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Writing a book is difficult. By the time you finish the final draft, you will have devoted many hours to it, whether fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or the ramblings of an insane mind. Nevertheless, it deserves to be covered and appropriately formatted because it is a piece of art.

You’ve been planning and creating an ebook for months (maybe years), and you’re almost ready to sell it. You eagerly anticipate the money from your new digital product into your bank account.

But before you can publish your ebook, you’re missing something essential: an eye-catching cover to entice potential readers to purchase your ebooks.

 design ebook cover

Your readers will only give you 90 seconds to make a good impression (and entice them to buy your book).

According to reports, a quality book cover design can boost a book’s visibility by over 50%. What we mean is? A stunning cover is an investment.

However, if you are not a graphic designer, the effort of making a high-quality cover may seem overwhelming.

Here, we will show you how to get quality book cover design for that romance or sci-fi novel you have worked on.

Ways to Create Ebook Cover Designs

There are several ways to design your book covers. It could be done via DIY ebook cover design or by hiring a designer (such as a freelance designer or ebook cover design services.)

DIY Ebook Cover Design

Several DIY book cover tools are online, such as Snappa, BeFunky, and Canva. You can design an ebook cover with a few steps ready to stand out from the digital shelf. Most of these online ebook cover design tools tend to follow the steps listed below:

Open Tool

Open the online tool and search for ebook covers to kick off your custom ebook cover design.

Explore ebook cover Templates

Discover eBook cover templates for any subject and genre you write on, from inspiring and creative to science fiction and romance. Add terms that correspond to your themes, styles, mood, and color schemes to your search to save time and make it more focused. To begin designing, click on the template that you choose.

Experience a variety of features

You can choose from millions of highly professional stock images, icons, and high-resolution images in their library. Use the convenient drag-and-drop tool to add them to your page. Utilize the photo effects option to distinguish your design.

Colors are also not a problem; simply follow the design’s color scheme or add your desired hex code. You can select a filter from their list or add the hex code for your chosen color to any design elements and add-ons.

Keep customizing

You may add a personal touch by including your stock photos, images, or artwork. Combine components from various ebook cover templates. Try out various font and color schemes. Continue exploring if you like your design.

Save and upload online

Download and save the JPG or PNG version of your eBook cover. With a few clicks, you may online share and upload your design.

This “do it yourself” mentality enables you to spend your money on more worthwhile and challenging projects, such as how you can design an ebook cover, while also teaching you valuable skills. Even if you’re only publishing an ebook, making your cover page or interior editing of your manuscript might help you save money that you can use to pay for the more expensive services.

Hiring a Designer

You pay the designer for more than just the artwork (in this case, your cover) when you commission them to create an ebook cover for you. Additionally, you are paying for their extensive expertise and experience.

Designers thoroughly understand typography, color combinations, visual hierarchies, layouts, and ebook cover dimensions, particularly those specializing in book cover design.

Although employing a designer would offer you access to knowledge you might not have, it might be out of the budget for beginning authors—but there are also many more reasonable solutions. For example, All Time Design, a company that offers design services beyond just book covers, offers packages starting at $699 for all designs, including ebook covers. In addition, a quick search on Fiverr for verified cover designers reveals a price spectrum, with the lowest price point being about $190.

The advantage of using ebook cover design services is its fixed fee. A monthly fixed amount can help you generate tons of ebook covers. All Time Design charges $699 to $1999 monthly with unlimited requests and revisions compared to other designers who can charge $190 per design.

Top 10 Best Ebook Cover Design Services for Self-Publishing

The front cover of your book will catch readers’ attention before anything else. Naturally, therefore, the graphic design must be appealing. But on the other hand, a typical or shoddy design may even turn people off.

Readers will unquestionably judge a book by its cover; no matter how fantastic your book is, it won’t matter if no one picks it up to purchase or read it.

That is why seeking expert assistance is so valuable, especially for authors who self-publish. The finest book cover design services listed below can create quality artwork for both digital and printed books.

eBook Launch

 ebook cover design free

Although designing a book cover might be difficult, the finished product should always be an eye-catching composition that skillfully combines text and images, whether stock images or original artwork.

EBook Launch is one of the best cover design services since it consistently upholds that standard. Its portfolio is jam-packed with exquisitely crafted and unique book covers in a range 0f genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and contemporary art.

Unless a pre-made cover costing $99 is appropriate, the staff at eBook Launch takes every attempt to actualize each author’s idea. A customized ebook cover design, however, costs $449. Although expensive, this critical step in the publishing process is never inexpensive.


 free ebook cover design

Consider Damonza as an additional excellent example for your cover design. Indie authors frequently choose it despite its price, which starts at $645 for an ebook. When you spend that much money, having a money-back guarantee is reassuring.

