Content Marketing Tips: Marketers Should Know

content marketing tips

You may have heard of the saying that “Content is king.”

Behind every successful business is valuable content and marketing strategy. Needless to say, content marketing efforts play a vital role in the journey towards success.

With great content, you’re able to build trust with your target audience and existing customers.

Content marketers have different strategies to formulate high-quality content, to engage not only existing customers but also entire new customers to come along.

However, despite its indisputable importance, 35% of organizations do not have a dedicated marketing team. This is especially true for small businesses with only 1 to 99 employees. On the other hand, 50% of small companies have no dedicated content marketing teams.

Although a lot of organizations do not have a marketing team, 84% of organizations do have a content marketing strategy. However, only 11% said that they consider their content strategy outstanding.

Given that there are various and interesting tidbits for marketing statistics, content marketing is hard to master. But it’s something that we’re not expecting to slow down in the years to come as content marketing is expected to grow from 2021 to 2025.

So if you have no idea about content marketing and want to know what’s up, then this article is just for you!

What is content marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute, as published by Forbes, content marketing can be defined as a marketing technique of creating and delivering valuable, relevant, and robust content to acquire a specific target audience to drive profit from customer action.

Content has to be valuable. So, yes, we have to emphasize on valuable. It’s what strengthens the definition of great content used for marketing and advertising.

In selling products, you wouldn’t always need a salesperson to throw in a pitch. Sometimes, without you even knowing, your content can entice potential customers to purchase your product.

Content marketing has been used in different ways in scaling up a business. For example, leading technology B2B organizations to supplement their content marketing with analytics tools, social media posts, and email marketing strategies.

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Creating custom content is a great way to show off the brand’s voice and let it be known to customers and the target audience

When customers read your content, it’s definitely sure that they’re going to form their opinions about it. So the more valuable and relevant content you produce, the easier you can build a solid foundation of reputation with your customers.

And when you have well-constructed content, you set your business apart from your competitors. When you have great content, you allow consumers to have an educated purchasing decision, giving them their money’s worth.

But again, content marketing remains one of the most challenging tasks for many businesses.

In fact, the top challenges that marketers face with content marketing are creating content for generating leads, finding ideas for new content, enticing new audiences, and online content for engagement and interaction. Check out the perfect marketing campaign guide.

What makes a successful content marketing strategy?

We know that you would want to have a content marketing strategy that contributes to the success of your business. But what makes it really happen? Here are some determining factors that make your content marketing successful.

  • Content alignment
  • Content audit
  • Production plan
  • Performance measures
  • Distribution plan

All these factors when put together create an effective content marketing strategy. So, don’t jump right into just creating the content. Plan ahead and be prepared! Find the best marketing brochure design.

Types of Content Marketing

Content marketers around the world know that there is no one-and-done type of content marketing strategy. By utilizing a sales funnel builder, you can ensure customer engagement at every stage of the sales funnel and stay ahead of the competition with a steady flow of innovative ideas.

Now, it’s 2023. The marketing world is full of ever-evolving ideas, meaning content creation must adapt. So you’d have to know the different types of content marketing so you can use them to your advantage. Here are some of them.

Blog post

Let’s just say that blog posts are one of the most done contents in raising brand awareness and making the brand voice evident to consumers.

Blog posts provide your target audience an in-depth content about your product and product-related content and eventually increase engagement in the process. In addition, blog posts offer a platform that gives you a number of opportunities to help your customers be knowledgeable about different subject topics.

 tips content marketing

A blog post is the type of content that can help you generate leads, drive organic traffic, and with the right audience, can even create conversion opportunities. Writing content for blogs, whether long-form content or short-form content, improves link building and technical SEO, boosting search traffic cost-efficiently.

Therefore, blog posts will remain one of the most reliable content marketing strategies for any type of business.


Videos can be the easiest way to have your audience be engaged. In fact, 54% of audiences prefer seeing videos from their supported brands.

Just like blogs, videos are also considered a very versatile medium for your audience. However, it will all boil down to how you can come up with various fresh ideas that will make your customers want more!

