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As far as marketing and brand promotion is concerned, flyers are the best options for any business looking to increase its brand awareness and expand its horizons.

Regardless of the size of your business – small, medium, or large, and your budget, flyers are one of the oldest forms of promotions that are still very relevant and effective in present-day marketing practices.

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A high-quality flyer can help you deliver information to your potential customers and existing ones with its compelling visual appeal and concise representation of brand messages.

In this blog, we will be providing you with key insights on what a flyer is, the advantage of using a flyer for your business, and why you should choose All Time Design for your flyer design services.

What is a Flyer?

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A flyer is a form of paper advertisement commonly posted or distributed in a public place where it can reach a large audience. It is usually intended for wide distribution and helps you gain more customers.

A Flyer design should contain vibrant colors, compelling content, and eye-catching graphics to attract and gain the attention of your desired target audience.

A flyer must be designed strategically to help your business promote its new and existing products or services, announce new store openings, and other important information about your brand to achieve the desired results. Find the perfect guide for creating a successful flyer design.

Elements of an effective flyer design.

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Flyers are a relevant marketing tool capable of helping brands increase their sales and gain new customers. To achieve this, it is important that a flyer design is done correctly and contains the right elements to help you achieve your goals. Check out the style guide for fun flyers.

Check out the following flyer design tips and elements for better results;

1. Define a clear goal for the flyer.

Goal-setting is the overarching rule for designing a flyer for your business. Before instructing your in-house team to design flyers or outsourcing this to a flyer design company, you must first define your goal for creating the flyer.

Will you be using the flyer to sell your new product lines or services, announce a store opening, or invite customers to an event? Define this clearly to help your graphic designer develop innovative designs.

2. Include a catchy headline.

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Your flyer design must have a catchy headline that can attract and get the attention of your target audience. The best flyer designs have the most popping headlines.

3. A compelling call to action.

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Your flyer must have a strong and compelling call to action in bold colors and fonts to guide your customers on the next line of action. You don’t want your customers to read and forget about your message on the flyer.

You have to ensure that your flyer design contains a compelling call to action to move the conversation forward. For example, Call us Now, Register, Visit us, etc.

4. An appealing image or graphic elements.

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Your flyer must have sharp and visually appealing images or graphical elements to set everything right. Explore some birthday flyer designs.

5. Contact information.

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Lastly and importantly, your flyer must contain your contact information – name, phone numbers, office or store address, email address, website URL and your social media page handles – to help your customer reach you for inquiries or make a purchase.

Benefits of a Flyer for your business.

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The following are some of the advantages of using flyers for your business.

1. They are affordable.

Flyers are relatively more affordable for business promotions or advertisements. They are more cost-effective than other forms of promotions.

2. They have a quick turnaround.

Flyers are very easy to design. You can easily get them within a short period – a day or two days turnaround time. Considering how easy it is to get a custom flyer design online, your flyer (s) can be ready within a short time.

3. Effective for short-notice projects.

Flyers are your best option for your short-notice design project. You can rely on flyers to help you achieve your desired promotion within a short time.

4. They add a personal touch to marketing.

Flyers help you connect with your customers on a personal level by physically handing out flyers to your customers or posting them all over social media.

5. They help increase your reach to your target audience.

Using unique flyers for your promotion can help you reach out to a wider audience and get your brand message to as many customers as possible.

6. Great medium to offer incentives to your customers.

Flyers are one of the most effective marketing tools to offer your customers discounts, coupon codes, or vouchers due to the fact they can be shared across wide diversified channels.

All Time Design for your Flyer designs

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All Time Design offers affordable and hassle-free graphic design services by a team of professional graphic designers. It takes care of most of the graphic design needs that are required by B2B and B2C businesses.

With a robust and intuitive platform, Alltime design enables you to access incredibly fast and professionally vetted creative designs to empower your marketing efforts. Check out the size of flyers that help to increase engagement.

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All Time Design offers a wide range of creative services to clients such as booklets, brochures, presentation designs, product packaging designs, books and journals, flyers design, branding, web design, infographics, product marketing designs, custom illustrations, apps, and website UI designs, presentation designs, motion graphics, and animation, and front-end development

Some of Alltime design’s key feature includes unlimited revisions, Instant Access to Super Intuitive Platform, a money-back guarantee, dedicated support, dedicated designers, and an account manager.

Why should you choose All Time Design for your flyer design services?

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All Time Design is one of the leading creative design service providers well known for its excellent service delivery and proficient graphic designers. By outsourcing flyer design services to us, you can be assured of the following benefits;

1. Team of talented designers.

One of our biggest strengths at All Time design is our team of professional, well-experienced, and vetted graphics designers that are readily available to work on your design projects. For your flyer design project, a flyer designer will be assigned to create your final product.

2. Access to a robust platform.

We give you access to our super intuitive platform to help you track and work on your design projects and speed up your creative process in one centralized platform.

3. One flat rate. 

With Alltime designs, there are no surprise fees or contracts. You get to pay one flat rate and get unlimited designs.

4. Use of the latest tools.

Our designers have access to and use the latest tools and technologies that help make flyers effortlessly. Our designers have the right design skills to work with these tools and deliver outstanding flyer designs.

5. Unlimited requests + revisions.

All Time Design offers you unlimited graphic design requests and revisions, regardless of your plan to fuel your creative terrain. For all the flyers created, you are allowed to correct them as much as you want until you are satisfied with the work.

6. Ownership of your files. 

You get complete ownership of the design source files for all your products.

Flyer design services we offer

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All Time Design offers a wide range of some of the best design supports and features to our clients. We offer the following types of flyer design services.

1. Handbills

We design handbills, which are some of the common types of flyers with very little text on them. We work on this for our clients who wish to create awareness for their new products or services, upcoming sales, new store announcements, discount coupons, or events.

2. Posters

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We also design posters with graphics design, images, infographics, or specific brand messages to help our clients promote their products or services, events, or campaigns.

3. Pamphlets

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Our pamphlet or leaflet designs are visually appealing and contain strong brand messages that help our clients easily market their product or service offerings.

4. Marketing Flyers

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Our team of professional and dedicated designers has a deep understanding of the marketing flyer designs that will help our clients promote their products or services on social media and are also ideal for digital advertising purposes.

How do we work?

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All Time Design works in three distinct steps. They include;

Step 1: Submit your projects.

The first step to creating designs on All Time design is by creating your list of design needs and submitting the design needs on the dashboard. This step is pretty easy, you need to identify your design needs and make a formal request to get the job done within a specified timeline.

Step 2: Design work begins

The next step is to get matched with the best designers who understand your brand better and deliver on-demand designs straight to your inbox.

Step 3: Download your designs

The last step is to receive and download your unlimited and high-quality designs in a lightning-fast timeframe.

What is All Time Design payment plan?

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All Time Design has four main payment plans that could be paid across four timeframes – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annually.

The monthly plan starts from $499 for the standard subscriber to $999 for the pro subscriber, $1,699 for premium subscribers, and $4,999 for the ultimate subscriber.

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The quarterly plan starts from $474 for the standard subscriber to $949 for the pro subscriber, $1,614 for premium subscribers, and $4,749 for the ultimate subscriber.

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The half-yearly plan starts from $449 for the standard subscriber to $899 for the pro subscriber, $1,529 for premium subscribers, and $4,499 for the ultimate subscriber.

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The yearly plan starts from $424 for the standard subscriber to $849 for the pro subscriber, $1,444 for premium subscribers, and $4,249 for the ultimate subscriber.

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Ready to create more designs for lesser costs?

All Time Design is a powerful design platform you should be using for your creative projects.

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