Catalogue Design Ideas: Design Your Product Catalogue

Catalogue Design Ideas

A well-designed catalog is crucial to developing the reputation of your brand. The marketing strategy of your company will appear incomplete without a proper catalog design, and your sales will suffer. Knowing how to use your catalog templates in practice and when to stray from the template are equally essential parts of catalog design, as marketing experts are well aware.

You can express yourself using a unique catalogue design that a professional designer specifically made for you. But, of course, it would help if you had ideas. So we have gathered some fantastic examples for catalogue images from the designers in our global community.

How to Create Your Design

Work with a professional designer if you want a stunning catalogue design that stands out from the competition. Find and work with a designer to bring your ideas to life, or hold a design competition to gather inspiration from graphic designers all over the world. All Time Design offers designers who will work on your projects and provide quality brochures or catalogue design ideas.

You can hear pitches from designers from throughout the world. Then, you provide feedback, fine-tune your preferences, select a winner or find the ideal designer who fits your style and price range. After that, work individually to develop a unique design.

What Makes a Good Catalogue Design?

A great design tells a story, establishes brand identity, and demonstrates your values to the world. All of that is communicated through graphic design using color, shape, and other design elements. Learn how to tell the narrative of your brand through your catalog design.

Get inspired and begin developing the ideal catalogue design right away. Then, to find original designs for your product catalog, continue reading.

Steps Required to Design Your Perfect Product Catalog

Select Your Design Software

If you choose to build your catalog entirely from scratch, you’ll require a program like InDesign to help you design your catalogue layout.

Plan Your Catalogue Layout

It would be best if you now considered how to arrange both the product details and the photographs. Your catalog will, at the very least, need:

  • a front and back cover
  • introduction page
  • header, footer, thumb index, category color, page columns, etc., are all examples of master pages.
  • the contents table
  • chapter breakers
  • product designs

Keep it Simple

Feel at ease. You can locate design services to assist you with your layout if you are not a professional graphic designer. However, there is nothing wrong with a small company using the images of the products, catalog templates, and other pre-made elements solely to showcase their offer. If you aren’t creative, you may make a product catalog with a template and some essential software, like Word or PowerPoint.

Ensure simplicity. Smaller businesses can showcase their core advantages, prices, and items on just a few pages. You want to draw the attention of potential customers, not to produce works of art. Use a pre-made catalog template if you need a quick brochure.

Your product descriptions should be brief and to the point. Poetry has no place in a product catalog. Some design templates only provide tiny text boxes, but you’ll discover how to use them successfully after you have more creative design abilities (or employ pros). In any case, you don’t want to give the reader too much information. Even though it makes you appear more professional, try to avoid using specialized jargon and slang. All new concepts should be explained to any laypeople to assist them in understanding your content.

Use Design Resources and Creative Design Templates

Present as many images of your products as you can without being frightened. Before they make a purchase, your customers want to review your work. And if you sell non-material goods or services? Well, you could always add a few solutions to the product catalog. For example, some design templates may feature a before/after option for fitness coaches, allowing you to show off the outcomes of your efforts or screenshots of your creative prowess.

Many catalog templates utilize boxes where you can place your product photos, but you can enlarge them to dominate your entire layout in your brochure. This gives you a choice of methods to integrate images into your brochure. Frequently, “page splash”-styled visuals can draw attention to your entire design. People frequently pay more attention to printed text after viewing an image.

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However, photographs aren’t the only kind of image you may use. Other visuals, such as frames, icons, vector graphics, or illustrations, can also be used extensively. A hand-drawn style works better for many templates, especially when advertising creative design services or other related tasks. For example, you may easily adjust the colors of vector graphics to match the layout of your brochure and the brand image of your company, and you can scale them to any size you like. Download your free banner templates.

Find catalog templates that use contrast and color

You can customize a page using colors in addition to images, which is a terrific way to organize information. Color blocking divides space into blending blocks by using complementary and contrasting colors. These blocks can be used as free spaces to be filled with text and original graphics, and you may always utilize hues that go well with the company, brand, or product. In addition, colors can be used to link and connect various PDF sections, and a consistent color scheme can aid your layout.

Proof Your Catalogue

The following step is to check your catalog for errors and typos thoroughly. This is crucial at this point since any errors will remain there once you print the document.

Print Your Catalogue

Choose the paper quality you want and the number of copies you require once it’s time to print your catalogue. Talk to your printer about all of these options before you print since they all affect the price of producing your catalog.

