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Are you also someone who has spent a long time deciding on your Facebook cover photo.? Does it take you ample time to decide on the size and dimensions of a cover photo?

Well, it isn’t just you. We’ve all faced it, and some are still facing the issue of perfecting the correct Facebook cover photo dimensions.

And if you are a business, it is especially needed for you as you are marketing yourself on social media. Thus, it is imperative that you know about the Facebook cover photo size and dimensions.

What is A Facebook Cover Photo?

A cover photo is the larger picture that appears above your profile picture on Facebook. Similar to your Facebook profile picture, your page’s cover photo is open to the public, allowing anyone visiting your profile to see them.

Unlike your profile picture, a cover photo is a large banner graphic that introduces visitors to an individual or a brand and showcases their identity.

Why do you need a Facebook cover photo?

Are you familiar with the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover?”

However, this is not the case with social media. That too if you are an individual or brand that constantly works to influence and put in to view your product or products that you are manifesting to your visitors through social media. 

You may constantly strive to help customers better understand your business and product through content and storytelling. Still, their first impression of you will always be visual. 

Therefore, your brand logo, website layouts, profile pictures, and cover photos significantly impact your online reputation. 

It’s, therefore, crucial to have a Facebook profile photo and cover photo that demonstrate and display your personality, brand’s story, and even the company’s purpose. 

Now that you know how important your brand’s image is, pay closer attention to it and make sure it meets all the criteria. 

What should a Facebook Cover Photo include?

A Facebook cover photo appears on your Facebook profile page. This means that your followers, friends, or audience need to visit your profile to see it. And suppose you are in the habit of changing your cover photo now and then. In that case, it will be displayed on your Facebook profiles timeline for you and others to visit.

So, ideally, your Facebook cover photo should showcase graphics or images that draw your audience to your Facebook profile. Also, you can add text to your cover image.

Also, your cover image should be what you want your target audience to know. For example, suppose you are a fitness studio. In that case, your cover photo will have to be creative whose focus is on marketing your business.

But for your Facebook cover photo to promote your brand, you need to follow a few things, the main point being the dimensions for your Facebook cover images. And your Facebook cover photo size will heighten your cover photos quality by marketing what you want to showcase without losing out on the crux of the photos.

What is the recommended size for Facebook Cover Photo?

The size of your Facebook profile’s cover photo differs from device to device. So the same image will be shown differently on your desktop than on your mobile devices.

If you crop and upload an image on your Facebook page, there is a big chance that you are giving up on the quality of the image, and this will show on your timeline. Thus a Facebook cover photo’s height and width are essential and be considered while designing.

For a mobile device, a Facebook cover photo comes in the size of 640 x 360 pixels. And for a desktop device comes in the size of 820 x 312 pixels. And, if you want to use a single feature image that works well on both devices, you can choose to incorporate the size 820 x 462 pixels.

The best file for a cover photo is a PNG file that will enhance and define your images best to your viewers.

You can also create Facebook covers using videos instead of static images. This is because a video shares more about your business and tells a complete story about your business. 

Facebook video covers should be at least 820 x 312 pixels with a length between 20 to 90 seconds

Now that you know these sizes, you can customize your Facebook cover illustration as per your style and upload them to your Facebook page.

Role of Facebook Cover Photos In Marketing?

Today, everyone is on social media, and Facebook is the most used social media platform across the globe.

And, since your Facebook cover photo is the first thing that one sees on your Facebook page, you must have the perfect cover photo. Simply put, a good Facebook cover photo banner is a branding opportunity. With it on site, you can give your brand a voice and an image of professionalism for free.

Take Meta(Facebook Inc before rebranding), for example, if you notice the displayed cover photo is a sign of their style and movement towards the metaverse.

So as a business or professional who wants to market yourself using Facebook covers, similar to Meta’s cover photo. Then you need to create an awesome cover photo that will feature and highlight yourself and your business for free on your timeline.

Here are some Of Our Facebook cover photo examples to get you started

Condé Nast Facebook Cover 

Which one of us has not read Vogue, Condé Nast Traveller, or AD. This Condé Nast Facebook cover tells us right what they do. The graphics are a collection of fashion, decor, and travel photos clubbed together with their brand name; this is a great marketing strategy that promotes the brand and all of its sister brands under one roof.

McDonald’s Facebook Cover

We all know that McDonald’s is the favorite eatery in the US. And their Facebook cover photo is the best marketing plan to date. Why? Don’t tell us you didn’t start singing the McDonald’s jingle once you saw it.

Envy Facebook Cover

‘Envy’ has achieved the status of the number one gaming team in the US over the years. And as the team’s name suggests, they indeed are the envy of many other gaming teams here in the US. And their cover photo describes just that, why they should be envied by displaying their achievements over the years.

Nike Facebook cover

Now, Nike doesn’t need an introduction. Neither does its ever-popular tagline. And that is what they want, nothing excess, but still, everyone knows who they are and what they do.

Roger Federer’s Facebook cover

fall facebook cover photos

Roger Federer is one of the most loved Tennis players in the world. And given his records, he should surely be. However, this cover picture is not technically the right choice or fit. As when you look at it on Facebook, there is not much change, but once you click on the photo, you will find it does not have the correct dimensions. This is not a big deal for an individual. Still, if you are a business, you need to ensure that you use the right Facebook cover photo dimensions.

Tesla Facebook cover

facebook fall cover photos

We don’t have to introduce what Tesla does. And if you don’t know what they do, their cover photo gives you the best introduction to their work.

Microsoft Facebook cover

The only setback for Microsoft’s cover photo is that the event it is promoting was held in January. If you want your Facebook page to always be in trend it is necessary that you keep your pictures and covers updated. Unfollowing on Facebook may be easy. Check out the guide, how to unfollow on Facebook.

Fox News Facebook cover

fall cover photos for facebook

What best than showing your workspace to your audience. And Fox News is doing exactly that, showcasing the most important parts of their work. You can also find the ultimate guide for social media image sizes.

Red Bull Facebook cover

Another example is to showcase an image of your logo from one of your sponsorship events.

Montblanc Facebook cover

Just like Nike, Montblanc also chose to just put up their logo as their cover photo as they do not need an introduction. Let’s know about Facebook Touch.

Final thoughts

Now that you know how significant Facebook covers are for a business’s marketing and branding. Take the first step and brand your company professionally. If you want to create your own Facebook cover photo for free, many online design sites like Canva offer this feature.

And if you need unique Facebook cover photos that are exclusive to your business you don’t have to go too far.  All Time Design can provide you with a collection of professional Facebook cover photos that speak about the most pertinent aspects of your company. Sign up today or book a demo to know about all the marketing benefits that you get with our services and rock those marketing strategies. Check out the finest guide for how to make a post shareable on Facebook.

April 27, 2022
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