Twitter Banner Design Ideas And Top Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter Banner Design Ideas

Marketing Tips to Create Twitter Banner. As one of the most fast-paced social media platforms, Twitter has been a part of almost every brand’s marketing strategy. With over 145 million monthly active users, Twitter can be used as a powerful platform for business growth and increase brand awareness.

Many brands spend a lot of their time and resources on creating an ideal strategy for their Twitter accounts but don’t see any fruitful results. Because with more than 500 million tweets that are sent every day, brands have to be savvy, creative, and relevant to hold the audience’s attention and create an impression on them.

Having said this, with the right kind of strategy and focused action, you can turn your Twitter account into a successful business account. Over the years, brands have realized that Twitter is not just a place to increase customers through word of mouth but also a place to meet your potential customers and bring the brand to where they are.

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Since Twitter can be overwhelming to use and understand, we have come up with 7 marketing tips that will help you create an exclusive account and set you apart from the rest

Marketing Tips for Twitter

Profile matters

Having a professional Twitter account is a way of reinforcing your brand by using different and each element of your profile such as Twitter handle, profile photo and header image. An on-brand Twitter profile helps you create a lasting impression on your audiences and attract new followers.

Use Lists to curate your feed

For most, opening up their Twitter feed can feel like entering into chaos with millions of conversations, all happening at the same time. With so much going around, it can be challenging to focus on any topic.

Which is why using lists can help you for zeroing in on particular conversations that matter and affect your business. What are the lists? They have curated feeds from selected accounts that allow you to tune in to conversations that are relevant to you and your business. And unlike Twitter’s main feed, tweets in your lists are chronologically arranged that makes it easier for you to stay up to date with current events.

Foster your Voice

Twitter is a place to get chatty. Images and videos, of course, help in building brand awareness and generating leads, but tweeting and connecting with your followers every now and then requires you to have an authentic, appealing voice.

Your tweets should consist of a consistent tone, show personality, be original and above all should be humane and sincere. And make sure to spell-check your tweets before posting them, because unlike other social media platforms, Twitter doesn’t have an edit option.

Run a Twitter Poll

Instagram and Facebook offer an array of marketing features for you to indulge in. But, Twitter doesn’t provide as many creative features and is focused mainly on conversations, mentions, tweet threads, and replies.

However, Twitter Polls offers an opportunity for marketers to connect with their followers. It allows you to pose questions and offer up to four answers to choose from. And if we know one thing that people love to do on Twitter, that is expressing strong opinions about any topic, which helps you in gathering information, opinions, and feedback. It is a great way to learn more about your customers and their preferences.

Get scheduling

Posting tweets manually while tracking the optimal post time can be a tedious task. Twitter eases this task by allowing you to schedule your tweets when you want. Scheduling tweets streamline the time you spend on social media and make sure that you don’t miss sending a relevant tweet as well as keep you on top of your content calendar.

Time to get visual

Say it with visuals, what you can’t with words. Since Twitter allows only 280 characters to work with, using visuals for higher engagement can be a boon. Including visual assets in your Twitter strategy helps you communicate more effectively with each tweet and is a sure way of boosting your engagement as well as your reach.

Tip: Using gifs increases engagement by 55% and are a creative addition to your tweets.

Ace your hashtag game

Twitter is the birthplace of hashtags. Twitter hashtags remain an invaluable resource for marketing strategists. This is because they not only help in boosting your engagement but also help in increasing your discoverability. Figuring out how and where to use your hashtags on the Twitter platform will make your content more impactful and will help you reach new audiences with shared interests, easily.

Most brands have used Twitter as not only a tool to build brand awareness but also as a tool for sales. Since 60% of any brand’s followers are more likely to purchase a product/service or recommend it after following them on Twitter.

But one aspect of Twitter that is overlooked and plays an integral role in creating a lasting impression on audiences is the Twitter profile. Most brands take their banner images in their profile for granted without realizing their worth.

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Impactful Ways To Create Twitter Banner

Far too many companies are underusing their banner images as a means to express themselves, despite the prominent placement and size – dimensions for Twitter banner images are 500 pixels x 1500 pixels.

How you represent yourself and your brand on any social media platform matters, especially on Twitter, where millions of users have easy access to your brand. Your banner image is the first thing that your visitors see when they visit your profile. And this is your chance to create a lasting impression on them.

Here, we have curated a list of 8 ways to create an impactful Twitter banner that might give you a basic idea/understanding of what your banner should look like and or consists of:

Try a limited color palette

Using a limited color palette while making sure that it doesn’t feel repetitive will make your banner image stand out, giving it a retro feel. Combining it with some texture will further emphasize your profile.

Use shapes

Make your banner more informative by using different shapes to house information in. Or you can just use them to break up the negative space that might not do justice to the banner image.

Be linear

Using lines breaks up the composition and gives a three-dimensional feel to the banner image. Don’t shy away from using lines to break up space and areas to create different depths of field.

Go subtle with texture

Most visuals are flat, two-dimensional space, adding subtle textures to your graphics and images can help break the monotony. They add more natural feel and character to your banner and make your profile a lot more organic.

Make it personal

Seeing a brand through your screen makes it an impersonal experience. Use your banner to showcase the face(s) behind the brand. Giving a face to the name encourages people to interact and engage more with your brand.

Play with typography

Don’t be afraid to play with different types of fonts and scales in your banner image. Using different sizes and text pairings alongside colors will create a unique design of its own. You may like to have a glance at the article on Social Media Image Size

Use contrast

Playing with contrast in imagery is a fun concept to go with. Using a high contrast such as black against a low contrast such as white elevates a simple illustration.

Have a message

Your banner is a great way to communicate a message that you don’t want to tweet all the time. You can update your banner images as and when you wish. But just be sure to update and don’t leave an old promotional message up.

Now that we know how to create a fun, unique banner image, you can go ahead and get started creating your banner to create a lasting impression on your audience. However, coming up with authentic, creative ideas for a banner image by yourself can be a tedious task and challenging.

With a number of brands acing their Twitter game, it isn’t hard to find inspiration for an ideal Twitter banner online.

Best Twitter Banners

They say that inspiration is not hard to find if you’re looking for it in the right place. And that’s exactly what we did. We went on to Twitter and found some of the most beautiful Twitter banners from brands from around the world to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to get started.

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