According to MarketingSherpa, videos can drive attraction and boost traffic by 300%. As a result, video marketing has become very effective, especially with an array of visual content that can be educational and fun at the same time.

 tips for content marketing

Digital marketing has used video content for many platforms in recent years. In addition, many marketers utilize publishing content such as actionable tips and a featured snippet uploaded on different social media platforms. Explore the various outdoor marketing ideas.


Of course, business owners want to provide information about many things. Well, quick communication is appreciated by a lot of consumers in the market. However, not all are into reading long-form content, let alone need in-depth reading.


This is where infographics are really handy for a content marketer. Infographics allow you to present a significant amount of information quickly and concisely. You can provide information about a number of topics in various fields, such as business, industry, statistics, maps, events, etc.

Infographics can also supplement other types of content marketing content, such as Ebooks, whitepapers, and email marketing content. Find the top difference, marketing vs advertising.

Social Media

Different social media platforms have billions of active users every month. Thus, you may want social media as part of your content marketing stash. So, if you want to create content that is going to be very engaging to your audience, social media is the easiest way to go.

Using social media to your advantage allows you to have real-time conversations with your audience. It could also be handy in finding an ideal customer in a pool of leads.

 content marketing tips for small businesses

Having to publish content on social media is one of the most used content marketing tools today. But, first, a content marketer has the creative freedom to produce quality content in their preferred medium, be it a simple spiel, an informative post, or even videos.

Successfully using social media as a content marketing tool requires you to understand what platform is used mainly by your audience. Therefore, consider the buyer persona so you’d know what content best fits their taste.

For example, suppose you’re a retail store with a target audience composed of Millennials or Gen Z. In that case, you may want to use platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram. Explore the affiliate marketing programs.

Interactive content

Creating interactive content can be done in a number of ways. Consumers just enjoy feeling like being a part of something. And of course, you would want to do that.

Interactive content can be in the form of assessments, quizzes, checklists, apps, tools, or games that let users interact to get to know the product better while collecting data.

 content marketing tips and tricks

These types of content can be a great way to leverage content marketing to your advantage. For example, you can capture new leads, get customer feedback, boost engagement, or build an audience for content remarketing while entertaining them.

Another added benefit of interactive content is that aside from producing diverse content, you can lessen the time-consuming effort of attracting leads to go further in your sales funnel.


Podcasts are on their surge to popularity these days, especially when you produce quality content. As a matter of fact, many people in digital marketing see podcasts as extremely profitable, although it is not an all-around content marketing strategy.

 content marketing promotion tips

However, due to its popularity, many businesses use podcasts as one of many reliable platforms, especially with the right audience. In recent years, it was shown that 63% of podcast listeners actually purchased something that a podcast host had promoted.

It is somewhat easy to plan and execute as long as you have the right equipment. But experts believe that producing a compelling storyline is the heart of every podcast. In addition, podcasts may be best used to penetrate specialty niche markets and let your brand voice be heard.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, widely known as SEO, is defined as the process of bringing in organic website traffic from different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

 content marketing tips for startups

These pages deliver search results to users based on keywords, a search term, or phrases that they have typed on the search bar. Through SEO, businesses are able to rank their content that is relevant to their target audience and their buyer persona.

SEO is usually partnered with other content marketing strategies such as blog posts and social media posts. Content marketers use different strategies and free tools to incorporate SEO in their content.

By creating content that uses keywords that are targeted to your audience, you can improve your visibility on search engines. And when your content ranks up, then it means that you’re getting more exposure online. Find, what is a digital marketing agency.

Newsletters and Email marketing

Capturing your audience is a stepping stone to the start of your success. However, sustaining it for the long run is a different story – and can be very challenging.

This is where newsletters and email marketing become very crucial for any business.

But sure enough, your subscribers do not always open and read your emails. But, just a glance at your business name can help them be reminded of your presence and why they still need you around.

 content marketing writing tips

A big part of content creation is coming up with fun, relevant, and informative write-ups to make sure that what you send is worth the read! But the type of content that you choose should be based on your overall business goals.

