How to Create Your First Marketing Campaign on a Budget

How to Create Your First Marketing Campaign

The successful Marketing campaign is an integral part of a business. Marketing campaigns can be conducted for various reasons such as a product launch, creating brand identity, recalling brand value and on many more instances. It is considered as an important tool to reach the consumers. Customers tend to feel more connected to brands when a campaign is going on.

According to Forrester research, more than $103 billion will be spent on marketing nationwide by 2019. Though a lot of money is spent on marketing campaigns, not every campaign becomes a success. Likewise, Volkswagen and Durex despite being bigger brands made a successful campaign with a very low budget.

Budget constraint is not an issue if you put efforts to work creatively and smartly. We provide five methods to conduct a successful marketing campaign despite a tight budget.

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How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign


Word of mouth is the oldest form of advertising that works till date. Imagine yourself as a customer and you would always seek the help of your peers to know the best product in the industry. Suggestion from friends or relatives are more believable. If you start doing research about the product on your own on the internet you would always look for customer reviews.

You can give a small discount or coupon for every purchase that happens through a customer referral. You shouldn’t underestimate the impact of referrals and its effect on consumer purchase behavior.

Use this method with your clients as well. Your current clients are already aware of your quality of service and the value you add. So, approach them with a referral plan and the advantage that they would get from this. It can be a free service for a particular time duration or reduction of money from the service cost.

You can also try to double down your existing clients. Try to sell them a new service or opt for another service along with the first one for enhanced performance. This is a clever option as most clients hesitate to change their service because of the rapport they have already developed with you. So, this is a great way to boost your sales.

Email Marketing

According to the statistics, 59% of marketers say that most part of their revenue generation occurs through Email in case of B2B marketing. 320% of revenue is attributed to welcome emails when it comes to B2C email marketing. You may like to have a glance at how to balance the marketers in your company

Email marketing is cost-effective and pliable. You can utilize it for measuring the impact and driving traffic to your website. Try sending newsletters, your recent achievements, and accolades, announcing the launch of a new product, and many more. Send a creative and crisp email that interests people. Try adding a small emoji at the end of the mail. Focus on your subject line and Tuesdays are preferable to send an email.


To have an organized list of who is chosen organically.

Don’t be intruding.

It’s good to ask permission before sending emails to a person. This way you are not acting like a spammer.

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

This is a boon to all businesses that suffer from the financial constraints of marketing. The term viral marketing came into existence with the advent of social media. Accompanied by the vast and versatile development of social media you have immense opportunity to run a successful marketing campaign.

It has invariably brought marketers closer to their consumers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on PR firms and publicity rather you can use a Facebook advert. You can start personal branding on Facebook. Try updating any big changes or events that are happening in your organization.

Youtube videos and podcasts on industry related topics are a huge hit among the audience. Try converting them to customers.

Twitter is an effective medium to intrigue people. Use the right words in a creative way to attract consumers. Inform any sales or promotional offers on Twitter.

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with professionals and potential clients. Instagram and Pinterest can be used to endorse products with their images.

Images play a major role in all of the mentioned social media platforms. So, add high-resolution images that can convey your message to the audience. Check out the quality of Social Media Image Work for your ideas.


News features and news articles are read by thousands of people daily. To cover the local audience try to make your brand or product published in the newspapers or magazines. You can also advertise in newspapers but to get mentioned in an article would earn you trust

You can attend any seminars or events related to your industry or try sponsoring something for a social cause wherein you can influence people gathered for the cause as well as ask for free press coverage.

You can also conduct an event at your organization and inform the press. Prepare a press release that delivers to-the-point information. Write about the event like a journalist. Most newspapers tend to publish the same content from the press release. So, being objective is significant.

Be Creative

Creativity has no limits. You can come up with innovative ideas to market your product. Some brands drew signs on roads and walls to arouse curiosity among people. Guerilla marketing also earns the respect of people. It shows that you have put some thought into it. The budget doesn’t matter here.

Look at the imprinted footprints in the market!

Fearless Girl

The campaign created on a shoestring budget earned around $7.4 million advertising dollars along with awards. The statue of the fearless girl placed overnight, opposite to wall street charging bull on 7th March set off a great marketing campaign.

Fearless Girl alltimedesign

Burger King

A campaign that took of because of a boy’s comment on the picture of a Burger King’s image. The boy commented stating that his girlfriend took forever to order at Burger King joint. Things started to heat up when his girlfriend commented that she hasn’t been present in that scenario. Comments and memes started pouring in. Though people say it is a publicity stunt by the Burger King themselves, it was one hell of a stunt.

Burger King


Automaker Audi’s ‘Di*sel’s not a dirty word’ marketing campaign to make the driving public become more eco-friendly was a huge success. It has also brought in the usage of ‘clean diesel’ to the marketplace.


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

‘Send Me’ campaign done by SFMOMA created brand awareness and love for art among people. The museum found it difficult to showcase all arts at a single place. So, it asked people to text them an emoji and in return would get a related art piece. This way people can view different forms of art from all different parts of the world.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

July 13, 2020
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