30 Creative, Famous & Inspiring Digital Artists That You Should Follow in 2024

digital artists

Digital art is the process of using software, photography, and drawing to create an art piece and still and moving images for print, web, television, advertising, or film.

As against traditional art, digital art makes use of technologically advanced software applications, digital medium, and 3D modeling software to create a wide variety of digital artworks such as cartoons, portrait drawings, animation, photo manipulation and so much more.

The world has gone digital and the recent developments in the creative industry have facilitated further transformations and trends in the styles of digital art that are being created and highly sought-after by the general public. Digital artists are professionals responsible for creating digital artwork. Many digital artists from various parts of the world are increasingly transforming the digital arts industry with their creative and innovative designs.

In this blog article, we have identified the best 30 most creative, famous, and inspiring digital artists that you should follow in 2024 for their active role in lightening up the entire arts community with their impressive talents and setting the pace and direction for new digital projects.

Who is a Digital Artist?

famous digital artists

Digital artists are professionals responsible for creating visual content for various media using computer software applications.

They create two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) digital art from illustrations to animations, images, videos, and other types of artwork used in digital advertisements, websites, films, and TV shows.

Digital artists have strong creative and research skills with a great eye for detail. This innovative design skill enables them to use specific tools like a mouse or pen to create their digital artwork on a screen. Although these digital artworks are primarily used for commercial purposes, some digital artists create them to showcase their creative prowess and grow their community of followers.

As professionals that mostly work independently, digital artists must also be able to work well within teams and effectively collaborate with other designers, marketers, producers, directors, etc. to create the best possible end product.

What are the Main Duties of a Digital Artist?

A digital artist is mainly responsible for carrying out the following duties:

1. Creating 2D and 3D art using computer graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Maya to design characters, settings, and other elements for use in a variety of media formats.

2. Develop concept art and storyboards to visualize what a final product will look like.

3. Collaborating with other members of the creative design team to develop concepts and design artwork.

4. Creating 3D computer models and rendering images with the use of specialized computer graphics software

5. Developing concept art and illustrations for marketing materials or advertising campaigns.

6. Using computer software to create digital artwork such as illustrations, animations, and graphic designs for printed materials such as magazines, brochures, or postcards.

7. Reviewing art scripts and developing storyboards for animation, infographics, and other visual media applications

8. Working and collaborating with directors, producers, actors, and other members of a film crew to create storyboards for video games, digital advertisements, TV shows, and Films.

The Key Skills Required By a Digital Artist

Digital artists need the following skills to be successful in their careers.

1. Creativity is the ability to use one’s imagination and talents to generate new ideas and solutions. Most digital artists have the creative abilities to create unique designs or artwork that meet their client’s needs and fascinate the target audience.

2. Research: Digital artists create a wide variety of digital artwork for many companies. Digital artists must have great research skills to research topics and processes to effectively execute the design projects to suit the needs of their clients and their business/market demand. To continuously learn and sharpen their design skills, digital artists also carry out much research to grow in their careers.

3. Technical Skills are a set of abilities or specialized knowledge to use software and other digital design applications to create digital art. A skilled digital artist must have strong technical skills to use design software, tools, or applications to create art more efficiently and effectively. This also includes their ability to troubleshoot technical skills.

4. Communication: Most digital artists are excellent communicators. Their communication skills enable them to effectively communicate ideas and reach a mutual agreement with their clients. They are also able to communicate with their clients to understand their needs and expectations.

5. Problem-solving: So much goes into the process of creating a digital painting or an art illustration, a digital artist must be able to understand the best practices and steps to take when they face challenges. This could also include understanding how to connect devices, use software, or troubleshoot technical issues.

30 Creative, Famous & Inspiring Digital Artists To Follow in 2024

Digital artists are indispensable to the effective functioning of the business and corporate world. They create the design needed to run an advertising campaign, support marketing efforts, and express their artistic imaginations.

We have identified some of the best digital artists that are transforming the digital art space with their creative artwork.

1. Kyle Lambert

gifts for digital artists

Instagram: Kyle Lambert

Kyle Lambert is a Los Angeles-based visual artist and digital illustrator known for creating iconic digital illustrations for movie posters in the entertainment industry. His most recent and incredibly amazing work was his illustrated art for Stranger Things, the award-winning Netflix series.

His artwork has been at the forefront of advertising campaigns for some of the globally recognized companies like Apple, Disney, Marvel, Netflix, Paramount Studios, Sony Pictures, and Universal Studios.

