Top 25 Box Design Ideas for Your Inspiration

Top 25 Box Design Ideas for Your Inspiration

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A product packaging design is the visual aesthetics of the exterior or packaging of a product. Over the years, product packaging designs have evolved and become very diverse with many choices in materials and forms as well as graphical elements.

You must have heard of the popular English proverb, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, and might not subscribe to such a saying but in packaging design, it’s a different ball game entirely. A lot of times, people are influenced to buy a product based on how aesthetically pleasing and thorough it is.

Although some of the most common packaging designs come in boxes, cans, bottles, and other kinds of containers. Nowadays, many businesses have switched up their artistic and innovative side with box packaging designs.

It is no longer enough to have beautiful packaging designs, the materials of the packaging also matter. According to a recent poll conducted by Ipsos,

  • 67% of surveyed respondents said the materials used to package a product often influence the decision to purchase.
  • 67% also said paper and cardboard packaging is more attractive than other materials used for packaging.
  • 63% said paper and cardboard packaging makes a product appear to be a high-quality premium product.

Realistically, an attractive box packaging design makes your product looks more unique and special and can help to take your brand to the next level. Are you struggling to create unique custom packaging for products?

If yes, we will share some insanely creative and beautiful box packaging design ideas and critical steps to designing one for your products.

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Critical Functions of Your Box Designs

A box design is a beautiful, modern, and visually appealing packaging design that reflects your value and helps you stand out from the competitors.

However, before getting into the design elements of your box packaging design, you must understand the key functions of the box. To help you get through this, here are some of the functions of a box design.

1. Your Box Must Protect What’s Inside

Above anything else, your box packaging must be designed with critical attention to its durability, sturdiness, and its ability to protect what’s inside. Before worrying about how beautiful it should look, you must ensure that the box protects what’s inside of it properly before and during shipping.

Keep in mind that no one will appreciate or come back for a box that can’t protect its content. Your ultimate goal should be getting the box to its destination intact.

2. Your Box Should Reinforce Your Brand Identity

Another important factor to consider is the branding of your box. Aside from the visual appeal that your box should offer, it must also be able to strongly impact your brand recognition and help you make a strong first impression.

Understand that your branded boxes are one of your marketing tools, and must effectively promote your brand by having your logo stand out and making use of your brand shapes and colors.

3. Your Box Should be Informative

Your Box Should be Informative

Your box should be very clear and straightforward about what’s inside, its uses, and how to use it. Don’t be too focused on creating a good-looking box design that you forget to include important details about the actual product.

Include information about the ingredients used, expiration date, and usage instructions as well as other specific company information.

When your prospective customers pick up your product, they should have all the necessary information that they need. You can also consider including a website address and social media handle where necessary.

4. Your Box should be Efficient

Box should be Efficient
Pilag Design

There are many things that you have to consider when designing your box designs to ensure its efficiency. Beyond the visual aesthetics of the box, the structural design also plays a big role in terms of how functional it is.

When designing a design, consider how the box is going to fit into the store shelf and storage space. Imagine how much stress you would have to go through with a box that doesn’t fit into your storage space or is not easy to transport. The size and weight of the box can significantly impact the price of the shipping cost if you are not very careful.

5. Your box should be a Brand Differentiator

box should be a Brand Differentiator

The business environment is highly competitive. To stand out from your competitors and help your customers differentiate you from other brands, your box design must contain unique features and elements that set it apart from competing brands.

You should also consider including qualities and values that your brand stands for and showcase the unique selling point.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating Your Box Design Plan

A well-designed box design can make a big difference in the way your brand is perceived by your customers. Before you start designing your box design, you must ask yourself a couple of questions;

1. What are you selling?

Best box design ideas

A big determining factor in your box design process or plan is the actual product that you are selling. Since boxes come in different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, you must get the right box for your products. The first step to making this decision is to identify your product and its physical qualities.

The size and weight of your product as well as the function of the product will significantly influence the box materials, design, and other elements of the box packaging. Heavy products will need to be stored in stronger, sturdy boxes, whereas, if your product has a lighter weight, the box might be lighter and smaller.

Similarly, if your products are fragile like glasses, then you want to also make sure that your box is fully padded to avoid any mishap in the warehouse or during shipment.

2. Who is your target audience?

The next important question you would need to ask yourself is your business target audience. Who is your product for? Who are you trying to appeal to? What’s their style? and How can your product fit into that style?