The main draw is the company’s current innovations, which are as impressive as ever. In addition, each design reflects the company’s excellent standards so that you can count on your book receiving the same level of attention.

In reality, the Damonza team is renowned for having an excellent eye for each project’s marketability. As much as their artistic expertise, you can trust their thoughts.


 ebook cover design services

In addition to pre-made cover design services, you may run across websites where self-publishing authors can locate skilled freelancers. You ought to start at 99Designs.

A contest or approaching a designer are your two options. A clear, thorough, and realistic brief is crucial, especially for competition.

Similar to an advertisement, this strategy operates. Submissions that adhere to your guidelines are required. You can then decide who will win and continue working together.

Prices vary due to the website’s wide range of alternatives and specialists. The least expensive you should be prepared to pay is about $300, but spending more can get you more excellent covers. Just choose wisely, more cautiously.


 ebook cover design service

The idea behind Reedsy, which was inspired by 99Designs, has grown into a broad and well-respected network of publishing experts willing to assist indie authors with any needs they may have.

Regarding book cover designers, their profiles highlight their qualifications, prior work, reviews, and other attributes. Up to five persons may submit quotes for a single project.

Regardless of who you select, Reedsy manages every part of your collaboration, from document exchange and communication to installment payments.

The service is simple to use, and successful collaborations can lead to outstanding covers for printed books (such as a hardback cover or paperback), ebooks, or both.

Bailey Designs Books

 how to design ebook cover

Then there are indie experts who provide book cover design services. While numerous options are available on the market, some demand special consideration.

Bailey Designs Books is one of them, with her distinctive style and affordable costs. You can buy a preset design for as little as $99, while an ebook cover is $399. It costs $499 if you also want the print copy.

In exchange, you receive an attractive illustrated design that gives your book new life. Check out what this service offers if you prefer stock images to more creative, fun, or minimalist covers.

Jessica Bell Design

 how to design an ebook cover

Here’s another name that’s doing well in the book cover publishing industry. All types of literature, including materials for branding and marketing campaigns, are beautifully created by Jessica Bell Design.

You’ll find illustrations and works based on stock photos in her collection. This is an excellent service to take advantage of, whether you want a traditional, minimalist, or incredibly unique design.

Bundles are used for pricing. For instance, a starter pack costs about $500. Along with a 3D website mock-up, two licensed image downloads, and three revisions, this provides an ebook and a print-ready cover. The cost of projects with illustrations may vary.

Baki Boquecosa

 ebook cover design ideas

Depending on your price range, you have several trustworthy possibilities for the ideal book cover. Baki Boquecosa is a great graphic designer who also contributes his work to the publishing business.

A pre-made or custom jacket is also an option. Whether you choose something straightforward or bizarre, you’ll have striking artwork that captures the essence of your book and grabs readers’ attention.

Baki Boquecosa is another great choice if you want a professional cover without having to spend a lot of money because the price of a pre-made design can start at $100.

Julie Metz Design

 ebook cover art design

A fantastic website to check out first is Julie Metz Design if you’re looking for a traditional and refined cover. You can count on a very professional and creative attitude to produce a top-notch book cover for your digital or print book.

Julie Metz’s skills in photography and graphic design, not to mention her previous partnerships with Penguin Random House and Hachette, ensure a successful and fruitful relationship.

Vanessa Mendozzi Design

 cover ebook design

A simple book jacket can nevertheless be effective. The most specific components can combine to create something lovely and unique, a skill Vanessa Mendozzi Design has perfected alongside more complex creations.

You may anticipate a flexible approach, regardless of whether your work is a biography, a thriller, or a children’s book. It can create both subtle and striking effects, depending on what the writer needs to stand out.

Custom book design is worth the cost when it comes to standing out from the competitors in the publishing business.

All Time Design

 design an ebook cover

This is a great example and is the best book designing service in the publishing market today.

Its team of designers skillfully combines clarity, importance, and beauty to create a jacket that will honor any accompanying image and text. They also have the expertise and understanding to determine what will result in the ideal case and what won’t.

ATD can produce a book trailer movie for your book that will set you apart from the competition. They are the perfect means of promoting your brand-new book because they are both stunning and potent.

Due to the motion graphics that are a part of its professional plan and the infinite revision and request options, All Time Design is the platform most frequently suggested for book design.

Other Ebook Cover Examples

Start Designing Your Book Cover Today

Typically, hiring the same designer to create your ebook cover, paperback cover design, interior formats, etc., is the most economical course of action.

Different designers can lead to a drop in quality, poor design layout, altered background, or text and images being shrunk down to thumbnail size.

So, are you among those non-designers looking to begin your next project? All Time Design will help you create your book cover designs with a professional finish.

Your new book’s ideas and business purpose vision will be brought to life with the interior layout designed according to international best practices, well-placed design elements, top-notch visual elements, and other add-ons.

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