Kyle has created over 30 title illustrations for Disney’s adventure movie, Jungle Cruise, and served as the main artist behind Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. advertising campaigns. His works have been featured on top billboards, books, comics, action figures, and apparel.

2. Alexis Franklin

digital artists famous

Instagram: Alexis Franklin

Alexis Franklin is a videographer and a self-taught artist from Houston, Texas who specializes in digital painting. Her creative works feature expressive subjects with a style similar to oil on canvas.

She primarily uses digital software like Photoshop (brushes and mixer tool) to create her digital oil-like portrait paintings. As an expressive artist, Alexis documents her creative process as time lapses on Instagram and YouTube

3. Lulu Chen

best digital artists

Instagram: Lulu Chen

Lulu Chen is a famous digital artist from San Francisco. The majority of her creative works are dedicated to creating illustrations, unique characters, and original backgrounds. She is one of the top digital artists that create artistic masterpieces that are well-thought-out and detailed. Lulu uses colors and tones to provoke warm emotions.

Her key digital tools are Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter and other traditional art methods using colored pencils, watercolors, acrylic paints, and gouache.

4. Kiko Rodríguez

perfect digital artists

Instagram: Kiko Rodríguez

Kiko Rodríguez is a talented digital illustrator and graphic designer based in Miami known as one of the best digital artists for their universal designs.

He creates illustrations as a way to meditate and reflect on things. Kiko’s style is clear, and accurate and mixes classic and digital techniques to impress his audience. His illustrations look organic, vivid, dynamic, and powerful.

5. Lynn Chen

digital artists to follow

Instagram: Lynn Chen

Lynn Chen is a visual development artist who has been working with Warner Bros Animation for over five years now.

She works on social games, animated movies, and TV shows. Lynn also works as a freelance artist for some of the biggest animation studios as Dreamworks TV, Nickelodeon Jr., and Illumination. She works with Wacom Cintiq 22 and enjoys classic and digital ways of painting.

6. Brian Miller

popular digital artists

Instagram: Brain Miller

Brian Miller is the owner, illustrator, and artist of the Orlin Culture Shop (OCS) based in Erie, CO. He holds a BFA in Animation and Film-making from the University of Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Aside from being an artist, he is also a web designer who effectively combines his artistic and technical skills to create his art.

His artwork showcases a bold, intuitive, and whimsy style. He is also actively involved in helping others find their artistic voice and develop innovative systems that support their creative efforts.

7. Viktor Miller-Gausa

black digital artists

Instagram: Viktor Miller-Gausa

Viktor Miller-Gausa is a Russian art director and digital illustrator from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. He is well known for his great digital painting. In November 2019, he created some new portraits of Hollywood Music stars and actors like Billy Eilish, Gal Gadot, Jim Carrey, Hunter Schafer, and others.

8. Pawel Nolbert

top digital artists

Instagram: Pawel Nolbert

Pawel Nolbert is a multidisciplinary digital artist specializing in illustration and commercial graphic designing.

He works as an art director, illustrator, and graphics designer on several projects in the areas of entertainment, marketing & advertising as well as many other digital art projects. With more than 17 years of experience in the creative field specializing in illustration and art direction, his creative art pieces earned him his place among some of the most prominent digital artists in the world,

9. Ekaterina Savic

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Instagram: Ekaterina Savic

Ekaterina Savic is an independent book illustrator from Russia but lives in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Her creative work focuses on children’s books, character designs, and story writing. The majority of her famous digital art pieces tell a story peculiar to them. Ekaterina has partaken in many art competitions and won several awards

10. Charlie Davis

most famous digital artists

Instagram: Charlie Davis

Charlie Davis is a London-based illustrator and designer. He creates quirky and warm minimalistic drawings of everyday things and people. He is well known for his flat-design style. Charlie draws inspiration from observing people and the interactions around him – his favorite artists, his travels, and personal fun moments.

11. Bastien Lecouffe Deharme

what do digital artists do

Instagram: Bastien Lecouffe Deharme

Bastien Lecouffe Deharme creatively combines ancient legends, tales, and mythology with modern elements in his digital art projects. Highly regarded as one of the best digital artists due to his ability to combine beauty and decadence, hence creating dark images filled with symbolism.

Bastien currently lives in the United States and works as a freelance illustrator for many companies. His works have been published in the Wizards of the Coast, National Geographic, Harper Collin, Applibot, Penguin Books, Hasbro, and others.

