Stunning Coffee Packaging Design Ideas

Coffee Packaging Design Ideas

A lot of people welcome the day with a fresh cup of coffee, so they most likely have a coffee brand they’re loyal to. How do you get your own coffee label to also be in demand?

Something as simple as the product packaging design can make all the difference. That’s because this is the first thing that prospective customers notice before they start talking about the quality of what’s inside your coffee pack.

Why do coffee branding and packaging design matter?

Great branding and packaging design play critical roles in sales, brand awareness, and customer retention.

About 60% of Americans drink coffee daily, and 80% drink it at home. This means they’re buying coffee brands that are either familiar or eye-catching. So, your best chance to be amongst those brands that grab the attention of prospective customers is to have a compelling packaging design. You’ll also retain existing customers with your outstanding design.

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Beyond attracting customers, coffee packaging protects the coffee beans from the roasting warehouse to your customer’s hands.

So you have to make sure that your coffee packaging design is compelling, interesting, and fit for the rigors of the market.

In this post, we’ll go through some amazing designs for branding inspiration.

Key elements of a good coffee packaging design

Packaging types

There are several packaging styles to choose from, and knowing them will inform your choice of coffee packaging design and materials.

  • Coffee Box

Boxes are a good packaging idea if you want to give a high-end vibe. Boxes are also great for unique packaging and can serve multiple purposes aside from holding your coffee.

  • Coffee Bottle

Bottles, just like boxes, are also often a more reusable and sustainable idea for your coffee packaging. You can choose transparent bottle options that make your coffee beans visible to customers. Check out some eco-friendly packaging design ideas.

  • Quad Seal Bags

Quad seal bags are great if you have a compelling story to sell. You could design all parts of the package with unique stories or instructions that bleed into each other.

  • Side Fold Pouches

Side-fold pouches are the most used type of packaging for coffee products. They come with different solutions like tin tie tops or degassing valves to keep the coffee fresh.

  • Doypack

If you’re on a tight budget or producing in small quantities, doy packs can be the solution you need. However, they give less room for your brand message.

  • Flat bottom bags

Also similar to side-fold pouches, flat-bottom bags are a sleek way to compel attention. When you work with a creative designer, you can be assured of making the most of flat-bottom bags.

Before choosing a packaging type, consider how the packaging will reflect your brand story and brand identity and how it’ll protect your coffee bean. You want to choose a package that’ll keep your coffee fresh and is also sustainable – leaves a minimal carbon footprint and also lasts long or is reusable. Also, consider what will appeal to your customers the most.


Consistent brand identity is essential to increasing your revenue by up to 23% and retaining up to 90% of your customers.

Your coffee packaging design is a representation of all that concerns your brand. If you sell multiple products alongside your coffee, consider how your logo will appear on the coffee packaging. Make sure your logo appears clearly, and the color of your packaging reflects your identity. If you don’t already know how to use colors, you might want to learn about color psychology.

Details to include on your packaging design

  • Type of roast and flavor profile: if you produce different coffee blends, you might want to point out which blend is in which packaging for customers to identify their favorite easily. You could also include tasting notes and brewing recommendations. Whatever detail you deem necessary in your packaging design is up to you.
  • Your brand story: A story is an effective way to connect with both old and new customers. It can also help you stand out since customers can find something in your story that resonates with them. You could talk about your coffee production process, your coffee farmers, or how you traveled the world before you came in contact with your coffee beans. Any of these might prompt your customers to choose you and be loyal to you.

Now, let’s go over some fantastic examples to get you inspired.

Take Me To The Mountains

Simple and portable packaging design that easily stands out.

Mansfield Coffee Merchant

A simple design inspired by the national flags of countries where the coffee beans originate from. A great example of compelling storytelling.

Pharos Coffee Bags

This is a great example of simplicity and luxury matched in one. Check out some unique packaging designs.

Pari Coffee Roasters Bag

Cultural-related graphics with a compelling outlook and reusable materials.

Zeppelin Coffee Roasters

Utilitarian coffee packaging with breathable valves to keep the coffee fresh.

Soliloquio Coffee

A design that deftly mixes the idea of flora and fauna, origin, and target audience all in one without overwhelming the package.

Woods Coffee

Interesting coffee packaging with colors that give the brand a natural identity.

Vietnam Coffee Republic

Take a close look at the design. It’s a remake of the coffee bean origin in Vietnam.

Mt. Comfort coffee

Notice the mountain illustrations? The background color exudes serenity which is in tandem with the brand name. You can also get inspired by amazing packaging designs.

Dose ice coffee brand

Rather than a boring bottle, add an additional outer package to add flair to your coffee packaging.

Ketotenic butter coffee

Gorgeous coffee container with minimalist designs that rock.

Omar & The Marvellous Coffee Bird

Exquisite design with a mix of matte black background and gold typography.

Chocolocuras Coffee

A fresh cup of coffee that features the different categories of ideal buyers.

Little Wolf Coffee Roasters

Your coffee packaging design is an extension of your coffee shop. Make sure the colors and design are consistent and on-brand.

City of Saints Coffee Roasters

Unique graffiti art designs that pop, making the design eye-catching.

Douwe Egberts coffee

 branded packaging design

Simple matte black flat bottom packaging design that preserves the brand heritage and gives it an exquisite outlook.

Verve Coffee Roasters

Simple quad bags with colorful labels to differentiate coffee blends.

Taste of Chinese Art Coffee

Charming coffee packaging design with Chinese ink illustration to pay home to the cultural identity of the company and the importance of the coffee.

Blue Bottle Oji Slow-Drip Coffee

A packaging with a bold and minimalistic design to reflect the potency of the caffeinated beverage.

Onyx Coffee Lab

 coffee packaging box design

Dynamic quad seal with every side telling a story and a side including an infographic on how to brew the coffee.

Kopi Coffee

Bold typography with elegant contrasting colors and background illustrations.

Wroasters Coffee

Simple and eye-catching design with unique illustrations for each coffee blend.

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August 26, 2022
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