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Why Businesses Choose ATD Over Hiring Freelancers

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Our lives were on a fast momentum a few months back that we didn’t even have time to stop and look back. We all had structured it in our way and hustled accordingly. Even on the New Year’s eve, we were busily partying and wishing “Happy New Year and Happy 2020” to each other. Even in their wildest dreams, no one would have anticipated a pandemic that would put the whole world to halt. Yes, the Coronavirus outbreak has already changed our lives and totally diminished our plans. With having our lives fully sorted to getting struck between the 4 walls, that’s how much change it has brought to our lives. The virus has not only taken millions of lives but also livelihoods. Nearly 20.6 million people in the USA have lost their jobs. Thanks to some companies which have still held their efficient and hard-working employees, and some companies hiring freelancers and in-house. These companies are those who have completely shifted to a remote. With all the necessities provided, their employees are constantly working from their homes.

hiring freelancers

With no tentative date on when all this will change, the whole world is jumping to a more digitally fluid future, especially in marketing teams. The impact of Covid-19 has forced marketers to pivot strategies and navigate through the new normal. The three main elements of marketing are content, design, and distribution. While content and distribution can be done digitally, it is the design which could be a challenge for marketers. That’s because what one calls a good design can vary for others.

A creative field like graphic designing is like the heart and soul of a business. No business functions successfully without visuals. Visuals are what attract people to invest in your products and services. To get the recognition for your brand, you need to have stellar designs that allure your clients and make you stand out from your competitors. So, marketers have to communicate what they expect to graphic designers. But this situation has shut the doors for in-person communication, so the marketer should probably give his insights through calls or texts.

But whom should they hire?

A Freelancer or an In-house designer or a Design agency?

When businesses hiring freelancers graphic designers, there are few cons to consider before deciding. First, you may never know how many projects he/she is currently working on, and there are chances you won’t get undivided attention. This may also result in poor faulty design outcomes, leading to more revisions, wasted time, and more budget. Moreover, freelancers would be working in a single pc, and if that becomes faulty, you never know how long the downtime could persist. This would lead to hindrances in your deadline.

Another major drawback of hiring a freelancer is that they aren’t someone from your team, so you can’t have any control over their business stability or their ability to meet the deadlines.

Hiring in-house designers mean a long term commitment, which involves more money, time, and effort. Right from the recruitment process to onboarding a new designer is a time consuming and expensive process. Also, according to Glassdoor, the average salary of a graphic designer in 2019 is $49,000, which will burn a hole in your company’s pocket.

If your thinking about hiring a design/ marketing agency, be aware of the additional expenses that will fall on your side. When you hire someone from an agency, you tapping the expertise of copywriters, designers, and creative directors, who have to be compensated from the commissions you pay. For small businesses, especially, creative agencies are not an affordable option.

So if you still haven’t figured the top answer, here you go—it’s All-Time Design. If you are looking for a cost-friendly yet innovative and flexible graphic designer for your business, you should choose All Time Design. It is a remote graphic design service provider that works single-handedly to manage your design demands. We take care of B2B and B2C businesses’ graphic design needs from brochures, presentations, infographics, and social media ads to product packaging, emailers, and magazine layout. So pandemic or no pandemic, we always work remotely with zero physical interactions as we feel “Good design doesn’t require physical interactions.”

Here is why you should choose All Time Design over others:

hiring freelancers

Schedule a demo:

Although you get to go through our designs that we have created for our clients, you might still have credibility issues that can be sorted immediately. You can schedule a demo with our product specialist and watch their stunning demos.

Single design request:

Are you still skeptical after the demo? Then you can place a single design request which we offer at the rate of just $79. All you have to do is brainstorm the ideas in your mind through our interactive dashboard, and you get matched with our dedicated designer. He/she checks on your brief and gets down to their business. When they are done, they deliver your design in all native formats.

Adept designers:

You would be connected with designers who have more than a decade of experience in the field to help you with your creative needs

One day delivery:

If you are in a rush to get your designs done, we also have an option for one-day delivery. You might doubt our quality in such a case, do not worry; our talented designers always assure you the best quality.

Flat monthly rates:

We offer services at flat rates without zero overhead charges. This is the biggest advantage of giving your graphic design needs to All Time Design. We have an annual package with two plans— standard and pro at $349 per month and $749 per month, respectively. You have to subscribe to either of these in the beginning and start getting unlimited designs for the rest of the month. So how many ever revisions you do, its done under the same flat price. The prices differ for quarterly and half-yearly packages.

24-48 hours delivery:

Get your designs delivered within 24-48 hours without a teeny bit of compromise on the quality. Our designers go heights of understanding your context before getting to work.

Instant updates:

When you hand over your design needs to All Time Design, you can forget about it and sit back. You get instant updates and source files delivered with personalized assistance from our designer/account manager.

14-days risk-free trial:

If you have paid for a package and suddenly feel unsatisfied in the middle, we provide 14 days risk-free trial where you can cancel your subscription within 14 days and get your amount refunded immediately.

We care for you:

We offer the best in class customer support. You can immediately get assistance over call, mail, or chat.

After all the benefits we offer, if you have still not made up your mind, Have a look at our work done for our esteemed clients.

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