12. Mike Campau

female digital artists

Instagram: Mike Campau

Mike Campau is a seasoned digital artist specializing in illustration, graphic design, photography, and CGI. He is known to be one of the best digital artists with over 20 years of experience working with various agencies and studios such as Sony, WWE, Pepsi, Chevrolet, Ford, Budweiser, and many more.

Mike’s digital art pieces are characterized by his clear and dynamic style. He is known to set high visual standards and works hard to surpass them. His creative work focuses on combining photography and CGI in his artwork.

13. Justin Peters

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Instagram: Justin Peters

Justin Peters is a famous contemporary digital artist from Germany. He uses Photoshop and his creative ideas and imagination to merge images gotten from various stock photo websites to create collages with surreal scenes and a special sentimental atmosphere. Peters creates some of the most incredible combinations that evoke emotions and feelings.

14. Pascal Blanché

famous digital artists and their works

Instagram: Pascal Blanché

Pascal Blanché is a digital artist and a Senior Art Director from France. With over 25 years of experience in the Game field.

He is well known for creating digital illustrations that are full of color and inspired by memories of his 80’s heroes like Moebius, Frazetta, Bisley, Corben, and many others. Pascal’s digital artwork has won multiple awards published in magazines and books worldwide.

15. Toni Infante

digital artists websites

Instagram: Toni Infante

Toni Infante is regarded as one of the notable contemporary digital artists from Barcelona whose works focus on creating illustrations for movies, children, and comic books.

Toni documents his creative session and shares tutorials and videos of how he creates his digital art. He recently began creating cover art for some of the world’s biggest brands like DC comics, Boom, CDProjekt, and Titan

16. Camila Venegas

digital artists instagram

Instagram: Camila Venegas

Camila Venegas is an art designer and director from Bogota, Colombia. Currently residing in Dubai, she now works in advertising agencies and design studios as an art director. In addition, she also works as a freelance 3D Illustrator and Graphic designer. Her most popular digital artwork combines 3D and flat drawings similar to crafts made from modeling clay.

17. Maxim Shkret

digital artists on instagram

Instagram: Maxim Shkret

Maxim Shkret is an artist from Moscow that is widely popular due to his digital sculptures of animals and the human body.

He uses Autodesk 3ds Max, Vray, Corona Renderer, Pixologic Zbrush, and Wacom Intuos to create the sculptures. His 3D models resemble paper art and capture high attention to detail (flowing fur, ridged scales, etc.). He uses shadow and light in his works to create the texture of the animals.

18. Filip Hodas

digital artists near me

Instagram: Filip Hodas

Filip Hodas is a freelance 3D artist from Prague, Czech Republic. His creative design with bizarre and eye-opening renderings makes him one of the best digital artists. His artworks series are highly praised in the contemporary art world for depicting pop culture icons and their decay by showing how well-known characters from cartoons, movies, and video games will soon be forgotten and fade into obscurity

Some of his popular works include the burnt-out Pac-Man, the deceased Hello Kitty, a Martian Playstation space station, and more.

19. Yann Dalon

most popular digital artists

Instagram: Yann Dalon

Yann Dalon is a young illustration and digital concept artist from Paris, France. His work revolves around adding motion to illustration to make his artwork as dynamic as possible. He uses rhythmic strokes and vibrant colors to achieve his goals.

Yann combines classic painting with ink, watercolors, pen, and acrylic with digital painting using Photoshop and Graphic tools. His digital artwork is highly recognized and praised by top brands like Adidas, Adobe, Disney, NBA, Jim Beam, and many more.

20. Butcher Billy

modern digital artists

Instagram: Butcher Billy

Butcher Billy is a prominent digital illustration artist from Brazil. He is one of the most talented artists transforming the digital art space with his incredible out-of-the-world pieces. His art style combines various ideas, subjects, and aesthetics to create a distinctive, postmodern artwork. Butcher currently works as a creative director in a digital agency.

21. Amr Elshamy

famous female digital artists

Instagram: Amr Elshamy

Amr Elshamy is a popular artist in the environment art world. He is well-versed in a wide variety of techniques, styles, and types of art. Over the years, he has been able to make his mark among some of the biggest brands and products such as BBC, Adobe, 3D Artist Magazine, Shutterstock and so many others.

22. Rik Oostenbroek

well known digital artists

Instagram: Rik Oostenbroek

Rik Oostenbroek is an art director and self-taught digital artist from the Netherlands. He is one of the world’s most famous and highly respected professional illustrators for his unique geometric shapes and dynamic forms. Rik creates his artworks using modern design techniques such as Graphic Design, Typography, Art Direction, Surreal Illustration, and 3D Graphics, with a combination of Photo editing (manipulation and retouching), etc.

