50+ Funny Zoom Backgrounds for 2024

funny zoom backgrounds

Remember the time when the entire world was huddled in their homes and they were able to only connect remotely during the lockdown?

Well, I remember it well. Another thing that I remember is the no-stop video calls that I took to connect with my co-workers as a part of moving to a virtual office. (Thanks pandemic)

Since the pandemic, video chat has become the most standard way to interact or work. No matter what, it was easy for us to directly switch our video call on and connect with our peers.

And the most popular medium in this virtual connection was and is Zoom.

The moment the pandemic closed all forms of physical interaction, Zoom stepped in and gained momentum by helping us connect with our families, friends, and workmates effortlessly through Zoom calls and videos.

Thus, we can say that Zoom was our saviour during the pandemic.

Not just was Zoom helping us be connected to the world, but there were also many funny zoom instances that had everyone in splits.

Even today there are many funny zoom videos on the internet reminding us of our adventures.

It is also here when a few bored individuals started the trend of using zoom backgrounds to spice up their meetings and interactions. Because we were all bored and out of our wits from constantly looking at the walls of our homes or the faces of our colleagues every single day.

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Initially, it started with using the ready to use Zoom backgrounds to dismiss the mess in our homes and slowly moved toward more interactive backgrounds.

I am sure you too, like me, would have at one point during the lockdown used a Zoom background to either hide your messy room, vacation location or just to make it look more amicable.

What is a Zoom background?

Well, everyone knows what zoom backgrounds are right? Unless you are someone who has been living under a rock.

Let me simply put it like this, Zoom backgrounds are images or short gif videos that are displayed behind people participating in a Zoom meeting. These backgrounds for Zoom can be used to add visual interest to a call, make it more festive, or just make everyone either look more professional or funny.

At this point, you may be thinking that Zoom backgrounds are nothing but unnecessary extras – but trust me, they can make an enormous difference in the overall tone and feel of your zoom meeting.

And with so many fun and festive options available, there is no reason not to spice up your next call with a cool background!

How to set up a Zoom virtual background?

Setting a virtual background on Zoom by yourself is quite easy. With or without a green screen through Zoom, you can create static or short video virtual backgrounds that will elevate your presence among your peers in a Zoom meeting.

Though it is suggested that if you want to have the best experience it is best to use a green screen for your virtual backgrounds.

Here is how you can change your Zoom Virtual Background on your Desktop or Mobile effortlessly.

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How to Set Up Your Zoom Background on Desktop

  1. Download the Zoom app for Mac or Windows
  2. Sign In to your Zoom account
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. On the left side of the menu, click on the Virtual Background tab (Note: if this tab is not visible, log in to the Zoom website, go to Settings and toggle on Virtual Background).
  5. In the Virtual Background tab, Select your choice of Zoom backgrounds or upload your own.
  6. If you have a green screen set up, then you can choose that option.
  7. To add your own image or video, click the + icon to upload.
zoom backgrounds funny

How to Change Your Zoom Background on Mobile

  1. Download the Zoom app on the Play Store for your Android or iOS to your iPhone or iPad
  2. Open the app, Sign in to your account
  3. Join a meeting
  4. Tap the three dots at the bottom right corner and open the More menu.
  5. Tap Virtual Background.
  6. Select your choice of Zoom backgrounds or upload your own.
funny backgrounds for zoom

To upload your own zoom background you can choose from the plethora of cool backgrounds or free images available on the internet. Or if you need a zoom background specifically for you or your brand/business then you can hit us up at All Time Design

Now that we’ve seen how to create a Zoom virtual background, let’s head over to some of the funny zoom virtual backgrounds that have become famous over the year. Check out the best and professional Zoom backgrounds.

Innovative and Funny Zoom background Images That Became Really Famous

Let me tell you though Zoom backgrounds are great, Zoom virtual backgrounds have limited options. This is where third-party websites that let you download zoom backgrounds from their free image library come into the picture.

There are many options from where you can either create your own zoom background image or download them.

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The majority of the people over the past year have created their own backgrounds for Zoom meetings by using a popular meme, or choosing a scene from popular movies and series,

How is it that we talk about Zoom backgrounds and do not speak of the funny zoom backgrounds that had the internet in splits throughout the pandemic?

