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In this digital age, print advertisement mediums still work magic regarding lead generation. And brochures are one of the oldest print advertising tools that arrest attention and draw prospects toward your business.

In this post, we’ll explain what a brochure is, the key benefits of a brochure to your business, and why you should choose All Time Design for your brochure design services.

What is a Brochure?

Similar to a flyer, a brochure is a common marketing tool used to advertise and market any company/business, product, or service. It’ll usually contain detailed information that sells a new business, service, or product to existing customers and prospects alike.

In this digital age, you may think a brochure is useless, but it is still as important as it was in the good old days. In addition to your website, social media pages, web banners, and other digital ads print marketing materials such as a brochure can be a vital part of your branding and advertising efforts.

Why Do You Need a Brochure for Your Business?

Here are some crucial advantages of a custom brochure for your business:

1. To educate customers

A well-designed brochure provides introductory information about your business, highlighting the benefits of your products or services. While educating your target market, your brochure can help you establish credibility in their minds.

2. To increase sales

A professionally-designed brochure is perfect for driving people to your business in several ways. You can use your brochure to create buzz around your new products or service. You can include a URL to your website or landing page or attach a voucher or coupon to your brochures to drive people to your store.

3. Brand identity

In addition to your logo design, website, and social media, a professional brochure design leaves a lasting impression on your readers, helping you enhance your brand identity.

4. Increase brand awareness

A brochure helps you announce your business, especially when distributed to the right people who will then carry it to others. Overall, it helps to promote your brand awareness among your target clients, whether in trade shows, networking events, or anywhere else they may be.

5. Build your company’s image

Professional brochures carry your business’s missions, values, and visions in a credible manner. This will allow you to connect with people to connect with your business personally as they carry you around in their hands and heart.

6. It is cost-effective

The materials used in making papers are extremely inexpensive raw materials and can help you cut the cost of marketing and advertising cost compared to TV, billboard, and other traditional means. This is a great option for small businesses.

Perks of Hiring Professional Brochure Designers for Your Business

Brochures help your company build trust while simultaneously holding information about your company. Establishing a business is no mean feat; this is why, at All Time Design, our designers provide personalized brochures and creative services that help you gain ground in your industry while ensuring the services you offer remain the focal point. Here are key reasons why you should hire professionals for your brochure design.

1. Save time

Our team enables you to focus on the bigger picture while delegating your brochure and other design requirements to our team of experienced designers. We offer you the creative services of brochure designers and a reliable process so you can lean back and focus on generating revenue while we handle the creative aspect.  

2. Outrank competitors

It doesn’t usually take more than a single glance to differentiate between an amateur design and a design done by a professional brochure designer. So, to always be one step ahead, you must capture your audience’s attention with unique marketing materials. What better way to do that than hiring a professional brochure design service?

3. Drive results

It’s no secret that great brochure designs drive sales. Design is about striking a solid mark with the audience. A professional brochure designer does just that by blending in the right elements, fonts, and colors and persuading potential customers to look at the call-to-action button.

Why Should You Choose All Time Design for Your Brochure Design Services

brochure design services in usa

All Time Design offers low-cost and hassle-free graphic design services by a team of professional graphic designers. We take care of most of the graphic design needs that are required by B2B and B2C businesses.

With a robust and intuitive platform, All Time Design enables you to access lightning-fast and professionally vetted creative designs to empower your marketing efforts.

The Types of Brochure Designs We Offer

1. Roll fold brochure

brochure design services near me

A roll-fold brochure might have four or five folds depending on the volume of information you want to present. It is folded in a rolling motion, with the right sections folded into the left section, which serves as the brochure cover. In this type of brochure, you have 8-10 pages to fill with content and images.

2. Parallel fold brochure

custom brochure design services

This brochure style folds into three halves to create sixteen sections. It has the most number of pages you can get in a folded brochure, making it ideal for information-heavy brochures. A parallel fold will do the job if you want to provide details for a wide range of products and services.

3. Half-fold brochure

brochure design services usa

Also known as the bi-fold brochure, the Half-Fold brochure is a beautiful design that is easy to maneuver and can perfectly display content. It is, evidently, shaped like a book as it is folded into two panels. It emits a classy look which makes it ideal for simple presentations.

4. Tri-fold brochure

miami brochure design services

In a tri-fold, a single sheet is divided into three parts. Similar in dimension to the half-fold (8.5″ x 11″), the sheet is folded so that the right panels fold beneath the left panel. This makes the tri-fold perfect for different types of presentations, especially when you want to strike a balance between content and design.

5. Z-fold brochure

affordable brochure design services

Z-Fold Brochures are stylish and sleek brochure that serves the purpose of posing as effective marketing material. This brochure design is eye-catching and easy to fit into envelopes.

