90+ Funny Design Fails

funny design fails

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We hire designers since not everyone is born with a great sense of style and creativity. But occasionally, things don’t exactly work out as expected, and the results are epic design fails.

People trust designers because they are more likely to recognize what complements what. But hold on. Unexpectedly, not all designers are top-notch at what they do.

These hilarious fails, which range from a bottle of boy syrup to two gay lions on Noah’s Ark, demonstrate how close designers are to making a mistake.

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These images were gathered from a subreddit called “Crappy Design,” which showcases some of their work’s funniest examples and demonstrates the significance of each punctuation mark and other little details.

Except for the designer who chose to install mirror ceilings in the bathroom, these designers didn’t necessarily have bad intentions when they created these things. Still, their creations turned out to be better at amusing people than helpful.

Hilarious Design Fails That Will Give You a Good Laugh

These design fails are real-life incidents that are sure to give you a good laugh. These designs are failures from years ago and modern days.

Gay Lions

One of the most well-known instances of bad graphic design is this depiction of Noah’s ark.

Even though the idea of these two being out and proud and living their best lives on Noah’s ark is excellent, it indeed emphasizes the need to select your graphic designer properly.

design fails funny

Mirror ceilings are unnecessary

Although no one ever thinks mirror ceilings are a good idea, this one takes it to the next level.

It’s undoubtedly one of the funniest design fails, but picture the fear of entering the bathroom cubicle and seeing people inside.

 funny mirror ceilings

Mixed Messages

Don’t waste your time trying to plan your meals and calorie intake.

funny mixed messages

Boy Syrup

Although the product’s name may not seem appealing initially, poor punctuation helped this example become known for its bad design.

The incorrect placement of the exclamation mark transforms what could have been a positive remark into “boy syrup,” which is probably not something you want on your pancakes.

Check out some best business card designs.

funny boy syrup

This Crappy Design

Nobody is placing a wager on this young baseball team.

 crappy design

Surely There Is No Better Way To Write Your Phone Number

Undoubtedly, this is one of the worst design fails ever in UX design. We’re all guilty of overcomplicating situations.

Even yet, it isn’t easy to imagine how anyone could have thought this was the most effective approach to adding phone numbers.

 funny form filling

Why Do the Weights Make Up the First H But Not the Last One?

funny design fails clean

Example Of Unrealistic Body Expectations For Men

 unrealistic body expectations for men

How Can We Tell It’s A Male Hand Without Looking At The Nails?

 funny design fails images

Teaching Kids About the Harsh Reality of Life

 harsh reality of life

When You Unintentionally Cancel Your transaction twice in a row. Now You Finally Found Out why

 funny transaction

I Needed Red. Guess Which One I Grabbed At First

funny underground garage

How About We Make That Billboard Rotate?

When the Design School You Graduated From Sends You a Postcard

funny dental banner

A Solar Powered Parking Meter In An Underground Garage

 poorly positioned advertisement

When Your Dental Banner Features An Execution

 funny mcdonald’s

It does not Sound Very Exciting

 funny spider-sense

Poorly Positioned Advertisement

Even with meticulous planning to come up with great design and copy, the harsh reality is that your design can result in epic design fails.

You, therefore, require a graphic designer who will consider how your designs will be applied universally.

 false advertising

This conversation piece at McDonald’s

Even the top companies in an industry might have a design failure. This error is significant given that McDonald’s may view kids as its primary target market.

 multilingual ad designer

Your Spider Sense Will Tell You This is Wrong

For fans of Spider-Man, there must be a ton of creative ways to build an extremely cool Kleenex box. Oh well, at least we have an amusing graphic design fail now.

 funny cream cheese

False advertising

 funny reckless design

Do You Trust Your “Multilingual” Ad Designer?

 funny job poster

This Hand Dryer Is Amazing

Better Than Cream Cheese? No!

 funny clock

This Sign Means Something Different Up Close

Can We Talk About The Gondola Silhouette If The Grill Being Sold On Amazon Is Only Supposed To Be A Foot Tall?

funny wall advertisement

People trip over the rails, even though they are there to prevent people from hitting their heads. Therefore, traffic cones

 funny font sizes

I Can’t Possibly Think Of A Better Place For The Eiffel Tower

Lots of Hope for Sure

 funny pencil

This Sign

 funny paris

Create An Account Just To Post This Reckless Design Decision

 funny fashion fart

Wheelchair escape route impossible

It’s absurd how frequently bad design decisions have been made while allowing wheelchair users access.

For example, in an emergency, this design envisioned getting people out of the building, but not precisely how the eventual escape would transpire.

 confusing cake

Take me away from here!

