Stunning Book Covers Examples

Book Covers Examples

The best book covers attract people and beautify the front of your work. Before the writing inside the book, the cover at first glance determines if the person viewing it will buy it. It doesn’t matter f it is fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, etc., it applies to all forms of book covers.

When creating book covers, publishing houses and renowned writers are experts. However, making a book cover design entails more than an artistic exercise. Designing a book cover is more like a deliberate science that incorporates art.

A professional book cover designer and a qualified human editor are the other obligatory expenditure for self-published authors. Your primary book marketing tool is the cover of your book. There is a 99% likelihood that it will hurt your sales if you design it yourself.

Intimidated? Never be. Even those of us who are less creative can come up with compelling book covers ideas. But, sometimes, you need a little inspiration to grab your reader’s eye.

Let’s look at some fantastic book cover ideas and examine some fundamental elements of book cover design. You may use this knowledge to generate cover ideas for your upcoming book or a previously released book that needs an update!

In the article below, we’ve compiled some of our favorite book cover ideas to help you decide which book cover is perfect for you.

Importance of Book Covers

79% of individuals claim that a book’s appearance influences their buying choice. People are visual beings. Even if we have a specific book in mind when we enter the store, it is simple to convince us to change our minds or add a few other selections. When designing your cover, keep this in mind and always put yourself in the shoes of your target audience.

What a Book Cover Should Do

The purpose of a book cover is more than just aesthetics. By letting the reader know what to anticipate, they serve to sell the book. For the reader to turn the crucial first page, it must capture their attention and imagination.

A book cover ought to:

  • By encapsulating the idea or theme in a design, tell a tale about the story inside.
  • To stand out and be easily recognized among other novels, have a distinctive style.
  • Use styles that the reader is familiar with to identify the genre.

Critical Book Cover Ideas and Tips

As we just discussed, making a book cover is a science considering several factors. First, you must ensure that your cover satisfies all requirements to optimize its appeal to potential buyers and have the best cover possible.

Here are book cover ideas to help with your book cover.

  • What typeface will best highlight the subject matter of my book?
  • Your book’s genre and description should guide the style of your cover picture.
  • Contrast brings the thrill.
  • Children’s book covers are captivating due to their whimsy and charm.
  • Should you include deeper messages within your book cover?
  • Try a Striking Silhouette
  • Are there any symbols in your book that will pique the reader’s attention?
  • Use big and bold fonts
  • Simple typography shines a light on illustration
  • On some covers, minimalism is sleek and modern.
  • Type can create visual magic.
  • The introduction of millennial pink and Gen-Z yellow
  • A collage is worth a thousand words
  • Employ the cover to convey the book’s “one idea.”
  • Black and white need not be monotonous.
  • Hand-lettered titles keep things real

What Typeface is Best for Your Book Cover?

Apps are like fonts. Each occasion has its own. Some of them are lighthearted and airy, appropriate for works of romance or fantasy. Others are genuinely horrifying, ideal for horror or psycho-thriller story.

The font is one of the first things your readers see when they open your book. Because people’s eyes are naturally drawn to words written in large letters, you want to ensure that potential readers have the correct impression when they see the book’s title.

Just take a look at the Don’t Cry Murder cover above. That font is the perfect hint to a convoluted, exciting story. In terms of font, Priest of Bones genuinely has a bone-like appearance.

For a story about a young adult coming of age, you might want to use funny handwriting; for a more somber or biographical piece, you might use a minimalist sans-serif. Just make sure that the tone of your book and font are consistent.

Why is a book cover influential? An attractive book cover can be created using a well-chosen font or image that matches the book’s theme.

Book Genre Should Match Cover

Your images should be appropriate for your genre and go without saying. For example, could you see the cover of Stephen King’s It featuring an adorable puppy? The reader would undoubtedly be surprised.

Although that illustration may appear a little excessive, far too often, other authors fail to be sufficiently particular with their pictures. Give the readers a sneak preview of your story. Untamed by Glennon Doyle is unmistakably about leading an authentic, creative life. Look at it, please!