The above questions are very important when deciding on your product box design. Also consider the demographics of your target audience such as their age, income level, interests, geographic location, and other things they consider important to them.

Irrespective of what your product is, you must ensure that your box design accurately represents your brand and fits the personal style and preference of your target audience.

As the first interaction with your product in most cases, your box packaging is an essential feature of your overall marketing strategy and should be consistent across all of your channels. Also, ensure that it represents your brand and product in the best possible way.

Important Design Elements To Consider When Designing Your Box Packaging

A unique brand design can help you stand out from competitors and make your product more appealing to your target audience and customers. To achieve this, you must consider the following elements.

1. Color is key

Color is key

To create a box design that looks good, is well-designed, and accurately represents your brand, you must ensure that you use the right colors in your box designs. Several studies have found that color increases brand recognition by 80%.

Colors evoke emotions, and using your brand colors in your design packaging can influence shoppers and their purchase decisions.

2. Consider Typography

Consider Typography
Mix With Marketing

Typography is the arrangement of letters and words in a design. It includes font sizes and styles. Add some fun and creativity in your font choice but makes sure that it’s legible and looks good.

Don’t make it too busy and messy with too many competing font styles. Disunity among fonts and poor typography can cloud the message.

3. Avoid making it too busy

Avoid making it too busy

Your box serves to fulfill two key roles, which are to protect the product it houses and to attract your customers.

If the box design is too busy and has so much going on in the design, it would defeat the purpose of the design and make you lose sales. Consider keeping it simple and good-looking.

4. Pay close attention to the quality

attention to the quality
Newstep Packaging

Aside from the design of your box packaging, also pay close attention to the quality of materials use.

If your product is a luxury product, avoid using poor-quality packaging as this can affect how your customers perceive and interact with the product. Ensure that your custom boxes accurately mirror the quality of your products.

5. Get help when necessary

Creating the right design can be challenging for non-designers, hence you must get the help of others when it becomes too overwhelming. Get others to review the design after creating it.

Alternatively, get a professional designer to create stunning box packaging designs for your brand. A graphic design agency like All Time Design can help you fulfill your design needs.

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Six Steps To Design a Box Packaging Design

Consider the following steps to create a beautiful and functional packaging design.

Step 1: Briefing Stage

The first step of creating a box packaging design is to set up a meeting with the client to discuss the design needs and expectations. This is the stage where you get all the important information about the client and their customer base and get their design requirements.

Step 2: Outline Stage

As the name implies, the outline stage is when you create the systematic framework of the design project.

This is the point when you draft out the budgeting, estimated duration, materials, and other important information. This stage is important because it sets the pace for the execution of the project.

Step 3: Research

After gaining clarity about the project, the client’s expectations, and all that’s needed to successfully execute the project, the next step is to conduct more in-depth research about the client, market, and the best design strategy that should be implemented in the branded packaging.

This will enable you to understand the kinds of designs that work in the industry, what competitors are doing, and what the client customers love. This way you bring all the important information together to create the design.

Step 4: Prepare a Dieline

At this stage, you design the dieline, which is the basic plan or structure of your design identifying all the box package cut lines and folds.

It can be sketched out with an illustrator with details on the edges and curves of the design.

Sketching this out with all the lines will enable you to create the appropriate design. Look out for any errors in the design as any slight mistakes can ruin the general concept of the design.

Step 5: Design Concepts

With the dieline in place, the next step is to start working on the actual design of the box based on research. This is the stage where you bring all the research and design elements together to create actual packaging.

The color, theme, font, legal guidelines, ingredient information, and usage information are combined to make the unique packaging. Importantly, ensure that your design is original, well-designed, and eye-catching.

Also when presenting the final product to the client, consider giving them two options for them to choose from.

Step 6: Client Review and Refinement Till Satisfaction

Although you have identified a timeline for your project, there is a chance that the project could exceed that timeline, which is where this final step comes to play.

Realistically, there is no definite time when you stop working on the project, the project automatically ends when the client accepts it and is satisfied with it. So the bulk of work in this final step is going to include many backs and forths with you and the client.

They will keep requesting adjustments till they feel satisfied. So keep this in mind as you work with them at this stage. It’s not okay until your client feels so.

25 Box Design Ideas To Transform Your Branding

Now that we have covered the functions of the box design, steps, and elements of a box design, the next step is to share some cool box design ideas with you. The following are the box design ideas that you should check out.

