E-commerce Web Design-20 Amazing Online Shops and Their Website Designs

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Did you know some e-commerce website design standards combined with search engine optimization strategies welcomes more people to your website?

Smartphones and the internet have sorted our lives to a different level, that we don’t even need to get out of our houses for anything. Earlier, when we wanted to buy a pair of socks, we had to hit the nearby shop, look for the color, brand, size, etc., which we need. But now, with smartphones and the emergence of plenty of e-commerce websites, we are able to order anything with just a click. Open Amazon, search for socks, select your size and colors and just place your order. If you have Alexa or Google Assistant, it is even simpler. Just yell, “Alexa get me a pair of white socks from Allen Solly,” and that’s it. Your order gets placed and is delivered to your doorstep in a day or two.

Though we sometimes blame the internet for killing meaningful, lively connections, we all know that it made our lives simpler and much easier than before.

The growth of e-commerce is so massive that more than 80% of the online population currently use it. Obviously, Amazon or Flipkart wouldn’t have become leaders if they have had unresponsive or poorly designed websites. If people had to visit your website, you definitely need to give them a user-friendly, appealing, and high-quality website which they would want to keep revisiting.

What makes an e-commerce website design click? 


One of the first and foremost factors for creating a fantastic ecommerce site lies solely in the way you represent your products and services to your visitors. Website design is all about visualizing and communicating your brand message. It can help you create the scene and set the expectations for what your users would want from your business, conveying the story behind your brand. Your e-commerce website design depends on the industry and products and services you provide. Also, you need to consider your target demographics. Whether you are a B2b business or B2c?. The way you present it to your target audience should reflect the needs, desires, and interests of the intended buyers.

You can’t give your website a rough metallic look if you are a fashion retailer. Rather it must be something appealing to your target audience, reflecting your brand personality. Your homepage should be top-notch, enticing your users to learn more about your business’s story. The layout which you use must be easy to navigate and should give a great user experience and not confuse the users- This is one way to lose potential sales. By offering them quick and easy navigation, you persuade the users to continue using your website for an extended period of time. Sometimes this can even make them purchase an additional product.

If you are a website that sells tickets for comedy nights, then it would be busier since you need to represent the concept that all your events would be lively and entertaining to portray your business. You can use a unique color scheme, high-quality images, and videos to add a pinch of excitement. You could even consider adding testimonials of your visitors as 93% of consumers say that online product reviews play an important role in purchasing decisions. product images

Whatever style you want to incorporate, having prices, trust signals, and reviews are clearly seen would be crucial to make users move things to the shopping cart. Customers would likely want to know the prices immediately, whether or not the site is secure enough to pay through, and what the return policy is. Be utmost transparent and provide them with relevant information to prevent your prospective buyers from bouncing back.


If your website is cluttered, poorly laid or hard to navigate, your customers wouldn’t want to spend time browsing through your products or services. Making your website user-friendly is essential to make your customers keep coming back to you. With 52% of global internet traffic happening from mobile devices, you must also ensure your website is mobile-friendly and also accessible from all smart devices. This doesn’t mean you need an all in all singing dancing mobile app, but offering the same level of usability that users get on a desktop. Consider the placements of CTAs and size of the features tabs since smartphones are smaller than desktops. Smooth customer service is what can do wonders for your ecommerce platform.


ECommerce Website Development Security

It is paramount for your e-commerce sites to provide safe and secured places to store and process online transactions. Retail giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay have gained huge trust through their proven safety measures. For customers to trust your site, they need to have an assurity that they can trust you. Safe and secured payment methods is a must, or else your clients would hesitate to make a purchase leading to shopping cart abandonment.

With a sign of visually secure homepage design you impart trust without which your customers would want to spend their hard-earned money elsewhere. Having a secure payment method is imperative and having strong resilience towards malware and hackers is a key.

Best eCommerce Website Designs for 2024


Best eCommerce Website Designs

Amazon is ruling the list of successful ecommerce platforms, but that didn’t happen overnight. It was first launched in 1994, and like most of the common website design mistakes, even it had a grating, text-heavy layout that would be near impossible to be put up with today. Plus, it only sold books.

It has suddenly skyrocketed to the top hill and became unsuccessful because of a single powerful factor- Data.

Amazon has presented dozens of distinct product category recommendation widgets across its site for drawing casual visitors, creating an opportunity for a purchase. This is something visible throughout Amazon’s vast growing portfolio like Prime, Music, and Fresh. And that’s why it is an undisputed leader in the ecommerce businesses.


Walmart - Ecommerce website Sample

Walmart‘s recently made a website redesign for its e-commerce. It has implemented best practices such as a king-sized image slider with appealing hero shots, location-specific deals that are directly linked to your IP address, and has data-driven product categories that get adjusted based on your needs.

It is not a secret anymore to those watching these successful e-commerce giants like Walmart putting an equal fight with Amazon to keep its revenue flowing healthy. If you look throughout the site, you can find plenty of ways the brand has adapted to this challenge. Walmart’s site also promises a next day delivery like how Amazon offers to its Prime customers. You can also find ancillary and some local-friendly grocery pickup services and credit cards here.


Ecommerce website Sample - Apple

Apple is one of the luxurious brands in the world, with a total value of the brand alone estimated at over $200 billion as of 2019. Naturally, the brand in itself is the company’s most valuable tool for giving off a world-class ecommerce experience.

Apple binds all its services to its online store, and you might think this is actually a drawback. Anyone who has to go through the tiring process of resetting their Apple credentials knows that it adds a lot of unwanted stress to your day.

Still, it is capable of tying things together- going one step beyond Amazon- serves apple.com well with its constant efforts to cross-sell and upsell to its customers. Almost wherever you go on the site, you will find information like product promos, sassy video content, etc.

Apple’s expertise in UI and experienced website design shines brightly throughout its site. Even though it has a huge amount of product options and content throughout the site, it presents a concise and clean design. Its simplified design also eases the buying process.


Staples ecommerce platform website

Staples relies on its website for more than 50% of its sales. The ecommerce store has got a nearly minimalist design. It lets you see everything and really soak it in. You can instantly access deals from the local store, get free shipping and also browse through the latest print ads.

Staples has come up with a canny innovation in its site design is the way. It has positioned the search bar right above its replica rolex main navigation, which makes it easier for users to search for a product right away, giving them a smooth shopping experience. The checkout process, too, is hassle free.


Macy’s - eCommerce website design

The other legacy retailers are always caught up on what someone calls ‘boring’ over the last few years. Macy’s has always figured a way to beat the mundane of retail store or ship on tradition. If you had taken a look at Macy’s website in 2010, it was horrendous and had attracted several complaints. Now it is completely redesigned with a brand new responsive design that has got simple navigation and is image-rich providing a stunning compilation of curated deals, yet this site still looks and runs smoothly on a mobile device. 

Great eCommerce website design examples

New Chapter

Ecommerce website design example - new chapter


Ecommerce website design example - Bliss

Bon Bon Bon

Ecommerce website design inspiration - Bon Bon Bon


Ecommerce website design inspiration - Crossrope

The Mountain

Ecommerce website design inspiration - The Mountain

Need stunning design for your eCommerce website?

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June 4, 2021
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