Like the tri-fold, the Z-Fold brochure divided the sheet into sections but in a distinct Z-shape as the sheet is folded with each panel placed on the other. This type of brochure gives you ample space to include information and images.

6. Gatefold brochure

corporate brochure design services

Gate-Fold brochures are a unique way to present your business information. They are simple and minimalist and enable you to present information effectively without hassle.

This brochure style is divided into three unequal panels; each side panel is folded like a gate. Usually, the side panels measure one-half of the central panel’s width.

7. French fold brochure

brochure design services india

Also called right-angle fold, the Frech fold brochure is a unique style suitable for high-end graphic designs, maps, and sales books and invitations. The sheet in this style is divided into four different panels of standard dimensions 8.5″ x 14″, providing options to execute your designs perfectly.

8. Accordion fold brochure

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The Accordion fold brochure is a zig-zag of four folds that looks suave and serves the purpose of skillfully displaying information. Measuring a standard 8.5″ x 14″Accordion Fold Brochure is designed to be ideal for displaying information in a timeline or chronological method.

9. Double parallel fold brochure

brochure design services new jersey

An archetypal brochure design that is apt for a fill-up, application forms, or reference materials, the Double Parallel Fold Brochure is a sleek brochure design. It has impressive folds and is apt for institutions and businesses.

Now that you know the different brochure types, it’s time to contact a professional brochure designer to execute your perfect brochure design.

All Time Design for Your Brochure Design Services

Unlimited designs. Unparalleled success.

1. Expert brochure designs

We are all geared up with a team of readily available professional designers. We match you with the right one who understands your brand and promptly delivers the designs you seek.

2. Unlimited requests

The sky’s the limit; submit as many projects as you want and from wherever you want. Our creative team can deliver your creative outputs happily. 

3. Unlimited revisions

Something just doesn’t feel right about the design. Your feelings are valid. We will work on the revisions until you are completely satisfied with the results. No hidden charges for the unlimited revisions we work on. A single flat rate for all designs and revisions!

4. Faster turnaround time

Our brochure design process is super fast! Send in your requests today, and we’ll get the designs to you tomorrow. Our team takes 24-48 hours to provide you with the creatives. 

5. Own your designs

Your designs are entirely yours! Gain complete access to all your source files once your project is complete so you can edit them as required.

6. Delightful customer service

Our design agency offers a highly dedicated human support team that you can access to seek any help. We assure you of a smooth and well-ordered experience with our customer support team. 

7. One flat rate 

Say goodbye to exorbitant hourly rates or unnecessary add-on fees. Pay a single flat rate for all your custom requests and revisions.

8. 21 days free trial period

We offer you a full money-back guarantee if you decide our services don’t fit your requirements!

How Does All Time Design Work?

Step #1: Submit your design requests

Precisely let us know your design requirements by logging in to our simple and intuitive dashboard instead of the tedious methods followed by a traditional design agency. 

Step #2: Design work sets off

The only match you need! Get matched with a professional designer who understands your brands and kick-starts your project in a flash.

Step #3: Download your designs

Sit back and gear up to receive your unlimited, high-quality designs at lightning-fast turnaround speed. Receive high-quality files for the approved projects in absolutely any format you want!

What to Keep in Mind Before Contacting All Time Design Brochure Design Service

brochure design services phases

Before you make the final decision to request the services of our professional brochure designer, there are some things you need to get a hold of.

  1. Your brand identity: what’s your visual identity to your ideals, personality, vision, and mission? How do you intend to portray yourself?
  2. Understand your audience: who’s your ideal customer, and would take prefer text over images or vice versa?
  3. Your message: what strong, compelling message do you want your brochure to communicate?
  4. Your goals: why are you designing a brochure? What results do you hope to achieve?
  5. Your budget: How many brochures do you want to print? What kind of design, what kind of paper, and what kind of printing technique do you want to use?

Our designers can discuss this with you to help you figure things out. You can also check out this complete guide to brochure design to learn more.

What’s All Time Design Payment Plan?

We have four main payment plans that could be paid across four timeframes – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annually.

Monthly Plan

The monthly plan starts from $699 for the standard subscriber to $1,299 for the pro subscriber, $1,999 for premium subscribers, and $4,999 for the ultimate subscriber.

Quarterly Plan

The quarterly plan starts from $664 for the standard subscriber to $1,234 for the pro subscriber, $1,899 for premium subscribers, and $4,749 for the ultimate subscriber.

Yearly Plan

The yearly plan starts from $594 for the standard subscriber to $1,104 for the pro subscriber, $1,699 for premium subscribers, and $4,249 for the ultimate subscriber.

Brochure Design Samples To Check Out

Ready to Create Top-quality Designs at Low-cost Prices

Step up the marketing game with stellar brochure designers at your service. Share information and add a personal touch to your business with professional brochures created by the best brochure design service in the business! Book a demo now!

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