Brochure and Catalog Design Ideas for Graphic Designers

You don’t have to create everything from the start because you can find thousands of professionally prepared templates available online for unlimited downloads free. You can also get advice and examples from experts online for free. So it doesn’t matter if the inspirations are free or paid; there’s always something to learn from other people’s designs.

These are a few inspirational catalog design tips, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

Think Outside the Pamphlet

This is an excellent illustration of how to use your brochure design to be creative—switching to a three-dimensional, interactive format from a flat, pamphlet-like structure. It holds the viewer’s attention and leaves a lasting impression on this example of the user. Numerous different “three-dimensional” concepts for a brochure can be inspired by this design.

Break Boundaries

This particular instance stands out in two different ways. First, it features a case that form-fits over the top, closing it like a tiny package and being a bound book. A spiral-bound book can provide a design feature and make it simpler to keep the brochure open. Since you have to remove the brochure to access it, sleeves are a terrific accent to make your brochure feel a little more posh and personal.

Be Clever

Try to make your statement as literal as you can. For example, the message in this instance is one of transition or “folding” the future. Because the paper is folded in half in front of you, it is taken literally. Try to reconsider your message; a minor adjustment in language might lead to a wide range of possible ways to convey it.

Be creative with typography

An excellent method to ensure you’re using both is to create typography using images or photos. Here, the type is visible through the image in reverse. Enough of the image can be seen to understand the message, and each letter has a distinctive appearance due to variations in color and shape.

Don’t be Afraid of Change

Your catalog designs don’t all have to be the same. The reader is given more options when several pamphlets contain the same information. Each image has its own identity thanks to combining three different pictures and three different color washes.

There are still a lot more, but you’ll make a fantastic catalog if you bear these few suggestions in mind.

Catalogue and Brochure Design Templates

Want more inspiration? We’ve gathered templates and design resources to give you design inspiration to enable you to get started in creating new ideas and templates.

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Lagoina Jewelry Lookbook Catalogue Design

For all boutique jewelers, this sleek product catalog is a smart option. Each page has a layout that balances contemporary typography and image placeholders. In addition, Lagoina may be customized in InDesign, just like many other product catalogue examples that will be listed. Click on the site below to download the template.

Zenn IE Brochure design

RATTU: Lookbook Brochure Catalogue Design

This business catalog design template provides a hip and contemporary design that will aid in the promotion of your goods. The template is ideal for designers, photographers, architects, and other professionals. It has 26 pages with various layouts and is available in both A4 and US Letter sizes.

One of those InDesign catalog templates that makes it simple to add your product photos is this one. Customize the fonts, colors, and text specific to your requirements.

Product Magazine Catalog Design

This product catalog magazine is perfect if you want a refined and understated outcome. The A4-sized InDesign catalog template has 20 pages and several layers.

Simple Product Catalog Design

The task is completed using this product catalog design template. It comes in an A4 size and has a simple design. In addition, the template comes with two editable InDesign files with 16 predefined pages.

Architecture Brochure Design Template

Furniture and Interior Catalog Template

This is a contemporary brochure InDesign catalog template from GraphicRiver. This book guide template for a catalogue is intended to display furnishings and home décor items. There are 24 pages in the customizable product catalog design and four different cover layouts.

Rockfutur Print Brochure Design

Web Design Company Brochure Design

Explore Rzeszow Brochure Design

Furniture company Catalog Design Inspiration

Suffolk University Catalog Design

St Regis Lijiang Catalogue Design Inspiration

Product Catalog

This A4 print-ready catalog is used when you want your business products to stand out. 16 A4-sized pages make up the document. Your project is ready to be sent to the printers after you add your photos and text and alter the colors to reflect your style or brand. One of the best examples of a product catalog is this one.

Umbra Shift 2016 Catalog

Need a Professional Hand?

All Time Design is an excellent source for polished, professional templates that are adaptable and simple to utilize while making the best catalogue templates. For affordable monthly costs, All Time Design enables unlimited downloads and requests for fonts, icons, PowerPoint business templates, and other business and design resources you frequently want.

Do not forget that your graphic design tells a story of how much branding your business does. Advertising comes from numerous spheres of life. Poor catalog design sends clients out the door before word of mouth.

All Time Design will help your project stand out. Sign up here to start drawing viewers’ attention with high-standard catalogue design

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