How to balance the lack of marketers in your company?

How to balance the lack of marketers

RSM, an audit and accounting firm in the United Kingdom conducted a survey on the startups. They found that there was a 60% rise in the launching of new tech companies in the year 2017. Based on this you will be able to understand the number of startups launching every day. You may also be one of the founders of those startups or a marketer working in one of those startups. This article will give you insights into the challenges that you may face and the solutions to overcome them.

This blog post focuses on the challenges an organization faces when there is a lack of marketers in your company. So, entrepreneurs who have less manpower can also discern their business model and techniques.


Every marketer or CMO should be clear about what you sell and whom you work for. It might be anything and it is significant for you to know the company first. Learn about the mission statement and their decisions and stands on certain issues and their goals. Know the intention behind the service and learn the benefits and USP’s of the product.

Go through the marketing process of the firm. Analyze the achievements and mistakes committed previously and learn from them. Know the marketing channels that are being utilized and how much revenue is generated from those. Come up with a plan to expand those channels at a minimal cost.

Target audience

Target audience
Every company should have an idea about its target market and audience. You should find your niche and then try to penetrate into it. Only if you are unclouded and lucid about your customers, you can come up with strategies to reach them and sell the service/product.

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Get the data about existing customers since 80% of your sales happen through repeat customers and only 20% through new customers. So, study the customer base and know the user personas. You can also target potential customers. Feedback from the customers will help you to plan your strategies accordingly.


Studying and analyzing the field and your competitors are important to the extent to know what they are doing. But not to the level of imitating the same thing. Instead, try to find what you can offer to your clients that they can’t. You would grow only if you focus on your company rather than your competitors. Read between the lines. Advertise to your customers by enhancing your USP.

Digital media marketing - SEJ

Digital media marketing
Use social media effectively. Do not post stuff that wouldn’t interest your audience. Know the usage of each social medium properly and leverage it to your advantage.

According to GoDaddy’s Survey conducted in 2015, it was found that 60% of small businesses do not own a website.

The percentage may have varied now, however, responsive websites’ are significant for gaining leads. Make your website SEO friendly. If you think building a UI/UX website is expensive try Spiceblue. They design websites that are SEO and mobile friendly.

Curate a list of potential customers and start email marketing to email campaigns.

Content marketing

Content marketing
Blogging is an important platform for content marketing. It is found that 67% of more leads are generated for businesses that have a blog in comparison with businesses that don’t have a blog. Recent surveys and statistics have shown that developing a quick and effective video marketing strategy for your company can help in increasing sign-ups and generating marketing qualified leads.

If you’re a beginner looking to start your own blog, it’s crucial to choose the best blogging site that suits your needs.

You can also do guest blogging. It helps to develop a bond with the readers of other community bloggers, generate traffic in your website and brand promotion.

Graphic designing

Graphic designing
You can balance the lack of marketers with efficient graphic designers. Hire a design service or team that can help you promote your brand through neat and professional visuals.

All Time Design is a graphic design service that offers unlimited graphics designs for a flat monthly rate. Hire it to fulfill your design needs.

These are some of the hacks that small firms and startups can use to fill the lack of marketers and achieve success

July 13, 2020
10 min read
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