Eye-Catching Color Combinations in Display Ads

color combinations in display ads

Colors are a universal language that has the ability to speak without words. Their significance is widely being respected and incorporated appropriately. So, it’s important to make a note of colors you use in your marketing campaigns, or they can convey a wrong message about your company. Especially the colors you choose for your online campaigns must be carefully chosen due to the reach being higher. Choosing a color combination for your online Ad banner is highly important, as well as a little bit of a daunting task. This is mainly due to the overcrowded display advertising market. So you are here to create a stunning banner that will level up to your client’s expectations, outshine the bigger brands, and appeal to online users to click the button. No need to worry; it isn’t as complicated as they seem. In this, we shall walk through such magnificent color combinations in display ads that can easily click to a large target audience.

Why are display ads important?

Display Ads is one of the prominent ways of advertising to increase traffic for your website, social media, or any other digital medium. They comprise text-based images or video advertisements. The users can click through this to reach a landing page and specific action (e.g., making a purchase or downloading something).

These display ad campaigns are charged based on a cost per click basis. For example, every time a user on the Google search engine clicks on your ad, you will be charged by Google an amount based on the overall bidding strategy. For this, you need to have a compelling display ad that attracts your audience.

color combinations ideas in display ads

We all are well aware of the overcrowded display advertising market. So, the first step for an effective advertising campaign is to make an awesome ad banner. You must try the best color combinations for your display ad banner.

Your banner ad should be in line with your client’s expectations and visually fascinate your audience. In other words, it should be clickbait!

Color Combinations in Display Ads

From the study called ‘The Impact of color in marketing,’ researchers have found that people can make product choices based on colors alone within 90 seconds. An even more interesting finding was that usage of colors can not only differentiate your brand from other competitors but also influences moods- positively or negatively, like attitude towards certain products.

color combinations tips in display ads

Before beginning to decide the colors for your banner, understand a bit of color theory to come with great results.

Monologues color palette – A single color with plenty of its shades are used to finish a composition.

Complementary combinations – All these colors are contrasted to each other, but they are used with each other; they give a sharp effect to the whole composition.

Analogous color palette – These are colors that lie next to each other in the color wheel and convey a sense of harmony when they are used together.

Triadic combinations – They are evenly located on the color wheel; you can locate them using a square or triangle shape.

You can also have a look at how to choose brand colors

Bright and Positive Colors

Sky blue and brown

Pale shades of sky blue and brown is a great way to induce a state of peace and relaxation. A famous accommodation business company has used this palette for its display ads. Their promise could be summed up like: This is the kind of life and experience you would enjoy when booking accommodation through their platform. One on one hosting, friendship, and above all this, the calm atmosphere would give you a memorable experience.

Airbnb, in its design vision, has stated that it strives to use universal visual language. Each banner should also comply with their design guidelines, including colors, typography, fonts, icons, and information.

Navy Blue

Blue has always been associated with navy officers’ uniforms and, thus, with qualified and skilled establishments. It has been the navy officer’s uniform since 1748 when the British Royal Navy brought it out for the first time. Blue can be used in amazing combinations with other colors to depict various concepts. For example, Mediterranean blue is a mix of grayish-blue with desaturated dark blue. It also combines a variety of browns. This color can be combined for designs that are related to travel and nature.

Magenta and Yellow

When you combine different magenta shades with yellow, you can create a totally new palette. This could be used in your display ads in various forms to achieve the desired results.

Orange sunset

How about combining dark pink and a dark desaturated violet with red and orange that is not too bright? This also creates a vibrant yet colorful palette that you can use in a variety of designs for conveying a sense of energy and warmth.

Turquoise and red

Blue, cyan, and red, when mixed, can create a stunning range of palettes for your banner designs that will look, killer. It works for anything from professional ones with cool colors to the more enigmatic ones.

Grey and Green

This is an unconventional yet a go-to color combination for display ads. The green color is commonly associated with nature, but it gives astounding results when combined with geography. Green is the color of nature that includes grass, trees, and forests. It also reminds us of spring and crops. Green now in modern times is being used to symbolize well-being and health, and many times something organic. Grey is a color that depicts steel or metals, including the industrial and technological revolution. It also depicts the color of the urban landscape.

The combination of green and grey symbolizes health and technology. Find the detailed guide to creating an engaging ad design.

Red and Green

Red is a color that is always associated with passion, and green color with health and the environment. But on Christmas, they both combine together to give the color of joy and festivities and a feeling of cheerfulness.

Honey yellow

This is the color scheme inspired by honey. Honey yellow should be your perfect palette for you when you are looking to create brighter color combinations for your products. Yellow is also a symbol of positivity and is related to summer and the sun. It can brighten up your ad and make it stand from the rest.

This is the color palette combination you must use to promote anything related to summer.

Sunny day look

Yellow always relates to the sun, warmth, and a feeling of positivity. It also represents enthusiasm and playfulness. It would easily reminisce people with their childhood. Depending on the design and additional color combinations, this is the color that is used to promote many kids’ brands. It can be toys, clothes or shoes. If you wish to incorporate a yellow color palette in your banner, you will also have to use other colors like red, blue, or green that are bright and strong and can also highlight your CTA buttons. Check out the 5 design principles to ace for display ads.

Pastel shades

Pastel shades are the most delicate and light shades in the color wheel. They are widely used to promote or depict feminine brands. They even create the effect of a dreamy world and arouse an array of warm and welcoming emotions. A banner that is carved out of a pastel color palette has a remarkable potential to outshine your competitors and make the right impression in the minds of your audience.

Display ads are the best effective ways to reach and achieve your marketing goals. If you are looking forward to improving their efficacy, you can combine them with other marketing strategies and see your brand growing. The most important aspect of display advertising is getting the right traffic from the right kind of target audience, without which your marketing activities might seem boring. Also, your brand’s color scheme should reflect the preferences of our target audience. You should be very aware of the color combinations in display advertising, use the tips mentioned to come up with a killer display ad for your business.

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November 28, 2020
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