Tips for Creating a Successful Flyer Design

Flyer Design Tips

Once upon a time, wealthy people in Italy used handwritten paper to pass the information during the renaissance. After the invention of the printing machine, it helped them get the latest war and economic news in the printed form. Not just elites but even common men started expressing their thoughts. Exposure to different views increased self-awareness and public opinions. No one thought printers would be a product of change and lead to a popular revolution.

Flyer Design Tips

flyer Design Tips

Modern-day flyers

Have you seen people, in any event, carrying the flyer home? Rarely you come across someone doing that. People often use it for a one-time glance. Does that mean you should stop designing it? Certainly not! Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reveals flyers being relevant even in the age of digitalization.

Modern day flyers

So what is a flyer exactly, and why is it used?

Imagine you attend a product launch without any clue about it. Do you think a passing glance on a flyer before an event would have helped you? This may sound like an old school method of promoting, but it’s an effective way to sell tickets. A piece of paper with information can skyrocket your audience. Simply put, it’s a single and easy to mingle unfolded printed sheet. It’s a great way to capture the attention of your audience.

3 Types of flyers

  • Flyer Ad: You can use this type for sale announcements, limited offers, and discounts. These flyers highlight the information rather than the design. All information is concise and easy-to-read. What should a flyer include to promote a special sale? These flyers have contact, product details, and prices in bold colors. Don’t forget to add the product image you want to sell.
  • Corporate Flyer: You can use this type for brand promotion. While you have many things to talk about, make sure it’s not chaotic. The way you present your flyer matters to your business. This flyer should have company logos, contact details, and photos of your signature product/service.
  • Photo-centric flyer: These are suitable for promoting or network-building through social events. They use color schemes with attention-seeking intentions. How do you know what to put on a flyer for a gig? It’s not rocket science. Start using bright and eye-popping colors. What they see first should help them to imagine what a concert would be like in real life.

Getting started with a professional flyer

Designing a professional flyer has never been easier. Whether you are announcing an event or opening a new shop, your business needs an eye-catching flyer. While it’s easy to distribute and less expensive, there is a lot behind its making of it. A single sheet of paper should create a fascination that viewers can’t resist. Read ten unmissable tips to make the most of the limited space –

  • Set a crystal clear goal for your flyer: Before you open Photoshop or any designing tool, have a strategy for your design. Who is your target audience? What will you showcase? What will be your budget to execute this? Answers to these questions will determine the size of your flyer. You can use content and design to convey a meaningful message. The most successful flyer is not about dumping everything.
  • Amplify the contrast: Is your flyer worth the passing glance? High contrast can make the eyes pop out and grab the attention quickly. The visual should be strong enough to pull your audience from a distance.
  • Highlight your keywords: Emphasis words or phrases that can sell your information. Make it big, bright, and bold to stand out. Include words such as – time, date, venue, new, free, limited, now, save, etc. Think about the music festival in your city. What are the things you want to see before attending? This is how you get your message across.
  • Are you falling short of space? Gridify! To make the most of limited space is a real challenge. But constraints bring out the creativity in you. With A5 or A6 sheet size, you have to think outside the box about how you will layout your space. The proportion of grids for heavy content will make it look minimal and clear to read. You can also map out the grid while planning. You’ll be surprised to know you can do more than what you thought!
  • Play it smart: You cannot have the same layout for all the flyers. Corporate flyers call for an aesthetic that’s minimal and subtle. You can effortlessly create professional flyers with a flat design style. Play with a few colors so the viewers can understand easily. Too many colors can make it look cluttered and messy. Also, make it visually appealing with the help of infographics.
  • But don’t make it look dull: When designing for parties, embellish it shades that drag people to the dance floor. Get the party spirit on with the design you make. Your design should lit up their mood and become the deciding factor to go for the event. Use complementary colors to get over your fear of boring design. For example, if you have three colors, balance them well. To keep the viewers engrossed, let your inner self out. It’s okay to be a bit childish or quirky to keep the audience’s eyes glued to the flyer.
  • Make your flyer treasured: The wrong side of low-quality printing is that the finishing is unfashionable. It’s not worth cherishing, and people throw it off after a glance. Your flyer should be a keeper that is on the notice board for an extended period.
  • Use shapes to product placement: Struggling with the arrangement? Use shapes to create modular designs. A shape-based representation is ideal for showcasing many products. Make use of default shape tools, including circles, squares, and polygons, to create a unique design.
  • Let the visuals take the center stage: Don’t forget that images and graphics are louder than words. Are you compromising with them because of a lack of space? Striking photos are the center of attraction, followed by gradient and transparency effects.
  • Never forget Call-to-action: You made a flyer because you want people to do something. So, what’s the last thing you want the viewers to do? Place a unique, actionable item like a phone number, website link, or email address. This will not stop potential customers from reaching out to you.
distribute your flyer

How to distribute your flyer?

Distributing might be more tricky than you think. Many businesses fail because they don’t have any idea how to do it right! How are you taking your flyer to the potential audience? With these dos and don’ts that will help you nail flyer distribution –

  • Hang the flyer in public or community places
  • Give it to people directly
  • Keep a stack of flyers in densely populated areas
  • Drop it on the doorstep
  • Send it along with newspapers

But first things first – no matter how many fliers you print, get the official permission before distribution. Not all the places are open to circulation.

  • Have a distribution team – alone you can do so little
  • Map out how you will target your distribution – geographically or demographically?
  • Is it worth the time? If not, work on improvisation.

Is it possible to do flyer ads on social media?

Yes, flyers can be used digitally. You can use the image on your social media account, website, or email.

With everything in its place, you’re ready to design now! Start out keeping all the tips in mind and create a professional flyer. 

August 21, 2020
10 min read
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