Classic Logo Designs: Top Ideas to Inspire

classic logo design

Think about the most popular brand logos. What do you think makes them popular? It’s simply because they’ve been around for a long period. You might say because they’re creative and outstanding. Yes, true, and that’s what has kept them alive for a long time. And that’s what classic logos are about – timelessness.

What is a classic logo?

A classic logo is a timeless logo design. It is a design that stays above trend bd never goes out of style. It is ingrained in people’s memories and carries a deep message about the brand’s personality.

The greatest classic logos are those that exist for years without losing their relevance as your business continues to grow with time. Find some vintage logo designs.

Classic logo design process

Your classic logo is part of your brand’s identity. As such, it takes a meticulous, well-thought-out process to create a perfect classic logo. Let’s take a look at the key steps to creating your own logo.

Understand your brand

To create a classic logo, you have to understand your brand inside and out. This means that you have to understand the core of your brand. To figure this out, you need to understand why you’re starting your business, who your target audience is, your competitors, your core values, and your unique selling proposition.

Your classic logo should represent your brand, be memorable, flexible, and provide insight into your services. Once you identify these defining elements, you can write them out. Think through to identify the adjectives you’ll like your customers to qualify you with. These things will guide the creation of your logo.

Understand your Competitor

Before going into your logo design, you need to identify what your competitors are already doing. You’ll most likely have a different history from your competitors but might use similar elements in the representation of values in your logo. So, you want to check out what’s already existing in your industry to inspire you as well as to avoid falling into plagiarism. Plagiarism isn’t only bad for the legal consequences it may have, it’ll also lead to losing potential customers since they might confuse you with your competitors.

Understand basic design principles

Choosing the right colors, layout, fonts, and shapes is important in creating a classic logo. To choose the right design elements, you have to understand the principles that guide them. Professional designers don’t just choose colors because they’re beautiful but because they add meaning to the logo design, The same applies to shapes and fonts. For example, serif fonts will be appropriate for a professional classic logo, while script fonts will be right is you’re a more playful brand. You can check out this article to learn how to nail typography in logo design.

Decide on a style

There are several styles that your classic logo can come in. We have the retro or vintage style, minimalist style, and modern style. There are also different logo types

  • lettermark – a logo with a single letter or more from the brand name e.g Unilever
  • wordmark – a logo with just text and colors e.g Google
  • brand mark – a logo with a symbol to represent the brand name e.g Twitter
  • pictorial mark – a logo with a picture to represent the brand e.g Starbucks
  • abstract logo – a logo with cryptic symbols e.g Toyota
  • mascot – a logo with character representation e.g KFC
  • emblematic logo – a logo with a mix of shapes in form of a banner e.g Porsche
  • combination mark – a logo that mixes different types e.g Burger King

Deciding on a logo type might take a while, but knowing the many types that exist allows you to make informed decisions.

Find Inspiration

Now that you have an idea of what you want, browse through the internet to get inspired. Looking through classic logos from other businesses can help you get a better direction of what you want your own logo to look like. The idea is to look at what others have done not copy them.

We’ve gathered some of the best classic logo designs from top industries to get you inspired.

Classic logo ideas

 classic shop logo designs
Stella Artois
 cool classic logo designs
99 Designs
 classic clean logo designs
 classic clean logo circle designs
 classic logo designs ideas
 classic logo ideas
 old brand logo ideas
Dunkin Donuts

Create your own classic logo design

Now that you’ve found some inspiration, it’s time to create your perfect classic logo.

There are two major ways to create a classic logo. You can either do it yourself or seek the help of professional designers.


If you choose the DIY route, you can create your logo from the scratch using design tools like Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, or Canva if you have the design experience. These tools also have free classic logo templates to help ease the design process.

You can also use a classic logo maker that helps you create your logo instantly in just a few minutes. This option is great for small business owners with a tight budget.

All you need to do is enter your company name, and your industry, choose logo colors and you’ll have a good classic logo in just a few clicks

Hire profsssional designers

A professional designer is your best shot at having a great logo. They’ll help you design your classic logo in high resolution and scalability that allows you to fit your design to fit on different materials.

Professional designers understand what it takes to make logos timeless and they’ve worked with several other brands, so they’ve seen it all. With our designers, you get the best classic logo design money can buy.

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September 15, 2022
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