Cool Flyer Design Ideas

flyer design ideas

Flyers are a great tool to improve your marketing strategy regardless of the size or type of your business.

You may think they’re outdated and no longer help marketing efforts. But take a look at your school, work, or community bulletin boards. What do you see? Flyers!

When done right, flyers can be a versatile, cost-effective, and tangible way to reach the right audience with a powerful message at the right place and time.

What might make you concerned is the quality of your flyer design since most flyers end up in the bin. Don’t fret. You can create outstanding flyers that last long and draw in customers.

To help you work that out, we’ve gathered some awesome flyer design ideas for inspiration.  These flyer ideas and tips can come in handy when you embark on your next flyer design project. And when you’re ready to create your own flyer design, you can check out awesome flyer templates to help you ease the design process. 

Let’s go!

Leverage bright colors

Embrace color – bright and lively ones- to attract attention to your flyers.

You can use color contrast to your advantage by using a bold color on a dark base like in the examples below, You can also use color to emphasize the message in your flyer. To do this, you need to understand color theory and psychology and adopt colors with vibrant hues. For example, yellow or orange appeal to kids and speaks about warmth. Check out the guide for business colors.

Dark isn’t ugly

Sometimes using a dark color scheme can just be the punch you need for your flyer. 

You may also mix dark shades with bright colors to add an extra layer to your flyer design

With black, you can communicate luxury, nighttime, danger, or horror. 

Align with the season

Boom! It’s a Christmas sale here! Or whatever season it is you’re creating your flyer design. Tap into the holiday spirit to ensure that your message is spot-on and relevant. This is great when you’re creating a promotional flyer or special event flyer. Consider using colors that speak about such a season. For example, using red, white, or green for Christmas or sharp colors for the new year, or any of the current events going on that are relevant to your product and brand. 

Be creative with images, symbols, color schemes, and graphic features.

Keep it simple

Simplicity always wins in most design cases. And simple flyer designs can do no wrong. You don’t need a chaotic design to convince your audience. All you need to do is make it clean, purposeful, and elegant.

To ensure that you achieve more with less on your flyer design consider creating a focal point with a minimalist design. Also, leverage negative space to keep your audience engaged as they make your flyer more visually impactful and help your audience focus on what matters without feeling overwhelmed.

Play with Perspective

Why do a linear design when you bring different elements to bear in your flyer design? Put the heading and body text at a different angle and the image in the background. Or try putting your content in different hierarchies and font styles that make your flyer stand out. Find some tips for creating the flyer.

Play by the rules

Sometimes, clichés are just what you need to make your flyer design attractive. Using familiar designs, icons, colors, and shapes provides context and allows your audience to understand the flyer’s intent more effectively. For example, using green in your health brand flyer design can be more perfect than any other color. You want to go for the obvious even when you’re going to have a bit of creativity to help you stand out.

Use photography

It is scientifically proven that humans are more attracted by images than texts. So, using the right design element and compelling imagery in your flyer design can help you appeal to your audience better. Ensure the image is of high quality and is made the center stage in your flyer.

Play with patterns

Patterns and icons help to convey a visual statement. Just like images, patterns are easily noticeable. When you put them on your flyer design, you can achieve the same compelling results as in an image-based design.

Play with typography

Sometimes, you may not even need images to convey your message. You have to leave it to typography to do its thing. Typography can be very powerful when used effectively. Employ the right typefaces and go image-free and illustration-free.

State a clear benefit

What’s your flyer offering? Why should it be worth picking up and reading? What makes it worth it? State the benefit boldly in a catchy headline to get your readers’ attention.


After stating a clear benefit, move it a bit further by incentivizing. Or better still, start with the incentive. This might be a free gift, discount, or special offer. This is a great tool to draw attention.

Showcase the Product

A marketing flyer is like a window shop. You need to bring a high-quality image of your product to the center stage. Let your prospective customers see what they’re about to get from you in your flyer design.

Be Playful

Explore the use of cartoons, emoticons, and graphics in your flyer design. This can be very compelling especially if you’re targeting a Gen Z or Generation Alpha audience.

Induce Nostalgia

Taking a trip to the past can prove to be very evocative. If you’re appealing to a millennial or baby boomer audience, you might want to take them back in time, away from the latest trends. A vintage old-school design would do the job for you. Check out the birthday flyer ideas.

Rethink size

Having a flyer size that moves away from the standard can also be effective. You may go for a bigger or smaller flyer size depending on your need to make it more appealing. You can even explore folds in your design to make it handier.

Consider a flexible flyer

Speaking about sizes, you may also consider going outside the regular square or rectangle flyer shape. Consider a type of flyer that can shapeshift into something else such as a postcard, or door hanger, or just a beautiful design on the wall. This would help increase the lifespan of your flyer.