He has an expansive work history with some of the biggest companies such as Nike, ESPN, Mazda, and Viacom. His digital artworks have appeared in commercials across the world from London to New York, Milan, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong.

23. Stuart Lippincott

famous digital artists on instagram

Instagram: Stuart Lippincott

Stuart Lippincott is an animator and motion graphics designer based in Bentonville, Arkansas. His creative artworks have a gloomy mood and feel that takes one down memory lane to the era of early digital. Stuart combines 3D objects, people, and light to create a unique and mysterious masterpiece.

24. Tracie Ching

color theory for digital artists

Instagram: Tracie Ching

Tracie Ching is a talented digital illustration artist based in Washington DC. Her creative works focus more on complex portraits with graphic lines and limited palettes. Tracie creates editorial illustrations, commercial sportswear projects, and gallery projects and has most of her popular works as movie posters.

25. Farid Ghanbari

best digital artists on instagram

Instagram: Farid Ghanbari

Farid Ghanbari is a lighting Artist and 3D CG Generalist with over 10 years of experience. He is also the founder of RenderBurger and currently works as a CG Supervisor at Lexip Games, an Iranian digital game design team.

He is a digital artist with extensive experience in a wide field of digital art & design such as game projects, character design, architectural visualization, advertising, and motion design. He is also well experienced in using Photoshop, Maya, Realflow, and other software

26. Anwar Mostafa

types of digital artists

Instagram: Anwar Mostafa

Anwar Mostafa is a digital artist and visualizer from Egypt. He studied computer graphics and multimedia at the Arab Academy of Sciences and Technology.

He has participated in many online art exhibitions, and international art groups Cosmosys and Aurora. Mostafa later presented this concept in Egypt and created the evolving art group that united many talented Egyptian artists.

27. Billelis

instagram digital artists

Instagram: Billelis

Billelis, otherwise known by his full name, Billy Bogiatzoglou is a UK-based digital artist whose work focuses on street art. He studied Digital Art & Technology at the University of Plymouth and now works as a 3D designer and art director.

His digital art uses contrasting colors to create an amazing combination of dark style and elegance. Billelis’s works capture deadly subjects that add unique touches of life, elegance, and beauty. He mostly draws his artistic inspiration from the Gothic and this is evident in his art pieces. One of his latest and most popular works was dedicated to the film John Wick 3.

28. Vladimir Petkovic

best digital artists 2023

Instagram: Vladimir Petkovic

Vladimir Petkovic is a Serbian computer artist and art director at Adobe Systems. His works cover many areas of 3D design including rendering, hard surface, lighting, texturing, and organic modeling.

His creative designs are used while creating video games, motion pictures, software development, and product visualization. Vladimir is one of the universal digital artists who handle streamlining workflows, concept art, UX/UI design, and art direction.

29. Sasha Vinogradova

anime digital artists

Instagram: Sasha Vinogradova

Sasha Vinogradova is a Russian artist and designer currently working in the United States. She works as a senior designer for “The Mill +” and has worked on the covers for Tomorrowland, Crown, 12 Monkeys, and Damien. Sasha also worked on the opening of True Detective’s third season.

30. Mike Winkelmann

best digital artists in the world

Instagram: Mike Winkelmann

Mike Winkelmann known as Beeple is a videographer and graphic designer with many free design projects and videos under CC. He has created over 3,000 animations and CGI drawings for over a decade. One of these is the CC VJ loops that many artists and electro musicians use today. He is one of the artists creating their own worlds with innovative free designs that many artists use.

The Bottom Line

Digital art is any artistic work or practice that is created or presented using digital technology. They include images designed on a computer or hand-drawn images scanned into a computer and finished using digital design tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and many others.

A lot of digital artists in these contemporary times are transforming the scope and practice of traditional art styles with the use of animations, photo manipulation, 3D virtual sculpture renderings, and the combination of two or more technologies. A career as a digital artist is an incredibly rewarding one that offers you so many opportunities to express your imagination, ideas, and thoughts into creative masterpieces.

However, to become one, you must understand that the journey to becoming a professional and well-sought-after designer is a long one that requires patience and commitment to the career. You must be ready to continuously learn and relearn to get to that peak that you desire. We have identified the 30 best digital artists with incredible skills you should start following today.

July 17, 2023
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