Pro tip: Examine the book covers of your competitors if you’re ever unclear about what photos would work best for your genre. The aim is to stand out a little, so don’t imitate them exactly, but at least you’ll have a good idea of what to use.

Keep in mind that your photo shouldn’t merely belong in your genre. Additionally, it must promote your particular book.

Consider American Psycho as an example. In the cover art, a man wearing a suit and tie has blood covering his eyes. If you’ve read the book or watched the movie, you already know this illustration is appropriate.

But what if a man brandishing a machete and wearing overalls and a hockey mask took the place of the original image? Yes, it’s still a horror/thriller. But that’s a different picture for a different tale.

Contrast Brings the Thrill

When in doubt, think of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which is ominous, dramatic, and gloomy. A thriller’s cover will attempt to evoke that atmosphere. They’ll typically keep a dark and contrasting color palette to achieve this. The type will typically be sans-serif, making the books appear modern, cutting-edge, and, most importantly, intriguing.

Two contrasting colors are placed next to one another to create a statement. Contrasting black and white, light and dark, etc. This will focus our attention on whatever it is since the contrasted designs highlight the light.

Children’s Book Covers are Captivating Due to Their Whimsy and Charm

The fact that this will depend on your children’s book’s illustrations should go without saying. 

Should You Include Deeper Messages within Your Cover?

Some authors use subliminal messaging to create attractive designs on their book cover designs. However, some more subtle communications have shown as narrative hints, holographic book covers, and even cryptic codes that lead right to the CIA’s backyard!

For instance, the reference to Metamorphosis, possibly Kafka’s most well-known work, is made by the cockroach reading a book. It’s the front cover of Why You Should Read Kafka Before You Waste Your Life, and anyone who has read the book would immediately recognize the message.

Try a Striking Silhouette

 book report cover page example

It is used so frequently on book cover designs that it is incredibly successful at grabbing readers’ attention. Who wouldn’t see a cloaked figure and immediately wonder, “Who’s THAT?”

Nevertheless, you may argue that the silhouette is a victim of its hazy victory. It can be challenging to be creative because it is so prevalent nowadays. A successful cover designer frequently uses it in opposition to the book’s cover typography, as in David Nicholls‘ Us, or they make the silhouette incredibly arresting, like in Han Kang’s The Vegetarian.

Is the focus of your work the main character, including their inner life, struggles, and even writing style in the first person? Why not put your protagonist on the cover if you want your readers to fall in love with them?

Note: If you’re showcasing a silhouette as your major design feature, it’s typically better to keep the rest of the cover straightforward.

Are There Any Symbols in Your Book that Will Pique the Reader’s Attention?

In keeping with the idea of the focal points, our minds immediately link specific symbols to specific ideas. So, for instance, there is a significant possibility that some form of monarchy is involved if you see a crown on a book cover.

A gavel, what about it? That could undoubtedly represent a legal suspense novel. Make use of these to your benefit. You want to present visual cues to potential readers about the type of book you’re offering when they’re browsing the shelves (or the results of an Amazon search). Symbols may accomplish this by referencing both your genre and your particular plot.

The cover image of the lonely dinosaur from All My Friends are Dead serves as a humorous allegory for the more somber subject of mortality.

The marionette is visible in The Godfather’s upper-right corner. That’s because everyone is aware that Don controls everything.

Use Big and Bold Fonts

book cover page example

Another recent trend is large, bold typography on book cover designs, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Typography like this screams, “This is a book you want to pick up!” Or you could say, “Here we go!” These covers demand attention, much like the elephant in the room.

Since subtlety isn’t the goal here, expect to see this typeface mixed up with bright colors. It is usually associated with a book with a strong title, such as Here I Am by Jonathan Safran Foer or Sex and Rage by Eve Babitz. Additionally, there is a chance that the font could become iconic if it is executed correctly. (Example: The Godfather’s typography, which upon release, was recognized as a classic.)

