CEO Business Card: Tips and Examples to Get You Inspired

ceo business card

The chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking professional in an organization, usually appointed by the board of directors. This individual is responsible for the overall day-to-day management of a company. The CEO is sometimes the company’s president, chairman of the board, founder, or owner (in the case of entrepreneurs and sole proprietors).

A business card represents your company’s brand and personal profile. It usually contains personal contact information such as name, job title, email address, website, office address, and phone number. Even amidst the technological advancement we have seen in recent years, business cards remain an effective tool to showcase your business image, make positive first impressions on the recipients and drive customers to the company.

Beyond impacting customer impression, business cards also serve as the backbone of marketing efforts and play a significant role in putting your business out there (with more emphasis on personal networking). To guide you, we have provided 15 examples of CEO business card designs and five design templates to get you inspired this 2023.

15 Stunning Business Card Examples of some of the World’s biggest CEOs

Here are examples of CEO business card designs from which you can get inspiration in 2023.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

business card for ceo

Mark Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer, business tycoon, internet entrepreneur, philanthropist, and CEO/Co-founder of the social networking site Facebook and its parent company, Meta platforms. Mark was born in White Plains in New York and attended Harvard University, where he launched Facebook with his roommates, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, and Andrew McCollum.

ceo business card

In the early years of Facebook, Mark once had a business card that read, “I’m CEO, Bitch” Mark uttered the phrase at the time to emulate the style of Apple founder Steve jobs.

2. Bill Gates

business card ceo

Bill Gates is an American business investor, Author, Philanthropist, and principal founder of Microsoft Corporation alongside his friend, Paul Allen. He is one of the World’s most prominent entrepreneurs in the computer revolution and one of the wealthiest individuals in the World. He was CEO, chairman, and chief software architect during his career at Microsoft.

ceo on business card

He is also the Co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to fund global health and development programs. In addition, Microsoft unveiled its first-ever business cards of its founders above on its 46th anniversary to showcase the funky side of the company.

3. Larry Page

president and ceo on business card

Larry Page is an American computer scientist, business magnate, internet entrepreneur, and co-founder of the World’s biggest technology company, Google.

He was also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Alphabet Inc, born on March 26, 1973, in East Lansing, Michigan. But, irrespective of his humble background, Page’s interests in computers and burning passion for reinventing technology influenced his tech career.

founder ceo business card

The above amateurish business card was designed in 1998 when he founded Google on September 4. His business card design has a massive logo at the center to show where he works.

4. Evan Williams

founder and ceo business card

Evan Williams is an American computer programmer, billionaire technology entrepreneur, and Executive. He is the Co-founder, CEO, and chairman of the online social media and social networking service Twitter, born in Clarks, Nebraska.

Evan served as the CEO of Twitter, Inc. from 2008 to 2010 and a member of its board from 2007 to 2019. Aside from Twitter, he also founded Blogger and Medium, two of the World’s largest blogging platforms.

owner ceo business card

After dropping out a year and a half after his tertiary education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he worked at various startups and technology jobs before starting a carer in marketing at O’Reilly. His first business card features the iconic blue bird with a simple design.

5. Michael Dell

ceo business card examples

Michael Dell is an American investor, billionaire businessman, philanthropist, and the founder, chairman, and CEO of one of the World’s most prominent technology infrastructure companies, Dell Technologies.

In his first year at the University of Texas, he started a business compiling and selling personal computers before applying for a vendor license to bid on contracts for the state of Texas.

president and ceo on business card

After registering his company as PCs Limited, he became the youngest CEO of a company ranked among the top 500 corporations. His business card has a massive PCs Limited logo which shows where he works. The business card design is stunning and straightforward.

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6. Steve Jobs

ceo founder business card

Steve Jobs is an American business magnate, entrepreneur, industrial designer, chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Apple Inc. He was born on February 24, 1955. Aside from Apple, he is a media proprietor and investor and was also a member of The Walt Disney Company’s board, chair, and majority shareholder of Pixar.

luxury ceo business card

Although he enrolled in Reed College in Portland, Oregon, he dropped out and worked at Atari Corporations as a video game designer in early 1974. His business card has a simple black-and-white palette.

7. Jerry Yang

ceo business card sample

Jerry Yang is a Taiwanese American entrepreneur, businessman, computer programmer, co-founder, and former CEO of Yahoo Inc.

Born on November 6, 1968, in Taipei, Taiwan, Yang is widely recognized as a visionary and pioneer in the internet technology sector and was named one of the top 100 innovators in the World under the age of 35 by the MIT Technology Review at 1999. He studied electrical engineering at Stanford University.

president and ceo business card

His business card looks much busier than CEO cards, with the brand logo at the center to reflect what the business represents.