Let’s start with our favorite,

1. The Office

During the pandemic, many shows were re-watched. And one of them was “The Office”. The show is famous for its memes and what better than using a few of the funny backgrounds for zoom.

best zoom backgrounds funny
funny holiday zoom backgrounds

2. Tiger King

The Netflix docuseries -Tiger King captivated the internet since its release in 2020 so much that many across the globe created a Tiger King virtual background that lets you feel a bit more “Exotic”.

Just imagine entering a zoom meeting and scaring your peers with an image of a tiger.

funny zoom backgrounds reddit

3. John Wick

Which one of us is not a fan of Keanu Reeves’s John Wick franchise? I know many who’d love to be a part of this world. Then this is the time to showcase your love and loyalty to the franchise by using this splendid zoom background. Explore the happy birthday Zoom background to make the event more fun through virtual.

funny virtual backgrounds for zoom

4. Friends

The one thing we all did collectively was our favourite web series. And one of the most-watched and love series of all times is and was “Friend”.

So there is no way that we are leaving out the opportunity to become a part of the “Friends” world, even if it is just using a background for zoom.

funny zoom video backgrounds

5. Zombie Apocalypse

Don’t tell me that you have never wondered how you and your friends would fare if you were stuck in a Zombie Apocalypse.

And just for that fanatic in you here’s the best Zombie zoom background. Learn how to blur the background in Zoom.

zoom funny backgrounds

6. Starship Enterprise

Resistance is futile.

Do we have any Star Trek fans in the house?

Everyone in the world knows that the Star Trek series has one of the largest fan bases.

The hit television series is a cult classic and has made a lot of cultural impact on the younger generation.

Thus it is no new news if a few zoom attendees come with Star Trek virtual zoom background. Check out some minimalist logo design ideas for your business.

free zoom backgrounds funny

7. Star Wars

To stop any kind of confrontation here’s another fan favorite zoom background – Star Wars.

This ongoing movie and television franchise has fans from every generation.

And since we all know we cannot be a part of the Star Wars league in real life let’s pacify ourselves with a zoom background.

funny zoom virtual backgrounds

8. Iron Throne

Hey, don’t point at me for bringing back the throne.

We’ve all at least once wished that we could sit on it.

And since the pandemic only allows us to sit in our homes on our couch let’s hype it up a bit at least for meetings with this zoom background.

funny zoom video backgrounds free

9. Distracted Boyfriend

We all know about the distracted boyfriend.

This stock image of a guy turning to look at another lady while he was with his girlfriend made way to a lot of memes.

Why should you use this background? Don’t like being admired by others.

Get over all the inhibitions as now is the right time to stump your colleagues with this funny Zoom background.

funny zoom meeting backgrounds

10. Leslie Knope’s Office

I love American sitcoms.

Especially if they are a political satire.

So, how would I miss out on putting up one of my favorite American sitcoms – Parks & Rec onto a Zoom background.

This background doesn’t only show love to the famed sitcom but also has a professional outlook. Thus making it a much safer choice for virtual office backgrounds.

best funny zoom backgrounds

11. Woman Yelling

Now, this is a very famous meme. If I remember correctly the meme became famous in 2019.

The meme itself is a juxtaposition of two images, with the left side being a scene from the American reality tv show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and another Tumblr post from 2018 of a cat sitting on a dining table.

Now it is no fun to have the cat in the picture so here’s an edited version where we only have the image of the woman screaming and pointing on the left.

Well, you know who’s coming on the right. Right?

backgrounds for zoom funny

12. The Matrix

Want to stand out from the crowd yet be relevant.

Then this is the perfect Zoom background for you. Also with a new movie, the Matrix franchise has seen a rise in its popularity.

funny christmas zoom backgrounds

13. Bob’s Burgers

The Belcher family has here!

This Zoom background is a fun addition to your Zoom call.

Just imagine the reaction of your colleagues when they see you working out of a hamburger store. And their reaction when they finally realise that it is a zoom background.

14. Coffee Shop

Attending a meeting in a coffee shop is fun. But with the pandemic and all the social distancing issues, many coffee shops have either closed down or are not allowing any customers in.

Well, fret not, we’ve got you your own in-house coffee shop.

Use this Zoom background and virtually feel the bliss of being at a coffee shop.