Ask a question

Questions can be very engaging. You can pose a question to your audience in the headline of your flyer, even if you may not get the response on the spot. This would get them to want to check the details of the flyer.

Make a statement

You can make a bold statement with your design by deciding to take some risks. Try an overdramatic design or humorous and controversial images, if your brand allows it.

Make it Minimalist

Minimalist designs are often effective in pulling people in. You cannot do any wrong with a minimalist design. It’s everywhere from logos to posters, banners, and different marketing designs. Download your free banner templates here.

Get Personal

Know your audience and keep your flyer design personalized in a way that feels like you’re their best buddy. The key to adding a personal touch is to use colors, words, images, and other cues that your target audience is familiar with.

Lean into Nature

Nature can help you create a feeling of fresh breath. Use flowers, cute animals, mountains, and nature’s other wonders to increase the organic appeal of your flyer design.

Get cute and cuddly

Also amazing in increasing the cute and fresh factor of your flyer is to use cute children images, romantic couple images, or images of children smiling. This can help you pull people’s heartstrings evoking the emotion of comfort towards your brand, product, or service.

Get Artsy

Watercolor splashes, ink, or paint splatters can give an extra creative look to your custom-made art or traditional design. This can also be a fun way to appeal to a younger psychedelia-loving audience. Check out the guide for flyer size.

Get Educative

Educating your target market is also a great way to market your product rather than outrightly selling. Why not give your audience concrete tips or hacks or talk about your product feature or business information to increase the longevity of your flyer? This can help project your business as one that has the customers’ satisfaction at heart.

Use Mouth Watering Images 

Leave your customers drooling when they see your flyers. This is especially great for food businesses. Show the most delicious items on your menu that gets the customer’s stomach rumbling straight to your store.

Use Blurry Backdrops

Designers use blurry images to move away from the norm and also reduce the noise of the design. You may choose to constantly engage in flyer marketing with sharp images. It’s time to go blurry this time for a change.

Get Social

You may use your flyer to encourage people to follow conversations on social media. You can get them to follow you, or tag you on a picture of them with your product. You can also showcase testimonials on your design for social proof.

Go For Uncluttered Stock Images

Got less time and a tight budget? Try out stock images. It may be overwhelming to search for realistic images or book a photo session for your flyer design. After choosing your pictures, you then begin to think about the font color and backdrop color separately. Stock images with negative space can help ease the task as they can easily pop contrasting fonts.

Inspire Action

Don’t leave your audience guessing what to do next after reading your flyer. Do they make a purchase right away, call, ask for directions, check out your store or donate to a cause? State it clearly!

Study shapes

When applied creatively, shapes can grab attention just as effectively as images or patterns. You need to understand shape psychology to be effective with shapes. Shapes merged with compelling graphics can be great to create eye-catching flyers.

Do Extra Without Going Overboard

Using geometric shapes might not just pack the punch you need for your flyer design. Try using some key illustrations such as graphics, colors, or icons. For example, you may add fruit icons to your fruit juice marketing flyer or Santa’s cap to your Christmas-themed flyer.

Embolden the Focal Point

Want to make a particular part of your design noticeable? Try emboldening it by placing it over a block of color to show that that part is important. You can use a loud color to highlight information such as the brand name, website, contact address, or call-to-action.

Mix it Up

Combining different design elements can give your flyer design an outstanding look. You can mix effects, colors, and shapes to make your design pop. You may also combine bold text with vibrant photos to make a bold statement in your flyer design.

Use Graphics as Imagery

We’ve talked about patterns, and shapes as alternatives to photographs. Graphics, artworks, and illustrations are also great tools to replace photos. These options are more effective in modern designs and minimalist designs. You may be hosting an event that’s yet to happen, graphics and illustrations can help convey your message. They may also come in handy when you want to communicate statistics or custom information.

Scatter Graphics to Utilize Space

This is great for any flyer template that is based on graphics & illustrations. Instead of gathering multiple graphics in a corner to convey your theme, you can scatter them around to form a frame for your flyer. Find the guide for creating a successful guide.  

Go back to basics

If nothing fits your audience’s perception, consider going back to basics. Stick to traditional design in your niche or settle for primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) that are often more timeless than choosing a complex color scheme. You can do no wrong with being basic, don’t fret.


There’s no limit to the type of design you can put on your flyer. Get creative and explore different styles that appeal to your brand and business purpose. This might come with a headache but you can make it worth it.

You can also allow a professional designer to handle the headache for you by reaching out to a professional design agency for your flyer design. Designers know the trend and the loophole to avoid when designing a quality. It’s your best chance to make your flyers work.

August 16, 2022
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