They just had one task. I have no idea how a straightforward display appeared so sophisticated, but I sure wouldn’t want to be trapped in this nightmare elevator.

 worst design fails for kids slide

The Consistency is Not Necessary

Do you know what a fail-safe design is? It is a concept that implies that designers are supposed to foresee product failure yet ensure that it occurs safely (e.g., a light bulb burning out).

The methodology can be used in graphic design even if it is better for industrial design.

The following example’s designer sought to maintain consistency in the brand design, which is unquestionably crucial. Consider your grandmother, though, having both of these cans in her pantry.

You can see how making a mistake in distinguishing between these based on the packaging could have adverse and hazardous effects.

 funny chocolate ad

That is Not How You Use a Selfie Stick

A piece of advice: Have the person designing your marketing materials have a working knowledge of your business or service.

Lack of cooperation from many stakeholders: marketers, product developers, and designers frequently cause a design system failure.

 funny lemonrange juice

Get a Job

The full stop after “someone” poses a lot of questions

 the scary wedding menu

I cannot Wait for 3 o’clock to End

 funny birthday wishes

We Have to Wonder What Letters Could Go There?

 the real cruise

Unless We Change Ourselves, We Cannot Change the World

 funny announcement

Brown Kids are Weird

Probably not the best place to put the author’s name.

 mother and child hand dryers

They Might Want to Redo the Font Sizes

 poor shopping conditions

The Pencil that Teaches Kids to Never Make Mistakes

 funny pool float

They Had One Job

The Grinch designed Christmas lights

For individuals who are sick of the typical holiday cheer yet still want to celebrate the season.

This well-known design blunder demonstrates how crucial it is to pick the proper font and letter spacing.

 funny jeopard

The City of…Light?

I hope their journey to Aaris was nothing short of spectacular, even though this design fail is a little difficult to believe.

 funny disney

Fashion Fart

To be honest, “fashion fart” would be a good name to describe the tendency to wear whatever you can. However, laundry day couture may sound a little more elegant.

an enlightening massage session

Confusing Cake

Whoever made this has lots of experience behind a dozen more design fails.

 funny cake ideas

Fat is the New Fit

The owner of this gym wonders why they have no one signing up.

46 funny fat form

The Worst Design Fails for Kids Slide

 funny elephant
funny road lanes

Chocolate Covered Fingers

Who doesn’t love cold chocolates covering the fingers? Why hold it right when you can do what you want?

49 funny chocolate


How difficult! The toughest maze ever.

 funny interior design fails

Lemonrange Juice

When life gives you lemons… make orange juice, apparently.

 funny toy design fails

There is No Better Way to Hold your Juice!

 epic funny design fails

Warning: Very Long Message (While Driving) To Avoid Excessive Eyes-Off-The-Road Time

car funny design fails

We all Love Sasa Lele!

funny design fails bored panda

People Wonder How We Did it!

 toy design fails funny

The Scary Wedding Menu

Although some people dislike children, don’t you think the wedding’s meal options are a little too extreme?

 internet funny design fails

Boby, happy birthday!

Modern families come in many forms and sizes and each has its own unique methods of doing things.

Love, morriage, and boby, however, must always come first.

 funny logo design fails

Click is a troublesome word

This is merely one of several unsuccessful designs that use the term “click”.

On a little label, you might get away with it, but on a huge sign outside your store, it’s a bad design decision.

The Real Cruise

 funny ship design fails

Bros Before

It’s difficult to decide which aspect of this sign is funnier—the absolutely pointless decision to change the letter S or the added text that highlights the first paragraph.

 funny design fails for kids

More Design Fails that are Funny and Not User-Friendly

The aim of good design is to accomplish a particular task as well as to be aesthetically beautiful.

Even though we can all enjoy a good laugh at amusing design gaffes, dealing with subpar design in real life can be really upsetting.

Whether we’re talking about interior design, packaging, or website design, a smart designer must take into account the entire user experience of a certain piece of design.

The examples that follow will show how crucial it is to think about how a product is used and how much design may influence it.

Children Reside in Close-Knit Communities

Put down your sandwich for a moment and support your friend as they use the restroom next to you. It’s divided up so they have some privacy, so don’t worry.

 funny design fails toilet

Being Everything at Once is Impossible

Which would you like to hold: a plunger or a soiled toilet brush? Yes, you don’t either.

This awful toilet accessory is proof positive that the path to hell is indeed paved with good intentions.

 funny house clean design fails

Mother and Child Hand Dryers

With a friend who is either shorter or taller than you, try it out!

