30+ Creative Wine Bottle Design Ideas

Bottle Design Ideas

After drinking the last drop of wine, what next? Throw them in the recycle bin, of course, yes?

What if we told you there are more things you can do with an empty wine bottle? Just as you can make plastic bottles into something else marvelous or create a customized water bottle design, you could also make unique crafts out of your wine bottle. This post will show you some cool ways to upcycle all the bottles you intend to drop in the recycle bin.

You can turn your empty wine bottle into an awesome DIY gift for your parents, friends, or as souvenirs. You could use these amazing wine bottle craft ideas as home decor, backyard fences, outdoor designs, and lots more. The choice is limitless.

Let’s check out some fantastic wine bottle design ideas for your inspiration.

Perfectly Nautical

water bottle design ideas

Don’t just leave the taste of wine in your mouth; make a tasteful burlap-wrapped tabletop with the wine bottles too.

These beautiful nautical wine bottles can be a good idea for a side table or dining centerpiece.

Wine bottle Glass Pebble Pendant Lights

 water bottle design ideas cricut

Check out the funky wine bottle to light up your room or bar.

You’ll need some pebbles and light bulb supplies to execute this project. Once you’re done, you’ll have an amazing pendant light to give your space a different look.

Lace Trim Wine Bottle Vases

wine bottle design ideas

Bring multiple elements to your wine bottle design to add more flair and elegance. Look at this design. You could create it by adding some paint to the interior of your wine bottle and allowing it to cascade down the sides. Then add a lace doily around the bottom. Finally, you have an elegant vase for your flowers or a sitting room centerpiece. This piece would also look great in the female dorm. Explore some coffee packaging design ideas.

Message in a Bottle Craft

This might be a good idea for an indoor date or in-house game. Maybe the message will just lay there in the bottle. For now, it’ll remain adorable wherever you put it.

Glitter Wine Bottle

 glass bottle design ideas

A dazzling tabletop is a fantastic craft idea for your used wine bottle. All you need to do is cover the bottle in glue to make the glitters stick. You can choose whatever glitter color you like to personalize the design.

DIY Bird Feeders

Attract flocks of your favorite feathered friends with a unique repurposed wine bottle bird feeder.

You can either turn the bottle upside down if you can’t find the cork. . .

water bottle ideas design

. . .or keep the cork to create a feeder that can hold a bird.

 plastic water bottle design ideas

Chalkboard Paint

 bottle label design ideas

Gather your friends and get busy creating crafty wine bottle vases while you catch up. Pretty much a good way to have a fruitful conversation. You could give a new life to old wine bottles as a friendly neighbor gift or a simple centerpiece. Check out the small business packaging ideas.

Painted Vases

 bottle rocket design ideas

Working with paint can be super interesting. Check out this easy centerpiece design, for example. To create something like this, you’ll need some white spray paint, a paintbrush, and some acrylic paint or chalk paint in colors of your choice. Spray your bottles white. Then, add your acrylic or chalk paint to the bottom and neck of the bottles.

Decoupage Wine bottles

 creative water bottle design ideas

A decoupage project is an interesting, cool and easy way to decorate your wine bottles. Clean the wine bottle and use a collage technique to cover its surface with torn old pages, maps, or magazine photos. This would add a cool vintage look wherever you place it.

Bud Vase

 water bottle label design ideas

There are many techniques to turn empty wine bottles into gorgeous and elegant wine bottle vases.

This white and gold combo gives a simple yet luxurious aura. Don’t you love it?

Get a tutorial for this gilded creation from Brittany Goldwyn.

DIY Christmas lights

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Refining empty wine bottles or jars into lanterns are super easy. All you need to do is put battery-operated string lights inside the bottle, and there you have it.

However, if you want to get more creative with the design, you can give the lanterns a festive look, just like this project.

Check out pillar box blue to make these adorable Christmas-themed bottle lights.

Rainbow Lanterns

 wine bottle label design ideas

Don’t throw away all the bottles of drink at the party. Save some for these bright and beautiful refined bottles for the outdoor patio or indoor display as a dining table centerpiece. It’ll be tedious to cut and paint the bottles, but isn’t a good design worth the stress?

You can find the tutorial on saved by love creations.

Charcuterie Board

 wine bottle design ideas

Did you know you can melt a wine bottle? No, we didn’t too.

Turning empty glass bottles into serving trays for hors d’oeuvres is a fascinating and unusual project. However, it’s featured on hunker and requires some specialized equipment. You’ll need an empty wine bottle, an electric glass kiln, a large bowl, dish soap, jewelry wire, steel wool, wire cutters, and beads. Next, the bottle goes into the kiln to be melted and flattened. After that, wait for it to be hardened again.

Once you’re done, you have a beautiful cheese board and a nice spoon rest.

Netted Bottles

wine bottle label design ideas

Jute twine and wine bottles can make some cool, rustic, and dramatic wine bottle decorations like this one. Yes, this project is a bit complex to execute. Make sure your wine corks are intact. To get all the details, you need to plan accordingly. Check out this tutorial on cameo cottage designs.

Whimsical Terrariums

 how to decorate wine bottles

It looks important at this point to learn how to cut glass bottles safely and properly. For this cool terrarium, cut your glass bottle in half and save the bottom portion. Then get some liquids if you desire.

