15 Creative Cap Design Ideas

cap design ideas

Yay! It’s almost graduation day!

First, let’s say our congratulations. After all the years of hard work, you can finally throw yourself a party to honor your success. It’s not been easy, we know. But it’s worth celebrating.

You and the rest of your college friends would be donning the same gown and a complementary graduation cap. But, you’re the type who likes to put a customized touch on your things to stand out. So, you’re thinking of putting a personal decorative touch on your cap to make it pop.

Whether you’re here to search for yourself, your child, or your friend, there are several ideas out there to inspire you.

In this post, we’ll go through 15 graduation cap ideas that can transform your cap from a basic ceremonial piece to an objet d’art – something that reflects your personality, something people will notice when you throw it at the graduation party.

Let’s go!

Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

1. Thank You, Next – Joyful Journey

 graduation cap design ideas

If you’re a fan of Ariana Grande, borrowing the title of her popular track can be a creative way to bring pop culture to fit perfectly into the graduation ceremony without seeming overboard.

2. Looney Toons – Tassel Toppers $15 at Etsy

 cap design ideas for graduation

You can draw inspiration from your childhood as you step into adulthood.

Celebrate your big day with Looney Toons one last time. That’s all, folks! And that’s on, period.

3. DIY Graduation Cap

grad cap design ideas

As you go into the future, put your amazing crafting skills to work with a DIY graduation cap. You can check out the tutorial from Polka Dot Chair.

4. Glitter Momz – Still I Rise ($51 at Etsy)

 high school graduation cap design ideas

What better way to celebrate all your hard work if not by an inspirational quote that captures it all?

“Still I Rise” Isn’t that true of all the troubled you’ve gone through in the past four years?

The cap design above is even more beautiful with the flowers. A graduation cap idea you should definitely consider.

5. Disney Graduation Cap

cap and gown design ideas

Are you one of the grads who’s going to Disneyland to have more fun after the ceremony? This Disney decoration should be the ideal one for your graduation cap.

6. DIY Faux Flower Graduation Cap

 cap hat design ideas

Get your glue gun, and graduate! It’s time to create a flowery cap. This is a good idea if you’re allowed to glue things directly onto your cap or start with a protective topper. Check out the amazing photoshoot ideas.

7. The Adventure Begins

 cap design ideas for boys

Make your graduation cap stand out with glittery designs. Here’s another DIY cap that’s absolutely simple to make.

You can check out the tutorial from I Love to Create.

8. I Was But The Learner $29.95 at Etsy

 cap design ideas for students

This Star Wars-themed cap is stellar for master’s degree grads. Be Darth Vader with your cap decoration. You literally also now direct the pace of the fight. You rock!

9. Just Kept Swimming $15 on Etsy

Have you watched the movie – Finding Nemo or Finding Dory?

 cap design ideas 2022

If you have, this should make more sense to you. It’ll capture how you’ve survived through college.

When the going got tough, when sharks came running, and the waves crashed, you kept swimming and made it!

10. Law Student Paper Flower Graduation Cap Topper, $85 at Etsy

 cap design ideas high school

Hey there, law school graduates! Congratulations! This graduation cap decoration should fit your gown.

11. Holy Molar Graduation Cap Topper, $20 at Etsy

 funny cap design ideas

Graduating from dentistry school? Here’s a cute and funny graduation cap idea you should try on. Enjoy the pun, don’t you?

12. Spongebob Graduate Cap Topper $45 at Etsy

 cap design ideas for girls

Phew! That looked like forever. Thanks to the narrator of Spongebob Squarepants for speeding it up.

13. Graduation Cap Memorial Photo Charm, $19.95 at Etsy

 bottle cap design ideas

Accessories with pictures of your loved ones can be a great way to decorate your graduation cap.

Don’t you love the flowers around the edge?

14. Thank You, Mom and Dad $15 At Threetwentynine. co

 graphic design graduation cap ideas

If you want to use your graduation cap to thank the real MVPs – your parents – for their support through the course, this is a good idea.

You might also choose to change or add to the design to thank those who were instrumental to your success. Explore the cute birthday card ideas.

15. The World Awaits by Craft Box Girls

 cap design ideas funny

Here’s the last graduation cap idea on our list but not the least you can think of. But, of course, there are so many other designs out there in the world that you can check out to customize your cap.

However, if you’re excited about the next stage of life after graduation day, then here’s an excellent cap to showcase your excitement!

Treat your graduation cap as a canvas; the kind of art you can conjure is limitless

Whether you want to use your graduation cap to thank your mom and dad, crack a joke, reference your favorite inspirational words, highlight a relevant moment ( a day you’ll never forget), or dedicate the day to someone (or people). There’s no limit to the design you can create.

You can choose to DIY your graduation cap decoration or buy ready-made designs on a site like Etsy.

If you choose the DIY route, you can search for more graduation cap ideas on craft and art websites or social media pages like Instagram and Pinterest.

Now that you’re inspired by these graduation caps, when are you making yours?

It’s also okay if you can make simple art to save your life or if you’re not okay with what you see on websites that sell ready-made designs. You can employ the service of a professional graphics designer.

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