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best business card designs

Every person is different in their own way. From the way they talk, laugh, and eat to the way they carry themselves and perceive the world. A person’s individuality is what sets him or her apart from the rest of the crowd. What makes an individual so different from the rest is that they have the ability to present themselves the way they want to. For instance, the way a woman presents herself is very unique to her personality. The way her body moves, how she uses her words and gestures, the way she dresses up, etc. is exclusive to her traits and personality. Creating the first impression is easy to make and hard to break. And this is especially true in the business world where competition is fierce, and the need to project oneself is essential. A secret tool used by most entrepreneurs, even in this day and age, is a business card. Business cards remain one of the most effective and efficient marketing tools because they fill the gap and create a balance between print and digital marketing. Here is a brief on business card designs and what you should know when you create them

Business Card Designs Ideas

Having a different personality is not the only thing that will create a lasting impression on them. You have to give them something to remember you by. And that is where the use of business cards sets in. It is a versatile marketing tool that presents itself as your offline identity.

Business Cards Are Your Wingman / Wingwoman

A wingman/wingwoman is a role taken up by your friend when you need support in approaching potential romantic partners. Similar to life, business cards are that friend that supports you in approaching potential clients.

Seeing that a business card is the only lasting physical impression you can leave behind, your card must be interactive and indicative of the clients you want to attract. They are the ones that pitch for you even when you have not had the chance to introduce/interact with potential clients personally.

Business Cards Is About Consistency

As people, we crave consistency and stability in all aspects of our lives. We understand the importance of being a part of something secure and steady.

Similarly, in branding, consistency is everything. And this consistency is required across all mediums, from social and web to email signatures and business cards. Business cards are indicative of that commitment that answers questions such as ‘Who are you? What makes you different? What do you stand for? etc..

Business Cards Are All About The Quality

A person worth depends on how they conduct themselves. It communicates volumes about their caliber and character.

And a business card’s worth depends on its quality. Lightweight and flimsy cards communicate ‘passive, cheap, weak, and indecisive.’ In comparison, the stiffness of a paper is indicative of confidence, class, and quality.

You can also have a look at print custom business cards

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Business Cards As Representatives

Our clothes, choices, decisions, etc. are representatives of who we are, what we believe in, and what we prioritize. Similar to life, business cards are representatives of your personal self and your brand.

From the paper’s texture, overall design to the weight of the paper, the recipient of the business card comes to a conclusion about the person and the company it represents. For instance, a well designed, firm business card makes the recipient know that you are going to treat their business with the same high standards of quality you have established, pay the same attention to detail, and take their business as seriously as you take your own.

Business Cards Sets You Apart

Maya Angelou once said, “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” And as much true, it is for your life, stands true even for your business card.

If you are going to end up designing a business card with a white background and simple black font, you will never know how creative, out-of-the-box your business card can be. Make them excellent, and every time someone sees your card, they should wish that they had thought of this themselves.

Owning up who you are and what you believe in runs a long way. Stepping out of your comfort zone and going against the herd takes courage. So be courageous and get creative with your business card and spill out your personality all over it.

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Have fun, go crazy, or sober up, do what you got to do, and create a business card that reflects you and your business.

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November 30, 2020
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