphic designer who also offers his work to the publishing sector, making him stand out in the field.

Pre-made or custom book covers are available for you to pick from. In addition, you’ll get striking artwork that captures the spirit of your book and grabs people’s attention.

If you want a gorgeous book cover design without having to spend a lot of money, Baki Boquecosa is another excellent option. The price of a pre-made design can start at $100.

10. Vanessa Mendozzi Design

Vanessa Mendozzi Design

Simple book covers can nevertheless be effective. The most specific components can combine to create something lovely and unique, a skill Vanessa Mendozzi Design has perfected alongside more complex creations.

Custom book cover design is worth the cost when it comes to standing out from the competitors in the publishing market.

Custom eBook Cover Design Services

11. JD Smith Design Covers

Click Here

12. 17 Studio Book Design

17 Studio Book Design

Click Here

13. Bookfly Design

Click Here


Click Here

15. Covertopia

Click Here

16. StoryWrappers

Click Here

Why All Time Design for Your Business?

Contrary to conventional thinking, those in the publishing industry understand better than to judge a book by its cover. In addition to looking beautiful on bookshelves, an intelligent cover design should convey the title and genre effectively and target the right readership. In other words, design is vital for your book’s appeal and sales; thus, you shouldn’t skimp on it as an author.

Every professional author should hire a book cover designer to complete the task correctly. A professional cover designer would have developed their distinctive style and be aware of what the market demands to make your book stand out. Then, to give your book the coveted mass appeal, we’ll collaborate with you to develop a cover design that reflects your vision and considers their understanding of publishing trends and genre traditions.

We’ll also assist you with the practical aspects of cover design, such as making your ebook cover print-friendly and ensuring your digital thumbnail is attractive. Additionally, a talented book cover designer will continually consider ways to maximize the usefulness of your cover design. How, for instance, may your covers be transformed into headers for your website? Will you be able to use this design as the basis for all the covers of the books in a series if you decide to write them?

These questions, as well as many more that you probably hadn’t ever thought of, can be answered by a professional book cover designer.

All Time Design also offers audiobook covers, web banners, bookmarks, and more with top-notch graphic design. Your book covers get delivered in a timely manner. Fortunately, All Time Design has some of the top designers in the business who are eager to work on your project. There are testimonies and so many compliments from clients. Trust in All Time Design, and there’s a guarantee you will have enough good things to say about us.

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