Putting jokes aside, you might be able to discern the sincere motive in this case (designing for children or shorter people). Still, the method of execution is illogical.

 funny home design fails

You Have Been Incorrectly Counting

Here is a straightforward yet potent one. The use of recognizable design components and layouts is one of the fundamental tenets of successful UX design.

Any user who sees a “page up” button in place of a 9 will be irritated.

 design fails funny fails

The Announcement You Should Not Miss

Do you recall when we explained what fail-safe design is? Here is an illustration of what it is NOT.

Imagine having to cope with an elevator that breaks down each time someone ignores this sign!

22+ funny design fails

Check Everything Again

Last year, this poor example of graphic design went viral.

The bottle customizing platform forbade the use of specific words, such as Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ community, but the user failed to notice a clear warning sign like this.

 funny design fails

I Wasn’t Aware I Was Pregnant Test

I assumed it was simply the Christmas weight, honey, but I have some wonderful news instead!

This advertisement is so awful it almost seems cute. But once more, if you wanted to have children, you’d probably find it to be dreadfully unprofessional and go for a different product.

 funny sign design fails

Poor Shopping Conditions

Personally, I like the thrift shop better. But nothing advertises brand shopping like a green shopping bag that also appears to have been used for greasy takeout.

 funny product design fails

This Pool Float was Created By a Man

Dare to be unique with this enormous sanitary pad when social media is trending with images of people on adorable floats shaped like flamingos, unicorns, or swans!

Menstruation should be made more acceptable, but this example makes me shudder.

 funny design fails memes

Such a Sweet Jeopard

Graphic designers shouldn’t have to proofread, but with a little common sense, this could probably be prevented. Or even just the fundamental alphabet.

 funny software design fails

Face mask from Silence of the Lambs

Just here, acting like a sexy chick. This amusing illustration serves as another reminder that beneath good packaging, there may always lie a horrible product design.

 funny graphic design fails

Sorry, no diabetes

Good UX includes recognizable design elements, but context is also crucial. In most cases, a frowning emoji would be a decent choice for the “no” response, but in this instance, it will make you feel like a sociopath.

 funny packaging design

I suppose it goes in

Watching your parents attempt to put a USB stick incorrectly eight times in a row causes terrible nightmares.

honey packaging design funny

Honker grips

This one is so terrible that it nearly appears deliberate. Maybe the person in charge of sticking the picture on the car just thought it would be funny.

However, designers should be made aware of how even the smallest element can drastically ruin the final product.

75 funny packaging design for door

Disney in trouble

Although the concept idea is very good—we’ve all seen poor Disney knockoffs—the final product suffers due to some unfortunate cutting.

Bibidi-bidi-boo! It’s a mess!

 funny nail designs

An enlightening massage session

Breathe. Relax. You’re about to experience the ideal fish roll.

 funny massage designs

Not A Car, Not The Police

Blame Uncle Tom for buying you this flying car

 funny cartoon designs

Took Time to Find

 funny cake designs

We are rather confident that the fight is in your favor.

 funny shirt designs

It’s acceptable to evaluate a book by its cover at times.

 funny mug designs

This University Has Poor Fractional Skills

funny cookie designs

You Must Follow These Signs While Driving At 70 Mph In Japan

funny billboard designs

What’s Your Age Again?

 funny designs fall

Cool… What?!

 funny flag designs

No Way Anyone Getting Past That

funny book cover designs

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

 funny website CTA designs

Yaay! It is 20170!!!

funny remote designs

Proofread Your Layouts, People

 funny magazine layouts

If Only I Had Some Scissors!

funny heinz

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

 funny strap company

Measurement Lines On An Opaque Bottle

 an opaque bottle

Poor Url Choice By A Fagas Strap Company

funny strap companies


 funny heinz image

Are All The Translations Really Necessary, Heinz?

 funny tomato packaging

50 Lanes? Combine those into 4 now

 funny road lane

This Handicap Parking Spot

 parking design

All of you are welcome to visit me for the cure of burgers

 book covers funny

There are still lots of funny art pieces and advertisements out there.

Errors are being made daily by poor graphic designers.

To avoid epic design fails like the ones listed above, ensure you employ professional designers to build your business “image.”

Dodging the Epic Design Fails With All Time Design

We sincerely hope that this list of poor design examples made you smile and helped you understand how significant designs can be for any business.

When designing a product or a marketing campaign, it’s important to think about who will use it, how they will perceive it, and what message you want to convey.

Try signing up for All Time Design’s 14 days risk-free trial to avoid these epic design failures. We offer unlimited requests and revisions for a flat monthly fee to scale up your creative output.

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