Box Design Idea #1: Use Custom Labels or Stickers

In some cases, you might have thought to print your brand graphics on the actual box to make your brand more visible and more recognizable.

But instead of doing, you can consider, creating custom labels or stickers to change the look of your box packaging. Instead of using the same box packaging every time, you can design and print different custom labels and use them to change the feel of the box packaging.

A good example of this is Blue Frame Candles, an online luxury candle, and diffuser company. The candle packaging has a custom sticker attached to its front.

Box Design Idea #2: Leverage Product Photography

Leverage Product Photography

Photographs or images are an excellent way to showcase your product and increase your brand recognition. A good way to brand your box packaging is by using high-quality, eye-catching image (s) of your product on the box.

By doing this, you show your product to your prospective customers, attract their attention and influence their purchase decision. Importantly using your product image also enhances brand trust. They see what they want to buy and know what to expect.

A good example of this is the Apple box packaging. On their iPhones, MacBooks, iWatch, AirPods, etc., packaging, you can see what exactly the product looks like.

Box Design Idea #3: Box Cutouts to Give a Sneak Peek

Box Cutouts to Give a Sneak Peek

This packaging design enables you to give your prospective customers a sneak peek of the inside of the packaging. It shows them what exactly is inside and helps to build their trust in the brand/product.

They are mostly used for food products, to help people see what they are buying. Sometimes, when spending money on a product, it takes a lot more than the brand to make payment, you might also what to see what’s inside to determine if it’s worth it or not.

A good example of this is Urban Eat, a UK-based Food brand that makes easy meals like sandwiches, wraps, hot eats, salads, and snacks. Their product packaging shows you what the sandwich looks like.

Box Design Idea #4: Add Humor

Existing studies have shown that humor can improve mental and physical health, boost attractiveness and improve leadership.

Although you might be a bit unsettled about adding humor to your design, it can help to lighten the mood and help you stay longer in your prospective customer’s memory. Adding funny and harmless humor to your brand packaging can make all the difference. Just ensure that you are not insulting, mocking, or discriminating against anyone with humor.

A good example of this is Package Free Shop, an eco-friendly store that sells sustainable, green, and plastic-free products to reduce waste and protect the environment. This message on the box will bring you a smile.

Box Design Idea #5: Use a Limited Color Palette

To create a professional and visually appealing box design, you don’t necessarily have to use all the colors in the color chart.

Try sticking to a few selected colors to make it look organized. Alternatively, you can use the latest trend of using Ombre color, this gives your box design a soft, classy, and sophisticated look. A good example of this is Tupperware’s Thermal flask packaging.

Box Design Idea #6: Make it a Multi-Purpose

Make it a Multi-Purpose
Trend Hunter

Sometimes, a box design act as more than just a container for the product. It could also be created to achieve other purposes.

If the box is designed with this in mind, the users can find other uses for it after getting the product (the box can outlive the product). A good example of this is Coloroid’s colored pencil packaging.

Box Design Idea #7: Use a Custom Stamp

If you are struggling with your printing budget or simply just looking for a new and creative way to step the essential element of your box and help your product stand out.

Consider using a custom stamp to create custom modern designs that protect your products and build a positive impression of your brand on your potential customers. A good example of this is Farmer’s First Coffee Packaging.

Box Design Idea #8: Seal Boxes with Custom Tape

Seal Boxes with Custom Tape

Another creative way to create stunning product box packaging is to sell boxes with custom tapes. This creates a unique look for your brand and adds extra protection to the product inside.

A good example of this is March, an Australian brand that specializes in lavender-grown skincare products. Instead of printing the graphics directly on the box, they use branded to wrap their box.

Box Design Idea #9: Add a Packaging Sleeve

If you are looking to save cost on your box packaging design, another creative way to go about this is by using a packaging sleeve in place of a box.

Usually, these sleeves are placed on top of bar soap or other skin care products, while others include it in the custom box design to create a unique design. A good example of this is Baby Mama’s Soap packaging.

Box Design Idea #10: Play Around With Fonts

A font is an integral element of a design that can elevate the look and feel of your custom box design. If you are looking for a new innovative way to change the appearance of your box design, consider playing around with different fonts to make your packaging more memorable and unique. A good example of this is the “Tea in a Box” package design.

Box Design Idea #11: Make it Gift worthy

As much as you think the box packaging is “just a box” that protects the product, its function and significance transcend this.