Simple Typography Shines a Light On the Illustration

Now let’s move to the other extreme of the spectrum. On book cover designs, simple and understated typography serves a significant purpose since it gracefully balances the elements to best highlight the illustration. Moreover, great cover designers aren’t hesitant to let the illustration take center stage by limiting the typeface. The result is striking since such covers enable the (often jaw-dropping) artwork to capture the reader’s imagination.

Minimalism is Sleek and Modern

book back cover example

Because there aren’t many other components vying for the viewer’s attention, the primary tenet of minimalist design is that the reader’s eye will be immediately drawn to the title and supporting image right away.

Recent years have seen a rise in favor of minimalism. The practical and uncomplicated living attitude has influenced everything from apparel to cuisine to book cover design.

A designer knows that he has attained perfection when there is nothing left to take away, not when there is nothing left to add, to paraphrase Antoine de Saint Exupéry. Minimalist covers aim to reduce a cover to its bare necessities. These soft, intelligent covers, which are frequently distinguished by a basic font and no content, instead make use of white space to transform vast expanses of nothing into something. Check out some top yearbook design ideas.

Type Can Create Visual Magic

example of cover book

Interestingly, not all magicians use wands. Oh, you want evidence? Consider this collection of book covers, Exhibit A: Typography as Magic. Did Baci’s The Water Knife’s dynamic visuals catch your attention? Don’t the extra letters on Rebecca Schiff’s book The Bed Moved go unnoticed until you realize that they were added to the book to precisely reflect the title? They practically compel you to reach out and open the book because they are so captivating, which is, of course, what the designer intended.

Millennial Pink and Gen-Z Yellow

‘Millennial Pink’ began increasing around 2017, and book covers were no exception. Particularly for publications targeted at readers in their late teens to early twenties, this subdued and milky tone is still viral today. The popularity of pink does not appear to be waning any time soon.

This year’s newest trending color is “Gen-Z Yellow.” This vibrant, welcoming color is eye-catching and tends to stand out on social media posts.

This hue is often used as a background and a vibrant accent in typography or illustrations on a book cover design.

A Collage is Worth a Thousand Words

The field of cover design is seeing an exciting trend with photo collages. Recent advances in photomanipulation provide designers with a vast sandbox of options. As you can see, the cover has a somewhat current appearance thanks to picturing composites. But, in an ironic turn, you may see this method used to decorate the covers of historical works, giving works like Charles Baudelaire’s Las Flores del Mal a decidedly modern feel.

Employ the Cover to Convey the Book’s “One Idea.”

 fantasy book covers

Would Your Cover Look Better in Black and White?

Black and white could be an excellent choice if you’re worried whether your color choices will be incredibly tacky. As time passes, this choice becomes more and more common, especially for dramatic or enigmatic content.

A restrained color scheme or lots of white space may offer gravitas to more academic or historical work. This is probably not the ideal option for a high school student-targeted book. Check out some interesting book cover design ideas.

Hand-Lettered Titles Keep Things Real

funny book covers

Do you know how it feels when a friend writes you a handwritten note? Hand-lettered titles, which are currently popular in cover design, have that as their central idea. A title that is drawn by hand exudes warmth, sincerity, and personality. Don’t be surprised to learn that quirky or wildly original books packed with personality work best with this typography! As an illustration, John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars is one work that exemplifies its current popularity in Young Adult literature.

More Inspirations for Book Cover Design

Make it Pop

Capture Emotion

Make it Easy to Read

Get Quality Cover Design With Us

One approach to drawing a reader into your story is through the book cover. A reader can see a modest hint to the larger overall picture of the story by looking through a keyhole.

When you write your first novel, it is essential never to forget the power of the book cover. It can either get you more sales or kill sales.

With All Time Design, you’re guaranteed to get the same book cover ideas you imagined. The essential design elements, such as images, shapes, colors, and other elements, are precisely what you will get to boost sales.

Creating your own cover requires good typography for the title, well-written sub-notes, and subtitles, a proper amount of images, etc.

Share your book cover ideas with ATDs professional design experts and watch these cover design ideas come to life.

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