9 High-converting Facebook Ad Design Examples

Facebook Ad Design Examples

With competition being fierce, the marketing sector of every industry has been pulling up their socks and upping their marketing game. It comes as no surprise that most of the marketers have taken to digital marketing to promote their brand, create brand awareness, and or generate potential leads. And to do this, almost all marketers of various industries worldwide have diversified their digital marketing campaigns to multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin, etc. And let’s face it, Facebook has been on the forefront. With more than 1.45 billion daily active users and 2.20 billion monthly active users, old brands and new have been relentlessly using Facebook as a means of marketing. And with so many brands trying to grab the attention of billions of users, it is understandable why marketers lay emphasis on creating a digital marketing campaign that is appealing, engaging, and captivating. Get inspired and flow your creativity with these Facebook ad examples

Types of Facebook Ads That Can Strengthen Your Online Game

One of the many reasons why marketers lean towards Facebook is because of the different types of digital advertisements Facebook offers. These varieties of Ads offer unlimited creative alternatives for your marketing campaigns that can be used to create interactive and engaging content.

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Creating Facebook Ads is not a cakewalk. Every category is different, and each of these categories has guidelines you should keep in mind while creating engaging ads. Below we have listed Facebook ad examples and types that are available for digital advertising along with their guidelines:

Image Ads

These are the most common forms of advertising on Facebook. It is a quick way to promote your brand, and compared to the other kinds of advertising, and it is quite easy to create.


  • Facebook only accepts PNG and JPG files
  • Make your image less spammy. That means on-image text should not exceed 20%, to make sure your ad reaches a wider audience.
  • The aspect ratio without including links is 1.91:1 to 4:5 and if you want to include link than the ratio is 1.91:1 to 1:1

Video Ads

Video Ads are considered to be highly effective as far as social media is concerned. In fact, studies show that nearly 4.6 billion videos ads online are watched worldwide.


Aspect ratios by Facebook for different placements:

  • Feed (Vertical): 4:5
  • Stories (Full Screen): 9:16
  • Carousel (Square): 1:1
  • In-Stream (Full Screen, Horizontal): 16:9

Other aspects:

  • Length: 1sec to 240mins
  • Size: 4GB (max)
  • Text: not exceeding 125 characters
  • Thumbnail: Less than or equal to 20% text

Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads allow you to add multiple images and it doesn’t include any featured image or video. You can upload a maximum of 10 images and videos of your products/services when clicked takes the viewer directly to the relevant landing page. It also allows you to add specific details about the product to their cards which makes it easier to browse through. This is an ideal form of facebook carousel ad to generate traffic to your website.


  • Cards: between 2 to 10
  • Images: PNG and JPG files of maximum 30MB
  • Videos: 4GB (max)

Collection Ads

A collection ad is like a mini-catalogue for your brand. It consists of a featured video/image and four images of your products/services. You can use these ads to either promote a single product/service or experiment with different images of various products/services.


  • Text: limited to 90 characters
  • Headline: limited to 25 characters

Instant Experience

To be exact, Instant Experience isn’t a type of Facebook Ad, but rather a Facebook feature that enhances your ads. It is a visually appealing full-screen page that is usually merged with Collection Ads, which opens up when you click on the ad.


  • Images: Upto 20 (PNG and JPG files)
  • Width: 1080px
  • Height: 1920px
  • Size: Fit-to-width allows for a variable height and Fit-to-height that fills the screen from top to bottom
  • Videos: similar to an animated gif

Now that you have familiarized yourself with these guidelines, you can go ahead and impress your audience with creative ads. However, coming up with creative, new ideas by yourself can be challenging and overwhelming.

And let’s agree we all need a bit of inspiration from time to time. With a number of ads doing the rounds on Facebook, it isn’t hard to find inspiration online.

9 Facebook Ad Examples To Inspire Your Creativity

They say that one of the best ways to learn something new is to see how the best of the best do it. And that’s exactly what inspired us to come up with a list of inspiring 9 Facebook Ads of all time that will get your creative juices flowing.

Listed below are few Facebook ad examples that have aced at creating engaging, innovative, and interactive ads that might inspire you or give you a few tricks and tips to get you started:

Facebook Image Ads

1. Snag Tights

This Image Ad by Snag Tights highlights the brand’s promise to its consumers, and their copy directly addresses the concerns of their target audience. The image is appealing and colorful, and at first glance, might even seem like a friend’s photo. This and the fact that the picture shows a wide range of body types, that emphasizes the copy, draws the attention of the audience long enough.

Facebook Image Ads
Source: Snag Tights


What’s great about this ad is that LEGO uses bright, colorful visual creative to grab the attention of the audiences. As different as their visual is, their copy also generates intrigue without giving too much information which ultimately encourages them to click and check it out.

Facebook Image Ads - Lego
Source: LEGO

Facebook Video Ads

3. Nuud

Nuud’s video ad works because the content of the video directly addresses the audience. The video answers some of the frequently asked questions about their product: is the product 100% natural? Is the packaging environment-friendly? And will it work for men?

The video ad is in a square format that is ideal for desktops and mobile News Feed and is also optimized for viewing without sound.

4. Tattoodo

What is unique about these two videos by Tattoodo, is that both these ads started off as posts for Facebook, and when they achieved high engagement, they both were promoted to video ads. The ads are eye-catching and colorful with a clear call-to-action in the end that encourages the audience. Also, it shows how there is no one video format for every goal, and experimenting is the key to achieving the desired results.

Tip: A great way of extending the reach of your content is to boost high-performing content.

Facebook Carousel Ads

5. Busabout

What is different about Busabout’s carousel ad is that it shows one large image across multiple cards. And what makes this ad even more appealing is that the images and the texts are user-generated content from their real customers, which brings a sense of authenticity.

6. Nike

Nike is known for its minimalist, eye-catching social media ads. What sets this ad apart from others is that every card has a varied background color that matches with their custom shoes. Appealing typography and a color wheel at the bottom of the image attracts the attention of the viewers and emphasizes the fact that they can customize their shoes as per their wish.

Facebook Image Ads - Nike
Source: Nike

Facebook Collection Ads

7. Adidas

Adidas marked the launch of their new collection using the collection ads to feature their different products. The lead image showcased a background of black hue and minimalistic text. At the same time, the other products had a monotonous grey background with no intricate or complex designs emphasizing the product more.

8. Forgotten Tribes

Forgotten Tribes uses every feature of collection ads to their advantage. The ad starts with a woman walking alongside the beach in the featured clothing, and the vertical video makes the best use of screen space since collection ads are a mobile-only format. The video is optimized for viewing without sound, and the ad links to an Instant Experience storefront that makes shopping for the featured clothing and other products easy.

Facebook Instant Experience

9. Feelunique

Feelunique’s video showcases the products that they mentioned in their copy, encouraging the audience to click. By clicking anywhere on an Instant Experience ad, the viewers get a chance to shop rather than looking around for a call-to-action button.

The thing that these examples illustrate is that your Facebook Ads success isn’t dependent on which popular trend you follow. The success of your ads depends on how creative you are and how uniquely you showcase your products/services. A different, authentic digital marketing campaign can set you apart from the competition and encourage engagement.

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September 4, 2020
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