You can regularly include links, trending news, and industry-related topics. And if you’re looking for a proactive approach to launching new products, newsletters, and email marketing campaigns can also be practical marketing tools.

The importance of content marketing in businesses

There are a variety of content marketing tools in the field today. And indeed, each type has proven to deliver astonishing results, drive sales, empower project management, boost ROI, enable brand voice, and so much more! So let’s look at how your business can benefit from a great content marketing strategy.

1. Improve ROI

In the marketing world, stakeholders and decision-makers heavily rely on revenue. Fortunately, content marketing is proven to cost 62% less than traditional marketing strategies while delivering profitable and actual results. This makes it a reliable investment for your business’s ROI in the long run.

 content marketing tips 2022

2. Boost your brand’s visibility and expand your reach

SEO and content should work together. Your content ranks play a crucial role in your brand’s visibility and reach. Your website can generate organic leads and visitors with great written content, leading to sales and conversions.

But another thing you have to remember is that you should be able to update your content to keep up with the keyword’s search intent to maintain your rankings for consistent success. Check out some trade show marketing ideas.

101 content marketing tips on social media

3. Boost conversions

Sales and conversions are a business’s ultimate goals. However, with a consistently executed content marketing campaign, you’re more likely to boost your conversion rates. In fact, content marketing provides conversion 6 times higher than other marketing methods.

 101 content marketing tips

4. Gain valuable metrics and measurable results

Creating content is not enough. You have to measure its performance. To do this, you will need to assess who engages with your content on different platforms.

A lot of content marketing experts use various tools such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Semrush. If you have valuable metrics, you have accurate data to use in identifying the performance of your marketing efforts.

 tips for effective content marketing

There are a lot of measures to identify marketing performance, such as clicks, social media traffic, shares, engagements, impressions, and conversions.

As a result, you can use this as leverage to create relevant buyer personas and incorporate them into all your future marketing strategies.

5. Fuel consumer content demands

Nowadays, it is normal for consumers to crave content. And not just content – informative, attention-grabbing, and relevant content.

As your consumers scroll through social media, you would want your business to be the first thing that comes to their mind when it comes to worthwhile content. Therefore, knowing what your audience wants to see can help you produce the content they want to spend some time on.

content writing and marketing tips

Best content marketing tips

Now we have established the importance of content marketing, ensuring that you’re able to develop an effective marketing strategy becomes your next assignment. So we’ve collated some helpful marketing tips you can use to pave the way for your business’s success. Here are some of the most important content marketing tips!

1. Be sure that your content has a clear and measurable goal

Having great content isn’t all about what’s getting the most views and engagements. But it is a must that all posts that you create have a clear and measurable goal behind them. Thus, you have to develop business-focused content.

Suppose you’re writing a blog post about a topic relevant to your business, you must tie it to your business. As a result, you won’t only provide them with an informative blog post, but you will also attract prospects to your business.

2. Know what your audience wants

Your content marketing strategy revolves around attracting the right audience, those who will most likely make the purchase. And you cannot just simply write content and attract the right audience overnight.

You must know the people you want to attract – their wants, what they look for, and what makes them stop and stare. Remember that audiences consume content differently.

Today’s technology wouldn’t need you manually interview every person to understand what you’re looking for. You can have a meeting with your team and create a buyer persona that fits the profile of your ideal customer.

3. Utilize multiple distribution methods

Using one platform for your content may be very limiting. One great content marketing tip is to consider partnering with the right outreach companies. Some content marketing tips will include link building with websites through guest posts, video marketing, and partnering with influencers.

Also, it is important that you form connections with the current leaders in your industry can help you reach their supporters as well. Create and foster relationships that form bridges toward marketing success.

4. Have everything optimized

Every content that you write should be optimized. This means that every blog post that you make should be able to reach your targeted audience with suitable search intent.

Use keyword research tools for effective optimization. Without it, your audience may have a hard time reaching your content, which can later defy your goals for sustaining traffic.

