Clothing Logos Design Ideas to Inspire

clothing logos design

Regarding the apparel industry, your logo must be equally as fashionable (and well-fitting) as the clothing and accessories you offer in-person or online store. In other words, it must instantly convey your sense of style and taste.

You’ve arrived at the ideal location if you’re seeking inspiration for apparel logos!

In this article, we will view the colors, fonts, and symbols prevalent in the fashion sector by looking at the apparel logo designs of various popular clothing brands, both large and small, later.

 clothing design logos
clothing brand logos design

Are You Looking for a Clothing business name?

Don’t yet have a brand for your clothing business? Finding a new business name might be challenging. However, you can use a name generator for clothing businesses to generate a unique name for your company and see countless logo possibilities to launch your brand.

You can create an unlimited number of clothing company names and generate a new clothing logo to help you pick the ideal brand for your new business. Then, you can begin your clothing business with a gorgeous new logo.

Although, when it comes to designing your logo, it’s best to subscribe to professional branding packages with any graphic designer than settle for free AI-generated logos. All Time Design can come in to help with its services. With its experience graphic designers, you can be sure to get highly graded clothing logo designs. Check out some vintage logo design ideas.

softwares to design clothing logos

Build Your Own Clothing Brand

To stand out in the fashion industry, your clothing logo must be equally stylish (and well-fitting) as the clothes and accessories you offer for sale in your boutique or online or physical store. Generally speaking, a logo on a piece of apparel should convey your sense of fashion and style. Anyone may create a gorgeous logo online from scratch with a free clothing logo maker; no design knowledge is necessary.

Browse through thousands of clothing logo design templates, icons, and color combinations until you find a logo you love.

All Time Designs offers a different dimension to get a better result than the standard free logo generators. So often, these generators don’t create our ideas as we envision them.

The easy-to-use clothing logo maker is designed for the entrepreneur on the go. All you have to do is sign up and get a dedicated graphic designer to work with personally. This is better than a free AI-generated custom logo. You don’t need any random graphic designer or a design agency. You can save that money and try our packages which offer no limit to your creativity.

Use All Time Design to customize unique clothes logos for your online shop, boutique, physical store, social media, business cards, marketing materials, newsletters, and more. This is one great way to expand the reach of your brand.

By selecting from a variety of clothing logo design templates in ATD, you can simplify the logo design process and create an amazing clothing logo that you can use for your online store, web content, marketing emails, social media posts, flyers, and more! Additionally, you may expand your brand’s reach by downloading social media profile pictures for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Grow Your Clothing Business

Make a statement by using a qualified and professional logo. This is one way to do it!

Starting your own clothing line is the most rewarding experience for the creative entrepreneur who loves high fashion. A unique logo will help you stand out from the competition, whether you’re drop-shipping from a third-party manufacturer, making your clothing at home, or generating custom printed apparel using your design ideas.

Graphic designers are not inexpensive. Why add creating a distinctive logo to the list of things to consider when beginning a business? Create your own unique apparel logo ideas using ATD’s custom logo creator designers in just a few clicks.

Creating Your Clothing Logo

Although every clothing firm is unique, the best share a strong sense of good branding. To survive in the e-commerce wilderness, connecting with your customers through cost-effective branding will be essential. So how does one go about developing a popular clothing brand? With a unique logo.

Whether you’re offering unique handmade accessories, high-end clothing, or cool symbols on t-shirts, a professional logo may help you establish trust with your customers and leave a lasting impression on your brand. Create your own clothing brand logo design with any online logo maker.

Of course, as stated earlier, you can use generated free clothing logos and assets. In addition, you can download logo templates if you want to use AI-generated logos. Check out some tips to keep in your while designing a logo.

best clothing brand logos design

For business owners in the clothing industry who are looking for a unique logo design from scratch with professional physical hands, the guidelines below will guide you:

  1. By signing up and discussing your business name, slogan, and type of business with your allocated designer, you can begin the simple process of creating a fantastic clothing logo.
  2. You can make unlimited design requests, evaluate the clothes logos that are made, and choose the one with your favorite design.
  3. To ensure your new logo blends seamlessly with all existing and upcoming branding, you may customize your own clothing logo with various fonts, colors, and emblem choices like clothing hangers or dress icons.

The world can see what you stand for through your logo, increasing brand recognition and product suitability for potential customers. Logos expresses all that through color, shape, and other design components. Learn how to tell your brand’s narrative with your clothes logo.


Consult a qualified designer if you want your own unique clothing logo. AI-generated emblems tend to seem rough most times. However, with professionals, you get nothing but stunning logos.

Find a designer you can work with or hold a design contest to gather concepts from designers all over the world.

Designers from all over the world pitch your ideas. You provide feedback, refine your preferences, select a winner or find the ideal designer who fits your style and budget. After that, work individually to design a custom logo. Explore some modern logo design ideas.

Clothing Logo Best Practices


The full range of colors can be seen in apparel logos. Look to your accessory or clothing designs for ideas when you think about the color of your logo. Choose one or two hues that accurately represent your sense of style, or keep it minimally stylish with a black and white logo.

 free clothing design logos


The most excellent clothing logo is adaptable, looks great on your website, and is embroidered into a clothing label. Keep your logo layout straightforward to achieve the versatility that allows you to swap between physical and digital mediums easily. A clear, straightforward layout will scale more readily, but you can choose a few different logo options to get the same result.

 design logos for clothing


Depending on your brand’s style, clothing logo fonts come in various shapes and sizes. The demand for legibility, particularly on small labels and tags, runs through all of the available font choices. A bold sans-serif typeface is an option that is readable at any size to guarantee that customers are aware of the clothing brand.

 popular clothing design logos


Symbols are a terrific way to give your clothing logo and brand some fashionable flair, and they are optional. If you decide to include a symbol, ensure it fits the type and design of clothing you offer. Even while the clothing logo symbol is adorable, it could not make sense if your clothing business only sells suits for males. Like every other aspect of your brand, your symbol should go well with the others and be scaleable to suit even the smallest clothing tag.

 clothing brand logos

Special Features

Dress up your logo with All Time Design by drawing design cues from clothing companies like Nike, Adidas, and The North Face. In the apparel sector, containers, stacked text, and font pairs are all common logo elements. You’re ready to execute your design as soon as you’ve identified the characteristics that work with your brand.

 clothing logos

Amazing Clothing Logo Designs for Inspiration

In creating your own logo, you can get inspired via design resources available from a global community of designers to get that perfect logo. Another alternative is to search via a logo maker.

Adidas Clothing Logo

 expensive clothing brand logos

Ray-Ban Clothing Logo

 clothing brand names and logos

The North Face Clothing Logo

clothing companies logos

Nike Clothing Logo

 clothing line logos

H&M Clothing Logo

clothing brand logos ideas

Custom Logo Designs

Rise Above Republic Clothing Logo

street style clothing brand logos

Sins Clothing Line

 clothing company logos

Snuzzle Clothing Logo – Hoodie Blanket

 expensive clothing brands logos

Silkarmour Clothing Logo

custom clothing logos

Custom Clothing Logo

logos clothing brands

Final Thoughts

Start building a clothing store in the industry with the perfect logo, whether you want a streamlined logo or one with a symbol like a model or clothes hanger icons with All Time Design. ATD’s services offer professional designers who don’t use AI-powered logo generators but build their own logo design with your ideas and inspiration.

Get started here today! Let ATD personalize and handle your clothing logos project. Your logo needs to suit your website alongside your clothing brand logo.

August 25, 2022
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