25 Best Discord Banner Ideas

discord banners

What is a Discord banner?

A Discord banner is an image that is displayed at the top of your profile page on the Discord app. It is usually a photo or illustration that represents you or your brand, and it can be customized with different colors and text to comments. You can also upload a custom banner to represent yourself or your server on Discord.

You may have a picture shown at the top of the channel list when your server has achieved Boosting Level 2! This image is referred to as the Server Banner. This fully configurable graphic aims to give your community a sense of individuality.

cool discord banners

What is the procedure for obtaining your own Discord banner?

It’s possible that if you regularly use Discord servers, you’ve observed that its server boost is one of the unique features, like better server settings, better aspect ratio, and automatically resize logo option, that you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, certain benefits are unlocked through server boosts, and they may also be opened by making a payment to Discord.

You may upload a free banner to your Discord server to give it a distinct server identity. This function may be activated in server settings after reaching the second level of the server.

Best Own Discord Banner Ideas To Use

Getting people to join your Discord server is essential to growing a strong following on the website. This may be accomplished by producing a visually appealing Discord banner that attracts attention to your server brand and increases your community, including all the members and users.

Here is some excellent banner idea by default; all pictures resized will be available for download at the recommended size of 600 x 240 pixels in png format, ideal for unique Discord profile banners. Some other brand software is also used to create the discord banner at recommended size, which represents animated, Place, mind, glance, game, and user discord banners, and some of them are server banners.

1. Organic Minecraft life

Our first Discord banner belongs to the Minecraft image. It has a calm and relaxing scene, as you might see in a natural forest.

banners for discord

2. Runner boy animated banners

Rick and Morty are going on their next adventure together. You can use this banner image if you’re a massive fan of the Rick and Morty TV show!

discord gif banners

3. Fun at the Beach server banners

Are you the type of person who enjoys long walks at the beach while watching the sunrise? This banner features precisely. It’s an image of a clean and beautiful beach with waves coming in and the sun rising.

4. Meowriffic Discord Banners

discord server banners

5. Give Me Money server banners

People of all ages can use this banner on Discord image. Although it’s a bit funny, “Wants money” is written on a simple black background with a red heart and an arrow pointing to your Discord banners.

discord banners gif

6. Till Death, we are friends animated banner

This banner image is both sad and sweet at the same time. It all comes down to how you see it. It shows a couple holding hands. Love that can’t be broken, or losing someone you love, are both ways to look at it.

good discord banners

7. Die, Die Please

Discord has a banner that I think all gamers can correspond to, like this one. It shows someone playing a video game with a controller and screaming, “Die, die!”

best discord banners

8. Hello Baymax animated banner

discord animated banners

9. Heavenly Angel server banners

This discord banner shows angel character sculptures with a pinkish finish on their front. It’s a picture of one of the sculptures found in ancient Greece. It looks great as a Discord banner.

funny discord banners

10. Moving Heart discord banners

Another good banner for women to use on Discord image is this one. There are a lot of light pink hearts floating around on a black background in this one.

You can use this GIF to make a movable Discord banner. It’s effortless.

animated discord banners

11. Delete my life

I like this banner for a community who don’t like life very much. In this image, a person is pressing the delete key on a keyboard, and the words “my life” are right next to it.

cute discord banners

12. Single forever

We have a banner for Discord that is very easy to make. This banner belonging to all the proud single communities would be great. The one will come to you at some point.

how to make discord banners

13. Sweet doughnuts

This next banner has a simple GIF that everyone who likes doughnuts and makes food shares their complete visiting profile. People of all genders and even on servers can use this banner. It has a pink theme, but it can be used by anyone, no matter what.

matching discord banners

14. Animated Ocean World

You’ll like this next-level banner if you like the sea a lot. Light blue and goldfish swim through the ocean in this picture. It looks great, especially if you select the blue color server.

banners discord

15. Neon Racing Cars

This banner shows a beautiful neon-covered Racing car. It’s a banner with neon blue colors and some simple animation.

animated banners discord

16. Chillin’ Like a Villain animated banner

This next one is just for all of you Valorant fans out there. New Valiant agent Neon is shown hanging out. Simple, but it gives off a relaxed and calm vibe.

discord profile banners

17. Sleeping boys

This banner shows the relaxed and feeling free after accomplishing their task.

cute banners for discord

18. Traffic Cons Server Banners

This banner is based on a picture from a movie called “Her.” The photo shows two people with traffic cones on their heads playing around in the streets. It’s a silly and fun banner for Discord.

Halloween discord banners

19. Sunset discord banners

Among the city towers and buildings, you can see a beautiful sunset. It’s a banner that looks good on both individual profiles and servers. Make sure that your Discord name font goes with it, too.

custom discord banners

20. Gamer Girl Aesthetic

Next, we have a GIF banner for Discord that shows a girl in headphones sitting on her bed with headphones on. It’s a great banner for all the girls who like to play games.

cool banners for discord

21. Into the Spidervers

Miles Morales has become a global superstar because of the movie Into the Spider-Verse. Miles Morales jumps from the top of a building and through lights from across the city in this banner.

cool discord banners gif

22. Neon Lights

Here is a banner for Discord that is very ordinary, but it still looks good. I think it’s about pink neon lights in the background with some walls. You can use it as is or add some text and make it unique for your server.

discord nitro banners

23. Fun in Japan

People from all over the world love Japan. I think it’s a beautiful country with a lot of exciting history. In this banner, you can see everything that makes Japan and its culture so beautiful in one picture.

free discord banners

24. Living the Mountain Life

This is another excellent banner for Discord. In the distance, you can see a fantastic mountain range with white clouds on top and clear skies. It’s a green and thriving forest with a lot of trees. Find the best discord profile pictures at All Time Design.

anime discord banners

25. Night Sky Journey

discord channel banners


Discord is a great platform for gamers, and with the right graphics, it can be even better. We’ve collected some of the best discord banner ideas to help you get started on making your server look awesome. If you need help getting started or want a professional design team to take care of everything for you, contact us today. We would be happy to help make your gaming experience even more fun and exciting!

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