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With the boom in technology, it is righteous for one to question whether we should still stick to old practices like handing over a business card? My answer would be Yes! You can think that the client could get back to you by a simple Google search for your contact details. Those are secondary. But when you meet your prospective client for the first time, it is absolutely necessary to create a good first impression. However good or bad your meeting goes on, while you leave, it is absolutely essential to hand over your business card. Your business card is the tool that will be setting the first impression. That too, if you are from a creative field like graphic designing, your business card is your first step before showcasing your portfolio. Even a growing startup with an exotic business card has more chances to be considered by a client. They are a part of the branding exercise businesses take up to beat the competition. The card should not merely hold your contact details but should also possess an impressive design. It should speak favorably for your business. For your clients and customers, business cards act as a window to peep into the company’s quality of products and services. There is proven evidence for this. A study states 72 percent of people form an opinion about a company based on the quality of the business cards. So your card can make or break your business. Check out more on Print Custom Business Cards

Why Need Print Custom Business Cards?

Easy to share contact information

One main reason for business cards to remain in circulation is they provide your contact information with ease. All your contact details such as email address and phone number will be available on your card. The recipient can keep it in his wallet or drawer and contact you when in need.

Gives a sense of personal touch

Handing out a business card doesn’t happen all of a sudden. It involves a lot of handshakes. Both the parties thank and greet each other. They also spend a lot of time connecting. They share their information in a friendly environment. This is the warmth that helps in building a relationship. But do not forget that the quality and design of the cards remind your clients of your professionalism. Berth Ramsay, a prominent speaker, and author, advises using metal to business cards as they are a good investment and attract clients.

Creates a quick first impression

Every business intends to attract its target audience. People’s attention span is already decreasing due to a lot of distractions. So an instant first impression becomes essential. A classy and well-thought-of business card quickly catches the attention and builds a great first impression on your clients. The company’s logo with tastefully displayed details and correct usage of colors and fonts makes your brand recognizable among clients. Colors also play a major role in the first impression, check out how to choose brand colors.

Plays an essential role in some culture

In many cultures, business cards have a prominent role. They become a part of business practices. For example, if you are doing business in Hong Kong, you must give your business card when someone offers you theirs. You stand sure chances to lose the client if you don’t share your card. In Japan, clients examine the quality of your card to determine how efficiently you run your business.

Convert them into direct marketing tool

Contemporary custom made business cards are a direct marketing tool. Though SEO, email marketing, and other marketing methods can get you leads and potential clients, it is still business cards that are more effective. This is due to the in-person meeting that happens while sharing the cards. When you meet a potential client anywhere by chance at an airport or lounges, you can easily hand them over your card. It is necessary to always have a few cards with you.

Makes your business referable

A business card should not merely contain your company’s details. They should also outline the skills you possess. If your recipient is informed about an extra skill you possess, he may refer your business to someone looking for that skill. So make sure your card design is compelling for referrals.

Building trust

In this highly competitive market environment, it is imperative to build customer’ trust. A business card can somewhat build this trust. Since it involves a lot of warmth and greeting exchanged while sharing cards. A professional graphic designer knows the right colors to incorporate in the card design that evokes a sense of trust. A card design that is organized speaks for the business.

Turn it into a networking tool

The digital world has made businesses happen virtually anywhere. In this way, companies have expanded their horizons everywhere. You can easily make virtual contact with your clients through emails etc. While these are deemed to be successful, they eliminate the chances of meeting clients personally. There is no alternative to the face-to-face networking that has proven to be the oldest yet effective method of communication and building relationships. Business cards are the tool for creating opportunities. They help in increasing sales due to the power of personal networking. Also, create an authentic brand identity and a chain of personal relationships.

Now that you know how important it is to have your business card, next, you should know where and how to create one. For your business card to perform well, it needs to be attractive and memorable. Remember, you are not the only one who has a business card. Your client would already have received plenty. An expert-designed business card will get you the first good impression that you thrived to achieve. To design your business card, you can use templates provided by some top websites or get the help of professional graphic designers.

Top Websites in Designing Customized Business Cards

VistaPrint: They are one of the top business card printers worldwide and have a section of custom made templates. Their prices are competitive with just $16 for the basic stock, making them a hit among startups. They also create cards that are matte, glossy, or even metallic finish, double-sided prints, and embossed prints. You can get them delivered in seven days with shipping.

iPrint: Want to get fascinated by seeing their magnetic business card? They can curate them for you. They have incorporated an easy to use virtual design studio that lets you create your custom business cards with just a few easy clicks. They also offer you your tailor-made business cards at as low as $10 for a box of 25 magnetic cards. They also provide full-color printing, square cards, and even a wide array of imprint options.

Moo: They offer thousands of templates for your business cards and do dual-side printing for your uploaded photos in full color. This is the best choice for artists, models, and photographers. They also create cards with NFC features that let you send information to your client’s smartphone by simply tapping the card on their device. They cost $19.99 for a set of 50 business cards. They deliver them within five business days.

JukeBox Print: If you are fuelled by texture, then this is the right place for you. They print business cards using different types of materials such as recycled paper, cotton, wood, or textured pulp. They curate cards with round corners, heart shapes, or even cupcakes in foil, matte, glossy, and pearl coated finish. Their price range starts from $59 for 500 business cards with delivery in eight business days.

GotPrint: If you are strict on a budget yet looking for professional business cards, you can get them from GotPrint. They manufacture various cards in various styles, shapes, and textures with UV-coating, double-sided, and full-color printing. They charge just $6.93 for 100 standard cards. They have a limited number of templates, so if you wish for a uniquely designed business card, then it is recommended to design your own. Their delivery is pretty fast, and you can expect your cards in one or two days maximum.

PSPrint: What makes PSPrint stand out from others is its ultra-business card, which they claim to be the luxury and the thickest in the market today. They are in business from 1990 and boast of being a G7 qualified master printer, which means they use a higher technology and have a high standard of printing. They are the most expensive in the market. Their standard cards are priced at $22.99 for a set of 250.

Elite Flyers: Want to make unique business cards that resemble holograms, then Elite Flyers can design them for you at a whopping price of $425 for 100 cards. It features 3D effect, full-color lenticular sides with rounded corners.

Printing peach: They offer business cards at a flat rate of $69. This includes a first draft along with four revisions of the designs for a total of 5 versions. If you are not sure what your card should look like, then this is the right place.

48Hour Print: They make the finest quality business cards, which you can get in as short as two days. That’s why it has got the name. They also design mini cards, standard cards with round corners, and even tent-fold cards. They have cards with a glossy and matte finish that comes along with UV coating for extended durability. They do not have custom laid templates, so you have to design your card. They charge $23 for 100 cards.

Morning Print: Whether you have a tight budget or willing to invest more for your business cards, Morning Print does both. They charge just $8.99 for a pack of 500 cards in their economy paper. And $17.99 for 200 cards in their metallic paper.

Either you are a small business looking for a professional business card or an already established business looking for a change, these websites can help you decide the best for your business. Growing companies should especially make good use of these websites, as this is the first step for creating your brand and establishing a communication with your target audience. Check out All Time Design Work for more ideas on Business Card.

September 17, 2020
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