To ensure the content quality of your marketing strategy, you must run it through an online plagiarism checker. This will help you to check the content uniqueness before using it in the strategy. By ensuring this, you should be able to monitor, track, and report on your data for you to measure whether your strategies are working or not.

Furthermore, if plagiarism is detected, you need to paraphrase those certain phrases, sentences or paraphrases coming under and ensure the content is entirely unique. You can use an automated AI paraphrasing tool for your assistance, if you find difficulty in removing plagiarism traces.

5. Read analytic reports and track performance

Ensuring that you have quality content vital to any marketing strategy. Thus, you should be able to monitor, track, and report on your data for you to measure whether your strategies are working or not.

Focusing on accurate data and analytics can help you hone and improve your existing strategies. For example, let’s say that your blog post about the manufacturing industry drove a lot of traffic to your website. Then you can create more content relevant to this article.

6. Make sure to keep your posts up-to-date

Optimizing your content also means that everything is up-to-date. If you’re practicing SEO, keep in mind that aside from basing it on specific keywords, search engines also include the dates when the content was written or published.

A vital content marketing tip is to constantly organize and update your content calendar to have a record of what you post and revisit them after a year so you can have them updated. Publishing up-to-date content can help build trust among your customers, showing that you are reliable and honest.

7. Mix and match old and new trends when making your content

One content marketing tip that is so useful for many creators is mixing trends. So, when we say mix and match, you can use a mix of trending posts such as news and current events to keep your audience updated with what’s new. On the other hand, use evergreen content to make content that has long existed in the market.

Successful content making is a mixture of the two. Just find ways to incorporate your own unique angle to make your content stand out from your competitors.

8. Use conversational and understandable language

Of course, you want to create content that people would easily relate to. Since many people have easy access to the internet, there is a big chance that they can easily come across your content at any time.

This is why you have to use conversational and understandable language. Your priority should always be your readers. Thus, it is crucial to keep in mind that aside from producing visual content, they should also be understandable.

While some blogs can reach 5000 words, it is important to deviate from using too much jargon or technical terms to raise inclusivity among your audience.

9. Update your content marketing strategies

To have a consistent and successful content marketing strategy, you must keep it updated.

This is something a lot tend to forget. However, as trends continue to change, so should your content marketing efforts. For example, when digital marketing became much more prominent in recent years, the way businesses communicate with their customers also changed.

So, if your current marketing strategy works for you now, you can’t expect the same results in the years ahead.

So it is a must for you to move and keep up with the market trends.

10. Personalize your content

Creating personalized content for all your marketing channels is crucial for your business. This is one of the few favorite content marketing tips that many creators actually follow.

Personalizing content increases brand identity. You may start by using cohesive color palettes that scream your brand colors to make your audience easily remember you. This can result in more sales and lead conversion.

11. Open possibilities for content remarketing

Sometimes, your content does not always lead to sales and conversions. Therefore, you have to open the possibilities for content remarketing.

Content remarketing is primarily used to re-engage users who may have engaged with your content but were not successfully converted. So, content remarketing may be useful to increase the chance of recapturing the interest of the market with the hopes of sales conversion.

12. Repurpose your content

Repurposing your content can make your team very efficient. But, of course, writing amazing content can sometimes be a bit draining. Sometimes, there will be days when your content won’t just be good enough for you.

And you wouldn’t want that. So content recycling is a very essential practice for many in the marketing field. Repurposing content does not mean reusing or rewriting the same content but exploring other formats. For example, a blog post can be turned into visual content in the form of an infographic.

13. Create an editorial calendar and maintain it

It is important that you don’t get lost along the way in publishing your content. So having an editorial calendar keeps things on track for you.

With an editorial calendar, you can see what your teams are currently working on and what needs to be done in the future. It helps you and the rest of your team efficiently do tasks and address other project management challenges. You can also check some free project management software for better task management.

Suppose your business cannot afford to invest in software. In that case, templates are downloadable on the internet or for some Google docs, and Google sheets have also become their staple tools.

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