Top Media Kit That Will Make A Successful Product Launch

media kits for successful product launch

If you’re a brand, you know what goes behind making your dream product. It’s the heartbeat of your business. You can strengthen its pulse with shiny marketing bells. From brainstorming to bringing your thoughts alive, you want your product to jump off the shelf.

But is it possible to skyrocket sales in a short time?

what is the product launch

Don’t disregard your product launch

There’s a saying: “All that begins well ends well.” It’s apt for your product. If your product is right, but you shy off, who on earth will recognize you? The right way to go about would be to look for fuel to start.

A product launch is a well-planned strategy to introduce a new product to the market. You make the world know about your work.

Launching your product is the same as developing a product. It’s a capsule for your business growth. There’s no better way to make people love your product. With one positive impression, you can put yourself on the map.

Often product launch is underrated. Probably, that’s why most of you flop at product launches. You can’t hit the target with a sloppy strategy. It makes your product lose its shelf value.

Brands have legit reasons to ignore product launches:

  • Fear of past failures
  • Lack of resources
  • Less knowledgeable
  • Insecurities

These reasons are real, but face it – living in denial won’t help you in the long run. While it can be a coping mechanism, you are losing your feet on the ground. Instead of showing up, you hide from the world. Don’t let social fear steal the best of you.

Is it possible to go beyond your inhibitions in business? Yes, you can do it one day at a time. Imagine you shared your cafe experience on your personal social media. For someone somewhere, it can be a discovery.

The same goes for your product. No one will know it unless you beat the drum. How will customers see unless you tell them?

Create a buzz around your product launch

press kit for your successful product launch

Do you want your product to make some noise in the market? Use a media kit to do the talking. So, what’s a media kit, and how it’s beneficial? A product media kit has everything journalists need to develop a news story.

In-depth, the pack has information and multimedia files useful to review a product. An effective media kit improves the coverage of your product. As a PR, you must organize all the elements before sending them out. A good kit will not make the journalist hang out or search for information. Now, turn your dream of getting the spotlight into a desire.

How to make an eye-arresting product media kit?

successful product launch media kit

Designing a media kit for your product isn’t a big deal. All it takes is commitment. Think of media outlets you want to target. Make it easy for them to give you the promotion you deserve. Don’t let them treat you as a second choice. Here’s how you can make their work more comfortable:

Company Introduction

  • Brief about your company – work, offers, USP, history, and mission.
  • Avoid unwanted descriptions and technical jargon.
  • While sharing financial updates, give the latest report.
  • Simple things find their way into the stories.

Fact sheet

Using bullets, you highlight essential details. The fact sheet has statistics, success, and events to remember. Don’t forget to mention the people behind the brand. They are the pillars of your brand. Facts are more than just bullets and numbers. Balance your points with paragraphs.


Ask your sales team and POC to share the common queries they face daily from the prospects. Use the list of frequently asked questions in your press release. These questions will help the journalists in writing a newsworthy article.

The press release given in the event premise should sync with the theme. Along with the release, keep the past footage and media coverage. You are not braggy. Old coverage creates credibility and context.

Sometimes, brands also seek specific byline, headline, date, or summary. In such a case, you have to provide the necessary details. When it comes to the online kit, use a short description and link to read more.

People love minimalism as there’s no distraction. If possible, place your product for them. When they speak from personal experience, it will drive change.

Multimedia elements

Things like photos, videos, or a map fall under multimedia. It helps in visualizing your recent event/product better. Share multimedia without your watermark. Keep high-resolution graphics in PNG or PSD format. The recommended size is 360 dpi, which is printable. This will help with the launch event too.

Contact information

Provide phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and social media platforms. Contact details are essential as they help the journalists to revert. Your prospects start valuing you for your legitimacy.

Customer feedback/testimonials are the deal-breaker. It speaks volumes for your brand. But here’s the thing, before mentioning their names publicly, get their consent.

Add-on tip

The right media presence shows your relationship with the media and the public. Every time you come in the eye of the people, measure it. Record your contacts and mentions to see your growth. Also, measure yourself to know how you are people perceive you.

Take a look at some media kit examples for inspiration. All of them are simple yet powerful.

Getting complete coverage in the media is not an overnight win. Whether you access top-notch or local press, it takes time to build trust. Once you have a secure place, nothing can stop you from the spotlight. If these brands can do it, so can you.

All you need is planning, consistency, follow-up, and commitment. However, before strategizing, create the right digital collateral package. Also, keep your information fresh. Read about the news values before placing the content inside the kit.

Lastly, a well-designed media kit helps journalists understand your needs. The end goal is to develop stronger relationships with the media outlet.

product launch press kit

Final Thoughts

When it comes to a successful product launch, each and every aspect of the actual launch should be completed. While focusing on the target customers, you must put all the marketing efforts into the right go-to-market strategy. The strategies should continue to post-launch with an attractive landing page. Meet the right guide for your infographics at All Time Design.

February 19, 2021
10 min read
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