8. Eric Schmidt

should i put owner or ceo on my business card

Eric Schmidt is an American software engineer, businessman, and CEO/Executive Chairman of Google between 2001 to 2015. He was born in Falls Church, Virginia, and grew up in Blacksburg.

Eric also served as the Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc from 2015 to 2017, after which he took on the role of Technical Advisor at Alphabet from 2017 to 2020.

ceo title on business card

In 2017, he was ranked the 119th richest person with an estimated wealth of $11.1 billion. Larry Page’s business card has a simple and formal design with the company logo and a giant Google Logo on the left to show where he works.

9. Mitchell Baker

ceo and founder business card

Mitchell Baker is the Executive Chairwoman and CEO of Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation. She coordinates business and policy issues and motivates a massive collective of employees and volunteers who breathe life into the Mozilla Internet application, Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, and other Mozilla Products.

owner or ceo on business card

Her business card features soft, curved edges and illustrations of the original dinosaur logo that Mozilla first used. Though it stands out from the norm, it contains the name, title, contact information, and website URL in a way that its recipients easily remember.

10. John Donahoe

ceo business card example

John Donahoe is an American Businessman and CEO of the World’s biggest sportswear company, Nike. Before this role, he served as eBay’s former president and CEO and the chairman of PayPal.

John earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Dartmouth and worked for Bain & Company in his early career, becoming the first president and CEO in 1999.

should i put ceo on my business card

His business card has a classic but stunning design and includes his name, title, contact details, and his signature, making a unique design.

11. Meg Whitman

co founder and ceo business card

Meg Whitman is an American business executive, former governorship candidate for California, and the CEO of Quibi.

She served as the president and CEO of eBay between 1998 to 2008, after which she joined and served as the CEO of the technology company Hewlett Packard Enterprise between 2015 to 2018. She is currently a board member of Procter & Gamble and General Motors.

Her HP business card features a simple and attractive design, including her name, title, office address, email address, company URL, telephone numbers, and signature.

12. Tim Berners-Lee

google ceo business card

Sir Timothy Berners-Lee is an English computer scientist widely known as the World Wide Web (WWW) inventor.

He is a professional fellow of computer science at the University of Oxford and a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2014, he set up the World Wide Web Consortium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Laboratory for Computer Science.

founder & ceo business card

Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s businessCEOs, features a simple, plain design with blue, black, and white colors. It includes his name, title, office address, email address, telephone number, and signature.

13. Jeff Bezos

founder and ceo on business card

Jeff Bezos is the third richest man in the World, an American entrepreneur, investor, media proprietor, and commercial astronaut. He is the founder, executive chairman, former president, and CEO of the World’s largest e-commerce store, Amazon.

how to write ceo on business card

The business card has the Amazon logo, with his name, title, office address, phone number, and email address.

14. Steve Wozniak

ceo or chief executive officer on business card

Steve Wozniak is an American inventor, programmer, philanthropist, electronic engineer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Apple Inc. He started developing and designing Apple I in 1975 and Apple II, which became one of the highly successful microcomputers, before leaving in 1985.

professional business card ceo

Wozniak’s business card has a different design with a metallic credit card with the business logo, name, and other essential contact details.

15. Chuck Jones

president ceo business card

Charles Martine Jones, popularly known as Chuck Jones, is an American animator, filmmaker, director, author, and screenwriter. He is best known for his work with Warner Bros. Cartoon on Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of shorts. His business card represents his career, with an animation of a duck in a hurry.

how does a ceo business card look like

5 CEO Business Card Templates

Here are 5 CEO business card templates that you can get inspiration from for your next designs:

1. Initials

Using your name initials as your business card as a CEO reinforces your authority and personal brand as a Chief Executive officer. Play around with colors that signify power and leadership.

2. Classic

This business card is a classic business card with basic contact information. It’s a simple card with vibrant colors that can help you stand out. Consider using modern sans serif fonts as well as elegant serif fonts.

3. Solid color

This type of business card uses a solid color to create a beautiful, creative, and highly professional look and feel to the business card.

4. Illustrations

Illustrations design uses illustrations in the business card design to create a unique, elegant design. It is used primarily by pharmaceutical, fashion, food, etc., businesses.

5. Gold

Gold CEO business card uses the color Gold to symbolize wealth, power, authority, and importance.


Business cards are essential marketing tools that help create a positive first impression on your audience and support your networking activities. For a CEO, having a business card to build and promote your brand is even more critical. We have listed 15 examples of CEO business cards and five templates.

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