The box design should be designed creatively to look beautiful, unique, and presentable. Overall, using the gift-box design can elevate the product value. A good example of this is TWG Tea Gift-like box packaging

Box Design Idea #12: Tell a Story

If you have been conversant with modern practices in the marketing and advertising world, then you would understand how important storytelling is to any brand.

Telling a story with your box packaging design can help you build a connection with your audience and share your brand inspiration, vision, etc., with them.

Doing this brings your brand closer to your target audience. A good example of a brand that implemented this in their box design is Seattle’s Best Coffee, an American Coffee retailer, and wholesaler based in Seattle. The product packaging tells a short story of how they came up with the brand name.

Box Design Idea #13: Keep it simple

You must have heard the saying that less is more. In most cases, the best choice you can make for your box design is to keep it simple. A good example of a simple, beautiful, and classy box design is the Acne Studio product box packaging design.

Box Design Idea #14: Use Patterns

If you are looking for a creative and fun way to enhance your box packaging design, consider using patterns like stripes, polka dots, and other types to bring life to your design. A good example of this box packaging design by Bibelot, an affordable baby footwear brand.

Box Design Idea #15: Use an Interesting Shape

Your box does not have to be created in a simple shape. You can always play around with the shapes and add variations to the boxes to make them look unique and attractive.

Think outside the box and choose a creative and visually appealing box shape. A popular trend among many brands is the cardboard box or mailer box packaging design. A good example of this is The Feel Good Lab packaging design.

Box Design Idea #16: Use all Available Space

Another good way to step up the design and visual aesthetics of your box design packaging is by using all available spaces in the box and filling it up with meaningful graphics, quotes, information, or saying that your customers can learn about your brand. A good example of this is the Reserva Real Cigars Packaging design.

Box Design Idea #17: Consider the Inner Sections’

When you are focused on designing the outer layer of the design, don’t forget to design the inner sections too.

Include creative design elements in the inner section of your packaging to bring it to life. A good example of this ambassador box is the brand ambassador gift box by service express.

Box Design Idea #18: Add some fun to the design

There are different ways to achieve the box design from the conventional ways. Consider other fun and modern shapes to bring life to your design. A good example of this is Anna & Anna’s food packaging design.

Box Design Idea #19: Use a Single Bright Color

An interesting idea you could use for your box packaging design is to use a single bright color to make a bold statement instead of using a rainbow of colors.

Box Design Idea #20: Agarbatti Box Packaging Design

An interesting way to design your product packaging is to display the fragrance or flavor of the product in the product packaging.

For example, if the product is made from Lavender, you could have the product packaging with lavender flowers fragrance.

Box Design Idea #21: Sweet Box Packaging Design

This sweet box design features images of sweets or chocolates to make the design catchy and attractive. It mostly combines distinct colors, with quotes or sayings

Box Design Idea #22: Sustainability

This simple box design uses a cardboard brown color to give off a sustainability design vibe. A lot of businesses are now keen on sustainability to show their support and contribution to a better world. If your business has such value, you can use this for your business.

Box Design Idea #23: Cute box design

A beautiful, cute box design attracts people and can be an excellent way to make a good first impression. To achieve this, you can carve out the shape of a cute cartoon character, animals, or pastel colors to warm up to your customers.

Box Design Idea #24: Artistic Box Packaging

Artistic Box Packaging

This box packaging combines innovative and creative design to captivate your target customers and enhance your brand image. Creating this box design intrigues your customers and uplifts the feeling of luxury and premium products.

Box Design Idea #25: Relate it to the cause

This box design is good to help your brand reflect or represent the cause it cares about. A good example is this packaging from Nobilin that accurately gives a powerful visual representation of how the tablet supports digestion by targeting heavy food in the stomach. Explore some amazing dangler design ideas.

Start Designing Innovative Packaging Designs Today

Box packaging design is a multifunctional business marketing tool that offers you so much more than you would expect. Developing creative, thoughtful, and clean box designs like the ones mentioned above can improve your brand image, make a good impression on your current customers, and importantly, help you attract new ones.

For best practices, keep in mind that your product box packaging design goes beyond the visual aesthetics, understand that it is an important marketing and advertising tool that can make a significant impact on your business success and customer growth.

If you find yourself struggling to create top-notch designs for your products, get in touch with our creative design experts at All Time Design today to help you create professional and high-quality box packaging designs that will help you stand out from your competitors.

All Time Design is one of the leading creative design service providers well known for its excellent service delivery and proficient graphic designers. Check out our greatest works.

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