Check this tutorial on homedit.com

Colorful Chandelier

 Spray Painted bottles

After using the lower halves of your wine bottles for terrariums, don’t trash the upper halves. You can reinvent the upper halves of your wine bottles to create an upcycled chandelier. You’ll need pendant light kits to execute this project. Interestingly, you can make the chandelier match your home decor.

Signed Souvenir

 Wine Bottle Wall

Rethink souvenirs by moving away from the traditional gifts and have guests make a mark on a wine bottle at your next event. After the last pour of wine, you could still keep the bottle to remind yourself of the event forever.

Twinkle Lights

A beautiful side piece idea is creating these twinkle lights-inspired wine bottles. Insert strands of twinkly lights into wine bottles for a beautiful year-round display. It should look even more gorgeous at night when you put all the other lights off.

Faux-Mercury Glass bottles

 Bedside Lamp

It’s amazing what mercury paints can do. You can create a chic statement piece when you spray your bottles with mercury. This gives an exquisite vibe and is capable of making people stop to have a look.

Wine Bottle Shelf

 Wine Bottle Shelf

How cool can you make your shelving unit look? Try out this project with wood and empty glass bottles. This would be a good place to place your shoes.

Bedside Lamp

 Faux-Mercury Glass bottles

Find a used wine bottle to make this simple lampshade. You’ll also need some pieces of hardware to assemble this reinvented wine bottle.

Citronella Candles

 Twinkle Lights

Keep bugs at bay with tiki torches when you relax outside. To make this, you’ll need torch wicks, tiki fuels, and glass bottles, obviously. Then, you’ll need replacement torch wicks, Teflon tapes, copper coupling with stop, marbles, and copper tube caps.

To make yours, check out this tutorial on Hellowglow.

Wine Bottle Wall

 Signed Souvenir

A fun idea for your backyard railing is this gorgeous example of a wine bottle craft. Simply drill holes in the bottom of your wine bottles

Spray Painted

 Colorful Chandelier

Candle holders can be more stylish with these kinds of reinvented wine bottles. You’ll need spray paint to make your bottle matte or glossy. Remove the label and clean thoroughly before spraying.

Hanging Wine Bottles for Pendant Lamps

 Whimsical Terrariums

These hanging lights seem tedious to execute. But if you like crafting, this is certainly a good idea to try out. It would look good in your home somewhere in your kitchen or if you have a lair in your home.

Coastal centerpiece with sea glass vases

 Netted Bottles

Don’t you find these sea glass bottles lovely?

They’re ordinary empty wine bottles made to look special with sea glass spray paint. You can try to paint a few wine bottles and put them in a cute basket, voila!

Homemade Vinegar Infused With Herbs

Charcuterie Board

Stuff some of your favorite herbs inside your used wine bottle. Pour in some olive oil or vinegar for a much more economical alternative. Then, marinate to achieve some intense naturally infused oil for your mealtime enjoyment. You can bring this vinegar bottle along for dinner to treat your hostess.

Nostalgic Steampunk Repurposed Wine Bottle Lamp

Rainbow Lanterns

Steampunk with a jamboree of gears is a fun way to add extra light to your bar or home without compromising style. You can choose to customize the steampunk repurposed wine bottle lamp with any color of your choice to make it super special.

Zen Garden

DIY Christmas lights

Yes, cutting the glass bottle will be the tricky part. But once it’s done, these succulent planters would look really sleek on your desk.

Candy Corn Bottles

 Picture frames

If you’re a beginner-level crafter, this is a super easy project you should try your hands on.

First, simply remove the labels or glue, then paint the entire bottle with white spray paint. Afterward, spray the bottle with orange and yellow paint for a “candy corn” effect. You could add yellow and orange-colored flowers to keep the design on brand.

Halloween Wine Bottle

 Love Themed Wine Bottle Design

Halloween is here! A spooky mummy wine bottle would be a fun idea to add to the night. Remove the label, put oversized googly eyes, and wrap the bottle with medical tape. This craft will be excellent if your kids are trick-or-treating with friends.

Love Themed Wine Bottle Design

 Halloween Wine Bottle

Love makes the world go round, no?

This project is lovely because it creatively combines wine bottles and Mason jars. To create this kind of design, put a vinyl letter on each bottle, then spray paint the bottle white. Once the bottle is dry, then peel off the vinyl letter. The design should be crystal clear now. To create the light effect, add a candle inside the Mason jars.

Snowman-Inspired DIY Wine Bottle Craft Ideas

 Candy Corn Bottles

Winter is here!

Make your wine bottle into a cheerful snowman. Instead of snow this time, you can paint the body of your wine bottle with white chalk paint. Then, paint the top black and add a snowman’s hat. Finally, add a face and give your snowman a bow.

Picture frames

Zen Garden

Turn empty wine bottles into everlasting photo frames. The view looks nice. You can check for directions on The Elements of Living. Fill the empty bottles with beach sand to make the bottles sit well.


There’s no limit to the designs you can create with empty glass bottles. You could check out more wine bottle craft ideas on YouTube or craft websites. When you execute these ideas, you add a special and unique touch wherever you place them. Also, it’s something people don’t see often, so they’ll love it even more as a gift.

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