1080p high resolution funny zoom backgrounds

15. Hotel Hallway

Say it do you like me and cannot manoeuvre through an empty hallway at the night.

Then this Zoom background is the only way we’ll ever visit one.

funny zoom backgrounds free

16. Oval Office

Who doesn’t want to enter the White House and sit in the oval office?

Since it is a bit difficult in real life, let’s take a seat at the oval office virtually.

virtual backgrounds for zoom funny

17. Family Guy Couch

Who doesn’t know this famous American sitcom?

And if you really don’t know then it’s a pity. The animated sitcom has some of the funniest episodes and also predicted some of the major happenings in the world, like how did they know that Bruce Jenner would become Caitlyn Jenner? Or Kevin Spacey’s underage sexual misconduct allegations or the Boston marathon bombing or that Robin Williams would take his own life. Eerie right.

But that doesn’t stop us from loving the long-running show.

funny thanksgiving zoom backgrounds

18. The Simpsons

Another of America’s favourite animated shows which has always been a fan favourite for memes and wallpapers.

Every scene of the show can be used for a funny Zoom background but the most used is this famous couch.

funny backgrounds zoom

19. Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Remember the Lion roaring from your screen. Almost every cartoon in the 90s had this introduction.

Choose this background for your next zoom call and see if anyone remembers the famous opening scene?

funny zoom holiday backgrounds

20. Office Cubicle

This Zoom background is the best way to confuse your colleagues.

With everyone stuck in their homes, you can simply pop up this Zoom background and shock everyone in your next conference call.

funny halloween backgrounds for zoom

Funny Backgrounds on Zoom

Now that I’ve shown you some of my favourite backgrounds for zoom office meetings.

Let’s dive into some of the other funny virtual backgrounds that have had the internet either confused or in splits.

1. Dirty Room

funny zoom virtual backgrounds thanksgiving zoom background

2. Bathroom

funny holiday backgrounds for zoom

3. Drake’s No

funny halloween zoom backgrounds

4. Dog Loaf

animated funny zoom backgrounds

5. Doctors in the Operation Theatre

zoom backgrounds free funny

6. Prison Mugshot

funny cat zoom backgrounds

7. Everything is on Fire

funny backgrounds for zoom meetings

This was my favourite Zoom background for Mondays.

8. Futurama

zoom video backgrounds funny

9. Funny Cat

funny zoom backgrounds for work

10. Meme Attack

funny zoom call backgrounds

11. Funny Dog

funny animated zoom backgrounds

12. Mad Max

meme funny zoom backgrounds

13. Peeping Cat

zoom funny holiday backgrounds

14. Rick and Morty Background

funny zoom background ideas

15. Stare Dad

holiday zoom backgrounds funny

16. Windows

christmas zoom backgrounds funny

17. The Big Lebowski

funny video zoom backgrounds

18. The Office (again)

funny animal zoom backgrounds

19. Hospital Bed

funny zoom backgrounds video

Hey! it’s not just me who has faked having health issues to get out of boring zoom meetings. Find out the guidelines on how to flip an image in Photoshop.

20. Stairs

funny christmas backgrounds for zoom

Please tell me you remember these iconic stairs. Check out the rules and keep them in your mind while creating graphic designs.

21. Toilet Paper

zoom holiday backgrounds funny

22. Wolf of Wall Street

zoom backgrounds christmas funny

23. Spongebob Squarepants

funny zoom christmas backgrounds

24. Imposter

funny virtual zoom backgrounds

25. Art of Work

funny zoom backgrounds for kids

26. Cats

fun virtual backgrounds funny zoom backgrounds

27. Jumanji

free funny zoom backgrounds

28. Pepe

funny green screen backgrounds for zoom

29. In the News

funny zoom background

30. Live

best funny zoom backgrounds


There you go! With these funny backgrounds, you are all set for your next zoom call or next zoom meeting.

These are surely some of the Zoom meetings’ funny backgrounds that I have used throughout the pandemic and am still going to use for my next meeting in 10 minutes.

Before you start your next meeting just make sure to choose a location with good lighting for your videos so that your background comes out looking great. Also, make sure to sport a straight face while your colleagues or friends are laughing their hearts out over the funny zoom background. Check out some ideas for happy birthday Zoom background.

April 16, 2022
10 min read
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